Into the depths of the library

The stairs continue down, spiralling around the outside, with a shaft in the middle. Kathka reckons that we’ll be going down 70 – 80 feet. There is no light at the bottom.

Switch sneaks on ahead. As the party goes down, the air gets cooler and slightly damp. It also gets dusty. 20 minutes later Switch detects that he is getting to a floor.

The party gets to the floor and sees a door with the usual. Indentations, Switch easily opens the door and swings slightly open.

Through the door extends a large hallway, which is barrel vaulted at the far end of the hall is a door flanked by two statues

Along the side is a series of stone rectangular sarcophagi, lit by a dim light.

The party moved rapidly through the crypt. Some of the sarcophagi have inscriptions on them.

Ozzie and Kathka examine the inscriptions. On

Eliza’s Jackczaran. And antiquated Thyatian name.

One of the stones has the names Pellar Runeborn, Hanz sun whey, Marcus Augustus, Swahala, Memnnon recalls that standard Thaytian practice is that this is a space saving practice. The ones in the stones are older than the ones in the sarcophagi.

Switch tries to open the door and there is a blinding flash and above the tomb appears a name Hazentahliam. Ozzie greets the being.

The mouth of Hazentahliam moves and then we can understand him in our heads. The creature offers the library to one.

Ozzie disappears with the being and reappears in a dusty, but not desert. The ghost hits him with a whirling wind, Ozzie replies with his mirage arcana, dazing the creature, before hitting him with his hammer fall step.

That was clever let’s see what else you can do, as he unleashes a powerful spell where Ozzie was before.

Meanwhile the rest of the party are engaged in a pub quiz with 4 wraiths that rise out of the sarcophagi. Tol discovers to his personal pain that asking the questions out load is not a good idea as one of the wraiths swoops down and slaps him hard, telling him not speak out loud.

Switch asks the halfling wraith what the name of the 5 counties of the shire are. The halfling wraith doesn’t know. Switch having done quite badly is now starting to best his opponent.

Memnnon and Switch start to think that the wraiths they are pub quizzing against, are not quite as real as they are. Memnnon asks about the cult of Halav and where they get their power from, the creature doesn’t know but suggests that it may come from Halav himself… Or someone posing as Halav.

Kathka fails his third question and is attacked by the wraith.

Hea thank and Ozzie continue to duel, Memnnon retaliates against the wraith that attacks Kathka and turns undead..

The rift was active he’s couldn’t communicate with the party in the last.

Memnnon again asks the wraiths to stand down, they say we will drive those who are aren’t worthy from our tomb.

Kathka asks them which one of his forms is not worthy and the reply is the physical one. It appears that the pub quiz has descended into a pub brawl as the heroes decide to go toe to toe with the wraiths. If they can’t beat them with their intelligence, then a feat of arms will overcome. Tol marks his for death and launches an arrow at it.

Ozzie is dazed as he struggles to answer the ancient wizard’s question, Hebansthao moves up and through Ozzie. Ozzie works through the reasoning for the competition as to what the wizard is trying to do. He realises that the battle is a largely symbolic battle to prove the wizard’s power to take control of the library.

Arrows fly, maces, hammers and swords fly and with another of Switches well planned questions, the wraithes.

Ozzie turns to the wizard after being hit again and dispels the magic tournament field. The pair return to the tomb.


Ozzie can sense that there are two. The fiends are gone..

Ozzie has the most powerful plateau amulet.

On the hunt for Xoxoth

The party awakes refreshed. Ozzie notices that the sense of the beyond is less than it was yesterday. This is probably due to the fact that we have secured the portal to the Beyond.

Everyone heads up the stairway that Tol and Switch had found. Tol notices that there are footprints in the dust towards the top of another humanoid, possibly more. He can make out prints of a soft slipper, rather like those worn by Xoxoth the Mind Flayer.

At the top of the stairs, Tol observes that the tracks go to the left hand door. A now familiar depression above the door will take a medallion, but this one is different. Switch can make out the design; it says “knowledge”.

A quick search for traps fails to find anything, but the ranger and the Hin force open the door. Switch also learns that the proper medallion can do more then open the door, it can trigger something else.

The door opens into a short corridor. The door at the end has a door with a sliding observation hatch and another depression for a medallion. Switch suspects that the whole room is a trap and could fall in. Switch can’t see what is triggering the mechanism.

Mage hand fails to trigger the trap. Ozzie sets the trap down the corridor and then (realising it was safe in the first place) unsets it.

Ozzie peers through the hatch into a circular room, roughly 30 foot. diameter and sees a portal room, which is empty. Switch and Tol again ‘trick’ the doors and get the door open. We can walk into the room and find the portal which is 10 foot radius.

Ozzie analyses the portal to confirm that the mindflayer went through it and discovers that it went to Alphatia. Sundsval, the capital. He also finds that it was created by a wizard called Hetzantalim

Meanwhile, the rest of the party check out the door on the right of the landing. it requires Switch and Tol to again trick the lock into thinking they have a platinum medallion, but it seems as if the physical and mental cost is less. Perhaps the door is less important?

Beyond is a domed room with a clear crystal roof. In the middle of the room is a chair and a telescope. shelves around the room hold maps, charts and a couple of finely made orreries. However, neither quite matches what they expect to see; one orrery has an extra moon (Memnon recalls folk tales of an extra moon where the immortals live) and the other has an extra planet following a very eccentric orbit. The extra planet seems to have been added to the orrery some time after it was made.

The party fails to find anything else and goes back to the doors, which has a symbol for 4 medallions and one for the centre (4 gold around 1 platinum?). Switch and Tol again trip the door, which opens into a 30’ square room. On the far side there is a door in the corner. In the middle is a statue, which holds a large crystal sphere. It appears to be an arcane focus for a number of rituals.

The control room for the Library!!crystal_sphere.jpg

The party puts on medallions and tries to work out if we can control the library. Memnnon can’t work out what it does, but that it is possible to manipulate the complex series of rituals from here, neither can Tol. He does get the impression that messing with it in the wrong way, could cause big trouble.

Ozzie tries and has more success.

This crystal sphere is the focus for a series of rituals. The complexities of these is difficult, however with platinum amulet this would be much easier. It does appear that this orb and the rituals it controls were created and used by very powerful people or even deities. It would also appear that the demons getting in have nothing to do with this series of rituals, as the bulk of the defences are still on. Closing the big gates at the front of the library can be controlled from here and Ozzie thinks that this may also deal with the Demons.

Xoxoth's (not so ) Final Stand

Ozzie is grabbed by the Mindflayer Xoxoth’s tentacles and both are teleported to the top of the library, it then disappears.

Switch is attacked and grabbed by the beast, which renders him unconscious. The party swing to his aid, arrows and radiant energy rain down on the beast, but a crushing fist from Ozzie kills it. The other beast is killed quickly.

He controls the rift and discovers it’s a permanent rift in the fabric between the realms. Ozzie realises that the mindflayer must have had the platinum medallion to allow teleporting. The platinum disc gives him control of everything.

After a quick discussion it is agreed that Ozzie and Memnnon will lock down the rift, while the Switch and Tol go mindflayer hunting, starting with the upper hallway. Kathka keeps an eye on both parties and the corridor.

Switch sees a door which is now slightly ajar and sneaks in, listening and hearing nothing,. It appears to be a bedchamber, finely, but not ostentatiously furnished. Tol comes up not quite so quietly.

Ozzie, Memnnon and Kathka decide to use the copper discs to enscribe the rune which should anchor the portal and lock it down. With a 10 sided portal this will take 10 hours to inscribe.

Meanwhile Switch is looting the bedroom upstairs and doesn’t find much of interest other than a chest beneath the bed. He deduces that Ghestrath (the Head Librarian) lived here. Switch fails to find the trap on the chest, which explodes in his face and destroys the contents (mostly papers and parchments), except for several bags of gems.

Looking around the room where the rift is there are many racks and scrolls.
While Ozzie inscribes runes on copper discs, Memnnon searches around the room. Everything in this room pertains to forbidden knowledge, much of which may be about the beyond, but also of scandalous information about important families. It’s all stuff which has been hidden away. (In which can be five rare magic items Up to 21st level).

Tol does a quick look around and finds a secret door into an ante chamber which is essentially a dressing room. Tol is fascinated and goes looking and finds a small pouch and a spare robe. The pouch contains a few gemstones, a selection of coins and small crystal vial.
Eventually the Hin finds another secret door with a spiral staircase going up. The sneaky pair stalk up the long spiral stairs, which keep going and going, eventually they come to a landing with two doors.

Each door has a handle, but no sign of a lock and in each place an indent for a medallion, but it’s different. It says in Classical Thyatian ‘knowledge’

Back in the secret treasure room, Kathka finds some graven stone chest and a copper chest full of stone hands which are left hands, not all the stones are the same. Memnnon finds a portable rift lock which Ozzie identifies as currently holding a rift. He realises that he could create something similar, there are notes to help him, and he already know a lot of the procedure from the Beholder’s lair.

Ozzie secures the portal finally. He is exhausted, and the rest of the party are in need of rest too, so they take the opportunity to sleep.

Through the night, Ozzie wakes up and feels there is an important message that someone was trying to tell him an important message but was prevented by a bright purple light and hissing.

Back to the library
Party casket and bookshelf

As the party looks around it becomes apparent that everyone sees the Beyond in a different way. A different way that is peculiar to them.rift.jpg

The sky is purplish.

Too notices on the horizon 5 mounds circling the area where we are. It is difficult to tell how far away they are.

The chest is made of stone and has gold in it and sealed very careful. The dwarves runes read danger do not open. The chest is dwarven burial casket, it is over 4-500 yrs old. The marble is high quality and would be used for a high level dwarf. An arcana check picks up that it has had a gentle repose in it, so it could be brought back.

The book case of talking books tend to be talking about the geography of Mystra and an empire/kingdom where death was very important.

The party positions itself with the book case and the casket and travels back to the library .


The mindflayer falls off the wall when we arrive back and gets an arrow and somke psychic damage for its troubles. Ozzie forgets he can’t teleport and tries…. And fails.

The fight continues, Memnon goes into diabolical form, calling down a beacon of hope, weakening the enemy and healing those in the burst. And creating a zone of consecrated ground. Switch is enveloped by one of the creatures from the Beyond.

The rift flexes and feels like it becomes solid, reaching into the party’s lungs, and making the party feel like they are moving through treacle. The library is becoming the Beyond!

Suddenly the party realises that the enemy is themselves and attacks each other, Memnon is pushed across the room by Ozzie so Tol can shoot him with a twin strike, while Kathka whacks Tol.

Kathka smacks one of the creatures as it tries to move and attack Ozzie, this disconbobulates the creature so it misses.

The rift again pulses and shimmers. Very briefly the entire room goes black, grey and stone and the purple light disappears, everything seems normal. A small ball of purple winks into existence. Ozzie realises that the rift suddenly became critically unstable and imploded upon itself, before recovering somewhat.

The mindflayer loses control of the rift, but Ozzie is unable to regain control of it immediately, he moves it out of the creatures reach, but possibly not enough. Diabolic Memnnon is grabbed by the creature which has Switch.

Kathka is enveloped by one of the creatures, only Memnnon, Tol and Ozzie remain. The battle is moving against the heroes. Although Tol fires a significant strike at the Mindflayer and Kathka re appears.

image.jpg Switch finally reappears from inside the belly of the beast, he is bleeding and not in good state.

A huge mental battle continues between Ozzie and the Mindflayer, it tries to distract Ozzie but fails and Ozzie gains control of the rift, the mindflayer calls the other creatures to attack Ozzie and they move to grab Ozzie, one of them succeeding.

Ozzie’s control of the rift now means that it is being taken out of play for the short duration.
switch takes another swipe from the creature but slips aside, however he opens up more wounds and the floor is wet with halfling blood.

Tol’s arrows continue to pepper the mindflayer. Memnnon leaps onto the book shelf to attack the mindflayer he is grabbed by the creature he was smiling, but it’s hit critically prevents Memnnon from attacking the mindflayer. He turns his attention back to the creature and angrily punches it in the head. Blood flows from all sides, as the rift slips from Ozzie’s grasp.

Kathka smacks the creature and this breaks its grasp on Ozzie, who falls to the ground, barely maintaining his stance.

Into the Beyond

Beyond the junction, Switch finds three doors, with a faint noise from behind one. Round the corner is another door (all sounds quiet) and at the end of that corridor another. All doors have a small mark chalked on them, which Ozzie thinks is to negate a magical element of the Library.

Switch opens the door at the end of the corridor, revealing a dusty sitting room with rotting bread on a table (maybe the mark negates the Magical Cleaner..?). Behind a curtain is a bed chamber with elven-style furniture. Clothing in a chest suggests the occupant was female.

A journal is found, containing concerns about some of the Library staff, including a Ludmiller Glinker (a Traladaran name). A jewellery box adds 10k GP for party treasure. Leaving the room, the party removes the chalk mark from the door (NOTE: check if the room has been cleaned at a later date).

Another door reveals a large L-shaped room, with three further doors leading from it. One of these (which is locked) has 4 circular depressions set in the stone above it, matching the size of the silver medallions found. A roster is also present, revealing the name of the Chief Librarian to be “Ghestrath”.

The three medallions the adventurers have found are inserted and Switch tries to pick the lock. He fails and a flash and spark rob him of a healing surge. A second attempt picks the lock and the door opens to reveal a spiral staircase leading upwards towards, the light there tinged with purple.

At the top of the stairs another, unlocked door opens. Switch sneaks in (falling over his own feet NATURAL 1!) finding a large table with 5 chairs, a corridor off to the left and a leathery sack of a monster that attacks with tentacles and a domineering gaze. Tol enters, bowfire forcing the creature back, but a second slithers into view from the far side of the room.

Ozzie enters too and is momentarily shocked by the alien essence of the Beyond that is present. Memnon and Kathra join in the battle, the Tiefling soon going diabolic as their foe’s fearsome nature and powers become evident. Switches wounds are slowly mutating him and soon after, both Kathra and Memnon are bloodied too and Ozzie is temporarily blinded playing with his orbs.

Switch and Kathra attack other members of the party whilst under the tentacular monstrosities’ influence, but Memnon’s Healing Circle cures the worst of their ills.
Returning to her senses, Kathra spies a female Librarian, who briefly opens a door in the corridor to peer out. As one of the injured creatures schleps close to her, she strikes at it with a weapon, slaying it, before darting off down the corridor. Ozzie burns the second creature away with a fireball (NATURAL 20!) and as Tol sets off after the woman, the others retrieve gold arts and medical medallions from the remains of the creatures.

Tol pursues the Librarian, finding a female elf, who attacks him. After a few seconds of avoiding blows, Tol is able to reason with her and the Elf introduces herself as Aralia. Switch is till mutating and begins to attack Memnon. As the Tiefling tries to reason with him, Ozzie senses a psychic link between the Hinn and the Elven Librarian…

As Switch begins to attack Kathra too, Aralia morphs into a jellyfish-like creature and attacks Tol. Switch shakes of the domination and Memnon tears off down the corridor in response the Tol’s startled cries, blasting Aralia with a Lance of faith fuelled by the Black Wrath of Hell. Kathra follows, charging aralia (NATURAL 20!) and forcing her to retreat up a stairwell.

Regrouping, the Heroes of Dymrak cautiously advance up the stairs; conscious of the fact their powers are all but spent. They find two statues, arms outstretched. medallions look to fit perfectly into their palms. After a quick debate, it’s decided to fall back and take an extended rest. The party retreats back downstairs, laying down caltrops and blast patches behind them.

There is no rest to be had though, as something roars ad pounds at the door, stopping short of opening it and a blast patch goes off. The adventurers fall back further into the Library and are able at last to get some rest.

21st Felmont
Setting off again, the sense of the wrongness of the Beyond has increased significantly. Retracing their steps back to the stairwell and two statues, the party encounters more Fiends, who have now found their way deeper into the complex than before.

During the short vicious battle to destroy them, Memnon glimpses aralia (once again in elven form) down a corridor. Fiends begin to break the down behind the party and Kathra overturns and sets fire to a table to block their route into the chamber as her companions set off after and engage with Aralia, who again shifts to her hideous tentacled form.

The walls around the combat seem odd. Flexible..? And do eyes occasionally open in the mortar to glance around, blink and vanish..?

Aralia tears into switch (73 damage!!!) and immobilises Memnon. Ozzie’s Winged Horde holds back most of the Fiends that clamber over the burning table as Tol marks Aralia for death and actually hits her (10 bloodying her (40 damage!). Switch falls back to take a second wind and receives further healing from a now mobile Memnon. Aralia retreats up yet more stairs, the heroes noting a light spilling from a (previously) hidden door in the corner of the room as Memnon protects them all with a Shield of Faith. (NOTE: go back to investigate this!)

Grimly advancing, the adventurers fine Aralia in the corner of the room beyond, bare but for two doors. A Crushing titan’s fist from Ozzie holds aralia fast. Even so, she manages to daze to, and sow Ozzie before switch (NATURAL 20!) slays her with a well-placed arrow.

Her dissolved remains yield a gold Faith medallion. Beyond the two doors is a sitting room and yet more doors. The Heroes travel back down to the two statues, placing the three gold medallions in their hands. Ozzy attempts to work his magic but (NATURAL 1!) is blasted off the platform. Switch’s talents yield results (at the cost of a healing surge) – a door opening revealing steps g down. A sickly purple light pulses. Ozzie proclaims his belief that they have found the gateway to the Beyond. Down they go….

The steps lead down into a large space, shaped like an inverted pyramid. Racks with scrolls and crystals, glass cabinets and paintings line the walls of the first tier. Everything feels slightly… wrong. From this level is a ten foot drop down to an eerie tableau below – robed figures gather around a crackling purple sphere. Their apparent leader bears a silver medallion.

Wearing the gold Faith medallion, Memnon realises he knows how to create mystical ladders in this place. Tol’s medallion has gifted him the same ability and as Tol pauses to create a ladder, his companions leap down into battle.

Ozzie’s magics blind several thralls and slay another, but two hideous creatures appear from nowhere and begin to counterattack. Tol slays two thralls as matters quickly escalate. No sooner has Ozzie cast Visions of Avarice, dragging the creatures and thralls away, then the purple light from the sphere expands, washing over Switch, who vanishes. The thrall’s leader sprouts facial tentacles, looking more and more like he could flay minds and the purple light expands again and again. All the heroes of Dymrak vanish from the chamber.

Somewhere… else, the party find all their number stood on an eerie plain. Blue and purple rocks litter the ground. Pallid weeds scuttle about, small mouths at the end of their fronds snapping at ankles. Above, a portal casts down a green light as some distance away. No, close by – wait –yes, far away; two monstrous forms close in on the group.

Time and distance warp, stretching and contracting from one moment to the next, as Ozzie consults the Book of the Beyond to try and master the gate above him and his comrades attack. The fight is difficult and the creatures huge, but they are held off as Ozzie slowly gains control of the portal and begins to expand it.

The others focus their efforts on one creature at a time, Tol bravely doing so even as the second one bears down and looms over him. A chest from the library falls through the portal, closely followed by a bookcase, the books all animated, snapping their covers like gnashing teeth and screeching their contents in disturbing voices.

One creature dies, exploding into droplets, followed shortly by the other, burnt away to a fine mist by a combination of Kathra’s Victorious Surge and Ring of Fireblazing. Now for the journey back and to face the thralls, creatures from Beyond and their tentacle-faced leader…

The Workshop

20th Felmont
Come morning, Ozzie isn’t sure his ghostly visitor wasn’t a dream. He feels there has been a slight increase in the strength of the Beyond. The spectral cleaners do their thing. The silver medallions are depowered, but are soon recharged by being placed in the statues’ hands. Ozzie and Memnon take silver medallions for this library.

Back to the unexplored double doors. Switch easily unlocks them to reveal a 15 foot square room resembling an office. Books in various states of repair lie on a table and there are tools in a drawer.

Another door leads into a very large room, replete with shelving and more tables with partially mended books. A large vat smells of stale urine. Dust motes whirl on the floor. And coalesce into gibbering, amorphous shapes!


The adventurers dart into the room and take the battle to the eerie foe. The creatures’ gibbering causes psychic damage and dazes many members of the party. The combat is slow and hard work and before long all bar one of the party are bloodied. Ozzie’s Colour Orb and Kathra’s Exorcism of Steel buy some time for Memnon to heal many of the wounded and Halav’s gifts enable the Heroes of Dymrak to wear down their enemy, with Tol’s Twin Strike (Natural 20!) finishing off the last of them.

Taking in their surroundings, the room is very magical, of a level way beyond Ozzie. The books are mostly medical and religious in nature. There is no sign of the precepts of Akhal and no secret doors.

5000 GP of party treasure is collected and making a note to return and fully help themselves to the precious metals and gemstones the work tables contain; the adventurers move on, locking the door behind them.

There are two doors to choose from. One (it is thought) leads back to the Faith Library, the other to parts unknown. The unknown pat is chosen, and Switch and Tol ascend a spiral staircase leading up to another level of the Library and another door.

Beyond it is a small reading room with yet another tentacular monstrosity. It lashes out at Switch but Tol’s Disruptive Strike pins the appendage to the ceiling. The Rogue shifts back and slams the door shut, but the creature begins to seep around its frame. Half Elf and Hinn fly back down the stairs as the door explodes free from its frame and Ozzie fills the stairway with a wall of fire… or he would have , if he could remember how to do it..!

The creature appears to have stolen Ozzie’s knowledge of how to create a Wall of Fire!
Tol checks the other door , finding a small making room which he cautiously enters. The door crashes open and the creature oozes in. A colour orb from Ozzie dazes it, allowing Kathra and Memnon to flank it in melee and land some good blows, just as a second one appears. Tol is blocked in the anteroom.

Ozzie psychic locks the first creature and switch slays it. The second one has grabs at Tol, who backflips away and twin strikes it. The ooze successfully grabs Kathra and drags her across the chamber. Bow fire and Titanic magic strike the ooze and Kathra is able to burst it apart.

Two silver Faith medallions are recovered from the remaining puddles which are all that’s left of the creatures. Memnon and Tol each take one.

After a short rest, the adventurers explore the room upstairs; a large space with bookcases , tables and chairs. Nothing of note is found in the room. Two doors lead from it. The first leads to a small kitchen, where silver cutlery adds 100 GP to party treasure.

The second door leads to a dimly lit corridor with a T junction…

Secret Ways.

Replacing the fallen shelving and the books/parchments/scrolls on them; there are no apparently magical tomes.

Switch discovers a hidden door behind a bookcase. A spiral staircase leads up to another door. Switch can’t pick this one, so Ozzie opens it using a ‘Knock’ spell. Beyond is a corridor with several door on either side, reminiscent of the dormitory area discovered earlier. Vague ‘swishing’ noises can be heard behind some doors.

Opening one door reveals the expected sleeping quarters – and another twisted creature. Switch floors the beast, but as it screams, all the other doors slam open and more beasts pour out. Ozzie’s magicks push some of the horde back, but Memnon is first attacked and then engulfed by one creature, vanishing from the corridor whilst seemingly not being contained within the creature that attacked him.

Ozzie is engulfed too, with Tol and switch both hurt. Kathra’s Exorcism of Steel buys a little breathing room, allowing Switch to slay the creature that displaced Memnon. The Tiefling reappears, only to be engulfed again by another creature mere moments later.

As Kathra is bloodied, Ozzie is freed. His Dark Gathering spell dazes the enemy, blinding and immobilising some. Memnon is able to break free and full strength again; the Heroes of Dymrak whittle down their foe – Kathra bashing and pummelling, Ozzie actually hitting with colour orb (WHOOT!!!) and Memnon’s Divine Glow finishing off the creatures.

Searching the rooms yields various papers, parchments and 120 platinum pieces (worth 100GP each)! The heroes take 20 each with the last 20 going into party treasure. The adventurers return to the Library to rest and examine the papers (Ozzie laying down a blast patch or some extra security).

Research reveals that the Librarians here were collating information and repairing volumes, not doing any real research. There is no mention of the Beyond. There are four sections to the Library; Faith, Medicine, Arts and Magic. Each section has a Chief Librarian (with a Gold medallion) and there is one Overlord Librarian.

Tol discovers a Wyvern-hide Elven folio, a travel log written some 300-400 years ago. It details the properties of herbs. A Dwarven tome covers the military applications of flora.

Kathra discovers that in places, the stonework has warped, revealing organic shapes – arms and even an eye. At one glance there are 12 courses of stone in the wall. At another; 11.

When a silver medallion is placed in a hollow on the statue in the room, a hatch clicks open, revealing the plinth to be hollow. A shaft (One crazy Motherfu-shut yo’ mouth) leads down to an illuminated room. Kathra ropes up to descend, but discovers she can float down.

There is a room, 20 foot square, lined with shelves of books. Ozzie and Memnon join Kathra in the room, discovering information on subjects such as poisons, rituals, reproduction (F’narr) and non-lethal pain. A Raise Dead scroll is found and Memnon is able to learn a ritual of Fantastic Recuperation. Switch finds a small gold & platinum statue worth circa £15k GP.

Later, as the party rests; a glowing figure (male, vaguely familiar) appears to Ozzie during his watch. It implores him to “Save the Library, drive away the foul taint, destroy it. All this is mine. Find my medallion and control everything. There is one in my tomb, at the bottom of the library. Yet it cannot be reached from the bottom. The most recent Chief Librarian will have one. Shut them out.”

Silence in the Library

As Tol’s bowfire finishes off the Pestilent and Grasping Fiends, switch is confronted by a fleshy horror, wearing tattered white robes – what is left of the Librarians. Climbing to the top of bookcases, he spies a second and third…

Memnon and Tol both use their respective medallions to successfully pass through the Faith and Medicine doorways, Tol passing Ozzie his medallion so the wizard can join him and Memnon does the same with Kathra. Ozzie hails the Librarians, but a psychic “SHHH!” echoes in his head as a result. One of the Librarians seems different to the others, more spindly, but looking at all of them is like looking through a heat haze, as they seem to affect the ground around them.

In a separate part of the Library, Memnon and Kathra find a room with a statue similar to those downstairs, yet this one has its hands raised almost as if one could put something I them… However, there are also at least three Librarians, so Tiefling and Dwarf retreat in the direction they expect to find their companions.

When they find them, bot Tol and Ozzie have been bloodied in combat. Memnon consecrates the ground about the enemy, as his companions take second wind and whisper a healing word (earning another SHH!).

Combat with the Librarians is brutal and hard, as the very floor about them hampers the adventurers’ ability to move and manoeuvre. In addition, any further utterances are met with a psychic assault in the form of a thundering “SHH!” making some spells and prayers painful.

It takes almost all of the heroes’ abilities (and a great deal of healing) to defeat the Librarians, but after a savage combat, the room is at last still. The corpses of the Librarians bubble away into sticky goo and finally evaporate completely. The Chief Librarian leaves behind a silver medallion, which Tol takes a s the party tend to their wounds and rest before deciding what to do next.

Enter The Library

Through the double doors are many small rooms, each with a small bed and chest. In one are some scraps of parchment, journal fragments dating from 1603 (400 years old). Between the evidence at hand and the parchments, it seems Library Staff wore white robes (the tentacular monstrosity wore the remnants of white robes…) and that copper tokens and brown robes were needed by visitors.

Upstairs and there’s more shuffling and bumping noises from behind a closed door. Upon entry, the adventurers encounter white robed humanoids, even more horribly deformed and tentacular than those already encountered.

After slaying the horrors, the party surveys the room, finding enough coper tokens to allocate one to each member of the party, another bronze token (giving a set of Medicine, Faith and Arts). Ozzie prestigidates a white robe back together from scraps in the room.
Parchments describe a journey into the Library, accompanied by White Robed Librarians. The account describes leaving weaponry behind and not being able to speak when inside. The description of the entrance leads the group to believe it is from a balcony overlooking the main chamber, just beyond them.

There is an odd phenomenon as dawns breaks outside – dust gathers and is cleared up by some unseen servant (Dyson’s Cleanser?). The party takes an extended rest in the comparative safety of the room.

PING Level up.

18th Felmont

The three bronze tokens are allocated to party members; Medicine to Tol, Faith Memnon and Arts Ozzie. The Wizard grimly reports that he now senses an even stronger presence of the beyond in the Library.

The heroes brace themselves for a dash along the balcony, amongst the Fiends. Their preparations are not unwarranted, as Feathered, Grasping (Surrender , Dorothy!) and Insectoid Fiends are soon attacking from all angles.

Ozzie uses his magicks to unlock the door, but when he tries to move through it he is pushed back, barely stopping himself from tumbling off the balcony to the floor below. Memnon too is blasted back when trying to enter. Switch, putting his weapon away, is able to move through the door. Memnon is blasted clean off the balcony on his second attempt to enter.

As the Cleric heads back up the spiral staircase to rejoin his battling companions on the balcony, Switch looks about himself. he is in a well-lit ‘L-shaped’ room, with many book-lines shelves and a statue of a what appears to be a wise old wizard. There are also slimey noises…

Deeper into the Library

Memnon is flown almost up to the ceiling before setting the grasping fiend alight with his flaming mace. It drops him..!

Down below, Ozzie’s spells move the foe around as switch kicks and backstabs more out of the way. Memnon crashes to the floor, bloodied, and is promptly dive bombed by the fiend he set alight. It seems to somehow wrap itself in the flame, before Kathra brings it to the ground with a powerful blow, Switch flattens it and Tol finishes it off with a twin strike.

As more fiends close in, Memnon creates a Healing Circle, the flash of radiant energy wounding more foe as he gets to his feet. As Switch gets Ozzie pushed and pulls foe left and right Switch grits a sun rod in his teeth and uses his tools to open a door. The party dashed through, slamming the door behind them and hastily barricading it.

The room beyond is deserted, containing unlocked cabinets (containing keys to lock them and robes/coats) and papers with a list of hundreds of names in Thyatian. The names are listed as being either “Faith” or “Medicine”. The last entry was made 52 years ago, but the list goes back hundreds of years. Medicine appears more frequently than faith in the more recent years. Medallions of Ixion are also found. Memnon and Tol take robes and add their names to the list under Faith and medicine respectively.

Exploring further, the adventurers discover more rooms containing toilets and several with wooden beds and empty chests – like dormitory rooms. There are at last nine such rooms, all very dust free. Ozzie senses the psychic lavender scent of things from the far realm…
At the end of the corridor is a set of double doors. Beyond is a large chamber containing many tables with a statue in the corner (a refrec tory?) and a horrible mass of fleshy sacs and many different limbs and appendages. It appears similar to the horror encountered earlier that produced a commanding face that could force members of the party to attack their companions.


This tentacular monstrosity appears to wear the remnant of one of the robes Tol and Memnon have donned. Several more creatures with mangled, tortuous bodies shamble forth from the shadows.

Ozzy’s Prismatic Burst and Mirage arcana blinds several creatures and inhibits other from being able to see the party from inside the zone of effect. The party pours on missile, melee, magic, and divine energy Despite one sticky moment where Ozzie takes a pasting (Natural 20!) all the hideous creatures are swiftly slain. The tentacular monstrosity slowly dissolves into a puddle of goo.

The statue looks to be wise and stern, most likely Ixion. Off the refrectory is a store room and kitchen. More medallions are found, bearing the inscription ‘Curat Ionum’ one to do with the healing arts and the other; faith. Tol and Memnon take a relevant one each.


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