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20th Felmont
Come morning, Ozzie isn’t sure his ghostly visitor wasn’t a dream. He feels there has been a slight increase in the strength of the Beyond. The spectral cleaners do their thing. The silver medallions are depowered, but are soon recharged by being placed in the statues’ hands. Ozzie and Memnon take silver medallions for this library.

Back to the unexplored double doors. Switch easily unlocks them to reveal a 15 foot square room resembling an office. Books in various states of repair lie on a table and there are tools in a drawer.

Another door leads into a very large room, replete with shelving and more tables with partially mended books. A large vat smells of stale urine. Dust motes whirl on the floor. And coalesce into gibbering, amorphous shapes!


The adventurers dart into the room and take the battle to the eerie foe. The creatures’ gibbering causes psychic damage and dazes many members of the party. The combat is slow and hard work and before long all bar one of the party are bloodied. Ozzie’s Colour Orb and Kathra’s Exorcism of Steel buy some time for Memnon to heal many of the wounded and Halav’s gifts enable the Heroes of Dymrak to wear down their enemy, with Tol’s Twin Strike (Natural 20!) finishing off the last of them.

Taking in their surroundings, the room is very magical, of a level way beyond Ozzie. The books are mostly medical and religious in nature. There is no sign of the precepts of Akhal and no secret doors.

5000 GP of party treasure is collected and making a note to return and fully help themselves to the precious metals and gemstones the work tables contain; the adventurers move on, locking the door behind them.

There are two doors to choose from. One (it is thought) leads back to the Faith Library, the other to parts unknown. The unknown pat is chosen, and Switch and Tol ascend a spiral staircase leading up to another level of the Library and another door.

Beyond it is a small reading room with yet another tentacular monstrosity. It lashes out at Switch but Tol’s Disruptive Strike pins the appendage to the ceiling. The Rogue shifts back and slams the door shut, but the creature begins to seep around its frame. Half Elf and Hinn fly back down the stairs as the door explodes free from its frame and Ozzie fills the stairway with a wall of fire… or he would have , if he could remember how to do it..!

The creature appears to have stolen Ozzie’s knowledge of how to create a Wall of Fire!
Tol checks the other door , finding a small making room which he cautiously enters. The door crashes open and the creature oozes in. A colour orb from Ozzie dazes it, allowing Kathra and Memnon to flank it in melee and land some good blows, just as a second one appears. Tol is blocked in the anteroom.

Ozzie psychic locks the first creature and switch slays it. The second one has grabs at Tol, who backflips away and twin strikes it. The ooze successfully grabs Kathra and drags her across the chamber. Bow fire and Titanic magic strike the ooze and Kathra is able to burst it apart.

Two silver Faith medallions are recovered from the remaining puddles which are all that’s left of the creatures. Memnon and Tol each take one.

After a short rest, the adventurers explore the room upstairs; a large space with bookcases , tables and chairs. Nothing of note is found in the room. Two doors lead from it. The first leads to a small kitchen, where silver cutlery adds 100 GP to party treasure.

The second door leads to a dimly lit corridor with a T junction…


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The Workshop
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