Eye of Flame

This red gem is warm to the touch and flames lick across its surface.


Critical; (if used as an implement) 1d10 fire
Property; (free action, at-will) the Eye sheds bright light 20 squares radius
Property; (free action) if used as an implement, the users attacks gain the ‘fire’ damage type
Power (Daily, fire): Standard Action. Make an attack: Ranged 10/20, burst 2 (all creatures in burst); Int vs. Will; on a hit, the attack deals 1d10
int fire damage with ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)


One of a series of magical eyes created thousands of years ago. The Eye of Flame seems to be quite a powerful Eye of Traldar, though it isnt one of the major eyes. It was in the keeping of the Galeb-Dhur of Gorion, who believe that Halav himself gave it to them to care for until it was needed.

Eye of Flame

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