Eye of Illumination

This carven crystal resembles a human eye. It provides light in the darkness.


Critical; (if used as an implement) +1d10 radiant damage
Property; (free action, at-will) the Eye sheds bright light 20 squares radius
Property; (free action, at-will) if used as an implement, the users attacks gain the ‘radiant’ damage type
Property *(free action, at-will): Causes 0 radiant damage to all in aura 3
, Daily (Healing surge, radiant): Standard Action. Make an attack: Close burst 3, all creatures in burst; Int vs. Fortitude; on a hit, the target takes 10 radiant damage and is blinded (save ends). Healing surges lost in this way require two extended rests to regain.
Notes; If user is proficient with the Eye (has successfuly completed the Skill Challenge), all attacks gain a +2 proficiency bonus.


One of a series of magical eyes created thousands of years ago. Thsi eye is believed to be one of the least powerful of the Eyes of Traldar.

Eye of Illumination

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