Phasing in the tombs of the Carnifex

Another Carnifex phases in through the wall and through Memnnon before biting the cleric. It takes some fire damage but it’s gaze is so mesmerising that Memnnon is moving very slowly.

Kathka rushes forward cleaving through the creature and smashing one of the pots, creating a cloud of spices.

The Carnifex breathes an odour ours ancient breath over the heroes, Ozzie changes the warp and the weave so that the foul breath goes around him.

Another comes through the door and takes a blow from Switch and Tol, it breathes across and another passes through, biting the ranger as it passes through the room and out down the stairs.

Switch pushes open the door and sees that the corridor goes on and turns away to the right..

Ozzie moves the Carnifex and the thief into another area, keeping the unearthly creatures Away from him. Tol finishes off the immobilised Carnifex.

Another comes around and breathes its foul breath sucking some of Ozzie’s soul from him and tries to bite the ranger as he moves back and let’s lose a volley of arrows.

Kathka smashes open the chest and finds a range of pottery vials. It’s very dusty..

The battle continues, as the cleric calls down the powers of Halav to heal the hapless wizard, whilst the thief stabs and kills the Conifex, before heading off down the corridor, tripping on a paving stone and falling flat on his face.

Kathka suggests that Ozzie check out the chest, as he head off after the retreating wraiths.. The herbs and spices are hard to tell what they are but one glass vial is a potion of vitality, which he puts into his pouch. Looking up he sees a Carnifex wraith flit past. The ranger charges around the corner firing wildly at the retreating monster. The Tielfing charges past the wizard and notices a human figure wrapped in bandages and clutching a large sword. It receives a blast of the clerics diety’s powers.

Kathka’s dancing sword is released to foxtrot off and rhumba with the Carnifex..

The mummies in the alooves are animated but obviously waiting for something to happen. Another Carnifex comes up and out of the well, whilst the other disappears down the well.

Memnnon goes diabolic, heals himself and whacks the mummy, destroying it but as it explodes into a cloud of necrotic dust.

The Carnifex keep on coming, breathing over the party, Ozzie suffers immensely as he inadvertently inhales the ancient breath of the Carnifex. Blood seeps out of his eyes and ears as he suffers.

Memmnnon lays down a beacon of hope and Ozzie sends one of them to another place., whilst the other disappears down the well. The heroes take advantage of the absence of the wraiths to quickly heal Switch and Ozzie.

Kathka lights a light rod and throws it down the well. It falls 50 feet before the walls come alive with screaming faces which reach out, grab the light and snuffs it out.

Memnnon wades in and starts swiping at the zombies and wiping them out, as does Tol.

The wraith that had gone down the well reappears out of another and breathes foul fetid breath at the cleric..

The other wraith reappears from its horrible journey and Switch stabs it, Tol unleashes a flurry of arrows, whilst the demonic shaped Memnnon releases a radiance of brilliance as Kathka’s dancing sword tangoed across the hall, killing the first wraith with dipping swipe before doing a polka dance back to hit the other wraith, which chases after the wizard, as the cleric explodes in an burst of radiant light. Tol calls down an anointed army which destroys zombies and bolsters the good guys

However the entire zombie army now animates and comes after the heroes. Switch stabs the wraith before retreating around the corner, whilst the dwarf strikes it with an exorcism of steel, exorcist get it out of existence. The horde of zombies shamble towards Kathka and Memnnon who stand fast against the advancing horde of undead.

Ozzie pushes the zombies away from Kathka, so she has more room to swing her sword.

The remaining zombies are dispatched and the looting of the gold amulets around their necks begins. The halfling collects 19 gold medallions worth 1000 gps each, they have runes recognisable as being from the Carnifex.

The remaining blocks are broken open to find 4 more potions of vitality.

The alcove is examined which Memnnon identifies that the place where the well of souls could be sealed in. It appears there has been something there until fairly recently. It is an oval shaped base of something. It might possibly be have tomb plunderers or maybe.

The Spite of the Undead

The adventurers continue to battle the Mummies, Kathra slaying another, but wit wracking coughs, Switch and Memnon realise they are developing a nasty case of Mummy Rot.

After the last of the unholy—blasphemous-abomination-insults-to-the-glorious-vision-of-our-Lord-Halav-undead fall, Tol and Ozzie are able to cure their companions’ ailments.

The gemstone indeed opens the door with the single gem-shaped indentation and beyond is a familiar looking corridor; with several grilles no doubt ready to unleash ethereal tentacles. Disarming the now-familiar mechanism, the Heroes of Dymrak advance towards double doors, which switch bashes to matchsticks.

Beyond is a large, chilly chamber with stone tables and jars. The adventurer’s vision become obscured as if a shadow has descended. Ozzie’s eyes glaze over and he strolls to one of the five tables (not at all worrying that there are the same number of tables as members of he party) an lies down on it, jabbering in a foreign language that sounds both angry, pleading and questioning.

Memnon (NATURAL 20!) realises that there are thousands of of souls here, in torment. (Switch senses a particular hostility towards him…) This room is where beings were mummified, often alive!

Kathra, Tol and Switch seem to anger the spirits (low rolls in a skill challenge) and are soon also laying on the tables, feeling as if blades were cutting into them and their brains were being scrambled by sticks inserted into their nasal cavities.

Memnon invites the spirits to posses him, so that they might communicate more clearly and to avoid any further misunderstanding. With this and good rolls from Ozzie and Kathra and a powerful suggestion from Memnon; an accord is reached. The spirits will not only allow the heroes to pass, but will accompany them to vicariously avenge their treatment at the claws of the Carnifex (title for the movie adaptation of this scenario right there, chaps!).

NB The Heroes of Dymrak now have the following abilities:

*Aura of Bloodshed – the Heroes will score a critical on any roll of 19 or 20 on any attack made within a 3 square radius of us.

Spite of the Cloud of Souls – Close burst 5. Each enemy grants combat advantage when in this aura.

Both last until we reach a milestone.
Moving on a junction room is encountered. The party takes the right hand turn and promptly encounter two ghostly Carnifex in a chamber with two exit passages, more canoptic jars and tentacle grilles.

Battle is swiftly joined, Ozzie bearing the brunt of the Undead’s wrath and suffering a critical hit (38 damage) – in retaliation, his prismatic Burst blinds both of them, bloodying one. Memnon’s Solar Wrath forces one Carnifex to retreat, and the first dissipates under the power of his Inspiring strike but another emerges through the door ahead.

The battle rages on..!

Return of the Hin

As the hereoes complete their search, they also find a ring of regeneration.

It is agreed that we hide the Returnee beacon behind the throne and then Ozzie sets up Tenser’s floating disc. And take the mummy back and burn it in the desert.

The heroes rest first. Then Memnnon raises Switch from the dead.

Tol seeks out and learns the ritual cure disease.

Ozzie finds. I reference of Obsidion cities…. Very ancient ruins there is a mention of a very old empire called Blackmoor… A human empire. Is this a reference to Lomar?

Tol cures disease on Memnnon and Switch to remove the Mummy rot.

Kathka checks at the library is secure.

The heroes gate back into the catacombs to find nothing has changed. A detailed search doesn’t find anything.

Ozzie goes back to the mural and looks for the phylatary, which shows up as a jewellery. At this stage the heroes realise that they haven’t got the lich… Uh oh.

We head through the catacombs, with a surprising memory of our dreams, managing to avoid the traps.

Heading into another room, Switch and Tol notice 4 more mummies in the alcoves defending the route to the throne room. Tol unleashes a flurry of arrows as the halfling rushes up to smack the mummy. It responds by trying to take his head off, but he ducks and it misses. The nimble hin also senses another of the rotting corposes seeking to attack him and dodges its flailing arms

The battlefield shimmers and changes as arcane and holy magic fills the air against the mummified sentinels, pushing and teleporting them across the room. The halfling continues to pummel and beat the mummy, to his horror he notices that the mummy is regenerating.

Another Mummy throws its bandages at Memnnon and pulls him to its self and whacks him with its club.

Kathka releases the dancing sword to whack the mummy, but the odour and dust of the mummy is preventing the heroes from doing what they do best..

The forth mummy comes down to the corridor and wails at the group, however it is such a feeble moan that the group laugh heartedly in the face of terror.

Ozzie moves the hurt mummy and the halfling over to the cleric so they can start taking lumps out of it, which the cleric duly does, setting fire to it with his mace.

The Mummy
AKA Oh crap, a Carnifex Liche

The heroes find themselves in a circular chamber that they recall from their time slip. In the past there were two additional doors (making four – one at each compass point) but ‘east’ and ‘west’ are now blocked off. In the past, one of these passages led to a room containing the deadly hovering crystal constructs. It appears that they need small finely faceted gems to open the hidden doors.

Moving on they encounter the corridor with six grates. As Switch runs through (NATURAL ONE!) he triggers a trap and doors at either end of the corridor slam down. Ghostly purple tentacles (again) emerge from the grates and attack.

Ozzy uses Hammerfall step to get the hapless Hinn back with his companions. Tol spies a panel by the door which resets the trap and covers the metal grates. With the tentacles out of actions the party passes on through another columned hall. Scuff marks on the floor by the exit door suggst somebody else has passed through recently.

Switch batters down the door and they enter a curving corridor with vile carvings on the walls, depicting the Carnifex’s sacrifices to … something.

(Memnon also notices what look like proto-Tieflings being created by the Carnifex…)

Continuing, the carvings show a Carnifex apparently killing itself and being carried with great ceremony to a burial site. Bracing themselves for the possibility they may soon be facing a Liche, the adventurers are unsurprised when the next room is a large columned chamber with a raised dais at the far end containing a mummified Carnifex on a throne. Crystalline constructs hover by its side and large stone blocks line the way to the throne, some broken open and spilling out piles of bladed weaponry.

Wasting no time, the Heroes of Dymrak begin their assault. Ozzy creates a storm pillar in front of the Liche as Tol advances, shooting at its bandaged form. The piles of blades coalesce into humanoid shapes and begin the counterattack in vicious fashion.

The Liche rises, emanating a terrible aura of despair and the crystalline constructs also attack. Even with the shield of Memnon’s faith protecting them, several of the party are soon bloodied. The Liche belittles Ozzy but Tol lands a fantastic disruptive strike (NATURAL TWENTY!) and bloodies (dusts?) the evil creature.

Tol goes one further and his anointed army washes over the party, (+4 to all Defence, +2 to damage and attack rolls until end of encounter)!

The blades become incorporeal and do hideous damage as they phase through some of the party. The battle rages on as the heroes try and focus on bringing the Liche down.

Ozzie is so awed by the lich that his push spell backfires sliding him across the room and
knocking him over. Kathka lands a mighty blow on the undead Carnifex, which howls in pain.

The ranger summons howling winds from the depths of the forest of Dymrak, pushing the lich back across the room. He then fires upon the creature, missing with both shots. The lich rushes back into the battle and attacks diabolic Memnnon, catches a wild swing from the dwarf and speaks a word which knocks over the cleric, his blood flows into one of the surging blades, which heals one of the blades. The dwarf shudders from the power of the lich, going pale, before grimacing and holding her ground.

The sword wraiths swoop across the battlefield sything their way through party. Half the party is blinded by the construct. Ozzie teleports blindly to the fallen figure of Memnnon and pours a vitality potion down the clerics throat, before sending scintillating beams into the sword wraiths. Switch takes advantage of the beams effect and takes out one of the sword wraith.

Memnnon is knocked unconscious by another shield wraith, Ozzie flails through Memnnon’s belongings to find the potion of vitality, pours it down his throat bringing Halav’s cleric back to the land of the living.

Switch goes to the rescue of the fallen ranger, and resuscitates him. Tol jumps up and shoots the lich with his bow.

The lich hisses at the ranger and then tries to smite the fallen cleric with his mace.. Memnnon rises from his death bed and calls upon the mighty healing power of his God, healing the her colleagues. Kathka swipes from her prone position with a mighty strike, felling the lich. It screams a final cry as it falls to the ground.

The battle finally moves in the heroes favour, despite the construct’s attack scattering the heroes. Memnnon turns the sword wraiths, dispelling one to its final resting place.

Switch is attacked and killed outright by the sword wraiths, Memnnon calls down a solar wrath upon the remaining creatures and heals Kathka, but she is slow to heal due to the negative energies remaining form the lich. Ozzie teleports the sword wraiths and inadvertently himself across the battlefield. Kathka sends her dancing sword flying past the Mage to attack the construct.

The construct shifts, spinning and scintillating of radiant and necrotic energy, exploding mainly towards the tiefling..

The mask of the lich is worth 15,000 GPS and bound in amongst the bandages is a copper box, with a diamond worth 50000 GPS and also opens the circular chamber.

A new dawn

The heroes awake in the Jungle. After a discussion of the strange dreams, they head over to the large slab. It is discernible to make out the tower of knowledge, but the hole is going directly into the temple.

It is fairly clear we are at the same city that our dreams were based.

The muscly boys and girls eventually manage to slide the stone slab to one side, revealing a black rectangle of darkness with steps descending down. There is a faint smell of rich herbs and spices reminiscent of ages past underneath the stinger dank odour.

Kathka throws a sun rod down the stairs and the rogue follows stealthy after. There is a slight breeze flowing through the complex and some strange clicking or moaning, which the dwarf suspects that there might be something living down there.

As the heroes continue down they start to feel a sense of de ja vue. There is a faint light coming from the chamber… This starts to feel more and more familiar. The room opens out to a large chamber is lit by starlight, which turn out to be luminous lighting. Around the sides in alcoves there are the mummified remains of over 20 reptilian creatures.

Memnnon seems to recall that the stars are the same as from his dream… But they aren’t quite right for now. As we enter the alcove we notice that some of the mummified remains are moving!

As the hereoes enter the chamber, the weight of ages imposes a feeling of despair on the party.

One of the creatures emits a despairing wail, which weakened the heroes and then slams into the halfling, the others shamble out of their alcoves and attack!

The rogue shouts focus on them one at a time and rushes around to stab the one confronting Kathka, who smashes the creature with a reckless strike.

The battle continues, as with burst of radiant and necrotic energy fly around amidst a flurry of swords and claws. Kathka is at the centre of the battle, heroically holding the mummies close to her to prevent her allies being harmed by them. The mummies duly turn their energies onto trying to defeat her, but they are finished off before they can kill her.

A Strange Dream

You feel an intense pain as your soul flies out of the shell it has occupied for the last few hours. You wonder with regret who the body belonged to that you were somehow able to borrow; you’ll never know for sure, but the disruption of the ritual must be some sort of justice for their brutal death as a Carnifex sacrifice.
You rush up through the ground, spirit flying free, and see the unfamiliar shape of the continents. Vast streams of purple energy arc towards a location off to your right from various points around the lands, but not, you note with pride, from below you.
Then you rush faster and there is a feeling of moving through time as well as space. A deep voice echoes in your head. “You have done well. I was/will be able to protect Lohmar now, but she still needs your help”. There is a sense of something huge swimming past you, a vast intelligence, then you awake to the humid jungles you fell asleep in, desperately holding onto the dream you just had.

(You are all able to remember a lot about your dream. Was it real or a vision? You may never know. Be aware that there was probably a lot of helpful information in it, as well as ominous foreshadowing, or should that be backshadowing?)

Into the crypt

Ahead of us the tunnel opens out into a lit area. Lots of the little lizard folk are scuttling through. One turns to us and says aha, quick come this way.

We continue down through the tunnels and can see the purplish light in mist coming up through the holes. We head down the corridors and come to a room lit up by a rainbow of light, which is a strange conglomeration of crystals around an Obsidion statues. The lizard recognises a tie in of arcane and necrotic energy. There is something inherently wrong about this.

The priest asks what they have and the lizard priest inspects what they have. The priest is getting agitated about what has been brought and that it is the wrong place. The priest clicks his fingers and disintegrates the two lizards.

Pol ties to bluff the priest, but he isn’t taken in and prepares to unleash his light, which is deflected by the shield of the dwarf, the lizard Memnnon calls down the power of Ixion, scorching the creature with radiant light.

The halfling stabs the priest and then says lets scarper this way. The elf moves into the attack and stabs the priest with his short sword, killing him. The light is pushed into the corner as the dead priest falls. The dwarf quickly searches the body of the priest. Pol looks at the trinkets and sees that they are some sort of construct, which means he might be able to control them.

The lights start firing at the party, so the party retreats and turns left. We read part of the tablet, which talks about focusing a lot of energy in Y’hog to create a great ritual. Lizard Memnnon marks the side of the stairs " danger radiant and necrotic that way"

The dwarf continues to carry the tablet as the party heads down the stairs to a very large door, which is wider and shorter than would be expected for a human. The door is very secure and is locked. The halfling can’t hear anything beyond, he can’t find any traps and easily opens the door, which turns and goes around a corner before opening into a dark room, full of books and scrolls and inscribed metal plates. The wizard pushes past the group in excitement to see the library, he looks around to see what is here. Most of his searches reveal that it is the history of the Carnifex nation and also about bringing forth the beings from the beyond.

Pol suggests, reluctantly that the scrolls could be set alight to create a diversion. After a bit more reading the spcific target to hit the city of Lomar. Lomar is the city of 8 gates, which are the portals to other places. Of the portals could be overloaded this might break a rift.

We can hear voices. " Clearly we have some form of interloper in the building, find and punish them"

The heroes head on turn left and find a grated complex. With a desk and we take another corridor.. The left hand one goes down and so the party follows it on down into a large domed chamber with a number of guard creatures and a crystal light thing, a priestly lizard type. The room is eerily lit and the ceiling looks like the night sky. The wizard and the elf feel that the stars aren’t quite right. The room positively throbs with energy and there is a bled of red coming out the room that the priest. The party agrees to carry through the bluff, only after the wizard pushes the elf and halfling into the room. They march through and into the red room. In the centre is. Large red ruby held with a metal holder. There is a purple swirl of energy and a large Carnifex, which looks up and sees us. There is another smaller one also chanting. The party keeps confidently walking , until the elf pulls his bow out and shoots the green priest. Before charging up to its side, behind the halfling, both are beaten by the wizard’s firebolt. The dwarf charges the priest diving over the halfling and into the priest pushing him into his following light..

Memnnon walks up to the large Carnifex and with a clap of thunder pushes it back away from the large crystal. He also damages the large creature.

The large Carnifex shakes itself and retaliates with 2 purple darts at the silver lizard. He then steps forward and shouts " you’ve damaged it!" The halfling hearing this steps forward and strikes the centre ruby. The other priest stops chanting, shouts ‘guards’ and runs up and rips the throat out of the wizard. As he falls to the floor he cries out break the ruby, break the ruby.

The priest calls down his sacred flame on the ruby. The radiant power of Ixion destroys the ruby….. In a brilliant

The lizard Memnnon calls down a sacred flame on the one of the lights.

The Rebellion

Pol looks up and sees his brother, and a dwarf jester and a guard. He recalls that he doesn’t like his brother, who is dressed very richly.

One of the captives and sees Pol’s brother and breaks free, charging at the richly dressed wizard. The captive is very upset at seeing Pol’s brother and trys to attack him. He is struck down by guards.

Pol feels that there was something shouted along the lines of traitor, but isn’t completely clear. Meanwhile the end of the procession is coming through. At the end borne aloft is a huge and very fierce Saurnian creature

The party sneaks off, away from the adoring crowd, despite the hin very carefully walking into a giant frog. The party slips into the drainage stream, which the elf says is not nice but harmless. The party moves towards the grill which the elf had noticed earlier wasn’t very secure.

The gate moves very easily, and the party starts to senak through. However a shadow uphead who croaks “not so fast.” They are froggy guards and look threatening until they see out silvery lizard friend. “Ahhh the silver one who is here to save us.”

“Yes indeed”says Memnnon. There is a brief hesitation as the silver Memnnon feels for his new role as saviour and trys to work out what his next line is. However he is saved by the frogs who usher the party away from the main drain.

The party heads deeper into the drains and once into a wider cavern where Silver Memnnon is greeted with reverence. The frog people say that the lizard people had made a great show of parading his capture. Now they know he is alive and well, they will spread the word and tell all the silver one is alive

The frog folk tell us we a in the city of Ishtur-koth, which is a Carnifax city, ruled by the Hog Carnifex , who are fighting the humans of Lohmar, where Pol is from.

The Carnifex may have made a number of races in the halls of shaping. They are clearly building some thing big and it will be bad for Lomar. The Carnifex are Sacrificing huge numbers of people. The prince of Lomar was betrayed by his brother and captured.

The sacrificial energy is being captured and sent to a central point in the city where it is powering up powerful ritual

Y’hog is the capital city of the Carnifex . The lizard people are trying to crush the world under their heal for their masters from the the Outer Planes.

The heroes discuss options and try to work out tactics to stop the execution of this ritual and the continuous slaughter of people.

There are 100s of frog folk, but not enough to force it. There is a substantial warren of underground tunnels throughout the city

The little lizard, is called Osgareth. says they are moving lots of of things in the towers of knowledge deeper underground.

Below the temple of the Outer Beings is a crypt which connects to the towers of knowledge. Where the Carnifex are moving their knowledge.

There are less than 100 Carnifex in the temple. There is a powerful one.

Pol discovers he is actually the prince of Lomar and his younger brother is the one in the robes he saw earlier, who is here to make deal with the Carnifex. Pol suspects it isn’t a good one for his people.

The next day we discover that the frequency of bursts from the central temple has stepped up. A week ago it was one or two pulses per day and now it is much more.

Discussion is made as to what to do.

Captives are held in low domed pits. Pol (prince of Lomar) recalls that his logo is that of an eagle. Pol asks the frogs to pass out the logo to all slaves and tell them to be ready.

The party head out to the towers of knowledge. There is a buzz on the streets and more patrols of guards, fewer slaves who are carrying stuff. There are also more sacrifices being herded to their death.

As the heroes head to the central plaza a group of guards wander up to the party and address Memnnon. Who admonishes him for being so rude, but praises him as well. the heroes move on without a fight

The central plaza towers over everything else, there are carvings all around. The Towers of knowledge are big but not nearly as big as the Temple to the Outer Beings. People are coming and going into the temple. Every 40 minutes there are arcs of power coming out of the temple. There is. A strong feel of soul energy.

The towers of knowledge are built of Obsidian, covered in carvings of mammalian creatures being sacrificed in hideous ways. We head to the front door and see an overseer creature who is overseer class rather than priest class. Silver Memnon discusses with the overseer where he should be going It appears to be going badly, so Pol tries to charm the overseer… things go from bad to worse when Pol’s charm person spell fails and he is smacked by the overseer. Eventually Silver Memnon’s silver tongue allows the heroes to pass on into the Tower.

In the tower there are row upon row of scrolls and documents, reaching up into the ceiling. Little lizardfolk and some humanoid slaves are carrying scrolls. Most of the scrolls are being taken to the left hand circular chamber, which is very dim.

The Carnifex use a rule breaking combination of arcane and divine magic, their leaders are known as sorcerer priests.

The runes written in the floor indicate where the invisible lifts are. The lizards are using these to access the upper areas of the Tower. Pol studies these closely trying to work out how they work. He is soon noticed by a lizard creature who challenges him. Pol charms him and gets the creature to give him the scrolls it is carrying.

Pol hands out the scrolls to the rest of the party and they head down a spiralling ramp a good 100 feet. At the bottom is a guard with an overseer. As the Party approach the bottom the overseer approaches to see where they should be going. Once again Memnon convinces him that they should go another way… And off they go… towards the Temple.

on the way a certain curious small person peers down into a grill and sees a smoky purply tentacle reach up and try to grab the him. the sprightly halfling slashes at it and flees. The rest of the party slash and flee, except for the elf and the lizardman.

Entrance to the Obsidion City

The heroes step into the area where the jungle will not grow. It feels like the jungle is being kept out.

After referring to the letter of Marcus, the party heads over to the large mound of earth. Spread around her and there are the odds and ends of human detritus.

The party starts digging, the day starts as a bright sky and it gets very hot, causing. To be hotter. Which Ozzie can tell it’s not natural. The second hour it gets so hot, that Ozzie and other start suffering from heat exhaustion.

Tol heads off to get materials to create shade, as he leaves the sky starts to darken and the winds pick up. Ozzie discerns no arcane activity, but Memnnon feels that the immortals have created some form of divine power to prevent entry.

After three hours, Memnnon stops working and he and Tol, prays to Halav for inspiration. During this time, Memnnon feels that Halav is pre-occupied.

The next bit of strange weather is that it starts to rain. Ozzie’s fire ball doesn’t really help. It then turns to hail, getting so hard that the party has to retreat for the hour. The next hour the hail turns to snow and the heroes return to digging.

Tol forms a sledge and Ozzie creates Tenser’s floating disc to help remove the dirt. Walls of fire melt the ground so that it is still dig gable.

the snow melts and the dirt becomes very sticky mud, making it harder to dig.

The party sets up camp for the night, with Ozzie and Memmnnon inside the clearing and Tol, Kathka, and Switch outside of it. Memnnon and Kathka take first watch. Kathka thinks Memnnon is asleep and Memnnon thinks Kathka. Everyone in the party has very strange dreams, rushing through tunnels, there is also a strong voice talking to us before putting back into the stream.

Tol hears the voice say the seven stars are lost, but somehow they remain yet how long they do

Great knowledge awaits of fouls deeds done long ago, learn that you may act.

Suddenly everyone feels an intense pain in our chests and everyone wakes up, without any equipment , surrounded by bodies. Mainly human bodies, some other races. 5 of the bodies have had their hearts ripped out and replaced with a gemstone in its place. Memnnon is now a scaled lizardmen type person, Tol is now an elf

The party can’t recall each other’s names

Above is a domed ceiling, with a walkway, with 8 halfling sized lizardmen and one scaly humanoid lizardmen. It suggests that the larger ones aren’t necessarily the more intelligent.

The lizardmen start painting excitededly at the fact that some of the bodies aren’t so dead.
There is a slightly greenish unearthly glow..

The blond dwarf charges up and tries to get hold of one of the spears, but fails and is stabbed. The elf is hit by a spear, the human avoids being hit by a spear and launches a magic missile at 3 of the creatures, killing two of them.

The creatures with the Crimson jewels for hearts move around and start fighting the lizard creatures.. The human tries to charm the lizardmen charging towards him, but fails and turns and flees.

The silver lizardmen, kills his opponent and moves up to the door. He opens it and peering through sees another large circular room with doors at each point. There are several large creatures chanting around an altar with a body bleeding. The appear to be more than a dozen of the larger creatures. The ritual completes there is a flash of light from the pulsing Crimson light in the ceiling and everything goes dark. The silver lizardmen evaluates the odds and closes the door.

The halfling kills the little lizardmen and then skitters around the large one to flank it with the dwarf.

A beam of light emits from the silver lizardmen and the wizard and both of the bigger lizardmen go down.

The party are all still very confused as to who they are. All of them have a heart shaped hole which has been filled with a ruby.

Further up there are very thin and narrow Windows. The halfling offers to climb up to the balcony, given a leg up by the sliver lizardman.

The elf and the wizard collect all the rope around the other bodies and tie it into a piece of rope.

The halfling listens at the door and can hear a muffled chanting, he slowly opens the door to peer in. He can see that there is a balcony, set into the ceiling is a huge crystal gemstone. Down below the balcony he can see a lot of milling around, and can see the little lizard creatures dragging the bodies towards the door we have blocked. A quick conversation and the party climb up to the balcony and go through the door onto the balcony, and then sneak around the side of the balcony to the archway. With two sets of stairs down the party splits and one goes down to an armoury, which has two little lizardman. The halfling enthusiastically charges down and misses the surprised creature, but it is caught by the silver lizardman killing it, the blow from the lizardman flings the body into the other lizardman which means it is knocked out of the way of the Wizards firebolt. However the silver lizardman strikes down the other creature with his backswing.

Meanwhile the rest of the party goes down the stairs and into a mess room, where there is a larger lizardman, who is surprised to see them. The dwarve charges flailing wildly while the elf calmly lobs a spear at it which takes it in the shoulder because it lowered its shield to defend against the dwarf.. The creature roars and swings its club hitting the dwarf in the side of the head felling her. The elf charges in and again strikes the creature, which retaliates and knocks the elf over as well..

Meanwhile the silver lizardman quickly goes through the doors and sees the large lizardman about to cleave the dwarf, however his strike stuns the creature. He then quickly stabilises the unconscious creature

The wizard collects a range of pouches and leather skins with liquid, the lizardman puts the dwarf over his shoulder and listening at the door. The halfling and the wizard drag the elf along behind him. The door opens out to the outside.

A vast city opens out before us. The light has a greenish tint to it broken by red flashes of lightning. There are lizardmen everywhere and the few humans appear to be slaves. Although in one plaza lounging are half a dozen humans who don’t look to be slaves, wearing scale armour.

The is a little alleyway which the silver lizardman, pretends to bully the ‘warm bloods’ down an alley way.. The party head down taking random turns down the alley way. Which the party hole up in.

The ‘fighters eventually come round…. The party feel that this as a city is right, but it doesn’t feel right

Interestingly there is no hole where the emerald is in all the bodies. These don’t appear to be visible to anyone else.

The bulk of the inhabitants are lizard folk of various shapes and sizes. There is quite a heavy military presence and also lots of slaves.

There are also a couple of dozen humans resisting their guards, they appear to be being herded towards the building we have escaped from. Many of them have a pudding bowl style haircut.

As we cross one of the main thoroughfares, large groups of soldiers continue up and down, as they pass there can be heard the sound of bells jingling and jangling towards the party

There is a dwarf running away with full plate armour and lots of bells strapped to it. There are the sounds of pursuit form the behind the dwarf.

As the party moves into the north of the city, we start to see more frog like creatures. The silver lizardman asks a frog person how to get out of the city. It says’ north gate master’

Silver lizard thinks the red lighting is the combination of arcane and religious power. He also thinks that people who have been sacrificed have their soul energy removed and so can’t be bought back from the dead..

A huge gout of red energy comes out of the massive tower and arcs into the sky.

The Oswestry heads toward the north gate. There is a huge wall and a large gate, with a large plaza and lots of guards. Before the plaza the road goes over the canal. There are more epistle and lizard type creatures. Suddenly all the guards genuflect in front of something that is coming through the gate.

Chim chimera chim chim cheree

The aerial battle rages as the chimera pursue what looklike a tasty snacks, however Tol’s accuracy with the bow deals substantial damage to the already hurt chimera. Memnnon follows up with a mighty smash with his mace and the power of Halav. The hapless creature crashes out of the sky and into the jungle below.

The chimera bites Kathka and then turns and flees into the undergrowth. The party regroups and flies higher above the jungle tops.

30-40 minutes later a clearing appears in the jungle, the jungle has a very uniform step down in cover. The party flies closer and notices that there is less wild life. Into the clearing it is not like other clearings. The vegetation is very slack and is greyish brownish. Memnnon detects an ancient intervention by the immortals around here.

In the centre of the clearing there is Obsidion basalt. It also looks that this has been dug out and there are campfires been… In the last year.

The clearing has a diameter of around a mile wide.

The party goes back and finds a clearing, where there is a great plough rending the ground. Which the heroes..

During Ozzie’s watch a ferret appears beside him with a pouch tied around its neck. Ozzie takes it out and reads it during his watch, which fortunately passes uneventfully. During Switches watch he can hear something coming…. But not through the undergrowth, he quietly wakes the heroes who spread out.

Tol suspects that it will be local wildlife, but a large amount of creatures. Out of the clearing comes a procession of ants. It isn’t clear as to whether this is them moving or being driven. Ozzie casts a storm pillar to try and cause them to change direction.

Memmnnon stands in the fire and starts to pour oil over the fire to increase the amount of fire. The start crawling up and into the clerics armour. Another swarm appears out for the undergrowth and goes after Switch yet another swarm appears out of the undergrowth. Tol sees the oncoming danger and also climbs a tree. He then swings through the tree on a vine to escape the ants.

Switch flails at the ants with his sword in a vicious circle. Kathka moves through them and positions himself in the storm pillar. Memnnon lays down his consecrated ground to deter the creatures

Ozzie increases his concentration of the orb maintain its power and teleports the ants away from him…. And to the other side of the storm pillar.

The ants come back, avoiding the pillar’s reach and spit at Switch and Kathka, who are standing safely in the caressing blasts of electricity.

Kathka has. A great idea and runs towards Tol shouting at him to get out the horn of plenty and start throwing them at the nets in an effort to get them to eat them rather than the heroes. The ants close in on the group around the campfire spitting formic acid at them, which poisons and weakens them.

Tol starts throwing jam sandwiches out for the horn of plenty which distracts the ants and they go after them.


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