The Mummy

AKA Oh crap, a Carnifex Liche

The heroes find themselves in a circular chamber that they recall from their time slip. In the past there were two additional doors (making four – one at each compass point) but ‘east’ and ‘west’ are now blocked off. In the past, one of these passages led to a room containing the deadly hovering crystal constructs. It appears that they need small finely faceted gems to open the hidden doors.

Moving on they encounter the corridor with six grates. As Switch runs through (NATURAL ONE!) he triggers a trap and doors at either end of the corridor slam down. Ghostly purple tentacles (again) emerge from the grates and attack.

Ozzy uses Hammerfall step to get the hapless Hinn back with his companions. Tol spies a panel by the door which resets the trap and covers the metal grates. With the tentacles out of actions the party passes on through another columned hall. Scuff marks on the floor by the exit door suggst somebody else has passed through recently.

Switch batters down the door and they enter a curving corridor with vile carvings on the walls, depicting the Carnifex’s sacrifices to … something.

(Memnon also notices what look like proto-Tieflings being created by the Carnifex…)

Continuing, the carvings show a Carnifex apparently killing itself and being carried with great ceremony to a burial site. Bracing themselves for the possibility they may soon be facing a Liche, the adventurers are unsurprised when the next room is a large columned chamber with a raised dais at the far end containing a mummified Carnifex on a throne. Crystalline constructs hover by its side and large stone blocks line the way to the throne, some broken open and spilling out piles of bladed weaponry.

Wasting no time, the Heroes of Dymrak begin their assault. Ozzy creates a storm pillar in front of the Liche as Tol advances, shooting at its bandaged form. The piles of blades coalesce into humanoid shapes and begin the counterattack in vicious fashion.

The Liche rises, emanating a terrible aura of despair and the crystalline constructs also attack. Even with the shield of Memnon’s faith protecting them, several of the party are soon bloodied. The Liche belittles Ozzy but Tol lands a fantastic disruptive strike (NATURAL TWENTY!) and bloodies (dusts?) the evil creature.

Tol goes one further and his anointed army washes over the party, (+4 to all Defence, +2 to damage and attack rolls until end of encounter)!

The blades become incorporeal and do hideous damage as they phase through some of the party. The battle rages on as the heroes try and focus on bringing the Liche down.

Ozzie is so awed by the lich that his push spell backfires sliding him across the room and
knocking him over. Kathka lands a mighty blow on the undead Carnifex, which howls in pain.

The ranger summons howling winds from the depths of the forest of Dymrak, pushing the lich back across the room. He then fires upon the creature, missing with both shots. The lich rushes back into the battle and attacks diabolic Memnnon, catches a wild swing from the dwarf and speaks a word which knocks over the cleric, his blood flows into one of the surging blades, which heals one of the blades. The dwarf shudders from the power of the lich, going pale, before grimacing and holding her ground.

The sword wraiths swoop across the battlefield sything their way through party. Half the party is blinded by the construct. Ozzie teleports blindly to the fallen figure of Memnnon and pours a vitality potion down the clerics throat, before sending scintillating beams into the sword wraiths. Switch takes advantage of the beams effect and takes out one of the sword wraith.

Memnnon is knocked unconscious by another shield wraith, Ozzie flails through Memnnon’s belongings to find the potion of vitality, pours it down his throat bringing Halav’s cleric back to the land of the living.

Switch goes to the rescue of the fallen ranger, and resuscitates him. Tol jumps up and shoots the lich with his bow.

The lich hisses at the ranger and then tries to smite the fallen cleric with his mace.. Memnnon rises from his death bed and calls upon the mighty healing power of his God, healing the her colleagues. Kathka swipes from her prone position with a mighty strike, felling the lich. It screams a final cry as it falls to the ground.

The battle finally moves in the heroes favour, despite the construct’s attack scattering the heroes. Memnnon turns the sword wraiths, dispelling one to its final resting place.

Switch is attacked and killed outright by the sword wraiths, Memnnon calls down a solar wrath upon the remaining creatures and heals Kathka, but she is slow to heal due to the negative energies remaining form the lich. Ozzie teleports the sword wraiths and inadvertently himself across the battlefield. Kathka sends her dancing sword flying past the Mage to attack the construct.

The construct shifts, spinning and scintillating of radiant and necrotic energy, exploding mainly towards the tiefling..

The mask of the lich is worth 15,000 GPS and bound in amongst the bandages is a copper box, with a diamond worth 50000 GPS and also opens the circular chamber.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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