The siren's song

Tol checks out the wreck that sits in the bay. Before he dives in he can see something swimming around inside the wreck.

Kathka gets a net and drops it over the other side so the creature can’t escape. Ozzie’s teleport fails to bring the Siren onto the decking. She pops up out of the water and says you only needed to ask and spits at the wizard. He easily repeals the spittle.

Her siren call is again imploring Tol to join her in the water. He summons howling winds, which slides the creature to the side of the jetty and then shoots her.

Tol’s sprints across the jetty and dives on top the siren, stabbing her, the rest of the party pile in with spells and steel sinking into her. She turns and tries to get amorous with Switch, but misses so she pushes Switch away from her. She then starts to slip through the titan’s fist and disappears under the deck.

Tol shoulders his bow , draws Acekris and dives in after the wounded siren who he finds under the jetty. He stabs her with his sword. Switch also swims after her and stabs her again.. Ozzie’s Hammerfall Step teleports the siren up onto the deck, which kills her.

The vessel is a Karemekian and Tol does an extensive search of the vessel. Tol discovers that holes have been gouged into the side through claws and teeth. Inside he finds very little, except for Kathka’s hammers.

The party retire to the pantry to rest for the night.

The night passes uneventfully.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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