The research of the library.

The library is self cleaning and self repairing.

Kathka also figures out that the tombs at the bottom, the portal and the observatory are not covered by the protections of the library.

The big stone door at the front is the main defence, with guards standing over it. It appears that the fiends were summoned when the library was attacked to defend the library. Knowledge does not have an alignment.

The founding of the library is 104 and it was completed in 152. By circa 200 a settlement had grown around the area and had popular people . The rituals around the library contribute to the mystic of the library. There is an alteration to the library which makes it difficult to remember the specifics of where it is.

Where the rift was there are alterations to the library, many Areas of the library retain damage from the rift.

The library was quite defensively built, with each part hermetically sealed. One of the defences of the library is the summoning of fiends.

One of these rooms has a shrine to some fiendish immortals, which has a command words to unleash fiends to defend them.

Xoxoth appears to have been a member of staff for a long time.

Have the beings been waiting for the stars to align? The current head librarian was called Gestrath, and had been logging the insipid not arrival of a new planetary body…. A large celestial body…. Which would has had something added at a later date. It suggests that he has a source that indicates this alignment has happened a long time in the past and is about to happen again (the arrival of the)

There are tentative readings suggest that this planet has arrived. Tol convinces himself that he can see something, that is getting closer, it I yet to get to where is

Is it difficult for aberrant creatures to move in this plane any distance from their portals? As the planetary body gets closer will they be able to move further? Is there a geometric design they are setting up?

It appears that the mindflayer could create his own portal.

The blue dragon is called Sahail and is mentioned in the stories and the Wizards have bought residium off the dragon and have essentially traded with them.

The Plan:
Contact Duvenstal to ensure Ozzies dad has been received and is settled in the villa.
Check on the situation in Specularum and Karemeikos.

Duvenstal says that they were worried and wondered if the party had perished. gIrlfriends been asking but could not find us with magic maps. Dad turned up ok, however his story is quite harrowing about his imprisonment however he has only just found out about Koala’s death. As a result he has set of to Knosht alone about a week ago. The party asks Duvenstal to arrange an audience with Duke Stefan as a matter of urgency. The reason for this is to convince him of the rift threat and the beyond

The party research the dwarves coffin but don’t open it, then portal out to Specularum With precepts, plates with symbols, medallions, star charts and info, etc.

In Specularum the heroes gain the audience they desire and begin to present their case. Audience includes head of wizard guild, head of church, etc. Memnon and Ozzie explains the situation relating to the Beyond and the various factions which are involved and how the rifts into the beyond are key to the resurgence of these beings, old ones, outer beings, unclean ones etc. As they begin to talk about the planetary alignments they are asked for evidence by the head of the wizard guild. Ozzie talks about casting the ritual to identify the beings from beyond, however the head of wizards guild won’t allow this and expresses his opinion that the group are talking a pack of lies, however he manages to give a secret signal to the group that they should leave as the room contains such beings.

The party are ushered to an ante room with Stefan, head of the Wizards guild and Stevan’s wife. The HoW explains to Stefan that the heroes are correct and the he has been fearing this for sometime and shows his ring with a portcullis on it. The heroes then explain the full story to Stefan who asks them to go away and undertake further research and Stefan will pass on the information to others as he sees fit. Memnon asks that everyone undergo the ritual for checking but this is declined until Ozzie explains the ritual to his wizard and once it is confirmed to be safe then they can do it. further discussion revolves around obsidian and granite cities in the southern continent of Devania.


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