The room of death

Most of the alcoves are empty, however in one is a 4 limbed construct that is currently inactive.

The hexagonal things have a slight arcane tint, more for the feeling of being in the presence of something magical.

After five minutes of wandering down the corridor the archways stop. Ozzie contemplates the time passing, it doesn’t think the time is passing any faster or slower here despite the corridor getting apparently older.

The corridor continues but is now sloping downwards. The sides are still highly decorative in a slightly memorial feel and less words. This is now the first time we’ve passed any form of dust.

Another five minutes the corridor ends in a door with a large inscription. Which says “Caution living beings advised not to pass beyond, herein lie those who tried to master time for their own benefit.”

Memnnon and Switch open the door, the light from Memnnon’s mace, which reflects in a strange way. A t shaped catacomb with lots of burial niches. Taking up the space in front of the party is a strange black cloud with motes of strangely reflecting and absorbed light.

Memnnon feels that the translucent dark cloud is something from the shadow realm, make it feel gloomy. The light is being absorbed.

Memnnon strides in and addresses the darkness. A dry dusty voice echoes through the chamber ‘who disturbs our rest? What is this Halav… this means nothing to us. We have been here a long age…. brooding. Who are these Carnifex.

We have seen galaxies fall before the beyond and our brethren do nothing to stop this. We know exactly where this is , but why should we help you?

Ozzie helps the cleric, fortunately Althea starts to pull the keys out so we can reopen the door

To get hold of the hourglass would be very useful for us…. say the cloud. We could assist you perhaps… but we would require you to assist us out of here.

Shimmering out of the walls come ghostly shapes…. with 4 limbs. We suddenly realise that this isn’t the death room but the jail for those who plot against the ziggurat.

One of the creatures dis appears and both Ozzie and Memnnon feel a cold pass through them and it reappears next to Tol.

The skeleton construct moves to attack the cleric of Halav, Tol fires a round of suppressing shots, to slow it down, whilst dextrously avoiding the attack of the creature next to him.

However this is not enough for Memnnon to avoid the pounding fists of the creature. The other creatures seek to make their escape and a battle ensues.

The rest of the creatures seek to escape, but the wizard teleports back and pushes them all back into their box. As the cleric seeks to escape, it takes a pounding and collapses.

Tol summons howling winds down the corridor to push the ghostly apparitions further back into the jail and slides the downed cleric within reach of the halfling, before sending a flurry of arrows into the jail to deter them.

Switch grabs the tie fling and pulls him out of the room and pours a potion of vitality down his throat brining him back into the battle.

One of the spectres comes through the door and disappears through the wall… escaping its jail.

The spectres continue to escape, trying to caress the weakened cleric, but his fortitude protects him. Althea shuts the door keeping 2 of the creatures in the jail.

Ozzie swaps to his moonstone orb and casts eye of the warlock onto the spectre. Memnnon stands up and starts calling down holy radiant power against the creature.

The creature turns to Memnnon and strikes a dazing blow against him before fleeing the flailing weapons of the heroes.

Ozzie concentrated on the fleeing spectre. Which cuts through the material and meets up with the others. They head down and the eye blinks out just as they enter a large square Idy chamber which is lit by a brilliant column of light. There are a quite a few creatures which it doesn’t recognise, but Ozzie recognises them as Carnifex and their other flunkies.

The heroes head back to the stairs and follow them down…. down, down, down. Ther a corridor is reached and there is a junction to the left. Tol inspects to see where creatures have gone… he notices that they have gone straight ahead….. the heroes go left.

A short time, the corridor becomes brighter from a light ahead. The heroes surmise that this is the central shaft. The heroes are not yet at the bottom, but looking further down, this seems to be the lowest tunnel before the floor. Further along there is a junction. Tol notices that there have been some Carnifex and he also notices a sign that says control room. Heading off to the control room, the corridor goes off turning left and down some stairs.

There is an additional level of security on the control panel.


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