Into the Darkness aka Den of the Dracolich

As the Dracolich mocks them in a voice from beyond the grave, the Heroes of Dymrak surge forwards into the chamber, swiftly encountering two large (nine square area) hordes of chittering bone swarms.

In mere seconds, several members of the party have been stunned by the Dracolich. Memon has gone Diabolic and Tol blesses his comrades with the Annointed Army. As Switch scales the ziggurat upon which the Dracolich resides, Memnon turns the undead swarms and burns the Dracolich with radiant energy from an action point.

Switch then backstabs the Dracolich (NATURAL 20!) causing 83 hp of damage, but the swarms overcome Memnon’s turning and surge back, attacking the Cleric, Tol, Ozzie and Althea. Two small red cubes are visible on the floor…

Ozzie heaves his bulk onto the ziggurat with a teleportation spell and psychic locks the Dracolich. Memnon follows up with a Gaze of the Sun, and the burnt Dracolich soars down to the lowest level of the ziggurat to escape the radiant flames, belching black fire over most of the party.

As Memnon laughs at the flames, Switch darts over to the Dracolich and backstabs it again (NATURAL 20!) causing another 82 hp of damage. With a groan, Tol keels over, as the flames and a swarm threaten his life. Althea leaps into action, burrowing under the earth to reach the fallen ranger’s side, beginning to drag him away from the Dracolich’s aura of doom (which prohibits any healing when within 3 squares of it).

Althea picks up one of the curious red cubes as she passes it and realises that they will absorb and negate the Dracolich’s stunning effect, but that a cube needs to be held to do this and will vanish in a few seconds (three rounds). Memnon heals both himself and Tol before heading towards one of the four large crystals in the chamber (there is one in each corner).

With a gesture and few hissed syllables, Ozzie transforms the fearsome Dracolich into a fluffy squirrel! As Tol, who is still aflame, climbs up onto the ziggurat away from the swarms, Memnon begins to take control of the crystal and the swarms make a beeline straight for him.

With the Dracolich now powerless unless attacked (which will make it revert back to its normal form) the heroes pile their attacks into the swarms, to keep them away from the cleric. Althea’s Thunderhead Strike lands with a NATURAL 20, followed by Ozzie’s Hammerfall Step NATURAL 20!

With a burst of insight NATURAL 20! Mem understands that the crystals absorb the necromantic energy in the room. Turning off all four of them will reset the room but will also lead to a deadly build up of necromantic energy. Also radiant attacks suffer a penalty within two squares of each crystal.

The race is on! Can the heroes keep the swarms at bay long enough to deactivate the crystals and then get out of he chamber before the necromantic energy slays them all? Tune in next week to find out. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!

Feeling the Force

Tol shoots the last construct.

Ozzie gains control of the Force field. And a shield shuts down between him

A bell rings somewhere, Ozzie picks up his dagger and teleports back towards his colleagues.

The heroes empty the room as the wizard teleports back through the room..

Ozzie teleports out of the room and Switch takes the keys out of the room. The heroes head back up to the Force room and Switch finds the room exactly as he left it. He stealthily edges around the room

Astral stalkers, lodge a part of themselves into their victim, only one at a time, so they can keep tracking their victims. Tol notes that it spent more time stalking Ozzie than any of the others.

Ozzie teleports to the control step of the Force room. Ozzie gets the familiar focus and fuzzy feeling, but also feels that the system is offline, which is as he expected. He also feels that there is a residual amount of power across the system. The force system is quite important.

The heroes position themselves defensively in case the Carnifex come back to retake the Force room.

The power returns and Ozzie starts to exert his influence and surprises himself as to how easily he takes control of the Force node.

Ozzie now has control of the Force systems, including the force shields. Ozzie ditches control of the cold room.

After a discussion it is agree that Ozzie should pass control of the Force node to Althea, who easily retakes control.. the bell goes off when Althea takes control. Althea knows that there is a way of shifting the rooms around.

The party heads to the Death room and consider the room where they released the spirits, it appears that this was a tomb and a prison. Other tombs were not prisons.

Arriving at the door to the Death room, there is heavy Carnifex tracks and traffic.

As Switch approaches the door there is a strong feeling of unease and disquiet, he manages to push through, Memnnon feels the room of dread. Tol reads the heading which says black energy node control room. Opening the door, there is a pitch black chamber beyond. Switch’s magical light.

Drifting around in the darkness are the Crystalline defence mechanisms and they have gained control of the Death room. It is agreed that Memnnon will still try and take control of the room

The Crystalline structure teleports to the top where it then launches a burst of radiant energy. Memnnon charges up to the top and Ozzie darkens the Crystalline structures temporarily, as Althea Shakes the earth around one of the structure..

The blinded halfling moves back to the corner and in total defence until he recovers his sight.

The Crystalline structures are dazed and heavily obscured, the burst out with their powers but miss, Memnnon’ powers push them away from him as he goes into the control dom.

The battle continues, Tol finishes one of the structures off with a counter strike and the other follows soon after but not before.

Memnnon starts to take control of the node, but quickly realises he can’t control the node whilst it’s controlled by the Carnifex. Shouting ,’to the control room’ and heads off. Ozzie pushes the Crystalline structure through the door, but it comes back and bursts out is bright light blinding the heroes and pushing them away. Memnnon turns and calls down his god’s Daunting light.

Althea bursts out of the ground next to the creature and wallops it. It explodes.

After a short rest, Switch opens the secret door and, there are steps going down. To the doors to the control room. Althea turns off the force controls and the heroes gain access to the control room

The room is very large and very dark. The ziggurat/pyramid almost glows with black necrotic power.

Atop the ziggurat is a large creature curling and uncurling and the floor seems to be moving. Throwing a torch into the room illuminates briefly to see the floor is covered with reptilian skeletons, which scuttle away from the light. From atop the ziggurat a sound like bones clicking and snapping together a voice breathes “Welcome…. I am afraid I’m gong to have to destroy you but it’s nothing personal.”

May the force be with you.

Awaking rested, Switch soon finds the entrance to the Force Control room. Switch suspects it’s been opened in the recent past.

Memnnon and Althea discover they now understand the languages and the writing.

Opening the door there are stairs going down to a golden door. With the words Force Generator Romm take precautions before entering

Opening the door is a largely empty chamber with an alcove fading into darkness, the room is empty except for two crystalline figures and 2 golems.

The heroes head into battle, the guardians light up…. Memnnon strides in and hits a wall that Ozzie teleported through…. Ozzie is completely distracted by the wall.

Althea takes on the constructs.

Ozzie identifies that there is a wall of force in effect and that he is on the safe side. He also notices that the blue light has gone out.

Althea is taking a kicking and a beating and is stunned by the onslaught..

Ozzie teleports down and is struck by a wave of force and quickly teleports to the next zone.. arriving safely. Peering ahead he can see a portal…. that opens out into the night sky.

Ozzie lives up to the control panel and understands that this is the emergency shutdown. It takes him a while to shut it down.
Meanwhile Memnnon heals a number of the party, getting the back into the fight, just in time to be hit by a wave of force and the pinball force thingies start whirring furiously flinging heroes and villains indiscriminately.

Memnnon’s radiant anger finishes off one of the crystalline structures, which explodes and knocks Switch over…. again.

The wave of force pressure moves through the heroes square and then starts to flow through where Ozzie is pushing him back against the wall. He gets up and goes back to work. The pale blue light has also reappeared in the gate. Ozzie’s dagger remains on the floor.

Taking control

Leaving the control room we head down a corridor and see an offset door which above it says Cold control.

Memnnon casts endure elements on the group before we enter the Cold control room.

Entering the room is a rectangular crystal in the centre and 4 constructs bustle around the room. Looking in there is a blast of frigid cold air.

One face of the crystal lights with an unearthly light. Tol and Ozzie decide that getting in front of the beam from the crystal is not a good idea.

Ozzie teleports to the first place. And almost falls off the pedestal. Tol also climbs up and as does Althea.

One of the constructs moves over to Memnnon and Switch and says. The portal must be shut.

The light shines and another construct comes up and says stand back. Unusually Switch complies as does Memnnon, the construct relaxes and the door closes.

Althea is bombarded with strange sensory information and can’t cope with the sensory overload and is stunned. However he recovers and starts to understand what is gong on.

Switch and Memnnon reopen the door in time to see Ozzie take control and the construct charges the out to confront them. Switch stabs it and the battle commences with Memnnon stepping in to support his colleague.

Meanwhile Tol gets a feeling of everything sliding into place and the Ozzie and Althea does as well. We now have control of one of the energy types of the ziggurat. We also suspect that the Carnifex have arcane, force and elemental. This is unusual and the heroes struggle to get their head around air energy or earth energy.

We become aware that there is a door in the far corner that leads to the power source. This suggests that all the control rooms have a door to their power source. The cold is good for the ziggurat moving, so not so much when it’s not moving. There is so much more that the heroes don’t understand. There are also more power sources, at least one we are yet to be aware of. We understand that all constructs are now allies, we can now give constructs actions. There is also a sense of where other control rooms are.

The heroes return to the force control room. We take an extended rest in the force control room. While Switch is on guard he notices nothing.

The room of death

Most of the alcoves are empty, however in one is a 4 limbed construct that is currently inactive.

The hexagonal things have a slight arcane tint, more for the feeling of being in the presence of something magical.

After five minutes of wandering down the corridor the archways stop. Ozzie contemplates the time passing, it doesn’t think the time is passing any faster or slower here despite the corridor getting apparently older.

The corridor continues but is now sloping downwards. The sides are still highly decorative in a slightly memorial feel and less words. This is now the first time we’ve passed any form of dust.

Another five minutes the corridor ends in a door with a large inscription. Which says “Caution living beings advised not to pass beyond, herein lie those who tried to master time for their own benefit.”

Memnnon and Switch open the door, the light from Memnnon’s mace, which reflects in a strange way. A t shaped catacomb with lots of burial niches. Taking up the space in front of the party is a strange black cloud with motes of strangely reflecting and absorbed light.

Memnnon feels that the translucent dark cloud is something from the shadow realm, make it feel gloomy. The light is being absorbed.

Memnnon strides in and addresses the darkness. A dry dusty voice echoes through the chamber ‘who disturbs our rest? What is this Halav… this means nothing to us. We have been here a long age…. brooding. Who are these Carnifex.

We have seen galaxies fall before the beyond and our brethren do nothing to stop this. We know exactly where this is , but why should we help you?

Ozzie helps the cleric, fortunately Althea starts to pull the keys out so we can reopen the door

To get hold of the hourglass would be very useful for us…. say the cloud. We could assist you perhaps… but we would require you to assist us out of here.

Shimmering out of the walls come ghostly shapes…. with 4 limbs. We suddenly realise that this isn’t the death room but the jail for those who plot against the ziggurat.

One of the creatures dis appears and both Ozzie and Memnnon feel a cold pass through them and it reappears next to Tol.

The skeleton construct moves to attack the cleric of Halav, Tol fires a round of suppressing shots, to slow it down, whilst dextrously avoiding the attack of the creature next to him.

However this is not enough for Memnnon to avoid the pounding fists of the creature. The other creatures seek to make their escape and a battle ensues.

The rest of the creatures seek to escape, but the wizard teleports back and pushes them all back into their box. As the cleric seeks to escape, it takes a pounding and collapses.

Tol summons howling winds down the corridor to push the ghostly apparitions further back into the jail and slides the downed cleric within reach of the halfling, before sending a flurry of arrows into the jail to deter them.

Switch grabs the tie fling and pulls him out of the room and pours a potion of vitality down his throat brining him back into the battle.

One of the spectres comes through the door and disappears through the wall… escaping its jail.

The spectres continue to escape, trying to caress the weakened cleric, but his fortitude protects him. Althea shuts the door keeping 2 of the creatures in the jail.

Ozzie swaps to his moonstone orb and casts eye of the warlock onto the spectre. Memnnon stands up and starts calling down holy radiant power against the creature.

The creature turns to Memnnon and strikes a dazing blow against him before fleeing the flailing weapons of the heroes.

Ozzie concentrated on the fleeing spectre. Which cuts through the material and meets up with the others. They head down and the eye blinks out just as they enter a large square Idy chamber which is lit by a brilliant column of light. There are a quite a few creatures which it doesn’t recognise, but Ozzie recognises them as Carnifex and their other flunkies.

The heroes head back to the stairs and follow them down…. down, down, down. Ther a corridor is reached and there is a junction to the left. Tol inspects to see where creatures have gone… he notices that they have gone straight ahead….. the heroes go left.

A short time, the corridor becomes brighter from a light ahead. The heroes surmise that this is the central shaft. The heroes are not yet at the bottom, but looking further down, this seems to be the lowest tunnel before the floor. Further along there is a junction. Tol notices that there have been some Carnifex and he also notices a sign that says control room. Heading off to the control room, the corridor goes off turning left and down some stairs.

There is an additional level of security on the control panel.

Chris to in
The room of force

Ozzie is convinced that the pulses are generating force energy.

The creature appears and attacks Memnnon, before disappearing again.

Ozzie stands up but isn’t able to shrug off the poison coursing through his body. He summons a storm pillar and prepares to capture the creature and bring him next to Switch.

Alll the spheres stop briefly and then reverse. The air or the room appears to quiver.

The worm thingy stands up and Althea ‘s thunder rings out again hurting the larva creature. The face shifts and shocks the warden.

The invisible creature appears next to Ozzie, claws him and is teleported next to the halfling, the creature is slowed, so the innovative halfling jumps on a barrel to try and strike at the creature. Unfortunately the barrel was less well constructed.

Ozzie passes out from the poison, as an explosion of maggots Comms from the creature after Tol’s arrow kills the larvae creature and then heals the bleeding wizard. Who comes around.

The party agrees to depart the room, the diabolical Memnnon heals the hapless wizard and then moves to depart the room as well

Althea picks up the remaining papers on the table.

The death of the wizard, seems have stopped the attacks. This appears to have been an astral stalker, Ozzie suspects.

Althea gives the paper to Ozzie who passes them to Tol, who can naturally read the contents of the papers.

The worms notes Written by Magath of Omar.

After a short rest and a digestion of the notes and then proceed to look for a control panel. Switch eventually find a a raised plinth.

Ozzie sits on the throne and a light shimmers, Ozzie’s mind is disorienting and unpleasant and confusing, he eventually starts to control the room.

The four pillars are channelling power. Ozzie struggles to control them, but after a long mental battle fails to take control. He does recall that theforce energy is used to control physical movement in the ziggurat,

Ozzie believes there are 6 main sources of energy, force, elemental, death,psychic, arcane, cold

The party head off through the door to a corridor, that stretches away into the distance, and then bends away to the right and has a doorway and a flight of steps on the left going down.

The door is opened, with a series of archways on either side, going off into the distance. Memnnon and Switch head off with Tol in support. Memnnon peers into the first arch on the right. At the far end of it is a dusty room with shelves and nothing on it. Peering into the arch opposite it there is a bluish crate and another one. There are track marks in here.

Switch goes and opens the second box…. which is designed to be opened by creatures with four limbs, in there are six hexagonal metal plates

Looking around

Switch searches around for a secret door.

Ozzie determines that something has passed beyond the room, but the heroes aren’t sure what.

The fire element is now the one that is hooked into the beyond. The three links draw energy from somewhere and feed it into the ziggurat. The air one isn’t really firing properly, which suggests there.is something wrong here as well.

A discussion ensues as to what we do. Tol builds a camp and we move the bodies over to one corner. The heroes settle down to eat and Switch takes first watch. About halfway through his watch the doors open and a guttural voice is heard. Switch wakes Memnnon up and sees a couple of the Troglodyte warriors and the wizardy Carnifex enter.. They are suspicious but look directly at the camp and don’t detect it. They notice the bodies, and go to investigate. Then the main party heads back to report the incident, leaving 2 to stand guard. Switch sneaks up and stabs them both.

Althea can feel that the whole pyramid is throbbing with power, but feels the power is being converted to something else. She can feel that there is something wrong with it as well.

During Tol’s watch a lone troglodytes runs through the room and out the other end. Tol wakes the next day and feels strange, he feels as though he is coming down with a cold or a minor illness.

As we head to the door. Tol realises that he can read all the writing on the wall in Carnifex. He reads the map and sees the control roll is the platform

The heroes head down to the control room down the very long stairs…. 10 mins later the stairs stop on a platform, with a turning to the left, it it does continue straight on. For a substantial period of time. In the distance a door can be seen, along with corridors to either side. We send the sneaky rogue on ahead to see what is around the corner.

As Switch gets near her can hear a low gutteral muttering as if they are trying to be quiet… an ambush!

The heroes stealthily sneak down the corridor to surprise the ambushes., who leap out when they hear Althea coming down the corridor only to be charmed by Ozzie, which takes one out. The creatures have strange lightning spears which look like they have some form of stunning ability..they are all quickly dispatched

At one end of the corridor is an empty open crate. Or empty shelves.

The writing on the door says welcome to the directional control room. The door has two slots, at 4 feet and 5 feet. Switch realises that the short lightning swords aren’t weapons but keys for the direction room. It hums and the door opens. It is the lightning that causes the door to open Ozzie realises.

Inside the room is lit with a bluish light, with a stone ziggurat glowing with blue symbols, which causes our heads to throb with pain. To either side of the room is. A platform with smaller symbols on. Between the central ziggurat and the smaller ziggurat there is intermittent flash of blue light, with a tinge of purple. There are a number of constructs rushing around on set paths, all running clockwise, pausing at specific points.. It appears to be in response to the lightning arc.. Around the room are various symbols, which don’t make any sense at the moment.

As soon as Switch enters the room, the constructs notice him and as he approaches the centre dome a blast of power flashes out . He reaches the top of the ziggurat and over to the side. The construct says life forms are not allowed in this room and continues to say they should retreat. Tol speaks gibberish to the creatures, but they appear to understand him.

This system has very strong pyschic and elemental energy. Memnnon follows Switch through the room, and leaps up onto the top of the plinth. The constructs stop, and then start manipulating symbols on the wall before one moves towards the halfling and says you must depart from this chamber. You have been warned.

Ozzie teleports across the room and the remainder of the heroes follow.

One of the constructs moves over to the heroes and is immobilised by the halfling who shifts away as it lashes out with a blast of pyshic energy, the other does the same. Memnnon is hit by the blast, pushed back into the room and takes a whack from the overhead power. The others

Ozzie pushes the creatures away and moves up to get the key off Switch, as does Althea., who gets there first and they put the keys in the door and Switch goes through and down the corridor.

The constructs move to prevent the heroes leaving the room, Memnnon is taking a beating from them.

Ozzie teleports himself and the remaining party members out of the room and tries to shut the door, but doesn’t. Manage however Memnnon pulls the other key out and the door closes.

Turning to look at the door Tol translates the room as being mind control. Althea speculates that something might be in the box in the mind control room…. that the Carnifex might be after.

The heroes continue to follow the path down, with the thief sort of sneaking on ahead. 5minutes later Switch finds the corridor to the right with steps going down, whilst the other corridor continues straight.. Tol identifies that Carnifex and lizards types have gone down and come back.

Heading down the stairs for 10 minutes the party comes to a t junction and turns right and continue for a few minutes. The fabric of the corridor is becoming less sturdy…. almost like it is less healthy. Arcane and nature checks suggest that the damage has been down a while ago, the rocks have a high metallic content and has been altered or treated in some way. Heading back up we can hear beings running towards the team in a great rush. Tol takes one out with an arrow and the others keep coming on down. Memnnon asks them to stop and cease and desist, but they don’t, so Memnnon calls down daunting light and kills another one. Tol calls to stop them, and then shoots the remainder. The heroes listen for what might be chasing them..

After a short while the corridor becomes better illuminated and there is a slightly ozone spell. The light at the end of the corridor becomes brighter and brighter and fills the whole corridor. There is a strong sense of multiple energy sources. Switch is attached to a rope and given Memnnon ‘s shield and proceeds down the corridor. The light continues to get more painful, but he stumbles across a troglodytes body, which has large welts and an arm is missing. The next thing in the corridor is the body of a Carnifex and then more bodies and there is an edge and a drop. He finds himself on the edge of a huge shaft. Inside which are huge blasts of energy for fire and ice and radiance. Across the far side of the shaft is a similar archway. In the middle there appears to be a walkway between 2 other archways.

We head back around to try and find the shaft at the other end.. To confirm that this is the opposite side of where Switch was. Ozzie goes down the corridor, finding it not nearly as bad as Switch made it out to be. He gets to the end and finds a tunnel of force gong through the middle of the shaft. He also sees another one lower down running perpendicular to his. In both cases there are tunnels coming out into the shaft.

In pursuit of the Carnifex

As we open the door, everything pauses and all the creatures turn to look at us….

There are several troglaodyte warriors and some of the obsidian warriors from the undead city we saw. We recall the Carnifex has an aura of danger.

Ozzie teleports the Carnifex down to our level as the prismatic guardians move menacingly closer. They both launch a pulse of light and dark which explodes amongst the team.

Althea suddenly burrows under the ground to reappear behind the Obsidion warrior, whilst Memnnon casts shield of faith and moves into action.

The Calrnifex utters a cry and the crystals in the room turn purple and the key lines of colour also turn purple and somewhere in the distance a bell tolls once. Tol recalls a bell tolling in the feywild, but doesn’t recall why this was important.

Ozzie teleports up onto the pyramid and teleports the enemy around, lifting the Carnifex up 60 feet before dropping him back on the ground.

The battle in the doorway is ferocious, the heroes are surrounded, ruing to buy time for Ozzie to work out how to turn the crystals off.

Switch kills the Carnifex and then moves off to disarm the crystals. Althea calls upon her relationship with the earth and creates a ragin earthquake which kills a couple of the frogs, whilst Memnnon bursts out with the wrath of his god, befor moving to the wall and healing himself and the wizard.

Meanwhile the beyond continues to take control of the room, moving along the lines of power of the ziggurat.

Out of the shadows sneaks another Carnifex and bites the warden in the arse.

Ozzie pushes the guardian away and then concentrates on the crystal and learns that the crystal he is concerntrating on is related to the element of water. He feels that he has got a quarter of the way there to controlling the crystal.

The guardian moves back to attack Switch and Ozzie, blinding and pushing Ozzie into the purpleness of the beyond, which burns him.

Althea unleashes a howl of wrath against the Carnifex, immobilising all of the battlefield.

Ozzie teleports out of danger and regains his sight. The guardians continue to wreak havoc, even though they can’t move. Tol finally gets up off the ground and fires off a twin strike, taking out one of the Obsidion guardians and the crystalline guardian, which explodes in a scintillating display of glass shards.

Ozzie teleports next to Switch and uses his immense arcane power to stop the purpleness, before teleporting back to concentrate on the other gems and prevent the purple ooze from taking over earth element

The guardian spins up but miscues and falls over. Switch races up to support Ozzie and they work on one of the crystal Tol also races into the room and up the stairs to try and prevent the beyond from taking further control.

Althea disengages and starts off but is prevented from doing so by the Carnifex. Memnnon climbs up the wall, taking some damage from the Carnifex and uses his religious power to start deactivating the crystals.

Althea takes another hit and is pushed into the purple beyond ooze. Ozzie teleports over and starts deactivating the other crystal.

Switch closes down the crystal and moves across to hide behind the Carnifex, whilst Tol does some work on the crystal before leaping down the stairs to distract the Obsidion golem.

Althea tries an innovative approach to stop the ooze, whilst Memnnon deactivates the third crystal and heals Althea..

The elemental track of fire continues to complete and the bell tolls again. This is the third time it has tolled.

Tol starts to take a kicking from the Obsidion golem, causing him to pass out with the pain.

Ozzie teleports over to try and deactivate the last crystal but discoverers he can’t stop it. The ooze is now absorbed into the track.. The guardian fires again and Tol is unconscious

Switch and the Sneak go toe to toe, blood flows on both sides.

Memnnon calls down the healing power of his god, healing the entire party and reviving the hapless ranger. Althea goes to the rangers aid and is knocked over by the golem, and starts to take a kicking from the golem.

The sneak Carnifex tricks the halfling and the cleric into stabbing themselves. Ozzie stands up and transforms the guardian and the Obsidion Carnifex into a sparrow and a mouse.

With a cry of fury the halfling charges the Carnifex, hitting it, it tries to retaliate as it dies. The halfling collapses with relief.

The battle turns to focus on the guardian, which quickly covers from its transformation. Switch strikes at the the crystalline structure, whilst Tol repositions himself to launch a fusillade of arrows at the guardian. The Obsidion mouse continues to run around..

Memnnon climbs up and whacks the guardian with his mace, destroying it and causing it to explode in a burst of fragmented crystal.

The heroes fire turns on the construct which has turned back from its mouse, it dies quickly.

Althea feels that the stone of the ziggurat is a veneer and she isn’t sure what is beyond that.

Into the ziggurat

Tol searches around the ziggurat and notices Sabrina footprints, which suggest some of the carnifex are around the building.

On the other side of the building was a small fire and some things to sit on. The barrels contain various things, including 10 sun rods and a crystal, which flickers and is 5000 go of crstylaised residium.

The dome appears to be perfectly transparent. There is also a big hole in the top.

The dome is clearly a part of something larger. It also gives a feeling of scrying. Memnnon activates his ring of feather fall and takes his allies with him. The shaft descends 60 feet, as we go down there is a wrench and a pause in the fall, as if we are gong somewhere else. The we suddenly see an illuminated room, which we float down into.

The chamber is large with bluish stone and bluish light. Below us is a replica of the transparent dome we jumped in from the top.

On each wall there is an opening. 10 feet off the ground. As Memnnon lands, there is a slight settling of the crystal sphere, but then lancing out from the side chambers is a brilliant light, which is reminiscent of the guardians.

Surrounding the guardians are the troglodytic monsters on all sides. Tol opens up and starts reducing the odds.. the guardians fire again and hit Tol and Memnnon and the troglodytes move forward to engage the heroes. The toglydties also smell really bad.

Ozzie lands and blinds one of the guardians and removes 2 of the guards. Althea comes down and notices that the other wall there is a Carnifex, a wizard and some guards. She shoots the lizards wizard dead. The Carnifex retaliates by gesturing at Althea at messing with her mind.

Tol summons his anointed army and increases the defences and attack of the heroes as the Carnifex leaps down to engage the cleric, misses his bite, But dazes the cleric, who in diabolical form. The guardian hovers over and lobs a photon torpedo hitting many of the heroes.. Switch heroically leaps off the ledge and strikes the guardian.

Ozzie teleports out of danger, takes out 5 of the troglodytes and pushes the Carnifex and the guardian into his created wall of fire.

The Carnifex battles out of the wizard’s wall of fire and gestures to fill the air with a series of writhing and dancing flames around the room and then stares at Ozzie to try and daze him. Memnnon strikes out at the creature and call down healing goodness on himself and the charred wizard.

One of the troglodytes hits Althea, who is in Magma brute form, then reacts and burns the remaining troglodytes to death. Switch wades in stabs the Carnifex..

Ozzie’s wall of fire finishes off the Carnifex and then teleports the guardian down to the wall and repositions the brave halflings t9 do what he does best..

Ozzie investigates the crystal pod and acertains that it is a periscope to the outside and also has lots of strange runes circling around. Which Ozzie identifies as various commands as to how scary on certain areas and gain dark vision. It there are commands so that we could see the stars around the ziggurat… ie looking up to the heavens.

A search of the Carnifex discovers some burnt parchments. The ranger scrambles around the room looking for secret doors, but despite his best efforts doesn’t find anything.

Althea listens at the metal door, but doesn’t hear anything. The door appears to be a selecti9n of metal strips, next to it is a worn patch with a bluish glow. She touches the latch and the door opens… beyond is a short corridor and down into a chamber, which has a pale bluish glow. In the centre of the chamber is a pit and a range of barrels and stores. Althea goes and peers down the pit, before dropping a sun rod down the dark, deep and musty pit….and keeps falling 700 feet and beyond. The barrels contain dried meats, belts writing equipment. Tol believes the meats are freshly caught jungle animals.

The team find a map of the ziggurat, whilst Ozzie translates the map, which translates as observatory, one of them is a platform, platform defence reset or pyramid defence reset.

The story of the Carnifex expedition to the ziggurat… according to the plan they had been awakened after being awakened. There is even a portal address to this place. Ozzie gets the impression they haven’t been here very long. The Carnifex a re looking for something and matching it to the prophecy and the rise of Y’hog. The stars suggest that the set are are now aligned. Groups have been sent through both doors and trying to control the ziggurat.

The heroes head off to the platform, which is lit but not brightly lit. Stair case… which goes down and down… and down. After a while it becomes clear that the creatures that built this have longer legs. After a good 15 minutes of walking we reach a door, which

There is a large chamber with 4
The heroes cross back


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