A meeting in Threshold
and the Armoured flower

We rode out towards Threshold on a clear day. As the party travelled towards our next destination we discussed how we were going to keep hold of our weapons. It was eventually decided that they would all go into the Bag of holding and that this would be carried by Kathra.

After an hour or so we see in the distance an assortment of men at arms. Their shields and tabards are covered up and as we ride towards them they move over to one side so that we can all pass easily. There is clearly a captain of the guard and they are also accompanied by a bard of some kind, who isn’t as heavily armoured or armed as the others. It is he who hails us. There is a hiss of indrawn breath from Memnnon as we exchange greetings and pleasantries as we ride pass. We later suspect that we may have met Bargle the Infamous

Once we are past Memnnon tells us that the soldiers were from the Black Eagle Barony. there is a discussion as to whether we should ride back and cut down them down. however sense prevails, as we currently have no obvious quarrel with them. Obvious quarrel!!

We ride on and over a ridge the beauty of Lake Windrush rises up to meet us. At one end we can see the double walled town of Threshold and on an island nearby is a big castle. As we get closer to the walls and the gates we observe a steady stream of people coming in and out of the town. it appears to be a busy and prosperous town, which is unusual for a border location. At this point we stow our large weapons into the bag of holding and find old or insignificant weapons to carry and hand in at the gates.

At the gates we are greeted amicably by a group of armed guards, who take our proffered weapons, answer a few questions for us and issue a receipt for our weapons. Riding through the town we notice that the roads are wide and spacious in a pleasant manner. We had presented our letter from Lady Olivia which had eased our way through the gates and we now presented ourselves to an officious gnome at the town hall, who was also aware we were expected and directed us to go and see the Alena Halloren- the armoured flower of Threshold and the patriarch’sniece. She is also a cleric of the church of Karameikos and a member of the order of the Griffin.

We are shown up to her rooms on the third floor of the building. It would appear that there have been a number of people already looking for us – including the Mage Bargle from the Black Eagle Barony. it would appear that he is also interested in the Eyes of Traldar. So Alena tells her spies have discovered. This is disturbing news. Who else knows where we are going and why we are going there? Could the wytches be in league in some way with the Black Eagle Barony – and to what benefit? While Bargle and his henchmen were here they stayed on Fogor Isle. We noted that Bargle must be interested as he himself has ventured from the Barony rather than send his minions.

We discuss a number of tings including whether Alena has heard news of dragons recently and she also volunteers some information about the Gareb dhur, but points us in the direction of Sir Reynold who happens to be in town at the moment as being the best source of information about this secretive people. He has a house up on Northside. Alena asks how she may be of assistance at this stage, our response is that having her team come and assist with dragon slaying would be mighty fine.

The Inn at Northholt
A few beers and a few stories

Whilst Tol talks to Aurelian, Switch and Kathra join the adoring crowd talking with the other fighter. At their approach Holaf greets them warmly, recognising kindred adventurers. He and Kathra trade friendly insults about their weapons and Kathra compliments him on his trusty warhorse. The conversation circles around the weather and how the roads are and where each are going. Again it is noted that the winters are coming earlier and colder each year. I must look into this, whilst an obvious talking point, it is commonly noted – perhaps there are other forces than those of nature at work?

Holaf is heading south looking for guard work – nothing too dangerous! He will head back to HighForge in the spring to come back down with the gnome caravan. Switch buys Holaf some goat stew and a beer and asks how come hs is such a hero in these parts. Read Holaf’s bio for the story. If we ever need Holaf to assist us in some way we are to leave a message in Northolt for him.

Meanwhile Memnnon hasked me to do an object reading of the Holy symbol that was found on the body of the ogres. Initially I am sceptical that we will get anything of great use from this, however Memnnon is insistent. So I prepare my residum and ask Memnnon to think carefully of the questions he would like to ask. The ritual takes an hour and during this time I am able to see three images in response to the questions Memnnon wishes to have answered.

  1. Who was the last rightful owner of the Holy Symbol?

    An image of an attractive, curly brown haired woman appears. She is a young human of around 25. She wears armour and her breastplate is the breastplate of Halav. We see her inscribing her name on the Holy symbol – Jenna.The armour and fashion of her clothes are modern, say around 10-15 years ago.

  2. What was the event when Jenna lost the the holy Symbol?

    The image shows a heavy mist, which Jenna appears to be lost and alone in. She is leading her horse and even now there is feeling of eirey cold and claminess. She leads her horse along a grassy path and past a mound. There are shadowy figures moving around on all sides, suddenly crude, but hefty arrows fly out of the mist at Jenna and her friends. The mist is cleared by an explosion , which must be a fireball, her other companions are now visible, a female elven wizard, another cleric with a flaming mace and another half elven ranger type, who also has a wolf companion he is instructing to attack. The attackers are now visible. Shockingly they are not ogres, but beastmen – of the stature and looks straight out of the song of Halav! Then Jenna is struck down and the last image is of one of the beastmen looming over her with blood coming from his mouth – Jenna’s blood.

  3. How did the ogres come into possession of the Holy symbol?

    At first it appears that the ritual has finished as everything is dark, but I can still sense the arcane magic flowing around me and the symbol. The I realise that there is a dark night, a low campfire in a clearing surrounded by coniferous trees. Several ogres sit around the fire – I recognise most of them. There is movement in the shadows – 4-5 greyish humanoid creatures are sneaking up on the ogres, hoping to surprise and ambush them. Which they do, however they are no match for the ogres and are defeated. They appear to be very similiar to ghouls we have encoutnered before. The ogres don’t bother to eat them, but do pick curiously through the ghouls ragged remains and find the holy symbol

At the conclusion of all of this I can see a gamut of emotions rushing across Memnnon’s face, shock, fear, and righteous anger. Shock and fear that the beastmen of legend are real and maybe nearby. Righteous anger that one of his own has been slain by them. Then and there Memnnon swears on the holy symbol to seek out and find the remains of Jenna.

Memnnon and I head back to meet up with everyone else as we prepare to bed down in the pub for the evening. Kathra is gently teasing Aurelian, which Aurelian doesn’t really like.

The next morning the breakfast is remarkably good – made so by some of the freshest and tastiest goats cheese I have ever tasted.

And so we head off to Threshold.

The Duke and Duchess of Verge
Breakfast at the Stockade

After returning from a pleasant evening at the pub we had a quick conflab as to what we were going to say and also not say to the Duke and Duchess at breakfast the next morning. Which went along the lines of we wouldn’t mention the eyes and that we were heading north with our friend Kathra who was trying to trace her family and had a new lead.

As we strolled over to the Duke’s place we noted that the defensive walls of Verge were not yet complete, although the Duke’s tower is in a very strong defensive position and was obviously built with defence in mind.

We are welcomed in by one of the Duke’s staff and find him and his wife at ease around a roaring fire. The furnishings are not luxurious, but they are comfortable, there are hunting dogs sleeping by the fire and a homely feel.Retameron and his wife Halia provide a splendid breakfast. It turns out that Olivia the Duchess of Specularium has already been in touch and requested that Retameron and Halia provide what support they are able to. They are aware that we are on a mission that has the grave consequences for the nation. We ask after the ogre and what news Retameron was able to extract from it.

“well, I have learned much, yet learned nothing.” he says. He goes onto to say that ogres are fairly simple creatures but this much he has learned. The ogres were driven out of their homelands near to Lake Windrush, several months ago, by the appearence of a dragon. What sort of dragon is not clear, but it sounds like a red as it burnt the village with its breath, however the description of the dragon describes it as dark coloured or black. This is very interesting as Memnnon had discovered that Volvagia is spirit dragon of a volcano (or something like that) which with a strecth of imagination you could say fits with a dark (shadowy?) dragon which breaths fire?

We discuss this news a bit and conclude that the ogres then pushed the orcs out before them as they came south. Interestingly the ogres were sensible enough to bypass Verge.

We talk more about the surrounding lands and other dragons such as the Blue family which live up around Ylaruam to the north. We also discover that Northholt was completely destroyed by hill giants and all the imhabitants disappeared a few years back. Today Northholt has been repopulated, but there are concerns as the winters have been getting worse recently.

We also ask about the Threshold, which is the home of Baron Halaran also known as the Patriarch Sherlane, which is his religous title. Ozzie recalls (much later once he had re read the blog! that Duchess Olivia had said we should seek out the Patriarch on our arrival in Threshold.

Retameron notes that the Baron is a very busy man and he may not be able to see us, but he also says that if the Lady Olivia has given you her blessing he may be much more available.

At this stage Halia interupts and asks about more about our mission, which we hedge around until Switch in his own inimitable style starts talking about the eyes of traldar. Halia is fascintaed by magic items and artifacts, but restrains herself from asking more about them seeing us all giving Switch daggers, however she does express concern about artifacts falling into the wrong hands – such as the Free Traldar movement, herself being a Thyatian.

We manage to avoid any more embarrassment and change the subject to the Galeb-dhur. Retameron knows the noble is Sir Reynold up in that area, and he knows of the Galeb-dhur. Memnnon also asks about High Verge and discovers that there is a vacancy up there at the moment for a’parish cleric’. The priest of Verge, Father Magdanov, is travelling up there on a regular bassis after High Verge was set upon by a goblin invasion a few years ago, their cleric was killed and the subsequent replacement abondoned her post.

It is now time to move on, as a gift for our assistance Retameron replaces Kathra’s lost horse, which is a very generous gesture and we head off to Threshold.

Heading due north the party follows the road which is winding alongside the river on our left. Slowly the road wionds its way up and away from the river, whilst the river gets smaller and swifter. Suddenly the road turns east and even more steeply up the hill until we reach the top of the plateau.

The plateau is a flat empty and desolate place as we ride through it nothing much grows. We note Antilles Castle as we go past. Ruined fortress A long abondoned castle rumoured to once belong to a family of robber barons. We ride on to Northolt where we have decided to stay the night so as not get caught out at night. Northolt is protected by a wall of boulders and peopled by a remarkably wide range of people. the houses are basic and very similar. The only way to recognise where the inn is, is by the broom stick outside. Also tied up outside are two horses – the only two horses in town, except for ours. One is a fine horse with green reins and jingly bits, the other is a clapped out warhorse which has seen better days.

Inside we discover the nice horse is obviously owned by a smart elf whose face displays a gamut of emotions from joy to sorrow and then disgust on our entry. The elf we later discover is called Aurelian
who is a trader from Alfheim (in Darokin) seeking to sell his very fine wares. Tol goes and talks to him and provides him with some useful information to help sell his wares, although we note that Aurelian isn’t that keen on talking to Tol – not that, that has ever stopped Tol doing anything to his credit!!

Tol asks him if he has been to Threshold, which Aurelian has, he found it mildly entertaining.

Memnnon and Kathra go and talk to the other bloke…….

N>B not spellchecked as I couldn’t find it and had lost the will to live…..

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