Farore's Gate

An anchor point for Linked Portals.


Farore’s Gate is a green translucent gemstone, octahedral in shape. It is about 8 inches high. When active, a green glow shines from the centre of the crystal.
Activating Farore’s Gate requires one healing surge. When activated it forms an anchor point for the owner to use for a Linked Portal ritual; in effect becoming a portal known only to the owner.
To remain active the owner sacrifices a healing surge at the end of every extended rest. If the item is in the physical possession of another creature at this time, it instead draws the healing surge from the new possessor, and can no longer be used by the previous owner.
Only the owner may use it to travel to using linked Portal and associated rituals; its sequence of sigils can never be learnt.
Travel is limited to one plane of existence, unless the Portal ritual being used permits otherwise.


Farore’s Gate is rumoured to be a creation of a Fey Realm power. How it got to the natural realm is a mystery.

Farore's Gate

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