The Spite of the Undead

The adventurers continue to battle the Mummies, Kathra slaying another, but wit wracking coughs, Switch and Memnon realise they are developing a nasty case of Mummy Rot.

After the last of the unholy—blasphemous-abomination-insults-to-the-glorious-vision-of-our-Lord-Halav-undead fall, Tol and Ozzie are able to cure their companions’ ailments.

The gemstone indeed opens the door with the single gem-shaped indentation and beyond is a familiar looking corridor; with several grilles no doubt ready to unleash ethereal tentacles. Disarming the now-familiar mechanism, the Heroes of Dymrak advance towards double doors, which switch bashes to matchsticks.

Beyond is a large, chilly chamber with stone tables and jars. The adventurer’s vision become obscured as if a shadow has descended. Ozzie’s eyes glaze over and he strolls to one of the five tables (not at all worrying that there are the same number of tables as members of he party) an lies down on it, jabbering in a foreign language that sounds both angry, pleading and questioning.

Memnon (NATURAL 20!) realises that there are thousands of of souls here, in torment. (Switch senses a particular hostility towards him…) This room is where beings were mummified, often alive!

Kathra, Tol and Switch seem to anger the spirits (low rolls in a skill challenge) and are soon also laying on the tables, feeling as if blades were cutting into them and their brains were being scrambled by sticks inserted into their nasal cavities.

Memnon invites the spirits to posses him, so that they might communicate more clearly and to avoid any further misunderstanding. With this and good rolls from Ozzie and Kathra and a powerful suggestion from Memnon; an accord is reached. The spirits will not only allow the heroes to pass, but will accompany them to vicariously avenge their treatment at the claws of the Carnifex (title for the movie adaptation of this scenario right there, chaps!).

NB The Heroes of Dymrak now have the following abilities:

*Aura of Bloodshed – the Heroes will score a critical on any roll of 19 or 20 on any attack made within a 3 square radius of us.

Spite of the Cloud of Souls – Close burst 5. Each enemy grants combat advantage when in this aura.

Both last until we reach a milestone.
Moving on a junction room is encountered. The party takes the right hand turn and promptly encounter two ghostly Carnifex in a chamber with two exit passages, more canoptic jars and tentacle grilles.

Battle is swiftly joined, Ozzie bearing the brunt of the Undead’s wrath and suffering a critical hit (38 damage) – in retaliation, his prismatic Burst blinds both of them, bloodying one. Memnon’s Solar Wrath forces one Carnifex to retreat, and the first dissipates under the power of his Inspiring strike but another emerges through the door ahead.

The battle rages on..!


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