Eyes of Traldar

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The eyes of Traldar
As Ozzie mused on the next stage of the search for the eyes of Traldar he noted down what the heroes of winterhaven know so far about the eyes of traldar.

It is believed that there are 16 eyes which allow the owner to see in the dark. In particular two were named the Fire opal eye and the black opal eye

The first eye to come into the heroes possesion was the eye of illumination. A crystaline eye which sheds light equivalent to a sunrod at will. It also produces radiant damage of zero in a blast 3 centred on the user. Other powers are hinted at but have yet to be identified. However there is some form of sentinence to it in that it influences the owners dreams about the location of eyes – this may hint at other powers the eye possesses such as illuminating the future?? or scrying other areas? In our case it assisted in the location of the eye of gloom, which it fears, possibly because the eye of gloom appears to be more powerful.

UPDATE: In Assult on the spider caves part 2 Memnnon triggers the eye of illumination to save the party from the spiders. It creates a large burst of radiant damage, however at great cost to Memnnon who has yet to fully recover from the ordeal. He is trying to ascertain whether this is a permeant effect or will wear off in due course.

The eye of storms provides the owner with a resistance of 5 to lightning, it is also able to provide light similar to the eye of light. once per day it can loose a blast of lightning (as per the spell Lightning bolt. It can also change the damage dealt by the wielder to be lightning. It would appear that the legends relating to Marcus Constantinos are accurate.

The eye of gloom appears to be the most powerful in the group’s possession enabling the owner to see in the dark, which I (Ozzie) find very useful as I am one of only two humans in the group and have no racial nightvision. Once per encounter the eye can loose a close burst of 5 of blindness with ongoing necrotic damage of 5.

The eye of death is a malignant piece of work and appears to be linked to Orcus. We, the heroes of winterhaven wrestled it off a wight we fought in a chuch of Orcus on the Moors near the deserted hamlet of Lunn. We haven’t tried very hard to see what the eye can do for fear of triggering some evil. However it appears to be able to attract zombies to it and cause some form of raising undead, but we have not been able to substanciate this.

UPDATE: Could the eye of death be the eye that Ortilev took to the Altan Tepes mountains to become a lich? Some ancient legends to note.
See also the first object reading of the eye of death where I discover that the eye can change spells to deliver necrotic damage and that the eye provides darkvision upon its weilder.

Our further investigations have uncovered that the other eyes will relate to water and fire. It is also suspected that one or more of the eyes are corrupted and may cause woe to their owner rather than weal

Eyes of Traldar

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