Good Glades

Tol Tales of Fabulous Flora #3


Good Glades are green verdant lawns, usually of grass but sometimes of chamomile or vibrant moss, that are found in the Dymrak Forest. They are not generally large, are often roughly circular and may display a differently textured and coloured ‘faerie’ ring around their exterior.

They are known as places of rest, safe havens from the rigours and dangers of the forest. Faerie folk are believed to maintain them, look over them, protect the good and worthy who choose to rest there but be capricious and even dangerous to others.

Good Glades are believed to aid protective spells and the watchful abilities of those resting in them, and there are likely to be forest foods in abundance in the vicinity for those able to find and make use of them.

An offering of some sort is usually left by those who have rested in a Good Glade.

Good Glades

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