Rumours of Memmnon's death
have been wildy exaggerated

After a brief confab, Ozzie leans around the corner and casts storm pillar down the eastern Storm pillarcorridor, two arrows fly past Ozzie as he ducks back, Kathra moves across the corridor and peers down the corridor, no additional arrows fly out. She sees a barricade in the western corridor, hiding behind it is a hairy dog face reloading its bow. Kathra ducks back and examines the door which has a hole and some indentations which implies that it slides.

Tol moves across to where Kathra is and returns fire catching one of the enemies in the shoulder, causing it to snarl in pain. Bal Goro rolls forward but drops the stone he was intending to hurl. It falls at his feet, as Switch charges through into the room and sees another 7 foot tall vaguely humanoid bestial creature around the corner. Thinking quickly he smacks it with his sword, quite hard, yelling there is more of them. The dog now strikes at Switch with its crude axe, but Switch deftly dodges the blow and shifts around beside the bowman.
Memnnon comes around the corner and casts daunting light, crying out “by Halav it’s the beastmen, they are returned!”

I can tell they are natural creatures, but not like anything I have ever heard of. But they are uncannily like the beastmen of legend, not that clever, but strong and fast.

Another arrow comes down the far corridor frazzling out in the storm pillar. The archer beastmen shifts out of Switch’s range and let’s loose an arrow at him as Tol’s arrows strike, disrupting its shot at Switch.
Kathra comes down the corridor to enter the fray, shouting “this one’s mine!”, but misses her target.
Tol moves back next to me and rattles off a twin strike at the eastern archer, to keep its head down..
Bal Goro rolls through trying to knock over the beastmen, but only suceeds in knocking over the beastly archer and then tries to punch it…. But misses, however this distraction enables Switch to land a mortal blow, bloodying it.

Suddenly the big beastman’s eyes glow red and Switch cries out in fear “where has it gone?” and staggers around in a daze searching for his foe.

We can hear another beastmen running down the corridor.

Memnnon moves into the battle avoiding the strike from the Demon Eye beastman as Kathra’s counter strike, hits home. Memnnon cries out in pain from the waves of pure evil emanating from the Demon Eye. I reinforce the storm pillar to hinder the far away beastman archer.

Another beastman appears in the big room and fires at Switch, missing him. Its arrow shatters and hits Bal Goro and splinters hit the bucket. Bal Goro is badly hurt. Switch shudders from a massive blow to the head. Kathra’s hammer again strikes the wall,again missing the Demon Eye.

Tol’s arrows again ring true hitting two beastmen. Switch’s blind swipes manage to connect with his adversary, but he is still in a daze and as he staggers around stabs Memnnon to our horror.

The Demon Eye again howls it’s rage and fury, the psychic pain of the howl, continues to daze Kathra, Memnnon and Switch. Another beastman Demon Eye in comes in and attacks Memnnon with its glaive.

A crackling web of radiant light starts to glow around Memnnon as he calls upon Halav’s wrath to assist him and then smites Switch but fortunately misses! The evilness of the Demon Eye is affecting my friend’s minds as they turn upon each other, I must do something to focus our minds! So with a loud shout I release my orbmasters detonation, knocking over three of the beastmen and killing one. However the aura of the Demon Eye also affects me, although not as badly as the others. Kathra flails wildly at the Demon Eye but misses and then lashes out at Memnnon, hitting him very hard. Memnnon is not looking well, there is a dazed look on his face, no infernal wrath about him. It is all he can do to keep the consecrated ground going, which is turning red from the Tiefling’s own blood.

Tol fires a twin strike at the far beastman hitting it and then reloads and fires again with a splintering shot bloodying it. Bal Goro rolls through the archer knocking it over and throws a stone, but misses. Switch also misses the Demon Eye and again stabs Memnnon. This time Memnnon slumps to the ground, unconscious with a look of betrayed surprise on his face.

Ozzie lets loose the eye of lightning striking all the bad guys and then speaks horrid whispers into the two Demon Eyes, which causes them great pain and slows them down. The archer gets up and shoots Bal Goro. Kathra lashes out at the Demon Eye killing it with a mighty blow before hitting Memnnon while he is down.

Tol reassigns hunters quarry and shoots the remaining beastly Demon Eye and Bal Goro throws a rock at it as well, causing it to bleed profusely.

The Demon Eye moves toward Switch and it’s baleful glare continues to daze Switch and Memnnon. Memnnon comes around briefly to sustain the consecrated ground, before again falling unconscious.

Ozzie throws his colour orb at the Demon Eye and misses, before moving into the room and can see another beastman n the distance, possibly with a bow. The Demon Eye falls over as an arrow flies down the corridor at me which hits strikes deeply.

Bal Goro takes another arrow in the back. Kathra moves over to the Demon Eye and tide of irons it into the concreted ground, killing it, Switches to his throwing hammer and hurls it at The bloody archer, but it goes flying by its head, as do a pair of arrows from Tol.

There is the thunder of feet from the corridor as another beastman charges down the corridor we have just moved out from. Memnnon heals himself, and gets up, looking a lot better after his little rest! I duck out of the line of fire to heal myself, but I am struggling to stop the flow of blood from the arrow shards.

The archer fires at Memnnon but misses, before ducking out of sight. Kathra moves past Switch and makes a fierce but wide swipe at the archer. Tol moves out of the corridor and twin strikes the enemy, killing one but dropping his second arrow as he tries to fire at the other beastman.

Memnnon yells defiantly at the beastman confronting him, as it moves in to slash at him. The blow connects, and Memnnon retaliates with righteous wrath and a tap from his fiery mace. Another opportunity to throw my colour orb arises, so concentrating hard on creating a sphere of prismatic colours I hurl it at the beast. Success! The orb shimmers through air and connects with the beastman’s nose, dazing it. Then I concentrate on finally staunching my wounds from the arrows. Behind him there is a cry of surprise as a beast man appears and fires at Kathra which bounces off her armour, Kathra charges the archer and smacks it in the chest with her hammer. Tol’s arrow strikes deep into the beastman, causing it to bleed profusely, Bal Goro’s rock lands on the beastman, killing it.

Switch moves out and shoots. I move into the zone of consecration to start getting healed and with an arcane hand wave cause the beastman some mental pain and confusion enabling Kathra to move around behind the beastman, but her shot goes wide. Tol bravely moves to the front and declares the beastman is his quarry, before shooting it.

Bal Goro runs down the corridor and then rolls down the corridor, striking the beastman hard and pushes to around the corner and knocks it prone, with a triumphant yell. Memnnon searches the beastman and finds that their clothing and weaponry is crude but effective.Kathra again moves behind it and mashes its head against the wall, killing it.

Tol scouts around, noting that the floor is very scratched and is obviously a high traffic area.
One of the beastmen has a fine carving of a Galeb dhur, which is worth over a 1000 gp. Switch is a bit upset about it being handed back to Bal Goro. Bal Goro is uncertain as to whose it is. Ozzie suggests that we hold it until we return to the king, anything that isn’t claimed on our return could then remain with the party. This seems to be accepted as a reasonable compromise.
It is agreed that Switch sneaks around the big room and checks that all the doors are locked. The doors are a big waste room for dropping stuff down into the lava. Switch finds a stair case down and a long corridor heading east.

We agree to divide up and have a look in the rubbish room. Ozzie uses Mage hand to time the team’s opening of the door. 3, 2, 1….The room is dimly lit; it is hot from the lava. I can hear the sound of something rushing up very fast from below. I shout to everyone to get out and shut the door, as I fear it is the dragon – we close the door in time to not see the dragon.

Zombies! - Again!

Ozzie and Tol wake up suffering slightly from the effects of being in the caverns. Not quite as refreshed as we would like to be.

We discuss with Gor Liggs what we are trying to do, and outline our aims. Tol outlines that we need to collect the keys to deactivate the guardians and get up to the control room.

Gor Liggs tells us that each key will shut down one of the guardians, but the control room will shut down the other traps. The guardians are roughly man sized constructs. Tol asks if we can get hold of the constructs. Gor Narogg has already gone down to the lower levels to try to get some of the constructs together and bypass the trogs and the beasts upstairs. We are not keen to go down to the lower levels.

We learn that the guardians are programmed to stop people getting into the gate chamber, but they will generally let Galeb dhur past. The gate chamber allows passage between here and the elemental plane of fire. This allows a power conduit which is used to power much of the Galeb dhur. The gate is surrounded by a pool of lava.
We also surmise that Grishenkachanged shape into a Galeb dhur to get through the gate. We also surmise that we need to stop the flow of energy which should also stop the Volvagia.

Gor Liggs goes on to tell us that if you hold the key the guardian will wait for you. The central control room controls the rising rooms and the traps in the final room and the main place where the other overseers will more than likely head to hide.

We now have four Galeb dhur and it is suggested that they scout out for other Galeb dhur which are in hiding. This is agreed although Bal Goro is going to stay with us to assist our passage.
Before our three weaker Galeb dhur depart to find their brothers Gor Liggs warns us that the power coming through the gate is now more random and uncontrolled, which may cause it to shut off completely or explode. A manual power turning off is quite a long process, over a couple of days.

It is agreed that we will meet Gor Liggs in a day at the control room. He and his two colleagues depart to look for more Galeb dhur. a short discussion as to which way we should go is ended by Switch heading off west, with Tolscurrying to catch up, the rest of the party fall in.

5 mins later we pass our exit. 30 mins there is junction to the south
Tol notices small grey worms living in the caverns and takes one as a sample.
Bal Goro taps out a message to his colleagues to see if there are any hiding down here. Nothing comes back.
10 mins later another wide passage heads off to the right. Bal Goro taps out a message – nothing. We push on.
Tol keeps a look out but doesn’t notice any tracks
30 mins later there is an opening to the south, which we take.

The turning goes down to where there a lot of tools being stored and it is recognised as a good way to go. We head south for 10 mins and then west for 15 mins. We head toward the cavern which is dark. The scouts sneak up and listen carefully. Bal Goro believes the place is empty

I cast Mage Hand and light into the hand which is then moved into the area and illuminates it we see nothing, including no tools. I then get the Mage hand to start lighting up the light cubes in the walls. Ozzie senses no magic in the area. Memnnon strides into the area, Tol and Switch sneak in around the walls, Kathra keeps our rear covered. Ozziecalls the Mage hand back and picks up the stone of light for future use.

After a long search we find no tools, but some rust, which suggests the tools have been eaten by rust monsters. A closer inspection shows a pair of rust monster tracks heading out of the cavern back to the main passageway.

Bal Goro taps out and senses another Galeb dhur. Memnnon goes around the corner to find a badly injured Galeb dhur, which has been cut up by trog weapons. Memnnon calms it down, heals it and we give it a flask of the mineral mixture.

We discover that the rust monsters haven’t been here for several hours. We head back to the main passage following the rust monster track.5 mins later we find a passage to the west with the tracks of the rust monsters heading down there. We head straight ahead. 5mins later we get back to the main trail and head west, whilst the young Galeb dhur heads east.

10 mins later there is intermittent lighting and Bal Goro is alarmed to see that there is a red glow ahead, which may be fire or lava. Switch scouts ahead to see what’s up. The corridor ahead opens up, we’d normally expect to see stairs winding around a shaft, but the stairs are gone and in their place a huge chasm of lava and bodies lying around – both troglodytes and Galeb dhur. The gap in the floor is about 50-60 feet across. On the edge, surveying the gap is a Galeb dhur. Kathra suggests that Bal Goro does his tap, he is part way through but there is no reply, although a tremor in the rocks, possibly drowned out the message. We move into position before sending in bal Goro as a decoy. The area is breaking up with fissures of steam coming out.
She turns around and Bal Goro moves into greet her.

Ozzie moves forward and confirms his suspicions that it is Grishenka. He cries out greetings to Grishenka, as she calls back telling him he is a thief. She gestures at the When zombies attackdead bodies which start to rise. Grishenka passes through her female elf form before becoming an insubstantial vapour cloud and drifts across the chasm. I feel that the hag isn’t enjoying the amount of heat.

However we have more pressing matters than wondering about Grishenka’s comfort levels. Zombies have got up and are surrounding us. Tol shoots the closest zombie.

I take out the eye of light and uses its radiant energy to change the damage of my orbmasters burst to hurt the zombies more. There is a dull crump as it goes off, knocking 2 over of them and creating a large zone of radiant energy which cause additional damage to the zombies.
Switch moves over and back stabs the prone zombie which is now bloodied. Memnnon and Kathra both land telling blows.

The zombie next to Memnnon attacks him with a mighty strike which knocks the tiefling prone. Bal Goro does his rolling attack and knocks one of the zombies over and then hits the last zombie, also knocking it over. Which then stands up and does its own rolling attack which I just manage to avoid as Bal Goro shouts at me to watch out.

The zombie on the ground tries to attack Switch and Kathra retaliates hitting so hard that she shatters its skull. I am not so lucky a second time as I am knocked over by another rolling Galeb dhur which smashes Tol to the ground.

Over on the other side we hear Grishenka laughing as she reforms and saunters off down the corridor.

I get up and activate the eye of illumination and then send a stream of arcane whispers flooding into the zombies empty minds, distracting and slowing them down. Switch slips behind a zombie and flails wildly at the zombie trying three times to hit it before landing a mighty blow on the third swipe. Memnnon gets to his feet and issuing a divine challenge,heals himself and then turns undead, sending two zombies over to the edge of the cliff, although one manages to hang on and clamber back up.

One of the zombies gets up and slowly moves back into the fight before falling over again. The jet of steam shoots out and hits it pushing it back towards the cliff. The other can only get up, before Bal Goro tries to knock it over again. Tol twin-strikes with his sword and axe which sinks deep into the side of the zombie. I cause a rend in space as I teleport one of the zombies further away from me and move away to give my allies space to move.

Switch repositions himself for a clear shot at a zombie trog. His aim is true and the death of the zombie climaxes with a fiery explosion. Memnnon moves over to blast the prone zombie with lance of faith as the wall of steam behind him goes off, while Kathra steps between the zombie and Tol, smacking it with a crunching blow, killing it.

The last zombie gets up and runs towards Memnnon, as bal Goro rushes in and pushes it back towards the cliff killing it and causing it to explode in flames. Fortunately Memnnon and Bal Goro both avoid the explosion. The battle is over – phew, it was a quick but very vicious battle – those zombies were stronger than they were when we last met them.

But then the zombie next to Kathra gets back up AGAIN!

It hits Kathra hard knocking her prone, Tol steps over her prone body and swipes with his sword hitting hard. I move over and throw my colour orb which fizzles and fails- so nothing new there – been happening all my life. I hang my head in despair, will I ever make this pesky spell work?
Memnnon calls down daunting piece of nothingness as his spell also fails. Kathra gets up and hits the remaining zombie as bal Goro rolls in and hits it with his rocky fist, taking its head off which sends the head flying over the head of Tol. That’s them done with then.

We then gather the remainder of the bodies and hurl them over the cliff, to prevent Grishenka gathering a further army of undead. Memnnon says a few words entrusting them to the care of the immortals, and then heals the injured members of the party.

The original battle there had been a large battle and then after that the staircase came down. The side corridor leads to a door for the rising room which only goes down. The stairs should be where the chasm is now, as was the rising room. The chasm goes all the way up, which we can actually see the next level.

We wonder for a short time why was Grishenka here? Has the power influx gone wrong or did she have the corpses to use to slow us down?

A quick look at the options to go up to the next level are discussed. We decide to route march back to the other lift and stairs which go up.

The march takes two hours to get back to the other door going up. Kathra checks the stability of the area, confirming it is now stable, but another major hit will be catastrophic. As we go through the big cavern with all the dead trogs I make sure they can’t be raised by using my or masters detonation and burning them all with an arcane fire. Bal Goro notices that Gor Liggs has left notes for any Galeb dhur to rendezvous at the Control room.

90 mins later we get to the stairs and rising rooms to go up. We go up the stairs cautiously looking for any uncertainty. Switch and tol sneak up the stairs to see that there is an abrupt change to iron clad walls and a big iron door with a smaller corridor before it. We carefully check to see if there are any arcane or physical traps in the area. Switch peers around the corner and sees a glint of eyes about 50 feet away drawing its bow and letting loose an arrow at him. Tol shouts a warning, enabling Switch to dodge back in time to avoid 2 arrows whiz zing past him from either side.

The continuing battle of the hula hoops
Blood, blood and more blood
Switch tumbles away from the combat to recover. He finds himself in an area where it is painful to breath; there is something very unpleasant about this place. Inside he sees 7 Galeb dhur crouched here, evidently in pain and guarded only by 1 trog. Switch also reels from the pain that starts throbbing in his head and feels more of his life force draining out of him. As the blood mists his eyes he notices several skulls around the wall.

Meanwhile the battle is still fiercely raging Tol continues to fire volley after volley of arrows with dizzying speed, some hitting and killing the enemy, others flying harmlessly by. I am orchestrating the lightning Cloud to prevent the basilisk from using its gaze attack and I have also thrown up a storm pillar to give the Troglodyte in front of me something to think about. Weirdly it doesn’t but charges through the lightning to attack me, taking a lot of damage – something is driving it on. Hmm could it be the spell that its cleric is casting on it that is speeding it up, healing it and also driving it into some form of battle frenzy?
Memnnon takes a strike from the trog as he moves over to help the groggy Switch, casting beacon of hope which heals Kathra, Switch and me. Kathra then moves in and smacks her enemy hard before activating her dwarven armour and healing herself.
There is mystical a chanting coming from inside the cavern and Kathra’s trog heals itself as the Clerical Trog appears from the corridor.
Tol has his back to the cliff and is valiantly fighting not to get pushed over the cliff, his two fanged strike missing completely as he flails frantically to avoid toppling over the edge.
I reposition the lightning cloud to cover the Clerical Trog and the one Kathra is battling, as Kathra blindly, but very accurately strikes at the trog in the cloud- connecting with a solid smack and pushing it further in.
There is a low earthy cry of pain from the cavern, as the trog comes back out of the cloud to have go at Kathra, but misses. Switch is hit again and is looking very sick. Tol’s trog turns and attacks Bal goro, before shifting beside him. The Clerical trog moves out of the cloud hits me with a thin ray of green stuff, which again weakens me and deals a lot of internal damage.
There is something big coming down the back corridor, Bal goro moves to see what it is. It’s the basilisk! I didn’t think it could move so fast and had expected it to be being struck by lightning in the lightning cloud. The basilisk turns it’s gazes on Bal goro but bal goro laughs in its face before going fixing it with his own flinty glare.
Meanwhile Switch backs tabs his enemy as he desperately tries to survive. What had previously looked liked we were starting to get the upper hand is no longer looking so rosy. Switch is badly beaten up, as is Tol, Kathra is looking better and I’m on the wrong end of a staff’s powers
I release the eye of lightning, but it is rather frail due to my weakened state, but they all hit causing damage, I then move the storm cloud over the wizard and the bloodied trog. Kathra misses with her site and shifts back a bit.
All Tol’s previous wounds are re-opened as he continues to battle his troglydte and catches a glance from the Basalisk, which poisions him. Switch shifts between the trogs and kills the wounded trog, before turning his attention to the trog wizard.
Suddenly the majority of the cavern is lit up with arcane fire as i detonate my orb, causing the Trog wizard to leap between Switch and I before falling prone to the ground. It flails vainly at Switch with its quarter staff as it gets up but misses.
Memnnon meanwhile has gone to the rescue of the trapped Galebdhur in the cavern of pain, where is charged by the guard, which perishes instantly under Memnnon’s infernal wrath, which is incensed as he discovers the blasphemy and evil powers holding and killing the Galeb dhur here. He immediately sets about the skulls and sigils adorning the walls to break the curse that guards the area and free the remaining Galeb dhur
There is a thunder behind me as the basalisk’s thunders over and bites the bal goro, who is now grievously wounded. Bal goro slams into the basilisk but to no avail before rolling out of the way. Tol, having dispatched his last adversary turns his attention fully to the basilisk, assigns it as his hunters quarry and dispatches it with a single arrow through one of its evil green eyes. Hurrah, things are now turning back in our favour… Can we hold out?
Switch sneak attacks the wizard, stabbing it and bloodying the Clerical Trog, which then shifts out of the way and points its staff at me. I take the full force of the strike and am now feeling very sick, there is blood running from my ears and mouth, I am struggling to breath in my weakened state, another blow may finish me off. But my agony is not over yet – the Clerical Trog sensing that he may yet win this contest, shifts away from Switch’s dancing blade and again levels his staff at me, firing another of his deadly green beams. I am again unable to avoid it and take the hit full in the chest, the foul poison burning my skin and bones, I scream in agony and slump to the ground barely alive.
However that is the last thing the Trog Cleric sees as Switch finally connects and drives his sword up to its hilt in the creatures belly and Bal Goro rolls in from the other side and lands a mighty stoney punch. The Clerical Trog breaths his last.
I stagger slowly to my feet helped by Switch.
The battle is over. The floor is awash with red and green pools of blood. Memnnon feels the weight of guilt at not being able to save more of the Galeb dhur during the battle, only two survive. Memnnon tried to heal them but wasn’t successful . We give them some of the food we have and liquid we have which rallies them. We discover we have found Gor liggs who is one of the supervisors, who thanks us for our assistance. Ozzie asks for the key which gor liggs asks what we want it for. We explain and he gives us the key. It is very slightly magical. Gor liggs suggests that this is a safe place and that there are unlikely to be anymore trogs. We set up a defensive position and search the bodies and the area.

I am keen to take the baslisk’s remaining eye but feel that carrying it will have a longer term dehabiliating effect. I need to have a think of how it can be carried out without being a burden, as it would surely be a valuable asset for an alchemist.
As we search around we find an ornate puzzle box. Switch checks for traps and declares that it isn’t checked and it’s not magical. It’s finally made and appears to valuable 100 gps, inside there is a face staring out at switch…. No its a mask. Which is finely made of yellow and white gold. Ozzie isn’t aware of any human style. It is more than likely a Galeb dhur work. Worth a 1000 gp.

We set guards and go to sleep.

Big Green eyes in the darkness

Kathra falls off the wall as the party climbs up the wall. We had seen shapes slinking away through the upper caverns and go off in pursuit after a short rest. Bal goro tells us that the corridor on the ground was the main corridor.

Bal goro does his tapping to see if he can locate anything, but is interrupted by a shout from Ozzie who had been lighting up the lights around the side of the cavern. As I peer down the south corridor I spy in a very narrow gap, where there is a troglodyte hiding in the corridor. I cast storm pillar and duck out of the way. There is a snarl from further down the corridor and a yell from Tol as he is bitten by an unarmed troglodyte. Balgoro throws a rock at the trog, causing it to leap forward closer Tol, who had shifted back out of the way of the beast’s jaws. Kathra moves to guard the other cavern entrance and spots another troglodyte, which she throws her hammer at, missing. A yelp comes from down near the storm pillar as a trog takes damage. Memnnon charges in and smacks a trog, killing it with one blow, whilst tol steps back and fires a short range twin strike at his adversary, both sinking deep into the creature’s flesh. Switch carries out a sneak attack on the it, whilst my winged horde drives the trog back and causes it to flail wildly at imaginary foes, before swinging at Memnnon , missing as it dodges one of Tol’s arrows. It is then flattened by bah goro as he rolls past and tries to smash it. Kathra takes on the troglodyte which has dropped it’s javelin, as it retreats into the darkness. My storm pillar is still striking out and holding up the enemy from taking us on across three fronts.

Kathra meanwhile faces a new trog…and also notices two green eyes of a large creature in the darkness. Big Green Eyed Monster -sort of! The creature attacks Kathra and Switch with it’s glare. Kathra withstands the stare, but Switch reels from seeing the eyes and is poisoned.

Outside, Memnnon smites the prone troglodyte and then comes over to support Ozzie as tol pumps another troglodyte full of arrows, causing it to start bleeding profusely . Tol then moves over and pulls the rope up.

Switch is leaking poison, hurting Kathra and the trog he is fighting. However he is still in the fight, one of his backstabs successfully moves the odds in our favour with another kill.
Having seen the attack on Switch I recall that there are many Creatures living in the under dark which have a poison attack by spitting or even glance attack – we must be careful. I also suspect that they may have some level of immunity to poison.

I use my Mage hand to get the eye of storms out and call to Kathra to get the magic mirror shard out of the bag of holding, we need to neutralise the glance attack and possibly even reflect it back against our protagonist. Kathra’s reply is ‘busy, busy, busy’ as she fends off the slashing attack of her adversary.
Bah goro smacks the trog and then tries to run it over again, while Kathra charges into the cavern of green eyes and smacks another troglodyte, hurting it badly. Kathra’s trog lamps her one sharply in the side cracking her in the ribs, whilst trying to bite her as well, which also hits. Kathra is bleeding profusely, as another 2 trogs run out of the dark to attack her. She is also hit by the green eyed serpent and is lolling around as she continues to take damage. This is not good.

My cry of medic sends Memnnon rushing in to cast healing word on Kathra, which steadies her. Mem then launches lance of faith at one of the trogs, killing it.
There is a muttering from inside the cavern and switch and Kathra feel a tingling, which makes the troglodytes move faster.

Meanwhile Tol’s never ending barrage of arrows is still taking out trogs as Switch rolls into the cavern of green eye and strikes the big trog, managing to kill it. He then bravely leaps forward and tumbles past Kathra to end up between two foes. His short blade moves with dazzling speed wounding the large trog before slitting the throat of the smaller enemy. That beast collapses gurgling blood.

I head towards the entrance to the darkened cavern where Kathra and switch are battling, using the eye of storms to light the cavern I cast stinking cloud, recognising that the basilisk and the troglodytes are most likely resistant to poison I use the eye of lightning to change the cloud into a lightning storm in the cave. I then try and twist space around the Mage to teleport it into the cloud but fail. Bah goro throws some rocks.

Kathra kills another trog whilst tol’s trog moves in swipes and bites at him dangerously. Out of the side cavern the trog which was behind the cloud appears and launches its javelin, just missing Switch.Basalisk The beast meanwhile reappears out of the cloud and tries to bite Switch but he nimbly steps aside, avoiding the blow. I am hit by a thin beam of green light poisoning and weakening me. At the same time there is an fizz of arcane/natural energy which again boosts and energises the trogs, speeding them up.

Switch’s stab sinks deep into the basilisk’s side, grievously wounding it. I move the cloud to stop the trog wizard casting through it’s gap, before turning and casting a storm pillar to cover Tol, who has been taking a bit of a pounding from his adversary. At the same time Bal goro rolls over to attack Tol’s trog.

Switch is attacked from behind by the troglodyte who bites him in the back of the neck. Outside the cavern, another troglodyte appears from the corridor to threaten me, whilst the basilisk moves out of the cloud and it’s gaze strengthens the poison which is still coursing through Switch’s veins but missing Kathra whilst hitting the other trog. Memnnon bravely heads into strike the trog but misses and then heals Switch.
This battle is not over yet!!

Kathra does the Monster Mash

Ozzie with fireshroudSwitch climbs up the wall again, and has a slightly hairy moment at the point where he fell off last time, before he goes up and over the top. He tries to push the first troglodyte he finds off the edge but doesn’t quite have the stature and strength. He soon finds himself ducking and diving as three troglodytes go after him.
Tol tries a trick shot to try and shoot the covers of the lights up, using his twin strike – which also hits a troglodyte.
Ozzie moves forward and uses the sphere to burn the troglodyte. Memnnon gets up from the rubble fall and lets loose his lance of faith, burning one of the troglodytes with celestial fire. It returns the favour with its javelin. Another javelin flies out of the dark, striking Memnnon although the launcher squeals in surprise as Mem ‘s infernal wrath takes burns it brightly in the darkness. Kathra avoids another flight of javelins. A troglodyte leaps off the wall and confronts Ozzie but its slobbering jaws and flailing claws strike nothing but thin air. I retaliate with flame shroud, cindering one troglodyte and causing the other to leap out of the way. Simultaneously I move my Mage hand up to light up one of the lights and also send the flaming sphere forward to engage with the others in the cavern. Memnnon moves up the cavern misfiring his spell and healing himself.
Switch is weaving and dodging for his life on the cliff top and Memnnon does a nifty dodge to avoid a hail of javelins before shouting righteous indignation at the troglodytes. Kathra frees herself from the pinioning javelin and engages the bitey troglodyte -they trade blows. Switch ducks another blow and Memnnon is pinned to the ground by another javelin. The gareb-dhur rolls to Kathra’s aid and flattens her opponent, however it is still standing. Tol fills the troglodyte facing Kathra with arrows, each one striking home, causing the Troglodyte to stagger and slowly slump to the floor as Tol’s fourth arrow at last kills it.
I release my orb masters detonation to aid Switch by causing them all to move away from him. I also move away from the troglodytes. I point out to Kathra and Tol that there are some Troglodytes doing nothing over my way, which they might like to keep busy. Not that I was feeling exposed or lizard bait! Kathra moves forward to engage the troglodyte, marking it and then tide of ironing it, but misses; they trade blows before Kathra smacks it as it tries to leap out of the way. Switch is ducking and diving for his life, as again he is surrounded by troglodytes. Another Troglodyte comes down and tries to stab Ozzie, but misses. Tol runs up and swings up the cliff letting loose a flurry of arrows. Ozzie moves the flaming sphere to assist Memnnon. Kathra at last lands a solid blow with her hammer, bloodying the creature -and then – with the back swing again striking very hard. Her opposition is looking very mashed, but still there as it strikes back driving the spear deep into her thigh.
I am desperately trying to keep the troglodytes from mobbing Switch – with some success as I use their burst avoidance move to my advantage to make them leap away from Switch. Tol also assists by firing a disruptive strike which stops Switch being smacked by a troglodyte.
Elsewhere I move the flaming sphere to menace the troglodyte which Memnnon is battling, just as Memnnon blocks a potentially killing blow from it. A cliff top troglodyte throws a javelin at Kathra which hits her, before she moves over to assist Memnnon, as her assailant turns to throw it’s javelin at her before slumping to the ground. I move my Mage hand over to another light to light it up, and fire a ray of frost at the troglodyte , before stupidly realising that I had intended to use my lightning from the eye of storms- d’oh! The battle goes our way as the last of the Lizard-dhar are killed in a flurry of arrows or mashed on the end of Kathra’s hammer. It’s not over yet though as we can still hear movement amongst the caverns and tunnels nearby – but enough time to catch a breath, bind some wounds and relearn some spells.

The Dark dark cavern

The party move forward as the troglodytes retreat down the corridor. We trade blows, arrows and javelins as they continue their retreat. I recommend that we don’t pursue the treating troglodytes until we have secured the surrounding area as Kathra cracks the remaining troglodyte’s head and bloodies it. The retreating troglodytes launch more javelins and then retreat off down the corridor. Ozzie moves down the cavern and puts another storm pillar to stop the troglodyte escaping. Tol’s twin strike again strikes true, before he heads off to the northern corridor to make sure we’re not ambushed. A flurry of blows and holy spells ring around the Troglodyte, as Kathra, Bah-Goro and Memnnon fail to connect. Switch finds the stairs down to the lower level.

Tol examines the steps up and hears the rushing of air but nothing of danger. He also notices a rolling groove in the stairs where the Gareb dhur roll up and down. He then moves to the centre of the room to cover all entrances.Cavern with light

Memnnon charges the remaining Troglodyte shouting to his god to strengthen the faithful and smites the troglodyte down, whilst healing Kathra at the same time. Memnnon also heals Tol who was bleeding profusely.

The doors found on either side of the cavern are for the rising rooms. The north one goes up to the top level, whilst the south one goes down to the lower level.
We have a long discussion with the Bah-goro about the caverns and the rising rooms. Rising rooms will hold at least 6 people. Bah-goro mentions that there are some minerals in the pool room. The water is a mineralised drink and he drinks a lot and becomes light headed. The 4 flasks Ozzie carries are filled with the pool of mineral water.

The party decides to continue to head west, with Tol and switch scouting ahead. The corridor narrows and continues west along the well lit corridor. Every so often the party stops to take stock. 35 mins later the passage opens out to a cross roads. The western corridor goes to the main central chamber. The north is an exploration and the south leads to a large number of fissures from below. There might be a connection from the north corridor, but Bah- Goro is not completely sure.

We discuss the options and decide that avoiding the Troglodytes highly likely ambush up ahead is a good plan, particularly if we can surprise them. We head north and spend about an hour wandering through the narrowing and darkening cavern, with Tol and Switch scouting ahead. We ask Bal-goro to try and quietly see if there are any of his brethren hiding here, so he sends a tremor signal out and then listens, but hears nothing. Bal-goro thinks we might have over shot the main corridor, we continue to head west, as a series passages heading off. Kathra mentions that the air is stale down here, suggesting the is no exit around here. We come to the end of the corridor where there are 4 pick axes. So heading back We find two southern corridors to get into the cavern by lighting a flame and noting the breezes blowing. We take the western most one, before finding another branch of the corridor. The eastern and southern passageway is the way to go. The corridor is very rough and 15 mins later it starts to open out into a wider corridor. Switch sneaks off but not very quietly. It opens to an east west corridor which is west of the main chamber.

To the east the corridor is dark, the lights have been turned off. The party has a hurried whispered discussion, we sneak down and Tol and Kathra with their low light vision tell us there is a ledge up ahead. Tol continues to sneak up and can see a troglodyte looking the other way. He indicates back to Ozzieto release his Mage hand, Switch sneaks past Tol who lets loose a twin strike at the troglodyte and at the cavern to try and distract the enemy. Tols arrows miss and hit the wall. Ozzie throws a sun rod into the cavern lighting it up and the rest of the party moves forward to engage.

Switch climbs up the cliff, falling off 15 feet up. I react with feather fall to catch him before he hits the ground. The troglodytes charge down towards the party. Ozzie launches his flaming sphere as Memnnon charges into battle to engage 2 Troglodytes, as he does so he hears the scraping of metal against stone above him and a tub of rocks comes off the top of the cliff, killing two of the Troglodytes at the same time and knocking him prone. A sneaky laugh comes from above. Another javelin flies out of the darkness missing gal- boro. Kathra charges to engage the Troglodyte, missing with his first action, as it turns and slashes Kathra across the abdomen, whilst another javelin flies out of the darkness to pin Kathra to the ground. Bal goro heads around the corner to slam another troglodyte, missing completely.Troglodyte

At the start of the battle the only thing that has worked is me catching Switch and my flaming sphere scorching the Trog which is trying to disembowel Kathra. The Troglodytes have scored an own goal killing two of their own.

My next actions must be to regain control of the battle field so Tol and Switch can cause mayhem – my mage hand will need to go and start lifting the light hoods, I need to also prevent the javelin throwers from pinning us down. Hmm either blinding them with the eye of gloom, putting up a stinking cloud or bringing them in range of Switch’s sword, Kathra’s hammer or Memnnon’s mace. I also need Bah – Goro to look after himself.

Switch or Tol need to control the cliff top and Memnnon needs to get up and heal himself…. so much to do..

Bah-Goro the Gareb Dhur
More Trogs

Tol sets Caltrops at the entrance, and Ozzie is reminded by Kathra that blast patches would be a bad idea around here.

An hour into Kathra’s watch there is a loud crashing, rhythmic banging of something, most likely metal on metal. It stops after 5 minutes. Nothing else happens.

After breakfast Switch and Tol scout ahead, there is a constant airflow, which was noticed last time. The party heads west.
A corridor heads sharply south west. Estimates are that we should shortly reach the first way up or down which is about a 1/3 of the way. Switch and Tol scout off down the SW corridor. At infrequent intervals there is a set of 5-6 foot wide indentations which are about eight feet up. Switch waits for Tol to catch up. They are just discussing what to do next when there is a what sounds like a heavy rockfall hitting Tol, who takes damage. Switch sees a browny rockish arm withdraw into the shadows. Switch and Tol guess this is likely to be one of the Gareb dhur. Tol starts trying to talk to them and convince them we are friendly. Meanwhile the rest of us are hurrying down the corridor to the rescue of our comrades. We arrive to find a suspicious Gareb dhur glaring at Tol. Ozzie shows off the red cloak, which calms the Gareb dhur and convinces him of our intentions. We discover the following:

  • A lot of the Gareb dhur have been captured
  • 2 of the overseers have been captured in the central cavern
  • He is called Bah-goro
  • The other overseers a in the caverns above
  • He expects to find that the Troglodytes have taken and penned them in the central caverns.
  • A similar number of Gareb dhur will be found on the top level (no indication of how many)
  • There are monsters upstairs
  • Down below things have changed as Bah- goro has felt tremors

We fed the Bah- goro unprepared rock as he is hungry – he would prefer prepared rock which we will almost certainly find upstairs.

We discover the banging sound would have been the hammers which would have been operated to have caused the clanging. I fear the worst as to what they could have been used for….

Bah- goro speaks of volvagia swallowing Gareb dhur whole, so Volvagia is in their history too – not really surprising when it is so near to Kathra’s home.

It’s half an hour to the stairs where there is a chamber where we can head off north to go up and to go down to the south. Switch & Tol scout ahead. We come to a turning, Switch sees something ducking out of sight around the corner, which it appears to have moved out of sight.
He sneaks up with amazing stealth and climbs into the tub, whilst Tol moves into position to shoot the guard and Ozzie comes into ray if frost it if needed.

Switch signals back he can see a large cavern with a large number of Troglodytes. He then shoots the 2 Troglodytes furthest away as Ozzie and Tol move forward around the corner, Ozzie hisses at Tol, as he sweeps past ,to take out the two nearest guard troglodytes. Then Memnnon and Kathra come charging through the caves to engage in battle. Kathra pastes hers against the wall with his hammer, whilst Memnnon heads further into the cavern and glances further around the cavern & sees yet more Troglodytes. A daunting light prayer is launched at one of the Memnnon releases righteous anger3 Troglodytes, burning it up with righteous fire. Tol sees more troglodytes appearing around the cavern as he lets loose his twin strike and takes out 2 more. A hail of javelins flies at Memnnon and Kathra pinning them to the floor. The Troglodytes order their minions after Kathra and Memnnon, surrounding them in their bloodlust. One is immediately crisped as it gets too close to Memnnon and feels his infernal wrath.

The back right hand side of the cavern has a large metal door and a sloping up corridor and the cavern continues west with 2 guards guarding the exit. Bah-goro barrel rolls through slamming a Troglodyte into the ground. Ozzie lets loose his orb masters orb of destruction, taking out the minion surrounding Kathra and forcing the other two to leap out of the way. Tol’s arrows slam into the Troglodyte which had tried to dance out of the way of my spell. Memnnon heals himself, struggles free of the javelin pinning him down, before driving his Lance of faith into the now burning, pin cushioned Troglodyte. Kathra wants her bit and drops her hammer, pulls out her throwing hammer and launches it at the Troglodyte which pinned her to the floor, smacking it in the back of the head. It sways groggily gnashing its jaws harmlessly at Memnnon.

A further volley of javelins comes into hit Memnnon again. Bah-goro is pinned to the floor by the fusillade. The remainder of the Troglodytes retreat down the west corridor, but the last badly injured one is taken out by a beautiful basketball lob from Bah-goro.

Rusty and the Trogs

A javelin misses Switch and the troglodyte disappears.

There are sounds coming from further back in the cave. Another troglodyte appears
Tol looses a twin strike at the trog chasing Ozzie, which both hit. Ozzie takes advantage of the Trog’s distraction to shift out of range of its teeth. Memnnon casts beacon of hope which heals Ozzie but misses the troglodyte. Kathra smacks his trog hard and pushes it back into the corridor, whilst Ozzie escapes from his trog and tries to fire a winged horde at it which misses. Switch leaps down the cliff after an escaping Trog, rolls and lands catlike to attack the new trog, hitting and killing it. Beyond the dying Trog he sees a strange insect-lizard like creature appearing from the depths, which attacks him, it’s bony mandibles taking large chunks out of him. Memmnon and Kathra continue to trade blows with their foes, whilst Tol continues to fire arrows. His arrows fly wide as he tries to do too much multiple tasking.
I move to the centre of the cavern and lays waste with orb masters detonation, whilst summoning Chompy to aid the party and to go after the monster, which is knocked prone and then backstabbed by Switch. The trog in the background throws a javelin at the monster which hits it, which is a bit strange. Tol sprints across the cavern to get a better line of sight and fires off a twin strike at the escaping trog.

Kathra tides of iron the trog leader into the corner and pummels it into the ground.
My spell again fails, but I maintain Chompy as Switch calls to keep chompy there so he can sneak attack the monster, which is successful with his bow lodging an arrow deep in it’s side. The rust monster swipes at Chompy which sends him back to the abyss. I wince as the damage rips through my psyche. The trog bites Memnnon. The trog in the shadows launches another javelin at kathra which restrains her where she is. Ozzie direct tol to target the unknown monster, tol moves to fire his two fanged strike at the rust monster, which bloodies it. Switch notices that his luck blade has started to rust.

Suddenly Memnnon is irresistibly drawn to the crystal and then casts healing word on Kathra. Kathra is also feeling that she is being drawn towards the crystal. Memnnon moves back to flank the trog. Ozzie doesn’t recognise what the crystal is. Kathra is pulled free of the javelin by the crystal and moves towards it. The crystal isn’t lodestone, but very similar to it, kathra tells us as she moves back to hit the trog, killing it smacking over to the wall. Ozzie finally remembers it is a rust monster, which is what they live off. Rustmonster They also like magic items. If it eats a magicitem and is then killed. The full value of the residuum from the magic item may be recovered.

Switch climbs back up the cliff and desperately starts to clean his sword, weeping softly. The rust monster moves after Kathra’s armour which looks tasty, but misses. Tol moves into shoot the rust monster. Memnnon is again pulled over to the lodestone. Memnnon casts lance cof faith but it misses the rust monster. Kathra lands another mighty blow which almost fells the rust monster. Switch is now seeking revenge for the potential damage to his sword and fires his bow to miss the monster. My Fire Shroud finally blows the rust monster away in a red curtain of flame. The last troglodyte flees. Tolstands guard to ensure we’ re not ambushed again. The mineral is called gaucite. A quick discussion ensues about the gaucite and Kathra chips 2 – 3 large chunks off and sticks it into the bag of holding. The rust monster has it’s tendrils cut off and wrapped in cloth to prevent them rusting anything else. The party heads down a downward sloping southern tunnel. Atmosphere is steamier and wetter. Switch comes back and tries another corridor which turns sharply south shortly after. Tol gets a sun rod out. The party proceeds cautiously down the corridor noting sledge marks. 10 minutes later the corridor opens up to an apparent dead end mine face with 3 iron sledge runners. Kathra finds some minerals in the tubs – about a bucket full which the party takes to feed the Galeb dhur. We head back to the main cavern and head west. Again we listen and look for tracks as we head west. 30 mins of walking down the corridor we reach another brightly lit area, Switch sneaks off to see what’s there. On the southern wall are a series of natural archways in the wall. Switch peers around the corner and sees another passageway – this a large area of archways leading to a parallel archway. Kathra sees this as the start of making a larger hall. The party heads down another southern passage, we’re starting to look for some where to rest for the night. This passageway isn’t very safe and getting narrower, the party continues to the dead end which is hemispherical and coated with quartz crystals – this is a geode, Kathra acknowledges that this is a stable area and may be useful to rest up for the night. Tol and switch backtrack to remove any tracks.

As we head off down the corridor Memnnon and Ozzie get the feeling that they have been in the presence of another eye. We both get the feeling of the eyes and a feeling of cold. The logical supposition is that the hag must have the eye of cold (frost/ice?). If this is correct then they may have also been influencing the winters up here for a while. Worth noting the Grishenkahasn’t always been up in the mountains but was in the Blight Swamp – we must remember to see if there was a slackening in the colder weather while she was away?

The passage we are following appears to have been following a vein of something as it twists and turns through the earth. We shortly come to some side passages, which we send Switch down to see if he can find any of the Galeb Dhur. He returns some 20 minutes later to say that there is a fissure he’d like to cross but thinks we should come along. So we all troop down whilst Switch shows off his leaping prowess across the fissure which if he fails is certain death as he tumbles into molten lava. He investigates further and finds another fork, which he then declines to investigate.

We head back out to the main corridor and along. Marking our passage as we go. After an hour or so we go straight ahead at the three way tunnel as there is air movement coming from straight ahead. Tol notices that there have been sleds dragged along the ground. 35 mins later we come to a large corridor which has a large Galeb dhur symbol on the ground a large crystal in the middle of it, several passages leading away and 8 reptilian creatures which must be the lizard dhur, or more commonly known as Troglydtes. Troglodyte

They haven’t noticed us yet as are intent on something else, however we spend too much time discussing what to do and what they are that they notice us and attack us. One rushes up to block our exit out of the tunnel which means that Tol and Memnnon get smacked as they charge past the Trog to engage the others. Memnnon’s first charge takes out a troglodyte. I try and teleport 2 of the trogs on a ledge down to our level to remove their advantage. I cast a perfect spell but they manage to scramble out of the spell’s burst and it misses. Will have to plan a more subtle attack next time.

Tol is skewered to the floor with a javelin, meaning he can’t move –not good news. Meanwhile Memnnon is off to hit another Trog and Kathra having dispatched the one at the cave mouth hurries off to support the cleric.
I again target the Trog’s on the slope, this time with winged horde, which effectively causes them to disperse from the ledge, I then drop a storm pillar in front of them to prevent them getting back to the front of the ledge and throwing more javelins at Tol or the others. Switch seizes his chance and scrambles nimbly up the cliff to attack the troglodytes storming out of the storm pillar and critically stabbing one of the Troglodytes’. Switch dodges a blow and stabs it again as it tries to flee down a corridor – he sets off in pursuit after it, disappearing for a while before reappearing with more blood on his sword and a little puffed. I assume that Trog is dead.
Memmnon causes Kathra’s opponents to scatter as he drops in a Divine glow to cause some righteous damage, he is then skewered to the ground by a well aimed Javelin. As he pauses to try to pull out the javalin, he sees movement at the far end of the cavern.
I have now attracted some unwanted attention and one of the Troglodytes is happily taking chunks out of me as I try to shimmy out of harm’s way and we dance around a storm pillar I’ve thrown up in front of it – eek. Tol is whizzing off arrows left right and centre, felling one of the Trogs flanking Kathra and then landing two on the Troglodyte eating me. – Which kills it.

Assult on the Caverns of Dhur Part 1
Some like it hot

Lava river We are escorted to the entrance of the caves of Gorian by Gor Coran. Lying outside the cave is one of the Galeb dhur. It has been ripped limb from limb by some powerful entity. This is worrying the creatures inside appear to be very strong.
Tol and Switch scout ahead to see what they can see. After a while of nothing coming back from them the rest of the party heads on in to find them peering around the corner of a very large cavern. There is a bridge, which looks very sturdy crossing a large river of lava. Overhead we spot some curious red bats flitting around the ceiling.
It is agreed that we should run across the bridge in case of some form of trap we haven’t noticed yet. Kathra goes first and then the little red bat swoops in and attacks him by spitting lava at him. As Memnnon crosses a large serpent rises out of the river and lava and prepares to strike Memnnon, however Tol is quicker and skewers the snake with an arrow. Another serpent appears and spits at Kathra, again hitting him – Kathra trundles on, as Tol and Switch fly by her to reach the other side. I teleport one of the snakes away from me so that it is out of range and rush across the bridge last. The bats are still flitting overhead and spitting at us and the snakes are closing. We have found the three tunnel entrances and are cowering in the middle one.
As the lava begins to bubble we notice a female figure on the other side of the bridge holding her hand up in the air. I catch the glint of a ring on her hand at about the same time as Tol lands a twin strike on her and Volvagia bursts up out of the lava and straight through the veryVolvagia1 sturdy bridge breaking our path back to the outside world. As well as our first task of sending minerals back for the galeb dhur.
Kathra pulls the hags head out of the bag and waves it threateningly at Grishenka taunting her with the cry this is going to be you next…. as we retreat down the corridor. I slow the bats and snakes and dragons and hags down by throwing up a storm pillar to make them think a bit before following us!!


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