The Workshop

20th Felmont
Come morning, Ozzie isn’t sure his ghostly visitor wasn’t a dream. He feels there has been a slight increase in the strength of the Beyond. The spectral cleaners do their thing. The silver medallions are depowered, but are soon recharged by being placed in the statues’ hands. Ozzie and Memnon take silver medallions for this library.

Back to the unexplored double doors. Switch easily unlocks them to reveal a 15 foot square room resembling an office. Books in various states of repair lie on a table and there are tools in a drawer.

Another door leads into a very large room, replete with shelving and more tables with partially mended books. A large vat smells of stale urine. Dust motes whirl on the floor. And coalesce into gibbering, amorphous shapes!


The adventurers dart into the room and take the battle to the eerie foe. The creatures’ gibbering causes psychic damage and dazes many members of the party. The combat is slow and hard work and before long all bar one of the party are bloodied. Ozzie’s Colour Orb and Kathra’s Exorcism of Steel buy some time for Memnon to heal many of the wounded and Halav’s gifts enable the Heroes of Dymrak to wear down their enemy, with Tol’s Twin Strike (Natural 20!) finishing off the last of them.

Taking in their surroundings, the room is very magical, of a level way beyond Ozzie. The books are mostly medical and religious in nature. There is no sign of the precepts of Akhal and no secret doors.

5000 GP of party treasure is collected and making a note to return and fully help themselves to the precious metals and gemstones the work tables contain; the adventurers move on, locking the door behind them.

There are two doors to choose from. One (it is thought) leads back to the Faith Library, the other to parts unknown. The unknown pat is chosen, and Switch and Tol ascend a spiral staircase leading up to another level of the Library and another door.

Beyond it is a small reading room with yet another tentacular monstrosity. It lashes out at Switch but Tol’s Disruptive Strike pins the appendage to the ceiling. The Rogue shifts back and slams the door shut, but the creature begins to seep around its frame. Half Elf and Hinn fly back down the stairs as the door explodes free from its frame and Ozzie fills the stairway with a wall of fire… or he would have , if he could remember how to do it..!

The creature appears to have stolen Ozzie’s knowledge of how to create a Wall of Fire!
Tol checks the other door , finding a small making room which he cautiously enters. The door crashes open and the creature oozes in. A colour orb from Ozzie dazes it, allowing Kathra and Memnon to flank it in melee and land some good blows, just as a second one appears. Tol is blocked in the anteroom.

Ozzie psychic locks the first creature and switch slays it. The second one has grabs at Tol, who backflips away and twin strikes it. The ooze successfully grabs Kathra and drags her across the chamber. Bow fire and Titanic magic strike the ooze and Kathra is able to burst it apart.

Two silver Faith medallions are recovered from the remaining puddles which are all that’s left of the creatures. Memnon and Tol each take one.

After a short rest, the adventurers explore the room upstairs; a large space with bookcases , tables and chairs. Nothing of note is found in the room. Two doors lead from it. The first leads to a small kitchen, where silver cutlery adds 100 GP to party treasure.

The second door leads to a dimly lit corridor with a T junction…

Secret Ways.

Replacing the fallen shelving and the books/parchments/scrolls on them; there are no apparently magical tomes.

Switch discovers a hidden door behind a bookcase. A spiral staircase leads up to another door. Switch can’t pick this one, so Ozzie opens it using a ‘Knock’ spell. Beyond is a corridor with several door on either side, reminiscent of the dormitory area discovered earlier. Vague ‘swishing’ noises can be heard behind some doors.

Opening one door reveals the expected sleeping quarters – and another twisted creature. Switch floors the beast, but as it screams, all the other doors slam open and more beasts pour out. Ozzie’s magicks push some of the horde back, but Memnon is first attacked and then engulfed by one creature, vanishing from the corridor whilst seemingly not being contained within the creature that attacked him.

Ozzie is engulfed too, with Tol and switch both hurt. Kathra’s Exorcism of Steel buys a little breathing room, allowing Switch to slay the creature that displaced Memnon. The Tiefling reappears, only to be engulfed again by another creature mere moments later.

As Kathra is bloodied, Ozzie is freed. His Dark Gathering spell dazes the enemy, blinding and immobilising some. Memnon is able to break free and full strength again; the Heroes of Dymrak whittle down their foe – Kathra bashing and pummelling, Ozzie actually hitting with colour orb (WHOOT!!!) and Memnon’s Divine Glow finishing off the creatures.

Searching the rooms yields various papers, parchments and 120 platinum pieces (worth 100GP each)! The heroes take 20 each with the last 20 going into party treasure. The adventurers return to the Library to rest and examine the papers (Ozzie laying down a blast patch or some extra security).

Research reveals that the Librarians here were collating information and repairing volumes, not doing any real research. There is no mention of the Beyond. There are four sections to the Library; Faith, Medicine, Arts and Magic. Each section has a Chief Librarian (with a Gold medallion) and there is one Overlord Librarian.

Tol discovers a Wyvern-hide Elven folio, a travel log written some 300-400 years ago. It details the properties of herbs. A Dwarven tome covers the military applications of flora.

Kathra discovers that in places, the stonework has warped, revealing organic shapes – arms and even an eye. At one glance there are 12 courses of stone in the wall. At another; 11.

When a silver medallion is placed in a hollow on the statue in the room, a hatch clicks open, revealing the plinth to be hollow. A shaft (One crazy Motherfu-shut yo’ mouth) leads down to an illuminated room. Kathra ropes up to descend, but discovers she can float down.

There is a room, 20 foot square, lined with shelves of books. Ozzie and Memnon join Kathra in the room, discovering information on subjects such as poisons, rituals, reproduction (F’narr) and non-lethal pain. A Raise Dead scroll is found and Memnon is able to learn a ritual of Fantastic Recuperation. Switch finds a small gold & platinum statue worth circa £15k GP.

Later, as the party rests; a glowing figure (male, vaguely familiar) appears to Ozzie during his watch. It implores him to “Save the Library, drive away the foul taint, destroy it. All this is mine. Find my medallion and control everything. There is one in my tomb, at the bottom of the library. Yet it cannot be reached from the bottom. The most recent Chief Librarian will have one. Shut them out.”

Silence in the Library

As Tol’s bowfire finishes off the Pestilent and Grasping Fiends, switch is confronted by a fleshy horror, wearing tattered white robes – what is left of the Librarians. Climbing to the top of bookcases, he spies a second and third…

Memnon and Tol both use their respective medallions to successfully pass through the Faith and Medicine doorways, Tol passing Ozzie his medallion so the wizard can join him and Memnon does the same with Kathra. Ozzie hails the Librarians, but a psychic “SHHH!” echoes in his head as a result. One of the Librarians seems different to the others, more spindly, but looking at all of them is like looking through a heat haze, as they seem to affect the ground around them.

In a separate part of the Library, Memnon and Kathra find a room with a statue similar to those downstairs, yet this one has its hands raised almost as if one could put something I them… However, there are also at least three Librarians, so Tiefling and Dwarf retreat in the direction they expect to find their companions.

When they find them, bot Tol and Ozzie have been bloodied in combat. Memnon consecrates the ground about the enemy, as his companions take second wind and whisper a healing word (earning another SHH!).

Combat with the Librarians is brutal and hard, as the very floor about them hampers the adventurers’ ability to move and manoeuvre. In addition, any further utterances are met with a psychic assault in the form of a thundering “SHH!” making some spells and prayers painful.

It takes almost all of the heroes’ abilities (and a great deal of healing) to defeat the Librarians, but after a savage combat, the room is at last still. The corpses of the Librarians bubble away into sticky goo and finally evaporate completely. The Chief Librarian leaves behind a silver medallion, which Tol takes a s the party tend to their wounds and rest before deciding what to do next.

Enter The Library

Through the double doors are many small rooms, each with a small bed and chest. In one are some scraps of parchment, journal fragments dating from 1603 (400 years old). Between the evidence at hand and the parchments, it seems Library Staff wore white robes (the tentacular monstrosity wore the remnants of white robes…) and that copper tokens and brown robes were needed by visitors.

Upstairs and there’s more shuffling and bumping noises from behind a closed door. Upon entry, the adventurers encounter white robed humanoids, even more horribly deformed and tentacular than those already encountered.

After slaying the horrors, the party surveys the room, finding enough coper tokens to allocate one to each member of the party, another bronze token (giving a set of Medicine, Faith and Arts). Ozzie prestigidates a white robe back together from scraps in the room.
Parchments describe a journey into the Library, accompanied by White Robed Librarians. The account describes leaving weaponry behind and not being able to speak when inside. The description of the entrance leads the group to believe it is from a balcony overlooking the main chamber, just beyond them.

There is an odd phenomenon as dawns breaks outside – dust gathers and is cleared up by some unseen servant (Dyson’s Cleanser?). The party takes an extended rest in the comparative safety of the room.

PING Level up.

18th Felmont

The three bronze tokens are allocated to party members; Medicine to Tol, Faith Memnon and Arts Ozzie. The Wizard grimly reports that he now senses an even stronger presence of the beyond in the Library.

The heroes brace themselves for a dash along the balcony, amongst the Fiends. Their preparations are not unwarranted, as Feathered, Grasping (Surrender , Dorothy!) and Insectoid Fiends are soon attacking from all angles.

Ozzie uses his magicks to unlock the door, but when he tries to move through it he is pushed back, barely stopping himself from tumbling off the balcony to the floor below. Memnon too is blasted back when trying to enter. Switch, putting his weapon away, is able to move through the door. Memnon is blasted clean off the balcony on his second attempt to enter.

As the Cleric heads back up the spiral staircase to rejoin his battling companions on the balcony, Switch looks about himself. he is in a well-lit ‘L-shaped’ room, with many book-lines shelves and a statue of a what appears to be a wise old wizard. There are also slimey noises…

Deeper into the Library

Memnon is flown almost up to the ceiling before setting the grasping fiend alight with his flaming mace. It drops him..!

Down below, Ozzie’s spells move the foe around as switch kicks and backstabs more out of the way. Memnon crashes to the floor, bloodied, and is promptly dive bombed by the fiend he set alight. It seems to somehow wrap itself in the flame, before Kathra brings it to the ground with a powerful blow, Switch flattens it and Tol finishes it off with a twin strike.

As more fiends close in, Memnon creates a Healing Circle, the flash of radiant energy wounding more foe as he gets to his feet. As Switch gets Ozzie pushed and pulls foe left and right Switch grits a sun rod in his teeth and uses his tools to open a door. The party dashed through, slamming the door behind them and hastily barricading it.

The room beyond is deserted, containing unlocked cabinets (containing keys to lock them and robes/coats) and papers with a list of hundreds of names in Thyatian. The names are listed as being either “Faith” or “Medicine”. The last entry was made 52 years ago, but the list goes back hundreds of years. Medicine appears more frequently than faith in the more recent years. Medallions of Ixion are also found. Memnon and Tol take robes and add their names to the list under Faith and medicine respectively.

Exploring further, the adventurers discover more rooms containing toilets and several with wooden beds and empty chests – like dormitory rooms. There are at last nine such rooms, all very dust free. Ozzie senses the psychic lavender scent of things from the far realm…
At the end of the corridor is a set of double doors. Beyond is a large chamber containing many tables with a statue in the corner (a refrec tory?) and a horrible mass of fleshy sacs and many different limbs and appendages. It appears similar to the horror encountered earlier that produced a commanding face that could force members of the party to attack their companions.


This tentacular monstrosity appears to wear the remnant of one of the robes Tol and Memnon have donned. Several more creatures with mangled, tortuous bodies shamble forth from the shadows.

Ozzy’s Prismatic Burst and Mirage arcana blinds several creatures and inhibits other from being able to see the party from inside the zone of effect. The party pours on missile, melee, magic, and divine energy Despite one sticky moment where Ozzie takes a pasting (Natural 20!) all the hideous creatures are swiftly slain. The tentacular monstrosity slowly dissolves into a puddle of goo.

The statue looks to be wise and stern, most likely Ixion. Off the refrectory is a store room and kitchen. More medallions are found, bearing the inscription ‘Curat Ionum’ one to do with the healing arts and the other; faith. Tol and Memnon take a relevant one each.

Memnnon goes first

The party slams the door to the bunk room and heads up the stairs to the other weapons room. Memnnon gets to the top and is confronted by a snarling warped guard… In the guard room. It is soon dispatched by Tol and Switch although it strikes and hits Memnnon.

All guard room doors are unlocked with the same key which Switch has kept. A detailed discussion sees Switch sneaking around the side. All is set up, Switch sneaks out the door stealthy as can be.

He sneaks out through the door, as it opens the fiends turn around to see what has happened. Tol holds his breath as they start to lazily flap over to see what has happened..

Ozzie opens the door and sees one of the buzzy things, a Pest Fiend, and throws a radiant ball at it before shutting the door.
Switch is safely away around the corner investigating where we go next. He carefully examines the statue, it depicts a robed man with wise demeanor. Despite his scholarly aspect he is well muscled. He carries a torch. The statue opposite shows the same being, could this be a reference to Ixion in his guise of Bringer of the Light of Knowledge?
Regardless, Switch doesn’t think there is any sort of trap, either mechanical or magical, associated with the statue, so continues to the door.

Ozzie slamming the door has attracted the attention of the demons. Memnnon takes control and strides through the door to hit the pest fiend, which he does. It buzzes back and dazes him.
Ozzie then pushes two fiends off the ledge. One has the now familiar vulture like features, the other appears to be a flying ape with long grasping arms. He then uses visions of avarice to pull the fiends away from the ledge. Kathka prepares to hit something.
Switch confidently uses his key in the locked door. No use! Clearly he needs a different key. crouching down in the shadows he witnesses several of the fleshy sacks staggering across the floor. They seem more intent on the noise from around the corner where he confidently expects his companions to appear soon.
Tol opens the door downstairs and shoots the grasping fiend, as Kafka throws her hammer at another.
Memnon then lashes out at the droning Pest Fiend, but the exertion, or perhaps its somnolent buzz, is enough to send him to sleep.
Ozzie pushes the demons back and pulls all the demons into the zone. Kafka slaps Memnnon which wakes him. Switch is noticed by a walking condom and hit, he retaliates and stabs it but can’t quite bring it down.

Tol shoots and shouts that we’ve got a way round to the other side..

Memnnon stands up, as the demons escape the zone of avarice and flies up to hit him in retaliation to men’s daunting light before flying up out of range. The others also escape the zone and go after the party.

Above Switch a grasping fiend shuffles to the edge of the balcony and prepares to dive on the unlucky hin. However it stumbles and lands heavily on the fleshy fiend, crushing it (and incidentally preventing it’s bursting from harming Switch).

Ozzie throws a rainbow of radiance at the feathered fiends, hitting both and blinding them, before Charing down the stairs. He is followed by Kafka, as Tol pushes through some condoms, getting splattered on the way., before dropping all his arrows.

Memnon races along the battlements, before leaping off, tripping on take off and landing prone on top of the immobilised grasping fiend, which grabs him in a gorilla hug. It then flies up high into the air and squeezes him.

Ozzie comes through the door and pushes a condom out of the way before making the buzzy creature and a condom succumb to the visions of avarice. This clears the way for Kafka to charge through and start throwing hammers at the grasping fiend. Despite a solid hit it doesn’t release Memnon. Kathka draws on hidden resources of energy to snap off another throwing hammer, but that misses.

Attack of the Fiends

As the adventurers enter the gloom, the attack continues. Two huge statues ahead glow faintly. Ozzy senses an arcane buzzing and when he tries to teleport he finds himself face down on the floor. Memnon invokes a Shield of Faith that covers all.



There are several doors around the perimeter of the huge space and the Heroes head for the nearest one. Three different kinds of Fiend (feathered, insectoid and FLYING MONKEYS!!! surrender, Dorothy!!!) attack as well as shuffling , animated sacks of flesh. The fiends hit hard, it’s easy to understand how Koala’s party fared badly.


The insectoid fiends can vibrate their carapaces, having a somnambulant, dazing effect on Switch and Tol. Ozzy realises the whole area is under the effect of a ritual and as he casts spells, Memnon notices that the glow of the two huge statues increases slightly.

Switch manages to unlock the door before falling asleep and Memnon kicks it open. Kathra hustles a stunned Ozzy through the door, finding a room with a weapons rack, barrels and a spiral staircase leading both up and down. Memnon grabs a sleeping Tol and drags him through the door.


As the Feathered Fiends are hit, they give off a cloud of dust and mites, which is poisonous. Their feathers seem to absorb flame and divine energy in some manner. As they batter at the door, Switch locks it and Kathra descend into a large, dark chamber below, with tables, benches, more weapon racks… and something shuffling towards her.

An awful , huge mass of sagging, tentacular flesh shuffles forth, forming random limbs and pseudopods. With Tol waking up, the rest of the party gradually descend and join in combat with the hideous thing. Memnon is last down the stairs, after piling tables and chairs up against the door.

The Spawn forms a craggy, commanding face and orders Kathra to charge Tol. She obeys, but comes to her senses as Ozzy pushes the Spawn back with beguiling strands, lighting a sun rod and attacking. More of the smaller, fleshy creatures shamble forth. Memnon doesn’t think they are undead. They’re like nothing he has seen before, possibly from Beyond.

Lit by sunrod and flaming mace, the battle rages….

Escape from the Catacombs

The Heroes of Dymrak slog on through the melee, wearing down their opponents and the patrol that attacks from their rear.

With Ozzy studying the map, they continue through the catacombs, dodging Yuan Ti patrols and encountering several more egg chambers, each with a dozen eggs.

Finally they arrive at their destination, an egg chamber with 11 intact, aged eggs and one split, ruined one. Excitedly searching the eggs, Wombat’s rune is located on one of the intact eggs. Shortly after, the occupant has been successfully removed and Ozzy is face to face with his wizened, but living father.

The party takes an extended rest, during which Wombat regains consciousness. Ozzy gets to speak with his father, but everything proves too much for the old warrior and he passes out. Wombat comes to his senses again and is more able to converse. Ozzy fills his father in on their current circumstances and gives a very potted version of what has transpired to bring them to this point.

Wombat explains that he found where the library was, but didn’t actually get there. All his companions were slain by feathered fiends outside the library. He knows that the Yuan Ti have been manipulating events for a thousand years.

The adventurers decide wombat is too fragile to take with them to the Library and would most likely die in the attempt. A plan is made; Kathra messages Duvenstahl using her ‘mobile stones’, letting him know that Wombat has been found and will be sent to Specularum. Duvenstahl is to collect him ASAP from the Wizard’s Guild in the city and keep him safe.

A note is written to the guild informing them that Wombat is to be looked after, clothed and fed until Duvenstahl arrives. After another extended rest, Wombat is given the note and enough gold to pay his way before being gated by his son to Specularum.

The party sets off, heading for what looks on Ozzy’s map globe to the central ‘shaft’, with the plan to use celestial eagles to fly out. But the map pulses oddly – Ozzy thinks somebody has manipulated it externally. With comprehend languages activated to help intimidate any Yuan Ti they encounter, the adventurers make their way to the central shaft. The map orb pulses again.

Reaching the shaft, the party finds a bright light shining down from above the organic looking shaft. Fir stone outcrops are embedded I the walls. Summoning and mounting their Eagles, the party leaves the map orb on the floor of the shaft and take flight.

The top of the shaft is a huge diamond, with several smaller diamonds around it, shining light onto the central diamond, which is then channelled to the firestone below (presumably the Yuan Ti’s method of heating their complex).

As Switch tries to prise away one of the diamond ‘trapdoors’, motion is spied at the bottom of the shaft. Yuan Ti gather around where the map orb was discarded and shortly after, several giant, shadowy serpents with Yuan Ti riders begin to rise up the walls of the shaft. Tol discovers a way to open the diamond trap door. One by one the party escapes, Switch breaking the diamond door off to take with him and Ozzy casting a storm pillar to block the egress so the Yuan Ti can’t follow.

The adventurers are back on the surface. The main shaft lay directly under Fort Wyvernkill. As their Eagles have had to be left back in the shaft, Ozzy burns through residuum and summons another convocation. Wasting no time, the party takes flight, heading northwest for the canyon housing the library.


The landscape is scrubland, interspersed with some low ruins. Camp is made in an arroyo. Switch drops the diamond trap door from height to break it into more manageable pieces that can be stored in the bag of holding. The night passes without incident.

In the morning, the heroes set off on foot. With extra protection from Ozzy’s endure elements, they find a canyon matching Wombat’s description of the location of the Lost Library. Windowed structures carved into the very canyon walls look down like empty eyes. Feathers and guano are on the floor. There is the sound of bird calls (?).


Advancing, the party finds what must be the entrance to the library. It is befouled. The air stinks. Vulture-like shapes hop and strut into view atop the canyon walls. The ‘bird calls’ now more obviously fiendish avian voices.


The party breaks for the Library entrance. Feathered Fiends (Ozzy doesn’t think they are from beyond) swoop down and make strafing attacks. The fiends are 8 or 9 feet tall, with oily black feathers, beaks, short arms and vicious claws. Suffering only minor wounds, the adventurers make it to the Library entrance.

Inside is a huge hall, with no natural light. There is a mosaic floor coated in filth. The place stinks and appears to be used as a lair by the Fiends. Ahead is the faint glow of a light source…

Subterranean Conflicts

The party pauses as Ozzy studies runes on the tunnel wall. A patrol of Serpent Folk and large snakes appears and shielding the mid-ritual Ozzy – combat is joined. Hooded figures placing fresh firestones in alcoves as round a bend in the tunnel. The lead ‘Lamplighter’ opens fire at Tol, who cuts all three of them down (Natural 20!).

Switches blade, Memnon’s divine power and Kathra’s cleavage soon bring victory. Examining the bodies of the Lamplighters, the adventurers discover they were young men and women with serpentine eyes and noses (a la Voldermort). Ozzy completes his ritual –the runes identify a mundane location in the complex (akin to a sign saying “Floor C”.

Hiding the bodies and taking the fire stones, the party sets off in the direction the Lamplighters came from. Quarter of an hour later, the air has grown warmer still, almost uncomfortably so, when there is the low murmur of activity ahead. Switch scouts ahead and reports back on what he’s seen.

In a large cavern, with a huge chunk of fire stone for a ceiling, there are many Serpent People, statue of Rasek Carr, a Priest and an egg being carried through. Quickly forming a plan, the Heroes of Dymrak attack.

The battle is intense but over quickly, with all the Serpent Folk being slain and the party escaping largely unscathed. There is little of interest on the bodies, bar the Priests necklace, which has jet fangs (PARTY TREASURE, worth 2000 GP). The statue again has rubies for eyes (PARTY TREASURE 2 × 5000 GP). The egg is light, suggesting it’s empty, and leathery rather than hard. When cut open it’s about a third full with clear/green tinged liquid.

The party goes in the direction that the egg was being taken. Another chamber with four more eggs is found, but none bears the sigil of Koala. The sigils are a tree (an elf..?), crescent moon (elven/fay magic..?), spearhead (?) and lightning bolt (Haitian Storm Shield). The eggs are still slightly soft, and appear to have occupants.

Moving on, there is soon the sound of ritual taking place ahead. A flight of steps leads upwards; a sheer rock face also seems to lead to where the steps come out. Switch and Memnon climb up the rock face – there is a large cavern with a naked prisoner tied up next to a sarcophagus of some kind and an egg. There are many serpents and Yuan Ti.

The rest of the party creeps up the stairs before charging into battle. Tol slays two foes with a single arrow (Natural 20!), Memnon slays several minions with radiant energy, Ozzy lays down a storm pillar and prismatic burst. Kathra engages a Stalker, then a swarm of snakes. Switch bloodies the Priest and after several minutes of battle, all the Yuan Ti are slain (despite the party wanting to take the Priest alive).

MILESTONE (bit not for Ozzy).

Ozzy (Natural 20!) determines the sarcophagus is an arcane device connected to the egg next to it. The means to put prisoners into an egg. This prisoner however, has also died during the battle, savaged by a swarm of snakes. He was a Sindhi and is totally naked apart from a stud in one ear. Another victim had just a bracer – it seems an artificial object of some kind is required as part of the process.

The Priest carries an oblate sphere of yellowish stone. There is a double helix shape of some kind within it. Ozzy determines that this is a map and is able to access it. 375 GP of residuum is used to conduct the ritual to locate Koala and his location appears on the map – down at the bottom of the ‘helix’.

The adventurers set off, but get lost over the course of two hours (Natural 1s from sterling scouts Tol and Switch), coming to a cavern FULL of sleeping Yuan Ti and Serpents and deciding to fight their way through. A serious melee begins….

From Out of the Darkness

The party’s rest is disturbed as the blast patch goes off and a large snake hurls itself at Ozzy! Serpent men follow. The attack is repelled by Hammerfall Step, bowfire, a sneak attack and Kathra’s cleavage (Memnon must still be sleepy, as his Divine powers fizzle).

Soon, only one Serpent Man remains and Ozzy intimidates it into dropping its weapon.

Promising not to kill it, a brief interrogation reveals:

  • The Serpent folk worship/follow ‘Rasek Carr’, one of the outer beings
  • The tunnels ahead are vast, containing “many priests, many eggs”.

The adventurers have some debate about those kept prisoner in eggs and when should they could or should be freed. Too soon and they may die or at best be at risk, at worst, a burden. It’s agreed that they will not be left behind.

16th Felmont
The party manages to finish an extended rest (the captured Serpent Man staring at them throughout). The prisoner is knocked out and left trussed up as the Heroes of Dymrak set off again into the unknown…


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