Xoxoth's (not so ) Final Stand

Ozzie is grabbed by the Mindflayer Xoxoth’s tentacles and both are teleported to the top of the library, it then disappears.

Switch is attacked and grabbed by the beast, which renders him unconscious. The party swing to his aid, arrows and radiant energy rain down on the beast, but a crushing fist from Ozzie kills it. The other beast is killed quickly.

He controls the rift and discovers it’s a permanent rift in the fabric between the realms. Ozzie realises that the mindflayer must have had the platinum medallion to allow teleporting. The platinum disc gives him control of everything.

After a quick discussion it is agreed that Ozzie and Memnnon will lock down the rift, while the Switch and Tol go mindflayer hunting, starting with the upper hallway. Kathka keeps an eye on both parties and the corridor.

Switch sees a door which is now slightly ajar and sneaks in, listening and hearing nothing,. It appears to be a bedchamber, finely, but not ostentatiously furnished. Tol comes up not quite so quietly.

Ozzie, Memnnon and Kathka decide to use the copper discs to enscribe the rune which should anchor the portal and lock it down. With a 10 sided portal this will take 10 hours to inscribe.

Meanwhile Switch is looting the bedroom upstairs and doesn’t find much of interest other than a chest beneath the bed. He deduces that Ghestrath (the Head Librarian) lived here. Switch fails to find the trap on the chest, which explodes in his face and destroys the contents (mostly papers and parchments), except for several bags of gems.

Looking around the room where the rift is there are many racks and scrolls.
While Ozzie inscribes runes on copper discs, Memnnon searches around the room. Everything in this room pertains to forbidden knowledge, much of which may be about the beyond, but also of scandalous information about important families. It’s all stuff which has been hidden away. (In which can be five rare magic items Up to 21st level).

Tol does a quick look around and finds a secret door into an ante chamber which is essentially a dressing room. Tol is fascinated and goes looking and finds a small pouch and a spare robe. The pouch contains a few gemstones, a selection of coins and small crystal vial.
Eventually the Hin finds another secret door with a spiral staircase going up. The sneaky pair stalk up the long spiral stairs, which keep going and going, eventually they come to a landing with two doors.

Each door has a handle, but no sign of a lock and in each place an indent for a medallion, but it’s different. It says in Classical Thyatian ‘knowledge’

Back in the secret treasure room, Kathka finds some graven stone chest and a copper chest full of stone hands which are left hands, not all the stones are the same. Memnnon finds a portable rift lock which Ozzie identifies as currently holding a rift. He realises that he could create something similar, there are notes to help him, and he already know a lot of the procedure from the Beholder’s lair.

Ozzie secures the portal finally. He is exhausted, and the rest of the party are in need of rest too, so they take the opportunity to sleep.

Through the night, Ozzie wakes up and feels there is an important message that someone was trying to tell him an important message but was prevented by a bright purple light and hissing.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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