Tol Flemin

Half Elf Ranger



  • Hair: Brown, though with some flourishes of colour where he has tied feathers, natural colour beads made from nuts, large seeds etc. He wears natural ritual components for his animal messenger etc ritual in this way, or as bracelets etc pending use.
  • Flesh: Olive complexion.
  • Elven cloak: Interweaved browns and greens, almost like a combat net or woven hedge. The cloak’s appearance, colouration etc actually change with the seasons.
  • Shirt: Dull green (figure is about right), though with a colour flourish on one breast as he always wears a flower almost like a wedding flower in a lapel.
  • Trousers: Dull, autumnal red.
  • Boots: Brown leather.
  • Elven bow: Dark brown wood, with green tips where leaves grow.
  • Quiver: Dark brown. Woody rather than leather, same colour as bow.
  • Arrows: Black and white feathers, may also be some coloured feathers.

Tol Flemin

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