The nexus of the worlds.

Word has come to Douganstahl of Kathka’s parents death… it appears it may have been an elf named Althea, not the dragon Volvagia.

Althea may also have something to do with the destruction of Althea.

One of the Watchmen brings news of a grey skinned humanoid

Emphara has sent me to tell you….

Shatter stone and the wintercourtare in disarray. Strange beasts roam the wilds, previously you went through snow capped forests, rather than the miles of deserts that we have now. They are also large grey skinned humanoids…. similar to what has been seen on the borders of Kariemikos and the Fire shires

The answer lies in the nexus of worlds

As Kathka thinks about the problem she considers Ozziewarts and the areas of non magic, but his main suggestion is to go to the wizard’s guild.

They take the head and head off to the wizards guild.

The wizards of guild.

Kathka is admitted to the wizard guilds and asks what sort of creature it might be. His second question is about the nexus of worlds…. it might exist, more likely to. Be mythical…. it is a chamber that may exist everywhere.

The nexus of worlds is the place where all the worlds meet. It becomes clear that this is a fairly unlikely to exist.

Where do these myths and legends originate asks Kathka…. they go back to before the republic, old elf tales suggest they went past it on the trip to Alfhiem. Douganstahl postulates that the nexus maybe near Rolent, where Althea is. Kathka was found near an abondoned tower.

Kathka relates his journey through the mountain. At a cross roads, there had been some seismic activity opening a crack in the wall. She pushed through the crack into a massive cavern, but pulled back before something very strange reached her from across the other side of the cavern.

The wizards return to say they don’t actually know what it is, however it is identified as something fiendish.

The tower of abondonment.

As the party arrives at the tower of abondonment, they see a thin trail of smoke and hear ugly evil voices discussing something they know not what. There is also a crying sobbing sound of either a child or a woman, who appears to be the subject of the creatures torment.

Manzan transforms into wolf form to scout out what is there. Manzan can smell awfulness which screams evil at him. As he scouts around he can see two of the grey skinned fiends, who appear to have removed part so the child’s body.

The party circles round to surround the demons. Kathka fires her slingshot and hits one square in the mouth, whilst Mazan in wolf form rushes in and drags him out but doesn’t manage to push him down. The watchman shots an arrow through the window killing the fiend. Manzan puts the child out of his misery.

Douganstahl look around to see if there is any trace of anything else. The footprints of the creatures suspect they either phase or teleport as they travel. There is also a strong stench of sulphur.

The only thing on the fiends is there large swords. No prints of the creatures are found beyond 20 feet of the tower.

A search eventually discovers an entrance in the wall, which if looked at from the wrong angle is just wall.

The party head into the dungeon, looking back they see a doorway. The watchman opens the door to double check that it is outside. To his surprise it opens into a room with 4 fiends in it. Kathka reacts fastest and dispatches the first fiend. The others are dispatched until there is only one left, which teleports in an aura of flame before reappearing next to Doughanstahl in another flash of flame..

The party goes out of the room, shuts the door and then opens it again. This time it opens into a corridor, where a surprised fiend is standing. It is swiftly dispatched by the dwarf. Returning to the room the big double doors don’t appear to be locked, opening into a large cavern is a large well. The very air tastes of metal, there is buzz of latentness.At the far side, apparently in dispute are three people. One is a hunched elf with a staff, her bearing doesn’t appear old but she has a shock of white hair. There is another elf in ceremonial robes and next to her is…. Howler. The wolfman is now in leather and is wearing a large great sword, he is obviously a guard for the ceremonial elf. Around the room are also several of the the fiends.

The well is pulsing with light/energy.

Douganstahl recognises Althea, but he doesn’t understand the conversation, it is clearly an odd elvish language..

The watchman, shoots one of the fiends and then steps into the room. As he does so the room lurches as if he is on the deck of a rocking ship. A fiend teleports up to him, however he steps away as the creature swings at him cleaving empty air, however the fie from the teleport still burns him slightly Mazam shouts at Howler to ask him why he is here as he moves in and knocks one of the fiends over. There is no response from Howler.

Douganstahl runs in and hails Althea, who replies kill them if you can, drive them off, but be careful of the pool.

As the battle rages, a pulse of energy rings out across the room, there is a feeling of being stripped apart and rebuilt…. causing massive pain to the heroes and monsters alike. The older elf laughs as she is unaffected by the room. Everyone feels less compentant. Manzan crawls across the room and bites the fiend, knocking it over again. Kathka wares over and with a smack of her hammer kills the fiend.

Douganstahl heads over to attack the older elf, who responds with a huge blast of flame against the man and the wolfman. Althea. Over over to Mazan and applies a poultice to him. Looking straight at Kat she says this is for you.

Another surge of energy pulses through the room.

Across the room we hear I will possess the power of this place, one of you two will fall.. all around the witch everything goes dark and then gestures, causing a blue beam of energy appears out of the darkness and links Althea and Kathra, stunning them both and trying to pull them into the pool.

Mazan gets up and moves into the darkness and smells out the witch. Kathka break some of the link but it is still linked to the pool and Althea. The pool pulses and streaks of re energy are now coming out of the rocks. The watchman seeing his boss in agony charges into the darkness seeking out the witch.

Larger chunks of rubble are now falling from the ceiling, she doesn’t like the look of the ceiling she then moves over and pushes Althea out of the way, and narrowly avoids falling into the pool.

Whilst the watchman is flailing around in the darkness, the witch appears out of the darkness, grabs hold of the dwarf and leaps bodily into the rift.


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