Valarians letter

The note Valarian wrote reporting of his actions


From Thyatis city

our work progresses well. few of those that came after suspect our existence, let alone our agenda. the one closest to our secrets is considered by its fellows to be mad, and few listen to it. (amusingly it is named after the one that divulged so many of our secrets generations ago).

There have been others recently asking after the book. they also seek the library; have no fear, they will find out nothing. there are too many of them to send off for your capture so i plan to destroy them tonight.

Those that came after become ever more restless, perhaps their immortals urge them on, but i know not the truth of this. the current madness between those where i dwell and the power using descendants of the ‘flaems’ grows. perhaps we can use this confusion to mask our plans.

The veils grow weaker and ever more rifts appear. If this continues our goal will be soon in sight. I believe their use of power draws on something connected to beyond, if so, the more magic they wield, the better.

i hear the arrival of those I mentioned. when I have dealt with them i will seek further


Valarians letter

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