The Tower of Varis

“The soil might have killed him?”

The heroes depart and go to attend the games, as guests in the box.

At the games we notice that a good quarter of the crowd are wearing pink feathers… Remarkably similar to Tol’s, the rest of the party is slightly dismayed.

The heroes are asked to address the crowd, Memnnon and Tol speak. Kathka opens the games.

The quality of the combat is average. The hinterlander said turn out to be the best fighters individually, but not so much as a unit.

Kathka offers to do a masterclass at the end.

Olwin, a hinterlander, is beating all comers, she has a side of beserker to her and quite a few people are quite seriously injured.

At half time a unctuous man, Marcus, Tulus comes up to the box and tries to ingratiate himself with the heroes. He is another merchant, who has a lot of interest in inns and entertainment.

A demonstration of magic and illusion by Orchalians…..who perform a set of illusions telling a story, following the demonstration they light the stadium with magic before the thunder lizards are brought on. We have never seen any of these types before. The creatures are goaded from. The creatures aren’t acting as they normally would according to Tol.

The final is Olwin vs a mystery Norse, the hinterlander wins, which wasn’t supposed to happen. Arteris is throwing coins, Memnnon cures mass light wounds on the gladiators and Kathka goes down to speak to Olwin and asks her if she will help, she will consider your offer and is interested in taking training from a dwarf.

Off to the tower

The party head off to the tower, Switch lingers back to see if there is anybody following. As the heroes depart they leave Tol to join his fans. There are a number of unsavoury characters who try to follow the party with foul intentions. Switches streetwise dodging helps the party loose any followers.

Eventually all tails are lost and the party reaches the tower.

The tower is 70-100 feet tall, there are small arrow slits. Above the beautiful double doors there is a small balcony with door. At the top of the building is crystal dome, which is most likely to be a green house.

Switch notices there is something shielding the balcony, which Ozzie senses is another crystal covering, but has probably hardened with magic.

Memnon gives Switch a lift over the wall and the halfling notices that there are lights on in the house behind the house.

Switch moves round the side of the tower, he thinks that something is following him/watching him. He finds a chink in the window and peers into a comfortable but not opulent sitting room, where an elderly couple are sitting down. They are dressed as servants.

Tol and Kathka get impatient and pick the lock, and go into the room…. A grand hallway which is dimly lit, which has tables in the middle of the room and a balcony halfway up with spiral stairs up to there and continue up.

Tol goes to investigate the plants. He isn’t familiar to the plant. Ozzie notices that there is a scuffed rune and notices that an alarm rune has now been triggered. Memnnon goes outside to keep any guards away. Coming down the spiral steps we hear some shuffling steps coming down the stairs….the ebon key! More are appearing coming down the stairs. Kathka smacks one hard, partially covered a red robed wizard fires a green bolt of lightning which misses all the heroes. Ozzie teleports the combatants down to be a bit closer the team, Memnnon’s infernal wrath fries one of the Ebon Key for soldiers after it hits him. However the wizard is no longer out of melee..

Switch meanwhile is trying to distract the inhabitants and find a way in. The old man comes out to investigate the noise.

The wizard shifts into the middle and brings his staff down hard onto the floor, cracking the tiles and releasing a purple gas, which fortunately doesn’t affect the party, much to the wizard’s annoyance.

The wizard takes another blow from the dwarf, before trying to get out of the close combat, turning and cursing the cleric, firing a force blow at him. Tol finishes him off with a twin strike.


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