Blood apples

Tol Tales of Fabulous Flora #1


A freshly picked blood apple (no more than a day old) grants healing as though the character had spent a healing surge.

Older blood apples can be eaten (standard action) to allow characters to spend a healing surge without using a second wind (and with no bonus to defences).

Despite much experimentation no one has yet found a way to preserve Blood Apples (or if they have they arn’t saying), and they lose all properties after a week.


Blood apple trees are rare indeed in the Dymrak Forest. They look just like ordinary apple trees, their only distinctive feature being the exquisite ruby red caste of their fruit and sometimes reddish hue to their bark. They are almost always reported to be alone amongst other trees or one amongst other apple trees, though persistent rumours abound of a grove of blood apple trees somewhere near the Lake of Lost Souls.

Blood apples are a deep red colour within, and produce red juice. They have curative properties and are used to make potions, healing jams and other concoctions. They are valued magical components for some spells. The healing qualities of some blood apples are so intense that merely eating an apple will restore vigour and help the body to heal bruises and small flesh wounds.

Blood apples

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