The room of force

Ozzie is convinced that the pulses are generating force energy.

The creature appears and attacks Memnnon, before disappearing again.

Ozzie stands up but isn’t able to shrug off the poison coursing through his body. He summons a storm pillar and prepares to capture the creature and bring him next to Switch.

Alll the spheres stop briefly and then reverse. The air or the room appears to quiver.

The worm thingy stands up and Althea ‘s thunder rings out again hurting the larva creature. The face shifts and shocks the warden.

The invisible creature appears next to Ozzie, claws him and is teleported next to the halfling, the creature is slowed, so the innovative halfling jumps on a barrel to try and strike at the creature. Unfortunately the barrel was less well constructed.

Ozzie passes out from the poison, as an explosion of maggots Comms from the creature after Tol’s arrow kills the larvae creature and then heals the bleeding wizard. Who comes around.

The party agrees to depart the room, the diabolical Memnnon heals the hapless wizard and then moves to depart the room as well

Althea picks up the remaining papers on the table.

The death of the wizard, seems have stopped the attacks. This appears to have been an astral stalker, Ozzie suspects.

Althea gives the paper to Ozzie who passes them to Tol, who can naturally read the contents of the papers.

The worms notes Written by Magath of Omar.

After a short rest and a digestion of the notes and then proceed to look for a control panel. Switch eventually find a a raised plinth.

Ozzie sits on the throne and a light shimmers, Ozzie’s mind is disorienting and unpleasant and confusing, he eventually starts to control the room.

The four pillars are channelling power. Ozzie struggles to control them, but after a long mental battle fails to take control. He does recall that theforce energy is used to control physical movement in the ziggurat,

Ozzie believes there are 6 main sources of energy, force, elemental, death,psychic, arcane, cold

The party head off through the door to a corridor, that stretches away into the distance, and then bends away to the right and has a doorway and a flight of steps on the left going down.

The door is opened, with a series of archways on either side, going off into the distance. Memnnon and Switch head off with Tol in support. Memnnon peers into the first arch on the right. At the far end of it is a dusty room with shelves and nothing on it. Peering into the arch opposite it there is a bluish crate and another one. There are track marks in here.

Switch goes and opens the second box…. which is designed to be opened by creatures with four limbs, in there are six hexagonal metal plates


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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