Grishenka is the hag associated with the Blight Swamp, although she is now in the Black Peak mountains causing trouble for the Galeb-Dhur.


Grishenka appears to be an attractive young woman. Slender and willowy, and seeming to be in her early twenties. She has light brown hair that hangs free to just above her waist, deep green eyes, and wears diaphanous light green and blue gowns. She carries a staff of gnarled bog-oak.

Ozzie also notices when they meet in the caves of the Gareb Dhur, that she is carrying one of the Eyes of Traldar . Ozzie believes it may be the Eye of Winter and a possible cause of the longer colder winters in the region, although this theory has a flaw as Grushenka was in the Blight Swamp for a time.



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