A night on the tiles
Tower of green horrors

Switch peers into a narrow pantry through some unlocked shutters, before athletically and very quietly swinging into the room.

Inside ar a number of barrels of valuable liquor, which he can’t unfortunately put in the bag of holding. He moves over to the door and gentle opens it to find himself in the kitchen. He quickly and quietly goes through the kitchen and discovers a locked door, which opens to his skills. He opens out into a wide circular staircase and hall, down

Meanwhile inside the tower, the party loots the bodies and finds 60gp of primarily Thyatian coins. It would appear they have deliberately removed anything that would identify them.

Tol leads the way up the stairs, as he goes up he feels the air getting warmer and more humid and emerges into a chamber which has similar moonlight coming from the dome. Whilst it is obvious we are not at the top of the tower, there is no on is way to go up.

There is the quiet… Or comparatively loud chirruping of crickets and insects. Across the far side of the foliage can be sent a spiral staircase leading further up the tower.

The entire floor is soil and under one of the large bushes is the body of one of the Ebon Key. What is slightly odd is that there is the subtle swaying of the vegetation, despite it all being inside. Tol is slightly uneasy, he feels that there might be a sentience of the plants similar to that in the Feywild. Tol peers at the body and the lovely aroma draws him in closer…. The flowers bend down to allow him a better whiff and he succumbs to the aroma….. Rootlets start to caress his skin and suck his life out…

On the rough path there are footprints in the soil.

Tol comes round and notices that he has succumbed to a White Lotus plant. He quickly crawls back to the party.

Ozzie teleports into the room, past the White Lotus Plant and is hit by a number of things. He notices that there is an arcane suppression of fire and fire magic in here, whilst a large piece of plant life tries to get to Ozzie, several tendrils from the ground arch up and try grab Ozzie, he quickly teleports away from the grasping tendrils. He reappears on the staircase and surprises and is surprised by a member of the Ebon key, who then scarpers further up stairs.

Switch moves through the building and comes through a door into a large open area, down from the balcony he is standing on he can see a number of bodies… none of them appear to be his comrades. He thinks they have been a bit careless leaving some many bodies lying around, before quietly moving up the stairs… where he is confronted by a horned devil ready to mash his skull in with its mace…. oh, its actually Memnnon! The cleric quickly brings the halfing up to speed.

Switch and Kathka light up the Pipeweed, before Kathka tries to move through the forest, in an effort to avoid the effects of the White Lotus PLant, however it’s drowsing aroma still overcomes her.

Across the room,Ozzie pushes the Ambush plant away and opens an arcane gate to take the heroes past the defences of the jungle. Tol charges through the portal to secure the vanguard, he moves up and away from the stairs, crouches and listens for the enemy. He hears movement in the dark and fires his arrows into the darkness, striking home with his second arrow. Further more the half elf hears the buzzing of insects which attack the ranger, biting and crawling all over himOzzie_garden.png

Back in the forest room, the Ambush plant moves back and attack Ozzie again. The wizard is bleeding from several wounds and has green poison dripping around them. Another Ambush plant springs up out of the ground next to Memnnon and tries to grab him with its Spiney leafy tendrils.

Memnnon and Switch cover their mouths and noses before moving to recover Kathka, the Tiefling also succumbs, whilst the halfling holds his breath, moves over and drags the prone dwarf back towards the gate. Before returning to get the cleric and dragging him through the wizard’s gate.

Ozzie retreats back through the gate to lick his wounds, leaving the dazed Ranger to fend for himself against the buzzing insects. He thinks there are a lot of insects around him as he gets up.

The Ambush plant reaches up and around the staircase to attack the heros on the stairs, digging their spines and thorns into their bodies and sucking their life blood from their bodies. Then the tendrils withdraw. Switch reeks revenge against the plant, slashing and dicing its tendrils. Another Assasin Vine wraps its tendrils around the halfling, whilst the prone Tielfing fires a lance of faith at the plant.

Meanwhile Tol, sensing someone standing nearby, is hit by a jet of insects that bite and burrow into is flesh.

Ozzie goes through the arcane gate and up the stairs be surprised by a Ebon Key like feature appear, ripping open the space time continuum and slashin at the wizard as he moves past. The creature then grows another two arms with scimitars. And chases after Ozzie with its swirling blades. The wizard teleports out of the way.

Kathka charges up the stairs, sees the oil lamps at the top of the stairs and lights them with her fiery ring, let’s go of the dancing sword to attack the creature with the four arms, striking it. Across the room another creature unleashes another blast of scarab beetles towards Tol

As Ozzie maintains the arcane gate the arcane Assasin teleports to the wizard and attacks him, Ozzie pushes the creature away, but it charges across the battle field after the wizard. It appears the creature was once human. It slashes at the wizard grinning and says “the longer you take down here, the more secrets we get upstairs.”

Memnnon shouts at the halfling to follow him as he dashes up the stairs to heal the hapless ranger. Switch leaps to his feet slices at the vine that is after him, it writhes and spawns two minor weeds, which Switch slides and fades out and up the stairs. Kathka charges across the room, releasing his dancing sword against the arcane Assasin, hitting it and lighting the nearby lantern.

Tol notices a swarm of creatures coming out from under the doorway and attack Tol. Memnnon.

Ozzie maintains the wall of fire and is attacked by the arcane Assasin, which stabs him again, striking a devasting blow, his last act is to teleport closer to the cleric. The Assasin then moves upstairs. Memnnon strikes and misses, but heals the dying wizard, to which he is extremely grateful. The Teifling teleports out of trouble away from the insectoid necrotic creature, which collapses into a pool of beetles and reforms to attack the wizard, but misses and then scuttles off to go after the halfling.

Ozzie calls for the heroes to head up to the next floor, Memnnon beds the call and heads on up the stairs, lighting his mace on the way. At the top he sees the Arcane Assasin, steps forward and strikes it with his mace.

Back down stairs the heroes battle buzz Assasin striking it again and and again. Ozzie pushes it into the wall of flame and Tol fires a volley of arrows at them before heading upstairs to support Memnnon. The cleric calls down divine retribution against the arcane Assasin, killing it, it’s last cry is to say “We still win”

Switch draws his bow and takes careful aim and fires into the flame hitting the creature. In the flames it pulls insects off its self and launches them at the wizard.

Tol goes to one of the doors and listens at one to hear a buzzing scuttling sound, whilst Memnnon goes to the other lighting the torch as he goes past. He doesn’t hear anything. So they decide to go and take out the buzzing creature next door.

The larva assassin bites Kathka and then is pushed into the wall of fire, he then teleports up stairs for clerical assistance, which he duly receives.

Memnnon opens the door to see a room with a balcony and a larva assassin who is looking at the assorted scrolls on the bench. Tol lets loose with his splintering shot, while the diabolic cleric moves into the room to confront it. He extols the virtues of his deity and calls down a daunting light on his insectoid enemy.

Meanwhile, downstairs the other larva assassin is going in and out of the wall of fire and being whacked by Kathka and Switch, but it’s not going away.

Kathka’s hit kills the creature but not before it sends some form of message to its colleague upstairs. Upstairs the other insect dissolves into a swarm of insects and tries to to escape with a book, but can’t get it through before it makes its escape.

Memnnon collects the book the insects were trying to escape with. It appears to Deb a hand written journal of some description.

The rooms are a bedroom and a sitting room for quiet contemplation. In the bedroom there is a chest and in and amongst the clothes is a small steel box, which has a simple catch on, which contains a couple of lady’s earrings of white gold in an arboreal image and a chunky mans bracelet. These are worth 26,000 GPS which Switch pockets without the knowledge of anyone else in the room.

The wizard teleports up to the next room and is fascinated by the scrolls and ledgers. The vast majority of the scrolls are on botany. Ozzie discovers that the fungus are likely to be ambulatory and might even be intelligent. He does say that care needs to be taken around them.

Tol heads out onto the balcony and discovers a Mychanid creature which shuffles towards him. It picks up a staff like and says ‘I am Bob.’

Upstairs there is a great intelligence which is upstairs and is from another place. There is also another of the red robes up there. Be careful of the violet fungi, the puff balls. Be careful of the Carrion King. Generally the bio luminescent are OK to stand next to.

Memnnon casts shield of faith on the party and charges up the stairs to get the red robed Ebon Key. At the top he triggers Shrieker which lets out a piercing screech, which sounds the alarm. He continues across the room, but suddenly rising up out of the hubris is the Carrion King. Memnnon notices that radiant powers will be dampened here. In his head he hears an old,wise voice speaks to him “why do you try to hurt me? I could hurt you if I wanted to.” Memnnon falls to the ground.

Tol coming up after approaches the creature and speaks to it. Tol asks after the red robed one and the Carrion King indicates the body lying at his feet. Switch gently drags the Red robed creature’s pouch, which contains some coins and ebon key and. Decaying parchment which contains a crude sketch of the heroes and green crystal octahedron.

The crystal is a portable port is called Forories Gate, which is charged by a healing surge per day.

A conversation with the Carrion King, suggest that the Ebon Key robed man was very interested in the caves in the jungle,new agree to get him free.

Up stairs, what should be a gorgeous lush glass house is a scene of rot and decay, there appears to have been a poisonous soil, which now appears to be losing its venom.

Tol suspects that the Carrion King may have some connection to the

Memnnon climbs back to his feet and apologises to the Carrion King

The Tower of Varis

“The soil might have killed him?”

The heroes depart and go to attend the games, as guests in the box.

At the games we notice that a good quarter of the crowd are wearing pink feathers… Remarkably similar to Tol’s, the rest of the party is slightly dismayed.

The heroes are asked to address the crowd, Memnnon and Tol speak. Kathka opens the games.

The quality of the combat is average. The hinterlander said turn out to be the best fighters individually, but not so much as a unit.

Kathka offers to do a masterclass at the end.

Olwin, a hinterlander, is beating all comers, she has a side of beserker to her and quite a few people are quite seriously injured.

At half time a unctuous man, Marcus, Tulus comes up to the box and tries to ingratiate himself with the heroes. He is another merchant, who has a lot of interest in inns and entertainment.

A demonstration of magic and illusion by Orchalians…..who perform a set of illusions telling a story, following the demonstration they light the stadium with magic before the thunder lizards are brought on. We have never seen any of these types before. The creatures are goaded from. The creatures aren’t acting as they normally would according to Tol.

The final is Olwin vs a mystery Norse, the hinterlander wins, which wasn’t supposed to happen. Arteris is throwing coins, Memnnon cures mass light wounds on the gladiators and Kathka goes down to speak to Olwin and asks her if she will help, she will consider your offer and is interested in taking training from a dwarf.

Off to the tower

The party head off to the tower, Switch lingers back to see if there is anybody following. As the heroes depart they leave Tol to join his fans. There are a number of unsavoury characters who try to follow the party with foul intentions. Switches streetwise dodging helps the party loose any followers.

Eventually all tails are lost and the party reaches the tower.

The tower is 70-100 feet tall, there are small arrow slits. Above the beautiful double doors there is a small balcony with door. At the top of the building is crystal dome, which is most likely to be a green house.

Switch notices there is something shielding the balcony, which Ozzie senses is another crystal covering, but has probably hardened with magic.

Memnon gives Switch a lift over the wall and the halfling notices that there are lights on in the house behind the house.

Switch moves round the side of the tower, he thinks that something is following him/watching him. He finds a chink in the window and peers into a comfortable but not opulent sitting room, where an elderly couple are sitting down. They are dressed as servants.

Tol and Kathka get impatient and pick the lock, and go into the room…. A grand hallway which is dimly lit, which has tables in the middle of the room and a balcony halfway up with spiral stairs up to there and continue up.

Tol goes to investigate the plants. He isn’t familiar to the plant. Ozzie notices that there is a scuffed rune and notices that an alarm rune has now been triggered. Memnnon goes outside to keep any guards away. Coming down the spiral steps we hear some shuffling steps coming down the stairs….the ebon key! More are appearing coming down the stairs. Kathka smacks one hard, partially covered a red robed wizard fires a green bolt of lightning which misses all the heroes. Ozzie teleports the combatants down to be a bit closer the team, Memnnon’s infernal wrath fries one of the Ebon Key for soldiers after it hits him. However the wizard is no longer out of melee..

Switch meanwhile is trying to distract the inhabitants and find a way in. The old man comes out to investigate the noise.

The wizard shifts into the middle and brings his staff down hard onto the floor, cracking the tiles and releasing a purple gas, which fortunately doesn’t affect the party, much to the wizard’s annoyance.

The wizard takes another blow from the dwarf, before trying to get out of the close combat, turning and cursing the cleric, firing a force blow at him. Tol finishes him off with a twin strike.

After the Reading

The group discuss the images Ozzie has experienced through his object reading. THey decide to try and seek out the Smithy who created the keys. If Ozzie can point him out to the authorities they can then investigate the cult whilst the heroes continue on the mission into the jungle. They discuss their plan of action for the next day and then drink heavily.

11th Ambyrmont
Next morning Ozzie and Kathra head off to see the Sage. Tol goes shopping, Switch and Memnon go back to pick up their adventuring certificate.

Tol finds naturally coloured feathers, not like his dyed feather. He also takes a shine to some big trousers with puffy blooms. He keeps watch for anyone who may be following him, nothing appears amiss so he sits on a terrace and smokes pipe weed and drinks coffee, people watching.

switch walks up to Hazgee to get his permit. He offers the 100gpfor the permit. After signing the permit, he is told that the other adventurers have to sign the permit. Switch is a little annoyed as he cannot sign for all, so he sets off to find the others.

At the Sages house Durik answers the door. He apologises for not recognises us a people of importance and references our evening at the palace. After discussion Kathra and Ozzie agree to return with the rest of the party to allow the Sage to undertake a spel of truth on the group to ensure we are not lieing. they ask about the death of the other Sage and if it is linked to the obsidian issue. DUrik believes it is. he also mentions the iron key gang. OZzie tells them we have encountered them and offers the key to the dwarf to allow his master to do an object treading similar to the one he did as he may be able to identify the smithy etc. The dwarf is cautious of the key and explains it is not a key but actually a symbol.

Tol is attacked whilst at the cafe. He is fired at with crossbow bolts. Luckily he has already taken cover as he cannot be surprised and the bolts miss him. he then commences to make and escape as the other members of the public begin to flee. He manages to get into a close by alleyway. Tol hides in the kitchen with one of the waiters, overhearing the muttering so of the locals. the danger appears to have passed and Tol assumes it is safe to speak to the proprietor. He apologises for the disturbance and offers to pay for the discretion of the owner and his staff to keep Tols identity a secret, whilst he bags up Tols food. In Thanks he gives his well travelled pink feather to the proprietor who accepts and then Tol sneaks away before the guard can question him.

After the signing of the permit

The group gather to sign after much banter with the gnome, they the head over to the Sages house for the truth spell to be cast. On the trip to the Sages, Tol indicates the crossbow bolts may have been poisoned due to the configuration. The group arrive at the Sages house. On entering the group wait for the Sage to appear. the door seems to be well secured and then a elderly but frail man appears in the door way. He seems very nervous and wary of the group. Zenifus then begins his ritual, before asking what we want. Ozzie takes the lead and explains the story so far, including Beastmen, demons from other realms, our belief that the obsidian cities are key to this hence our trip across the sea to seek out and stop this evil. he then goes on to tell him about the site in the jungle and our desire to find it.

The sage listens intently then speaks about Marcus Aurelius expedition. he explains that Marcus went back to the five shires and Karemeikos. AFter investigations into the ruins he believes they possess a great threat, and that what everything that remains there is not dead. The thought of going there terrifies Zenifus and he declines the opportunity to go. he is worried about the Ebon Keys interest in the Obsidian cities. he also refers to the cult of Thanitos which can be found in the depressed and poor areas of the Thiation cities.

HE still has the artefacts which are extremely old. They warded and shielded so others cannot see them. Created by non human beings who worshipped those from the beyond and want them back. THese are foolish as the world will be destroyed and none of those who assist in its occurrence will benefit. The artefacts are basically some discs about 6 inches across, containing symbols and pictures that are a language. Zenefus explains he is making slow progress at deciphering them. Other artefacts include some pottery, but all items where mundane and any rituals which tried to ascertain when they were created has failed. the creators had Lizard folk and troglodytes as servants. Their appearance seems to resemble the mummies and statues found in the obsidian cave .

The party inform Zenifus that our intentions are to gain more knowledge about the obsidian cities and prevent further incursions. THe other Sage was very interested in the soil samples that came from findings of Marcus’s and speculates the soil could have poisoned him, although he does believe it was the Ebb and Key. Tol asks about the information held in the old sages house and finds out that it will be passed to the new adalya.

Tol wonders if Ozzie wants to try and occupy the Sages empty tower. FErus was more interested in Druidic methods. As the conversation continues ZEnifus informs the group that notes had been sent to him speaking of unspeakable evils below the ground which forced him to abandon his expedition. Tol thinks we should cross reference the notes of Marcus against other copies to see if they hold discrepancies. ZEnifus believes Marcus sent out copies of his notes as a warning and nothing more.

ZEnifus confirms he did an object reading and the keys were produced in the market and given to other trades folk, openly under cover of a standard key transaction.

The group thank ZEnifus for his help then set off for the games with the intention of visiting Ferus’s tower.

Identifying the Iron Keys

Ozzie sits down in his room and begins the arcane ritual to see if he can find out any more about the iron Key, a symbol of the fabled group the Ebon Key. He recalls the conversation he had with Trinklar in the Blight Swamp, and her warning that the Ebon Key seek artefacts and weak points with which to bring Beings from the Beyond back.

The mere fact that the heroes have been traced and tracked to Ravenscarp by the Ebon Key is concerning and worrying.

So to find out who is behind this latest gang of thugs

Ozzie holds onto the key and completes the ritual, by asking five questions.

His first question:

image 1. the point where the key is handed over to the people who attacked ozzie and his friends, in particular can I see the face of the person and their surroundings… are they recognisable?

An image appears in Ozzie’s mind, A dark area, lit only by flickering flames. Various brown robed and hooded individuals stand around while a man kneels in front of them.
It is clear that there is some talking, then a red robed individual hands the key to the kneeling man.

image 2 where the key was forged… the next image appears to the wizard

Open air, it looks like Raven-Scarp from the architecture and vegetation. A busy plaza filled with people buying and selling and making. The bulk of the produce seems to be metal work, including arms and armour.
A fair haired, moustached individual in checked pants is handing a bunch of keys over to a large, dark haired individual, this person is dressed in a blood stained apron.
Between them an anvil stands, like a counter.

Image 3. The area where the key is transferred from the pocket or bag of the dark haired individual in the blood stained apron
This is an indoor area, perhaps an inn or tavern? There is little you can see to help identify it.

Image 4. the point where the robed individual who hands the key to the kneeling man collects the key for the transfer to the kneeling man. is the robed individual the dark haired man? and where is it collected or put into something to be taken to the ritual?
It seems as if the robed individual is the dark haired man you saw collecting the keys. He puts them into a pouch in a nondescript indoor area, possibly a tavern?


Switch turns up with a pet monkey, dressed as a wizard…. Remarkably like Ozzie’s.

A Thyatian detachment of soldiers march into the square straight towards the heroes, despite them moving to one side to let them past.

A ranking officer comes to the front and extends an invitation to us to dine at the fortress General Leiah Akbir, who is the magistrate for the town.

She is from the desert land of Ylaruam. Ozzie recalls that the place has long been fought over by Althatia and Thyatis, around 100 yrs ago a leader arose who drove out the Thyatians. He left to become an immortal. Because they are so keen on divine powers, Wizards need to be licences.

The heroes move to stay in the Golden Grape Inn.

Kathka asks what the sage drinks, which is glantrian brandy….

Varius only died last week… Apparently of natural causes .

There is a local games happening tomorrow evening sponsored by Arteris, a local merchant. She is hoping to become the Aedile for the circus area. This is sort of the magistrate and police force for the local area. Varius was the previous Aedile, possibly poisoned. Also standing is Marcus Tulis the younger.

The monkey steals several gps from Switch’s pockets and tip the bath house attendants generously. Switch doesn’t notice.

As the party head towards the fortress, Tol notices that there are half a dozen people behind us and in front of us.

A tall redhead woman says yes you have an appointment with the veiled lady. Ozzie tries to intimidate them but fails miserably.

There is a quick battle, but the heroes quickly overcome the thugs, after some questioning we discover that they are believers of the Beyond. Captain Tulius arrests the remainder.

The room is very Thyation with Ylaruam styling around the sides. There are a few members of the military and members othe aristocracy, only one hinterlander, who is the chief of the Ravens clan. His name is

We are introduced to our hostess, she wears a holy symbol of Tarastia – the immortal responsible for justice.

The clash with the Alphatians appears to be building again we discover.

During the evening the heroes discover that there is a huge amount of rivalry and the opportunity to get an expedition sponsored. We discover that Arterius is there.

There is an aggressive policy with clearing the jungle.

The party are introduced into three merchants

Lucius Tiberius Flavius…. The quieter of the three traders, trades as far from the Savage Coast.

Theodocios Quintus

Portia Valaria Tertia

Piracy it turns out is a cost of doing business, the Minradian princes are the kings of the sea and are rarely bothered by pirates, which mean that Theodocios may eventually turn to using them.

Captain Torsk enters and passes a note the Magistrate. It turns out that every single attacker had a blackened iron key on their person. The Ebon Key.

There is a portal in the fort, whichever is heavily guarded.

There have been other assaults on visitors.

Take a guide and people to carry stuff, military experts.

She who speaks with the dead

Palloc and Rallus take the masks to she who speaks with the dead. She is pleased to see the return of them and will get them taken to the final resting place.
The Pride of Dymrak is nearly ready to sail.

That night there is a big feast in honour of the heroes. They are now seen as great heroes by the village. Mighty tales are told of their exploits.

The next day the heroes set sail for Ravenscarpe. There is a more positive feeling amongst the crew and we make good progress.

A day out of the xxxx islands the look out spots an undersea bow wave coming towards. It turns out that they are Kna, who ask if they have anything to trade.

Moss Shindlewood is lowered down and is very happy to trade with the Kna, they trade herbs and spices for various goods. Eric Chandler does some trade.

We are warned that devil fish are more troublesome, best thing is to stay away from them as they can suck the life out of you. They have a variety of powers and are able to use magic, some may attack at night or from underwater.

The Kna are particululary Intested in Obsidion. We discover there are some Obsidion cities at the far west of the Sea of Dread…. Which roughly lines up with the map. The Kna don’t go there as there is a huge vortex of water and powerful horrible magic.

The party sails on and days pass, and we see land approaching… Ravenscarpe!
A customs galley rows out to greet us, where we meet Lucius the customs officer who has a look around here.

Docking at the town reminds the party of Thyatis, the streets are straight and a bit cleaner. Slavery is still the way of life here. Many of the slaves are outlanders and red headed. It looks to be a civilised place.

Lucius tells us that we are likely to be celebrities for a couple of days and word will be out that we have arrived.

The Great Hall
Won't you join us as dinner?

It occurs to Ozzie that the trading post was set up 20-30 years to soon because Ravenscarpe wasn’t established. Now there is a Thyatian outpost and this cove would be very viable.

Beyond the double doors and into the feasting room. In there are the smart ghouls. On the two sides of the room are 2 masks which don’t appear to fit with the rest of the room.

The doors open and a volley of crossbow bolts greet the heroes, the front row is dazed by the volley, Tol utters a war cry and returns fire, as Switch stumbles into the room. Memnnon calls on his deity to protect the party from these could creatures,

Ozzie lays down a vision of rotting meat to draw in the zombies, but some resist. And he becomes a potential pin cushion

The voice that invited us in had a slightly archaic.

The moping up continues as Kathka cleaves through the ghouls.

Another ghoul scuttles in and rapidly crosses the battlefield to get into Ozzie’s face! For its troubles it gets an arrow from the bow meister, Tol, as a small ball of fury rushes into help out his arcane colleague, plunging his sword into its back.

The fast mover is dispatched by Kathka. The rest of the ghouls have disappeared into the next chamber. A crossbow bolt races out of the darkness and sinks itself into Memnnon’s side.

Further up the room appears to be a throne room.on the throne is a darkness, behind which is another of these masks.

Toll races towards the wall and basically flies up the wall, drawing he now and firing suppressing shots at the enemy.

Ozzie teleports up behind Tol and takes out a few of the bad guys, he also discovers that in the darkness is a powerful undead creature. Who suddenly appears in the guise of young girl in the midst of the party and dominates Switch.

Another fast mover appears from around the corner and takes withering fire from Tol’s splintering shot.

Switch tries to stab the wizard, who teleports away from the vicious blade of the ungrateful hairy halfling.

Ozzie unleashes his prismatic beams to no great effect. Kathka releases the dancing sword to get the girl. The girl teleports next to Ozzie, who asks her, her name. Which is Alaster and her mummy. She tries to bite Ozzie but misses, whilst the other three come and try to bite the hapless wizard. One of who, sinks its teeth into his rump, dazing him.

Switch backstabs the fast mover for 58 points of damage, Ozzie teleports away from danger but remains bloodied. The dancing sword swings into action and strikes a mighty blow against the fast mover.

The little girl teleports in pursuit of Ozzie and strikers him savagely, causing greviously bodily harm, once again Ozzie’s robes run red. The fast mover dies from the power of Memnnon’s consecrated ground.

Tol gives a cry of exhalation, this reinvigorates Ozzie, as Switch sneaks around and stabs the girl. Ozzie rearranges the battlefield and teleports the girl away with Switch in pursuit. Kathka’s dancing sword sashes up to the girl and strikes her.

She teleports away and after the cleric, biting him and immobilising him, his infernal wrath burns her undead soul.

Tol drops all his weapons, as Switch smoothly shifts across the battlefield and with a mighty blow fells the undead girl.

Tol investigates the throne…. Which is actually a rather fine chair, which has some nice sapphires set into it.

Memnnon and Ozzie investigate the masks which they decide are the cause of the curse, or tied into the curse.

Switch and Tol investigate the chair. He prises out the first sapphire, the second sapphire and reckons they are worth about 5000gp each.
The girl has a small wooden doll.. Kathka remarks he also saw a wooden duck.

Referring to the journal, it is suspected that the carvings may have been stolen from the locals.. Ozzie calls up one of the canoe boys who is not happy to be seeing the masks here. He tells us they should be in the final resting place. This is only known by she who speaks with the ancestors.

The party spends the rest of the day clearing up the bodies and burning them with the rotting wood.

Tol goes for a swim and finds the remains of bones and bits of sunken ship. It’s clear that ships have been lured or bought in here semi regularly..

The party overnights at the bay, the party wakes to find they had pleasant restful dreams, although none of them can be recalled.

The Temple of Proteus

As Ghouls pour from the doorway, Tol pumps arrows into the Ghoul Priest, ignoring the Ghoul at his feet, which strikes savagely at him. Memnon invokes a mass cure light wounds to keep the party fighting. Kathra and Switch splats one Ghoul and as Switch advances to support the Tiefling things go badly wrong for him (with a Natural 1 followed by an Action Point and a second Natural 1!!).Ozzie’s Winged Horde has more success, felling the priest and weakening the Ghouls enough that seconds later, all have been slain.

One room off the main chamber appears to have been a dormitory, with the blue and green robes of followers of Proteus. There are other, green and gold, robes of followers of Asterius (patron saint of trade and thieves). A wooden altar dedicated to Proteus is also in the room, but it has been defiled and is thick with dried blood.

Another room contained stores, but there is now little of interest save a few candles, which the party take with them.

A final doorway is locked and inscribed with a glyph of warding. Switch takes care of the lock and Kathra utters the word “Asterius” which opens the door safely. Inside are human remains, a journal and another altar. It appears that the deceased locked himself in the room to avoid the chaos outside and died of thirst.
His journal makes for grim reading;
_*The journal of Belias Septimus Kamonikas.*
“My name is Belias Septimus Kamonikas. I was born in Thyatis, the second youngest of eight children. Seeing little chance of inheriting my parents’ vintners I took learning form the priests of Asterius. Over the years I have worked my way up and my efforts have been rewarded. I have been chosen to accompany Alaster’s expedition to establish a trading colony in the Thanegioth Archipelago. I assist a Hattian of passionate disposition, Sterner; I may have to temper his zeal with Asterius’ wisdom. We come to trade, not to conquer.”

A.C. 951: Belias starts by relating his excitement at being chosen to accompany Alaster on her expedition to the Island of Sisiwas. He is to be one of the colony’s holy men and spiritual advisors.
A.C. 952/3: Belias recounts the founding of the colony, called Fort Rivencliff. The site seems ideal with a deep water channel for ocean going ships and virtually unclimbable cliffs protecting it from the land. However, they will have to rely on the sea and the friendly islanders for provisions as there is no effective farming land in the cove.
A.C. 955: The colony now consists of a couple of wooden docks with warehouse, watch tower and accommodation for sailors. The colonists have begun carving out cliff dwellings.
Ships occasionally stop at the colony to re-supply whilst sailing the Sea of Dread; a good sign for the future.
A.C. 958: Belias celebrates the completion of his temple and the grand chamber of Alaster and her family. A feast is held in the great chamber, newly decorated with native carvings found by young explorers from the colony.
A.C. 960: Relations with the natives have deteriorated. Belias is unsure why, but mentions ‘inappropriate behaviour’ from some sailors who have been visiting the villages as well as the fort.
A.C. 966: Belias mentions that things are not going as well as they would have liked. Fewer ships are calling, due partly to unpredictable currents around the southern tip of the island that they failed to notice when settling here.
A.C. 970: The colony celebrates the birth of Alaster’s daughter, Arathi.
A.C. 982: Conditions within the colony have deteriorated. Storms have kept prevented anyone arriving or leaving by sea, even to fish, for over a month. Food supplies are running low and the colonists have been forced to try and eat the tough vegetation growing on the cliffs. Disease is killing off the old and vulnerable.
A.C. 982: At the height of the storm a ship is driven onto the rocks at the mouth of the cove. Alaster and her daughter order as many of the sailors to be brought ashore, along with the bodies of any who have drowned.
A.C. 982: Some form of rebellion has split the colonists, with a small group remaining with Belias in the temple while the rest retire to the great chamber. Belias has ‘suspicions’ where the other group are finding food, though doesn’t say what.

“The curse has spread here. I suspected Critias when he offered to take Oswa’s body and commit her to the waves. There they were, gathered around and fighting over her remains. I have shut myself in here, but I can hear them trying the door.”

The altar contains hidden compartments, with a large platinum piece (worth 7,500 gp) and an icon of Asterius made of ivory, precious stones and metals (also worth 7,500 gp). There is also a Holy Symbol of (TBC) which Memnon takes.

By consulting the journal, Memnon concludes that if there is a curse, it was most likely brought about by an object or something that was done – whatever it is, the Cleric feels he’ll recognise it when he sees it.

Locking the body safely in the room with a key found in its robes, the adventurers return to the cliff face and begin to ascend stairs leading up to the double doors spotted earlier. Tol spies half a dozen humanoid shapes at the top, which he thinks are Undead.

They begin to rain down bolts, one of which strikes Memnon, who is dazed by necrotic filth encrusting it. Ozzie blinds most of the assailants with a prismatic burst, Tol picks one off and Ozzie slays the rest with a wall of fire.

Cautiously moving through the doorway, the heroes find themselves in a large feasting chamber, with wooden masks on the walls and several more Ghouls, less savage looking and evidently more articulate; as one of hem welcomes the adventurers to dinner…

The Big Doors

The next day the party sails down to the big doors. Memnnon identifies that the doors are dedicated to the immortal Proteius, and other underea dwelling immortals. The door is slightly ajar.

Memnnon further identifies that the door also honours Asterius, trade and merchants and thieves. It is assumed to be the door to a temple. Memnnon opens the double doors wide and is momentarily startled as the temple lights up with the opening of the doors.

The room is spacious and quite obviously for ritual puposes. The inhabitants are quite clearly not followers of Protieus . More ghouls!


Ozzie teleports the ghouls closer. The high priest ghoul casts a cloud of darkness and disppears before appearing between Ozzie and Memnnon. The creature strikes at Memnnon, but he dodges it and teleports away using the power of his escape tattoo. A second strike misses the slightly traumatised wizard.

The ghouls move to feed on the party. One makes the mistake of trying to eat Memnnon and is burned to a crisp from his infernal wrath. Ozzie kills several of the zombies, but misses the high priest, which disappears and reappears to try and bite Memnnon. The smell of the undead starts to affect the party’s ability to strike at the enemy.

Tol runs up onto the altar and fires wildly at the prone high priest.

The battle rages around the temple, many of the party are repeatedly dazed by the high priest. The ghoulish high priest takes huge chunks out of the Teifling, blood flows freely from the cleric. Tol shoots the ghoul and exhalts his deity to heal the bleeding cleric.


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