Attack of the Fiends

As the adventurers enter the gloom, the attack continues. Two huge statues ahead glow faintly. Ozzy senses an arcane buzzing and when he tries to teleport he finds himself face down on the floor. Memnon invokes a Shield of Faith that covers all.



There are several doors around the perimeter of the huge space and the Heroes head for the nearest one. Three different kinds of Fiend (feathered, insectoid and FLYING MONKEYS!!! surrender, Dorothy!!!) attack as well as shuffling , animated sacks of flesh. The fiends hit hard, it’s easy to understand how Koala’s party fared badly.


The insectoid fiends can vibrate their carapaces, having a somnambulant, dazing effect on Switch and Tol. Ozzy realises the whole area is under the effect of a ritual and as he casts spells, Memnon notices that the glow of the two huge statues increases slightly.

Switch manages to unlock the door before falling asleep and Memnon kicks it open. Kathra hustles a stunned Ozzy through the door, finding a room with a weapons rack, barrels and a spiral staircase leading both up and down. Memnon grabs a sleeping Tol and drags him through the door.


As the Feathered Fiends are hit, they give off a cloud of dust and mites, which is poisonous. Their feathers seem to absorb flame and divine energy in some manner. As they batter at the door, Switch locks it and Kathra descend into a large, dark chamber below, with tables, benches, more weapon racks… and something shuffling towards her.

An awful , huge mass of sagging, tentacular flesh shuffles forth, forming random limbs and pseudopods. With Tol waking up, the rest of the party gradually descend and join in combat with the hideous thing. Memnon is last down the stairs, after piling tables and chairs up against the door.

The Spawn forms a craggy, commanding face and orders Kathra to charge Tol. She obeys, but comes to her senses as Ozzy pushes the Spawn back with beguiling strands, lighting a sun rod and attacking. More of the smaller, fleshy creatures shamble forth. Memnon doesn’t think they are undead. They’re like nothing he has seen before, possibly from Beyond.

Lit by sunrod and flaming mace, the battle rages….

Escape from the Catacombs

The Heroes of Dymrak slog on through the melee, wearing down their opponents and the patrol that attacks from their rear.

With Ozzy studying the map, they continue through the catacombs, dodging Yuan Ti patrols and encountering several more egg chambers, each with a dozen eggs.

Finally they arrive at their destination, an egg chamber with 11 intact, aged eggs and one split, ruined one. Excitedly searching the eggs, Wombat’s rune is located on one of the intact eggs. Shortly after, the occupant has been successfully removed and Ozzy is face to face with his wizened, but living father.

The party takes an extended rest, during which Wombat regains consciousness. Ozzy gets to speak with his father, but everything proves too much for the old warrior and he passes out. Wombat comes to his senses again and is more able to converse. Ozzy fills his father in on their current circumstances and gives a very potted version of what has transpired to bring them to this point.

Wombat explains that he found where the library was, but didn’t actually get there. All his companions were slain by feathered fiends outside the library. He knows that the Yuan Ti have been manipulating events for a thousand years.

The adventurers decide wombat is too fragile to take with them to the Library and would most likely die in the attempt. A plan is made; Kathra messages Duvenstahl using her ‘mobile stones’, letting him know that Wombat has been found and will be sent to Specularum. Duvenstahl is to collect him ASAP from the Wizard’s Guild in the city and keep him safe.

A note is written to the guild informing them that Wombat is to be looked after, clothed and fed until Duvenstahl arrives. After another extended rest, Wombat is given the note and enough gold to pay his way before being gated by his son to Specularum.

The party sets off, heading for what looks on Ozzy’s map globe to the central ‘shaft’, with the plan to use celestial eagles to fly out. But the map pulses oddly – Ozzy thinks somebody has manipulated it externally. With comprehend languages activated to help intimidate any Yuan Ti they encounter, the adventurers make their way to the central shaft. The map orb pulses again.

Reaching the shaft, the party finds a bright light shining down from above the organic looking shaft. Fir stone outcrops are embedded I the walls. Summoning and mounting their Eagles, the party leaves the map orb on the floor of the shaft and take flight.

The top of the shaft is a huge diamond, with several smaller diamonds around it, shining light onto the central diamond, which is then channelled to the firestone below (presumably the Yuan Ti’s method of heating their complex).

As Switch tries to prise away one of the diamond ‘trapdoors’, motion is spied at the bottom of the shaft. Yuan Ti gather around where the map orb was discarded and shortly after, several giant, shadowy serpents with Yuan Ti riders begin to rise up the walls of the shaft. Tol discovers a way to open the diamond trap door. One by one the party escapes, Switch breaking the diamond door off to take with him and Ozzy casting a storm pillar to block the egress so the Yuan Ti can’t follow.

The adventurers are back on the surface. The main shaft lay directly under Fort Wyvernkill. As their Eagles have had to be left back in the shaft, Ozzy burns through residuum and summons another convocation. Wasting no time, the party takes flight, heading northwest for the canyon housing the library.


The landscape is scrubland, interspersed with some low ruins. Camp is made in an arroyo. Switch drops the diamond trap door from height to break it into more manageable pieces that can be stored in the bag of holding. The night passes without incident.

In the morning, the heroes set off on foot. With extra protection from Ozzy’s endure elements, they find a canyon matching Wombat’s description of the location of the Lost Library. Windowed structures carved into the very canyon walls look down like empty eyes. Feathers and guano are on the floor. There is the sound of bird calls (?).


Advancing, the party finds what must be the entrance to the library. It is befouled. The air stinks. Vulture-like shapes hop and strut into view atop the canyon walls. The ‘bird calls’ now more obviously fiendish avian voices.


The party breaks for the Library entrance. Feathered Fiends (Ozzy doesn’t think they are from beyond) swoop down and make strafing attacks. The fiends are 8 or 9 feet tall, with oily black feathers, beaks, short arms and vicious claws. Suffering only minor wounds, the adventurers make it to the Library entrance.

Inside is a huge hall, with no natural light. There is a mosaic floor coated in filth. The place stinks and appears to be used as a lair by the Fiends. Ahead is the faint glow of a light source…

Subterranean Conflicts

The party pauses as Ozzy studies runes on the tunnel wall. A patrol of Serpent Folk and large snakes appears and shielding the mid-ritual Ozzy – combat is joined. Hooded figures placing fresh firestones in alcoves as round a bend in the tunnel. The lead ‘Lamplighter’ opens fire at Tol, who cuts all three of them down (Natural 20!).

Switches blade, Memnon’s divine power and Kathra’s cleavage soon bring victory. Examining the bodies of the Lamplighters, the adventurers discover they were young men and women with serpentine eyes and noses (a la Voldermort). Ozzy completes his ritual –the runes identify a mundane location in the complex (akin to a sign saying “Floor C”.

Hiding the bodies and taking the fire stones, the party sets off in the direction the Lamplighters came from. Quarter of an hour later, the air has grown warmer still, almost uncomfortably so, when there is the low murmur of activity ahead. Switch scouts ahead and reports back on what he’s seen.

In a large cavern, with a huge chunk of fire stone for a ceiling, there are many Serpent People, statue of Rasek Carr, a Priest and an egg being carried through. Quickly forming a plan, the Heroes of Dymrak attack.

The battle is intense but over quickly, with all the Serpent Folk being slain and the party escaping largely unscathed. There is little of interest on the bodies, bar the Priests necklace, which has jet fangs (PARTY TREASURE, worth 2000 GP). The statue again has rubies for eyes (PARTY TREASURE 2 × 5000 GP). The egg is light, suggesting it’s empty, and leathery rather than hard. When cut open it’s about a third full with clear/green tinged liquid.

The party goes in the direction that the egg was being taken. Another chamber with four more eggs is found, but none bears the sigil of Koala. The sigils are a tree (an elf..?), crescent moon (elven/fay magic..?), spearhead (?) and lightning bolt (Haitian Storm Shield). The eggs are still slightly soft, and appear to have occupants.

Moving on, there is soon the sound of ritual taking place ahead. A flight of steps leads upwards; a sheer rock face also seems to lead to where the steps come out. Switch and Memnon climb up the rock face – there is a large cavern with a naked prisoner tied up next to a sarcophagus of some kind and an egg. There are many serpents and Yuan Ti.

The rest of the party creeps up the stairs before charging into battle. Tol slays two foes with a single arrow (Natural 20!), Memnon slays several minions with radiant energy, Ozzy lays down a storm pillar and prismatic burst. Kathra engages a Stalker, then a swarm of snakes. Switch bloodies the Priest and after several minutes of battle, all the Yuan Ti are slain (despite the party wanting to take the Priest alive).

MILESTONE (bit not for Ozzy).

Ozzy (Natural 20!) determines the sarcophagus is an arcane device connected to the egg next to it. The means to put prisoners into an egg. This prisoner however, has also died during the battle, savaged by a swarm of snakes. He was a Sindhi and is totally naked apart from a stud in one ear. Another victim had just a bracer – it seems an artificial object of some kind is required as part of the process.

The Priest carries an oblate sphere of yellowish stone. There is a double helix shape of some kind within it. Ozzy determines that this is a map and is able to access it. 375 GP of residuum is used to conduct the ritual to locate Koala and his location appears on the map – down at the bottom of the ‘helix’.

The adventurers set off, but get lost over the course of two hours (Natural 1s from sterling scouts Tol and Switch), coming to a cavern FULL of sleeping Yuan Ti and Serpents and deciding to fight their way through. A serious melee begins….

From Out of the Darkness

The party’s rest is disturbed as the blast patch goes off and a large snake hurls itself at Ozzy! Serpent men follow. The attack is repelled by Hammerfall Step, bowfire, a sneak attack and Kathra’s cleavage (Memnon must still be sleepy, as his Divine powers fizzle).

Soon, only one Serpent Man remains and Ozzy intimidates it into dropping its weapon.

Promising not to kill it, a brief interrogation reveals:

  • The Serpent folk worship/follow ‘Rasek Carr’, one of the outer beings
  • The tunnels ahead are vast, containing “many priests, many eggs”.

The adventurers have some debate about those kept prisoner in eggs and when should they could or should be freed. Too soon and they may die or at best be at risk, at worst, a burden. It’s agreed that they will not be left behind.

16th Felmont
The party manages to finish an extended rest (the captured Serpent Man staring at them throughout). The prisoner is knocked out and left trussed up as the Heroes of Dymrak set off again into the unknown…

Fort Wyvernkill

After a testing battle, the huge Carrion Crawler (no doubt enraged by Tol’s new hat) is slain and the adventurers make their way back to the rendezvous with the Graakhali.

Keeping their end of the bargain, the troglodytes lead the party onwards through their network of underground tunnels and caverns. During this time, rumours are heard of a Red Dragon to the South, Memnon seems to gain a follower of Halav in the form of an interested Gnoll, Switch discovers a crumbly fungus that can be smoked and Kathra receives notice from Duvenstahl: A group of clerics of Vanya, Heldanic missionaries in the Ethengar Khanates, are slain. The Ethengarians deny any knowledge of the event, though rumour has it that the Heldanners bodies were riddled with Ethengarian arrows and lances. Heldann demands an apology and recompense.

15th Felmont
After a week of travel, the time comes for the Graakhali to turn back. The Heroes of Dymrak promise to keep Graakhalia a secret and to return to deal with the Beholder’s portal. The two groups part ways.

Enduring the elements thanks to Ozzy’s magicks, the party makes its way across the desert. Some time later, the party encounters fortifications blocking the way ahead, through a cleft in the ridge. The outpost appears to be manned and approaching, is identified by its guards as Fort Wyvernkill.


Superb diplomacy from Memnon (Natural 20!) sees the party ushered through the Fort for a toll of 10gp each. The human inhabitants are not in the least friendly and Ozzy notes a residual arcane energy. Kathra maps the area as they pass through. Exiting, Ozzy conducts a ritual to find his father and discovers he is located somewhere in the Fort.

Carrying on for a while, the heroes then double back, approaching from on high via goat trails. Switch sneaks into the Fort, almost immediately encountering guard and knocking him out – he turns into a Snakeman! Tol takes up a vantage point elsewhere and the remaining members find themselves under bowfire from nomads on a plateau, who look a little… odd from the waist down.

These Serpent Folk differ from the others met before – they have no legs, only arms. Tol encounters a nest of four of them and proceeds to wipe them out, as Ozzy blinds the ones on the plateau long enough for Memnon and Kathra to take out some before a winged horde finishes the rest.

Switch encounters more foe and engages in full battle. With covering fire from Tol, the rest of the party advances on the Fort and gains access, seeking their hairy-footed companion. The sounds of battle guide them to him and soon the party is pursuing their foe into darkened chambers and a statue to some unknown deity.

By the light of Memnon’s flaming mace and Ozzy’s light spell, combat is joined with a robed Serpent Man priest and his minions. The priest summons lashing purple tentacles, but Kathra’s cleaving (age?), Ozzy’s Hammerfall Step and Memnon’s Divine powers wreak havoc amongst the foe.

The Priest dominates Switch, who attacks Tol before breaking free of his control. Memnon and Kathra bloody the priest enough for Ozzy to try and intimidate him. The Priest refuses to co-operate in any way and Kathra cuts him down. Her sword, Moonclaw, hums with satisfaction and the Dwarf feels she has a better understanding of its powers. Fire rubies are prised from the statue’s eyes (5,200GP in total). An inscription on the statue is to some unknown deity from the Beyond.

Continuing with haste to try and locate Ozzy’s father and any other prisoners before they can be harmed, the heroes moves forwards, the tunnels leading slowly downwards and the air becoming moist. A sharp smell hangs on the air as a guard post is encountered, consisting of bowmen and large snakes. The guard post is soon eliminated, but more guards emerge from other tunnels.


Memnon dashes in pursuit of one, entering a chamber containing several large eggs, held up by metallic frames. He slips, falls (Natural1!) and is immersed by writhing snakes. As Switch and Tol scout in the opposite direction, they encounter more foe.

Ozzy and Kathra come to the Cleric’s aid, a winged horde first ripping into the snakes before Kathra pours oil over the Tiefling, (which is ignited by his flaming mace) and Ozzy’s magic backfire (Natural 1!) blowing the wizard back and onto his ass. With Memnon unharmed by the flames, the snakes begin to burn away and Memnon rises to his feet unleashing a mighty Divine Glow (Natural 20!) that fries most of the snakes and smashes one of the eggs. A naked human form slumps free of the shell and is set upon by the swarm.

Kathra uses her shield to squash the rest of the snakes as Memnon rushes to the human male’s side, finding him greatly aged, pale skinned and quite dead. He wears a ring bearing a heraldic device.

Tol and Switch finish off the Serpent Folk in the immediate vicinity and the party regroups at the egg chamber (Milestone achieved!). Memnon provides some dignity and prayers for the dead human. Ozzy examines the eggs and the sigils on them, understanding them to be some form of shapeshifting ritual. The egg stands are made of platinum, so Switch hacks up he broken one and adds it to party treasure (3000gp).

The device on the dead man’s ring is that of a minor military order from Thyatis – The Sons of the Lion. Memnon identifies the symbol as being replicated on the broken egg shell and determines that each egg also bears a unique symbol. The party hypothesis that each egg contains a different individual from a different organisation and that the eggs are a part of the process of Serpent Folk taking on the form of others and infiltrating organisations. Maybe one of these eggs contains Ozzy’s father..?

If so, he is safe for now, but if not, he may be in danger. Intending to return here, the adventurers set off again. They advance, spiralling slowly downwards, for several hours. The air becomes damper and warmer. No more enemy are encountered, but tracks (some footprints and others; snake trails) are discovered. Firestones light the walls at regular intervals.

Acknowledging they need to rest, the heroes hole up in a dead ended tunnel, setting caltrops and a watch and settle down for an extended rest, so they may be at full power for whatever comes next…

Behold the Portal

Regrouping and recovering Ozzy’s body, the party note the leathery pods amongst the pile of bodies, concluding they are Carrion Crawler eggs.
Strange, tonal noises emit from the Beholder’s tunnel as the surviving heroes advance down it, Tol scouting ahead. The tunnel ends in a large, perfectly spherical open chamber, with round more tunnels , equidistantly placed, coming off from it. The walls of the chamber are honeycombed with holes containing discs of some kind.
Not wanting to stay in so alien an environment, the heroes return to the cavern in which they fought the beholder and follow another tunnel at Kathra’s discretion. The tunnel ends in a boulder chokem, so the group rests there for the night. Something shuffles past the entrance to the tunnel at one point, but there are no incidents.
Much of the following day is spent as Memnon casts the raise dead ritual. Ozzy’s spirit agrees to return (though Memnon hears part of a discussion between the wizard and the veiled lady, something about “an agreement…”) and his corpse, which looks old ahead of its years, grows younger again before vanishing, and reappearing behind the startled party. Ozzy looks older and more cantankerous than before and his mood isn’t improved any by his companion’s description of the beholders’ chamber. the adventurers need to return there to close the portal.
Shortly after, arriving back in the spherical chamber, Ozzy recognises glyphs and symbols that speak of a ritual to control a rift. Small beholders, the size of large pumpkins, appear when a stone is experimentally dropped down one of the tunnels leading from the chamber. However, arrows, daunting light and a winged horde soon deal with them.
Exploring the chamber via rope chain, the discs within the alcoves contain writing. The language appear similar to that of the serpent folk, and casting comprehend languages, Ozzy determines that they appear to be a journal, etched onto the discs by the Beholder’s powers.
Whilst ozzy reads several discs, others explore their strange new environment, finding a network of unnatural tunnels and caverns arranged on a ‘D8’ formation, linked by a thin strand of purple energy which the adventurers are careful not to disturb. The central chamber contains the source of the purplish light – most likely a rift.
In their exploration, the heroes acquire !2,k worth of gems , some 4k worth of odd astrological/magical equipment and some star charts, which display the stars in different constellations to the ones currently known…
Whilst Tol wittles himself a Carrion Crawler hat, Ozzy learns from the journal that the Beholder has created the rift as a weapon, in order to take over this realm! It’s experiments with ways to enlarge the portal/rift/gate are a mindfrak to the Wizard. The Beholder had the ability to create ‘mini rifts’ itself.
Ozzy determines that although his magicks may not work quite as he’d like them to in here, that the rift can be locked down and destroyed in a 9possibly) controlled imp/explosion by damaging a sufficient number of the glyphs dotted about the chambers. Carrying out a ritual, Ozzy locks the rift for a year, giving the adventurers time to proceed with their quest to find his father and the ability to return at a later date to deal with the portal in a more final manner.
The party’s final act in these chambers is to explore a fourth point of egress to the chambers, one more than the Grakhali knew of. Switch is lowered down on a rope, observing a very large underground lake. He hears water lapping against some distant shore and smells fish, but then realises he is cutting at his own rope. Something malignant in the depths almost made him sever his line and the others quickly pull him up, noting the mystery danger for future reference.
With the rift secure for now, the adventurers depart. Near their rendezvous point with the Grakhali, they discover a large pile of twenty to thirty bodies which was not there before. any mystery around this pile is soon eliminated by the enormous carrion crawler that descend s from the cavern ceiling to attack!

Death in the Dark

Ghouls also dart from the shadows and soon the party is engaged in another swirling melee. It soon becomes apparent that the Ghouls and Crawlers are not working together, as Ozzie’s hypnotic pattern draws two Ghouls close to a Crawler and the two begin to fight.

Ambush tricks from Switch, and Memnon’s Divine Glow help to wittle down the foe and as Tl finishes off the last Ghoul, two small beholders emerge from the round tunnel! Yet another Carrion Crawler engages Kathra, as Memnon and Tol destroy the beholders with surprising ease, each vanishing with a wet, purple plop.

Suddenly, Memnon runs, panicked, across the chamber as Tol begins to wither and decay and a furious, full-size Beholder emerges from the tunnel, bellowing in an unholy voice “How dare you invade the realm of Klaktarr!?!”


Switch falls to the ground, put to sleep by the spherical horror, Tol’s splintering shot knocks the beholder back and Ozzie square up to it, addressing it in the terrible tones of Deep Speech and creating a wall of fire around it. . Memnon recovers from the effects of his terror-inducing blast, going diabolic , burning the Beholder with his infernal wrath and consecrating the very ground beneath him. Ozzie’s spells keep pushing it (Klaktarr..?) into the flames and holy ground, as Tol’s arrows thud home.

A furious exchange follows, Blasts from the Beholder sizzle across the chamber as Arcane and DFivine energies fly in return. Kathra slays the Carrion Crawler and turns her attention to the beholder, narrowly missing it with her throwing hammer. Daeth rays coruscate from one of the Beholder’s eye and Ozzie cries out and crumples to the ground.

Memnon dashes to the Wizard’s side and heals him, twin strikes from Tol giving covering fire. Lying prone. Ozzie blasts the Beholder with a prismatic beam as Tiefling and Dwarf charge forwards, engaging the horror in melee. Switch flees in terror as Memnon did minutes ago, before the Beholder controls his actions and makes him attack the Cleric.

Another death ray arcs through the air, striking Ozzie full on (Natural 20!) and blasting him to the ground- stone dead..!

Zapping Kathra with a disintegration beam, the Beholder turns and begins to leave via the unnatural tunnel. Perhaps shocked back to his sense by Ozzie’s death, an angry Switch runs after it, firing with terrific accuracy and exploding the Beholder in a sickly purple flash of light.

Silence falls in the chamber, as the Heroes of Dymrak catch their breath and come to terms with the fact one of their own has fallen…

Tunnels of the Living Dead

2nd Felmont
Three routes are possible. North with undead, East with a possible Basilisk and South with mould and slimes. After what feels like eons of debate, the North route is chosen.

The furry Traldar-slaying scumfraks guide the party for the best part of three days, with some of the journey being made on fungus rafts. The party is told to watch out for unnatural round tunnels – which indicate the activity of the Eye Tyrant.
5th Felmont
The faithless fleabags depart and it’s not long before the adventurer’s senses are assailed by the smell of rotting flesh. A cavern contains a pile of corpses, which a corpse light candles reveals are not all deceased! Ghouls scuttle out from the rotting pile of bodies and down from the cavern roof to attack.


Several members of the party suffer temporary paralysis from the Ghoul’s filthy claws, but two separate waves of the undead are eventually driven off. 250 gp worth of treasure is found an added to the party stash. An enchanted longbow is also discovered, which is taken by Tol (who also gifts cough his Rebounding Shortbow to Switch).

The heroes continue on, coming to a larger cavern with a huge pie of bodies beneath a natural funnel in the low ceiling. There is also an unnaturally round tunnel entrance…

As the party enters the cavern, a Carrion Crawler drops down to attack switch.


Ozzie spies another, which rushes forwards to join the attack. Memnon blesses his companions with a Shield of Faith and battle is joined.

Hard Bargaining

18th Klarmont
The adventurers depart for Gola Keep. En route Annan soaks up information like a sponge; often emulating Ozzie (is there some latent talent there?)

After several days of Monsoon slows the journey, the party arrives at Barat Kand. To make up time, it’s decided to use Celestial Eagles to fly straight to the Firestone Bluffs and Lake Hali, bypassing Gola Keep. One horse is given to Annan along with the payment promised to him and the rest are sold.
22nd Klarmont
At night, glowing stones can be seen – a local phenomenon; Firestones. Several are collected.

On the sixth day the heroes run foul of Sahail – a blue Dragon, who demands payment for their “trespass” into her domain. After some hard bargaining and tense moments, Sahaal is satisfied with tribute of obsidian daggers, Gausite, blue shards, a potion of spirit, several corpse light candles, Ozzie’s old Orb, Memnon’s original Holy Symbol, Tol’s rapid strike bracers and Kara’s bracers of speed.

1st Felmont
During the morning a huge sandstorm hits. The adventurers take shelter in a canyon where they encounter a figure, speaking Elven and wrapped up against the storm. The figure offers shelter in exchange for water – an offer accepted. As the heroes take shelter, it’s revealed their benefactor is a beastman! Fortunately, Memnon doesn’t go Crusader on its flea ridden, diseased, furry ass.

There are in fact several Beastmen (Gnolls) and an Elf named Brak. The first Gnoll encountered is named Shendarion. During the time spent together sheltering against the storm, the adventurers learn that an Eye Tyrant is making life miserable for this odd group of ‘Grakhali’. In time, an offer is made to help the mangy curs out by ridding them of the beholder in return for being shown an underground route to their destination. Memnon is far from sure that the risk is worth the reward, but swayed by the argument that they would be ridding the world of something From Beyond; the party sets out to achieve their task.

Living in Sind

It’s decided a map is needed for scrying and horses and a guide is required to get the group where they need to go. Ozzy’s Comprehend Languages spell helps acquire both of the former, with the latter being found in a young boy named Annand.

The journey to the capital of Sayr Illan takes 13 days. Some strange sights are seen on the way, including huge grey beasts, so big they have tents on their backs. With legs like tree trunks, huge ears and a tentacle-like nose, the locals call them ‘Ellyfants’.

Arriving at the capital on the 15th of the month, Annan seems to be on the level, but it’s decided to test him. Annan is given some silver and told to be ready to depart for Gola Keep on the 17th. Switch (almost magically!) transforms himself into a bent double old lady and follows Annan. Annan does nothing more sinister than buy sow sweets, share them with some street urchins he seems to k now and give them the rest of his silver. Satisfied that it seems Annan can be trusted, The Hinn rejoins his companions.


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