The Rebellion

Pol looks up and sees his brother, and a dwarf jester and a guard. He recalls that he doesn’t like his brother, who is dressed very richly.

One of the captives and sees Pol’s brother and breaks free, charging at the richly dressed wizard. The captive is very upset at seeing Pol’s brother and trys to attack him. He is struck down by guards.

Pol feels that there was something shouted along the lines of traitor, but isn’t completely clear. Meanwhile the end of the procession is coming through. At the end borne aloft is a huge and very fierce Saurnian creature

The party sneaks off, away from the adoring crowd, despite the hin very carefully walking into a giant frog. The party slips into the drainage stream, which the elf says is not nice but harmless. The party moves towards the grill which the elf had noticed earlier wasn’t very secure.

The gate moves very easily, and the party starts to senak through. However a shadow uphead who croaks “not so fast.” They are froggy guards and look threatening until they see out silvery lizard friend. “Ahhh the silver one who is here to save us.”

“Yes indeed”says Memnnon. There is a brief hesitation as the silver Memnnon feels for his new role as saviour and trys to work out what his next line is. However he is saved by the frogs who usher the party away from the main drain.

The party heads deeper into the drains and once into a wider cavern where Silver Memnnon is greeted with reverence. The frog people say that the lizard people had made a great show of parading his capture. Now they know he is alive and well, they will spread the word and tell all the silver one is alive

The frog folk tell us we a in the city of Ishtur-koth, which is a Carnifax city, ruled by the Hog Carnifex , who are fighting the humans of Lohmar, where Pol is from.

The Carnifex may have made a number of races in the halls of shaping. They are clearly building some thing big and it will be bad for Lomar. The Carnifex are Sacrificing huge numbers of people. The prince of Lomar was betrayed by his brother and captured.

The sacrificial energy is being captured and sent to a central point in the city where it is powering up powerful ritual

Y’hog is the capital city of the Carnifex . The lizard people are trying to crush the world under their heal for their masters from the the Outer Planes.

The heroes discuss options and try to work out tactics to stop the execution of this ritual and the continuous slaughter of people.

There are 100s of frog folk, but not enough to force it. There is a substantial warren of underground tunnels throughout the city

The little lizard, is called Osgareth. says they are moving lots of of things in the towers of knowledge deeper underground.

Below the temple of the Outer Beings is a crypt which connects to the towers of knowledge. Where the Carnifex are moving their knowledge.

There are less than 100 Carnifex in the temple. There is a powerful one.

Pol discovers he is actually the prince of Lomar and his younger brother is the one in the robes he saw earlier, who is here to make deal with the Carnifex. Pol suspects it isn’t a good one for his people.

The next day we discover that the frequency of bursts from the central temple has stepped up. A week ago it was one or two pulses per day and now it is much more.

Discussion is made as to what to do.

Captives are held in low domed pits. Pol (prince of Lomar) recalls that his logo is that of an eagle. Pol asks the frogs to pass out the logo to all slaves and tell them to be ready.

The party head out to the towers of knowledge. There is a buzz on the streets and more patrols of guards, fewer slaves who are carrying stuff. There are also more sacrifices being herded to their death.

As the heroes head to the central plaza a group of guards wander up to the party and address Memnnon. Who admonishes him for being so rude, but praises him as well. the heroes move on without a fight

The central plaza towers over everything else, there are carvings all around. The Towers of knowledge are big but not nearly as big as the Temple to the Outer Beings. People are coming and going into the temple. Every 40 minutes there are arcs of power coming out of the temple. There is. A strong feel of soul energy.

The towers of knowledge are built of Obsidian, covered in carvings of mammalian creatures being sacrificed in hideous ways. We head to the front door and see an overseer creature who is overseer class rather than priest class. Silver Memnon discusses with the overseer where he should be going It appears to be going badly, so Pol tries to charm the overseer… things go from bad to worse when Pol’s charm person spell fails and he is smacked by the overseer. Eventually Silver Memnon’s silver tongue allows the heroes to pass on into the Tower.

In the tower there are row upon row of scrolls and documents, reaching up into the ceiling. Little lizardfolk and some humanoid slaves are carrying scrolls. Most of the scrolls are being taken to the left hand circular chamber, which is very dim.

The Carnifex use a rule breaking combination of arcane and divine magic, their leaders are known as sorcerer priests.

The runes written in the floor indicate where the invisible lifts are. The lizards are using these to access the upper areas of the Tower. Pol studies these closely trying to work out how they work. He is soon noticed by a lizard creature who challenges him. Pol charms him and gets the creature to give him the scrolls it is carrying.

Pol hands out the scrolls to the rest of the party and they head down a spiralling ramp a good 100 feet. At the bottom is a guard with an overseer. As the Party approach the bottom the overseer approaches to see where they should be going. Once again Memnon convinces him that they should go another way… And off they go… towards the Temple.

on the way a certain curious small person peers down into a grill and sees a smoky purply tentacle reach up and try to grab the him. the sprightly halfling slashes at it and flees. The rest of the party slash and flee, except for the elf and the lizardman.


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