The lower control room

The blind ranger exalts his god and heals the hapless halfling, it fails to remove his blindness.

Ozzie pushes the Crystalline structure out of the chamber to help Memnnon assist Althea. The Tiefling dishes out some healing and takes out one of the troglodytes.

The wormy creature gestures at Memnnon, immobilising him and then unleashes a deathly cold ray at the hot blooded tiefling.

Althea recovers from her stunned effect, dives underground and reappears in the corridor, the enemies cry out in surprise and charge towards the door to stop them closing it.

Ozzie throws out a note of blackness in front of the door, dazing the bad guys and obscuringthe door from all. Lashing out from the darkness Memnnon is a lance of faith at the Carnifex, hitting it squarely.

Switch shuts the door, with an athletic leap off the tiefling. Althea concentrates on the force shield around the column of power, this completely clears the room of enemies, the lock can’t be re set up. It turns out that all the controls of the powers have also been reset.

After a short rest the team head down the corridor for 5 minutes and then find a door, which says “hourglass chamber beware temporal spatial distortion.

Memnnon says Proteus demands the return of the hourglass and we wave the. Ozzie asks do you have problem with the Carnifex. No they are in stasis.

What can we do to help you….” for c out less time we have been watching everywhere… we have watched the flow of history to see the what, the when and the why….. we have never interfer. Tol and Althea get the feeling that the temporal masters are not fully bought into the just observing.

Memnnon suggests that by doing they can learn.

A discussion ensues, there is a change in time.

Switch checks for traps, it he doesn’t think there are any on there at the moment, he opens the door. The walls seem to be enclosed in a bluish mist. A large device spins lazy in the middle. There are 3 blue skinned creatures with 4 arms, the temporal masters, with Carnifex and the Crystalline structures circling. There are also several very bizarre and strange devices.

The heroes discuss and tell the temporal masters why they need the hourglass to travel to Lomar to prevent the city trapped in time from falling to the

Ozzie hasn’t picked up his dagger, but as he collects the hourglass the heroes are transported back to a pleasant warm watery sea, which we are floating in safely. The dagger is left behind in the ziggurat.

He says you now have another mission. To rescue the city of Lomar.

Previously the heroes had prevented the total destruction of Lomar, allowing Proteus to lock down the city so the destruction has been held

The city of Lomar


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