The Fall of Grushenka
Trollfight2The battle troll strides into the middle of the hall as Switch pulls back. It swings and bashes the pillar to splinter it into a thousand fragments which crash to the floor, hitting me hard in several places. I had just called to Wolf-Kathra to get clear from the two trolls she was fighting as it was going to get smelly over there, however I now had my own hide to cover first.

I launch my colour orb at the Battle Troll which hits him clear in the face, as he shakes his head to clear the dizziness and dazing that I have created in his mind, I push forward with my other hand and forcefully push him over using the backlash of arcane energy I have created. He topples to the floor with a crash. I skip out of harm’s way to re-plan how I’m going to get those two trolls causing Wolf-kathra lots of pain. As I appraise the situation she receives another two swipes and is bleeding profusely in many places, there are areas of skin and hair hanging off her. She doesn’t look in good shape.

" There’s more outside – incoming!" shouts Switch as he nocks up his short bow and prepares to greet the new arrivals.

The battle continues to swirl around the great ruins of the palace lost in time. DiabolicMemnnon diabolic!( Memnnon can be heard screaming diabolically and bringing down the wrath of Halav as he whirls his flaming mace through the air. Wolf-Kathra scrambles out of range of the two trolls mauling him in time for the healing crew of Fydor, Tol and Memnnon to help her get back into the fight.

Tol is struck down by a mighty blow by the Battle Troll, but rolls clear from the follow up smash of its mighty sword.

Mini-me suddenly runs in from the outside shouting “Troll! Troll! Troll!” I turn around and give him a withering look and say “you’re powerful creature deal with it.” he whimpers a little and says “but it hasn’t attacked me yet.” Oh man up!
Trollfight1Behind him I see Grushenka wandering in, under the shadow of a very, very large troll. This troll is covered in metal plates which appear to have been sewn directly onto its skin. In its arms it carries the well of lost memories, which it hurls down the hallway to smash into thousands of pieces. Hmmm that may make saving the Seer a bit harder.

I’m just about to tell Grushenka how stupid that was when I’m distracted by a large troll looming up in front of me. Instead I shout at Fydor to tell Grushenka about the hag who was with the seer and that we can save her too and then I push the looming troll next to me back into the stinking cloud I’ve created. Fydor tries to reason with her telling her about the hag with the Seer, she looks at him for a moment and then slowly says " So the Seer is dead and that fool of a woman as well! This is perfect, better than even I could have hoped for" Cackling loudly she then goes on to tell us we’ll all be saved if we put down the eyes. It is obvious she has some spell ready to launch if we don’t obey.

There is the slightest hesitation all around the ruin…. broken by the twang of a small bow and the very accurate flight of an arrow, not deterred by the arcane hex cast by the hag, which sinks deeply into her side. It appears to have been an excellent shot however Grushenka doesn’t appear unduly worried by it. Switch swiftly reloads ready to repeat the action.

All around me are the cries, growls, howls, grunts of battling beings. Grushenka and I are now going toe to toe. I’m ducking and weaving her hex curses and her claws, but she can’t lay anything on me. I’m also keeping control of the cloud. Outside the Mini-me has attacked the blade rage troll, which really doesn’t like it.

Wolf-Kathra is bleeding and being healed on a regular basis as she keeps the trolls from attacking anyone else. Then the tide turns. Inside the stinking cloud there is a groan and a crash as the first troll falls to the ongoing damage of the cloud and Tol’s verdent flames of pain.

In seeming slow motion I notice out of the corner of my eye, Tol pull out a very special arrow. Etched with markings only seen in the Dymrak forest and flighted with the blackest of black feathers, this arrow is an arrow of destiny. He nocks it up and brings up a bead on Grushenka, saying very calmly “Grushenka, now is your time to die” before letting fly. Time appears to slow slightly as the arrow flies true, right into the side of the hag’s neck. She rocks back from the force of the arrow and is hugely damaged, but not down. She can’t remove the arrow, but laughs and continues to try to get at me. I escape by putting the stinking cloud over her, which also covers the Battle troll and another one. Suck on that, girl, as I flee from her grisly clutches.

The battle troll is now surrounded by Switch, Memnnon and Wolf-Kathra. Switch receives a mighty whack from it, which at full strength would have sent him flying across the room however the weakened troll is unable to follow through. he gets up and shouts “Thanks Memnnon!” The growl he gets back sounds like “Don’t thank me – thank Halav.” “Thanks Halav!” the cheeky one replies.

One of the dead troll’s has regenerated and got up. It seems to receive a mental message as Grushenka steps out of the cloud. It moves over to attack me. Wolf-Kathra is receiving healing from Diabolic Memnnon, but a wry snigger from the hag stops some of that. However she stops laughing when Tol’s second arrow takes her in the side of the neck and Fydor, who had positioned himself ready for her exit from the cloud, deftly steps up and plunges his rapier deep into her heart.

Grushenka turns to her assailant in surprise as blood gurgles from her lips " Its true then! you are the seer!" What? I don’t have time to hear much more as I move the cloud over the troll trying to maul me.

As Grushenka’s eyes glaze over and she slumps to the floor, the fight seems to go out of the remaining trolls and they are quickly dispatched. We pour our supply of oil over them and set fire to it. Whilst this is happening I rush over to the hag’s side to hbq). ear her last prophecy. Fear crosses her features as she whispers “Those Who Wait Beyond will ultimately prove your downfall. If only we’d known.”

No time to contemplate what this means, I quickly collect her blood and ask if anyone else wants hag vision, to which Tol reluctantly agrees. I pass him the receptacle and he rubs the still warm blood into his eyes. For such a brave outdoorsman he is a wuss when it comes to gaining arcane power, However once he gets over the stinging and the odd sensation he wipes his eyes and looks out through the trade-mark black eyeballs into a new world of the unseen.

A quick rest and healing before searching the room and the bodies. I caution anyone from going outside until we are ready. I have noticed that the Historian has matured slightly since the battle began. He says this is what happens to us all, but refuses to elaborate more.

We find 700gps on the hag which is divided equally amongst us and 100gp for the party treasure. I find the Eye of ice as well which has a large iron nail stuck into it. I wouldn’t have believed this possible if I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes. Grushenka has blinded the Eye of ice and its opposite the Eye of Fire. Is this permanent? Can it be reversed with cure blindness or some such? Later, we have much to do now.

Memnnon recovers the goblet and is looking very concerned about collecting the water we need. There should be ways and means – its a well, not a bucket, so there should be more water amongst the dirt. Switch asks the Historian about why he can’t attack the hag. He refers to an oath amongst the powerful denizens of Dymrak, saying there is a powerful curse which would befall him if he broke the oath.
I ask someone with a sharp knife to cut off Grushenka’s head which Tol lightly salts to preserve it. All adventurers need a salted hag’s head!

Under the stone lined kist we can see a silver circlet or diadem, which is magical and the same as the ones carved on the statues. A brief consultation we decide it is 500 years old.
when I pick it up a voice echoes through my head, which has a strange fey accent. I can understand the tongue "So somebody enters the palace? If you are prepared to play the game play on. I ask a few questions to which there is no reply until I ask what is the game.

Only one can play wolf and sheep.

I quickly relay the instructions back to the rest of the party. The Historian has gone back outside to complete his ritual. It is quickly agreed that Wolf-Kathra is most suited to this game. I place the circlet on her head and she disappears.
Wolves and sheep
To reappear outside in a surrounding that is now very strange. The guardians and Wolf Kathra now stand on several pillars between which is a dark abyss. The voice echoes amongst us all as the two guardians disappear and reappear in different position.

Return the sheep to their original position.

The game commences

Battle at the Temple Lost in Time

Historian youngThe childish chase continues, with all the party running after the impish mini-me and his annoying trumpet. Switch seems to be the only one who can get anywhere near him, although at the expense of taking a lot of damage from the twiglets. I can only admire his determination to push through the twiglets and keep chasing the young Historian.

As I puff after Switch and the Mini-me I am rapidly over-taken by wolf-Kathra, Tol and Fydor. At this stage I stop as I hear the trumpet again sounding up and off to my left. It sounds like the Mini-me has turned and is coming back.

Time to play the game my way.

With a wiggle of my fingers I recreate the sounds of two humanoids pushing through the brush not too far from where I heard the trumpet blast. I am very pleased with the effect I have created. To me it sounds very realistic, but will it be enough to fool the impetuous young Historian?

While I am doing this the others are slaying Twiglets left right and centre Wolf-Kathra has a mean bite on her – I hope she likes marmite.

Then I hear a cry of surprise from Switch and also of anguish. It would appear that my trick has worked as the mini-me has doubled back and obviously evaded Switch.

Wolf-Kathra, Tol, Memnnon and I move forward to catch up with Switch. We can now see the little imp and his army of twiglets. Right – I’ve had enough of this. Peering into my orb I summon forth a wave of fiery concussion which wipes out the twiglets and knocks over the mini-me. Who giggles with joy as he is knocked over by the concussion and then disappears. Shouting “a hit!”

He suddenly appears not far from Fydor, who wastes no time in charging forward and loosing off a bolt from his crossbow which also connects. Hooray three hits we can end the charade.

After a brief rest during which time we ascertain we can communicate with Kathra on a basic level and a short talk with the Historian we head off after him. Fydor also collects Kathra’s hammer

He trots off again and the path opens into a large glade of slightly frosty snow blown grass, at the far end is a ruined but still largely intact building. In the middle is an open doorway, in front of them are two statues of robed warrior types. There is no roof or windows to the building.

Wolf-Kathra goes up and sniffs the statues. The statues appear to be warrior mages, dressed in ancient cloting and carrying swords sheathed at their sides. Each wears a fine diadem, perhaps to indicate status?
I notice that there is an element of transformational magic surrounding the statues which implies that they may transform into something else. Between the staues is a cracked marble bowl, which still has some water in the bottom.

Further study of the statues reveals that they are very similar to the face we have seen on very old Traldarian coins. King Demara was a minor king of several hundred years ago. He was supposed to have been king of Dymrak, his wife was queen Elendorath, who is rumoured to have taken a demon lover, and then lead an army against her earthly husband. No one knows what happened to him or his palace, as they both disappeared during the battle. Which implies that this is the palace which the Impish Historian had alluded to by calling it a palace of time. This is also the resting place of the Eye of Time . Which we know very little about at the moment.

We have found the spring of memory. Memnnon pulls out the goblet and says a couple of prayers to Halav whilst Switch comes and nudges me that he thinks it would be a really good idea if I drank some of the water from the spring. Which at first sounds like a daft idea, but slowly grows on me. When Memnnon has finished his prayers he dips the goblet into the spring (which is welling out of the font). There only appears to be enough for a couple of cups. I suggest to Memnnon we should have a drink. He suggests I go first.

I drink and as I swallow realise that I can now remember The beast that attacked me in my youth. the one that came through the portal. It was burning with fire but was frigid cold and didn’t obey any natural anatomy. I can feel the pain in my back flaring up at the thought of this. I also feel that I could recall some spells if I drank more.

Memnnon refills the cup whilst Switch talks to the Young Historian about getting back to the Island. It would appear that the Historian will prepare his ritual, which will take some time. I am very keen to see if we can find the Eye of Time in the Temple although very wary that we may well trigger the guardians and also miss the opportunity to rescue the Historian before sundown. Fydro rationalises my desires by pointing ouyt that if we can find the eye of time we could probably go back in time to get back in time!? These Bard’s they are so good with words.

We split into two groups to search the temple of time quickly and see if we can find the Eye. Inside there is a raised area and lots of rubble along the sides, with large bronze bowls. The party moves in and immediately spreads out, Ozzie suggest that the main area may well be trapped, which Fydor heeds the warning and rolls rubble all the way down the pathway to the Dias.

Nothing happens as we move down the remains of the building. The place is intensely magical, there is a curious feeling that there is an eye near but not near, ie it is here, but not in this time. How interesting.

At the end is a Dias with two distinct pieces of wood coated in gold, which could have had stones embedded in them. There appear to have been two thrones.
Ozzie moves up and positions himself as the king, the right – hand. He also notices a proud stone which is loose.

Suddenly I can feel The eye of Fire mentally shouting at me " it’s the one I hate is here, it’s here, it’s here!"

From the far end We look up to see Grishenka leaning on against the door.
“Hello thief” she says whilst two large two trolls come through the ruins of the walls.
Fortunately most of us we not surprised by Grishenka’s arrival and are able to react quickly to the threat. Tol and Switch surge forward after Grishenka firing arrows at her, which connect solidly. I throw up a Wall of Fire to block one of the trolls from getting to close in a hurry.

The battle commences as the trolls close in on us. Memnnon casts shield of faith and transforms into a diabolical brute. Fydor runs forward and shoots Grishenka with a rhyme of fire.

I wield the Eye of Fire and use it to burn the trolls, with the intention of making all my spells fire based. Firewall

Fydor gives a cry of fear saying that Grishenka has disappeared. We tell him that is not true as she cackles gleefully at the result of her curse.

Another troll comes in through another gap into the wall, and is immediately target by Tol with verdant flames and a volley of arrows. Ozzie teleports the troll closer to its burning colleague and slows it. But it still turns and rakes me. Troll2!(

Behind me the other troll I had trapped behind the Wall of Fire has moved away and climbed over the wall and attacks Memmnon-brute.

Suddenly things start to go wrong. I feel the eye of fire go cold and look towards Grishenka, who is holding the eye of ice aloft. Pooh. However her Eye has also gone dark which is useful to know. I also realise with horror that I let my concentration lapse on maintaining the Wall of Fire. Double Pooh.

Grishenka winces in agony as Switch shoots another deadly arrow at her.

Another larger troll with sword and armour appears and charges into the fray swiping wildly at Tol and switch, but misses.

Battle in temple of time

Tol shifts behind me as I shift around out of the way of the troll. Memnnon-Brute casts beacon of hope weakening our enemies and I heal myself with the power of Halav, then pushes away one of the trolls which is really getting a little too close to me for comfort.
Wolf-Kathra has been surrounded by two of the trolls which are starting to take chunks out of her. Blood is flying everywhere and it is difficult to tell whose it is.
Grishenka has taken terrible damage from Switch’s well aimed shots and disappears – teleporting away from the scene.

Here wolfie wolfie... nice wolfie

Tol notes that as the mini me runs off, that he is partly in the Feywild as well as the real.

Mini me runs off and blows his horn, causing a row of misshapen humanoid twiglets to stand up out of the ground. They dance and sway in front of us.

Switch sprints forward shouting, if he hides look for the bright green bits. As switch gets closer his eyes are drawn to the hypnotic dance of the creatures. They leap out and strike at switch as he sprints past and just misses touching him.
Fydor runs up and challenges mini- me with his crossbow and minims says a touch is a touch. Which implies we can shoot him from range.

I move up summoning my Mage hand and casting a hypnotic pattern, which I use to pull Mini- me in. All is going well although behind me another twiggy creature rises up as the mini-me blows his horn and disappears. Darn !
The twiglets are all pulled into the pattern, but are not far enough away from switch to not be able to move back and attack him. Fydor shouts a challenge which distracts the twiglets from attacking switch, enabling the halfling to move away from the threat.

The party strikes out fit and left, taking out the twiglets, as we head off in pursuit of mini- me. Tol displays an amazing act of bravery and rushes into the middle of the enemy dropping his bow and drawing his swords before sweeping around in a furious whirlwind taking Tol4 all before him. I push and destroy the two behind us and call out to Mini me as to where he is.

Switch has disappeared into the undergrowth hunting the Mini-me. Memnnon consecrates the ground in front of him before moving past them and calling after the mini-me.
The trees all around us are very tall, thickly intertwined and brambly.

Tol comes into a clearing where there is a wall and temple.

Kathra strikes down the twiglets before striding up to the tree wall and trying to burn the bush, which doesn’t really work. She then decides to push through the barrier. Meanwhile Tol, who has been studying the ancient wall, recognises it as ancient traldarian, before the age of heroes, which he shouts excitedly over to tell Ozzie. Ozzie moves over to the ruin and studies it, recalling that the historian said the temple of time is more likely to be the temple caught in time.

Kathra starts to move through the very thick bush as she shouts out what she is doing. As she does this the minima trumpet is heard and the undergrowth opens up around her and the mini-me runs down towards her. It gets a nasty fright as Kathra tries to punch it on the nose before it flees again, summoning more twiglets to protect him.

Switch sneaks around the corner and misses the Mini-me with his bow shot.
The rest of us run up behind Kathra after the mini-me, just in time to see her disappear in a flash of light and a wolf appear in her place. The wolf is quite disorientated for a second, before regaining control of its limbs and lashing out at the Historian before it slips off.
The wolf takes a hit as she rushes up the rock and tries to climb it but can’t get up.
The mini-me slides past switches flailing blade and opens up more of the area, with a tootle on his trumpet. Switch finally hits the mini-me which squeaks “oooow” and teleports away.
Tol addresses the wolf and which responds to Tol’s queries with wags of its tail and low growls.
Ozzie examines the pool to see if there is anything arcane about it. But nothing is revealed.
All in all the party really isn’t interested in the mini-me’s games, as there are larger things afoot. However we must catch the mini-me to move forward to the Temple caught in time.

A meeting with History (ian)
Now don't be hasty

Switch turns the smiley faces back to the centre, there is a surge of arcane energy and we are back in the real.
We see a message left for us in Memnnon’s neat church trained handwriting, telling us they had gone off to hunt some beast

Tol and switch go off and track Memnnon and Kathra. He discovers them not far down the path to the west. With a true Tol flourish he fires an arrow into a tree in front of them, which gives them a hell of fright and he just about gets a taste of Memnnon’s daunting light.

Back at the temple the adventures are swapped and what we have learnt in the last two days is related.

Memnnon says a body separated from its soul will not survive for long and may also be subject to be possessed by something else. So he casts a gentle repose ritual on the seer and the hag to slow down the death of their bodies. This will give us some more time before they are completely lost to us

We have a long discussion as to what we should do next, in the end it comes down to a vote as to whether to go through a clever switch of temples or all going to the fey wild.

Unsurprisingly given our experience of splitting the party The vote goes to going back to the Feywild. We move the angels and move back to the Feywild.
Now we know what we are doing I can consider the finer aesthetics of this type of planar travel. The trip is smoother than our own linked portal travels.

We arrive and can’t see the lights of the souls. Switch tries to climb the temple, however to his immense embarrassment he slips and falls off before getting onto the roof and peering around the island. He can see no sign of them

We put the bodies of the seer and the hag back into the temple, as we deem this the safest place for them at this stage. The doors are still arcane locked and even if somebody does use the temple in the meantime it will be back here after midnight and we can easily collect them. We then head off up the path towards the big tree, as the first and most obvious destination.

Tol leads us out along the path stopping once or twice to point out dangerous plants or dodgy swampy ground.

After a short journey we enter a smaller clearing at the base of the large tree. Both Tol and I agree that it is not really a tree, but it is a tree shaped something…. then the tree slowly turns around and we can see big green eyes peering out at us..uh oh. We notice two little lights flitting around the branches of the tree, which is reassuring. (Cue Lord of the Rings music)
Memnnon introduces himself and we discover we are talking to an Ent. Who is known as The Historian. At this stage Tol is jigging about in excitement and wonder like a five year old in sweety shop with a silver piece to spend.

The Historian says he could re-unite the souls.

Ozzie puts forward the view of what happened to the seer and is then mind melded with the Historian, which isn’t very pleasant and all my object viewing is relived as the historian quickly studies it.

During this time I also see a wrist with a bracelet and chain of a silver charm of a gate shape which comes from a slender female wrist of my childhood.

After the mind meld The Historian says he will restore the seer and the hag if we can prove ourselves worthy. Memnnon and Tol quickly say we will, which Switch later suggests they were a bit hasty about as we hadn’t seen the terms and conditions of what we had to do.

The Historian asks us to fill a goblet from the spring of memory near the temple of time, which is back in the Dymrack Forest. Thinking about this Ozzie can’t recall a temple of time, however I do recall that there is an eye of time. Could this also be the location of another eye?

The Historian goes on to tell us that a younger version of him will guide us to the Temple. He does however warn us that this younger version is more mischievous then he is now.

Growing out of where the historian is rooted, he pulls a smaller version of him, which then picks up a reed instrument plays it and we are surrounded by a swirl of green light and as it clears the ground is covered in snow and frost.
Follow me everybody it squeaks, before jogging off to the left of the lake which in a northwest direction.
The mini-me Historian lopes along as if it hasn’t been built properly.

When the mini-me prances across the ground it has a temporary effect on making the ground become green and spring like.

Tol and Ozzie provide a safe route across a swamp, which it would appear the mini-me is deliberately taking a more dangerous route. We try to question the Mini-me as to where we are going and get some more information rather than trusting it blindly. As part of this at one stage we send Tol up a tree which he falls out of and hurts himself with the fall. I also spend some time studying the mini-me and get a sense of a frustrated sense of fun.

Finally We are led up to a thick wall of foliage and trees, which the mini-me clears away with a primal wave of his hand.
" Now we’re going to play a game of touch me" Switch aware that this is going to be some sort of game tries to catch him, but is easily eluded and receives a stern waving of the finger " I haven’t said go."

“You’ve got to follow me, and try to touch me three times. I’ll tell you when to start” Then he scampers off into the clearing.

Welcome to the Shadowfell!
Quick turn the statue back

Quick twist the statue back!

Switch twists the weeping statue and it spins freely. Aaargh… that means the temple is out of power using these angels.
Fiery bird

The others run to the smiley statues, whilst I look after the seer and the hag and cast a diversionary fiery warrior out into the Shadowfell to try and keep the bad guys from closing too quickly on us. Things may be about to get really hairy! There are strange lights drifting around.

Fydor also discovers that the smiley face statue also spins. This means that the statue is also out of power. We are stuck in the Shadowfell surrounded by dark brothers and pretty tired after a busy morning fighting. My powers are almost exhausted.

Two of the creatures miss my fiery bird. They are carrying a identical tridents which they have been using for collecting the strange lights drifting around. Could these be the souls we seek?

The wizard-like Dark brother steps back and tries to speak in several different languages to my fiery bird, although weirdly not an arcane attack spell. Eventually in an accented voice, Shadowy spellcasterI understand what she is saying. “what do thy do here? Back off or feel my wrath!”

Maybe these dark brothers are not so evil or violent – they’ve given my fiery bird a warning. I move the fire warrior back a step and then moves out from behind the illusory wall and tell the wizard we come in peace.
Meanwhile Switch climbs stealthily up the statue and onto the roof.

Tol feels that the balls of light in the cages appear to be in great distress.

I start to converse with the wizard dark brother and discover her name is Ilthra, she is one of the dark brothers, the equivalent of humans in the Shadowfell. During our conversation I discover that the Isle of Lost Dreams may also be known as the Isle of Lost souls.

Ilthra works for the The Veiled Lady, one of the immortals.

The rest of the party comes around to listen to our conversation and to keep an eye on things in case it doesn’t work out.

It turns out that Ilthra and her friends are collecting the lights, which are indeed souls for the Veild Lady. They get a better price for the really bright ones as these have been in the Shadowfell here for only a short time. We also learn that around the temple is a good hunting ground for souls

Fydor notices a gap in the stumps and can see almost to the shore and can see a number or shadows still moving around down there.

Things get a bit heated when we say that we are seeking two souls who shouldn’t be here, and until we show them the seers and the hag, they feel quite threatened and suggest that the will harvest our souls from us now. However we manage to calm things down and also get agreement that the souls we seek have been released here before their time and that we may seek them out and try to return them to their bodies.

We decide to camp in the temple that night, as we can secure it and that it will repower. I set an arcane lock on all the doors for all the party.

Switch, who takes first watch notices two bright lights come in through a hole in the top of the temple.
The two lights try to get into the bodies of Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams and the hag, but can’t When he relates this to me later I believe that this ought to work and the souls should go back in, however if they have been separated by a powerful being by arcane force they will need a powerful being or spell to put them back. However it would appear that we have completed the first part of our mission – find the souls of the seer and the hag… or rather they’ve found us (there is a slight nagging concern that these two souls might not be the right ones, as it is possible that other beings could also do the same??)

I arcane lock the door for everyone in the party. We settle down to rest for the evening, until switch knocks a lump of rubble off the roof.
Over time we notice that there has been no attempt by any other souls to enter the temple.

During My watch the statues realign themselves and as all the statues turn in, there is a massive burst of arcane energy and we are back in the Feywild.

Nobody else wakes up as a result of this which I find hard to believe as I reel from the effect of the arcane energy being generated and released.
Shortly after we arrive back in the Feywild, the seers light shoots out through the roof, followed shortly after but more hesitantly by the hags soul.

12th Eirmont
The next morning when we peer out we can see the seer and the hag’s light aren’t moving far away from the temple.

We all agree that at this stage it is vital to get back and make sure Kathra and Memnnon are ok.

The weeping angels
we twist and turn every which way

Upon completion of the ritual we discuss the next course of action. Tol is keen to go and investigate the big tree for more clues as to the location of the Seer’s soul, however he is over-rulled by everyine else to try out the plane travelling properties of the temple. We also add to our knowledge of the Redcaps that they are able to travel between the real and the Feywild in times of great duress.

Our first destination it is agreed should be the Feywild. Kathra and Memnnon move to the opposite statues, Kathra turns hers easily, but Memnnon struggles until Switch goes to his rescue, Where upon a huge amount of arcane energy is released and they all disappear. What is also very strange is that the temple has also dramatically changed and become covered in greenery and vines. And the statue which was previously broken and destroyed has now been fixed. Fydor, Tol, myself, the Seer and the crone remain.The planar temple

Ozzie shouts at the others to get to the statue and we’re all to turn it together. So we can move through and assist Kathra, Memmnon and Switch – who may now be in grave danger.

We move the statue a quarter turn anti clockwise and then a quarter turn back.
The light suddenly appears much brighter and vibrant, we all feel more alive and it is obvious we are in the feywild. Our colleagues are nowhere to be seen, but around the corner appears a small purple like goblin beast, which rushes in and attacks Tol, before rushing back out again. Tol manages to land a punch on its nose as it flies past cackling manically

Tol also at this stage clambers up the wall and calls out for Kathra, Memnnon and Switch as I cast my new mirage arcana spell on two of the goblin like creatures, creating a zone of pain for them, dazing them and enabling Fydor to strike it with his crossbow.

Meanwhile another two other goblin like creatures run all the way around the temple and try to strike me, but both miss. I flail wildly at them and manage to land a punch on one of them, before it moves away.

I retaliate with my hypnotic pattern and a very dangerous lightning tower in front of it. The creatures are so enthralled by my hypnosis that they willing walk through the lightning tower to get closer to the pattern. This causes them much pain and the sparking from the tower is a joy to see. I am delighted to see that my thinking and training has finally paid off on this clever ruse. Arrows suddenly shoot from the top of the temple and to our delight a dimunitive figure appears next to Tol and starts shooting the goblin like creatures. It’s Switch! But where are Kathra and Memmnnon?Isle of dreams temple game

In betweent shots Switch quickly tells the story of their arrival and battle with the blue goblins and giant panther with additional flails which is virtually impossible to hit. It disappeard with Kathra and Memnnon when we appeared. At the time Switch had just been pushed off the temple’s landing, so hadn’t been with it when it moved planes.

A fierce battle continues as we try to get rid of the blue goblin like creatures. Evenutally we overcome them and the last one flees. A quick cast around the area confirms that there are no more enemies in our immediate proximity. Tol and Fydor look to the wounds of the Seer who was badly hurt during the battle. Switch and I check out the rest of the temple.

We try to get the turn the original angels a turn back and foprward to take us back to whence we came. However it would appear that the Real to Feywild angels only have two charges. As to whether this is forever or just for a certain amount of time is uncertain. We’re not going to get back to the Real this way.

Switch has been investigating the other statues and I can feel that there is a charge in the ones that will take us to the Shadowfell. As to whether this would then enable us to get back to the Real is uncertain. But we must try.

We have worked out that we must all be on or in the temple to travel, although we don’t need to be touching the statues when we do. We turn one of the statues and then the other, both in the same direction. I prepare my illusionary wall to hide us from anything in case we arrive in the Shadowfell and are surrounded by bad guys.

The world goes dark, and then we see little spots of light and slowly our eyes become accustomed to the gloom and dreariness of the Shadowfell. My illusory wall is slammed into place, before I do anything else. Then looking around I notice various screatures ambling around the area, Shadow brothers we have met before, a shadow chain fighter as well. At first they don’t notice us, the wall hides us, but it doesn’t hide all the temple. There is a shout from some of the creatures and they start to move towards the temple. Looks like we’re going to be in a battle unless we can do something fast…

As Ozzie surveys the scene his lightning intellect sumarises the options and actions so far:

- turning both similey angels takes you from the real to the fey wild
- turning one of the smiley angels a quarter turn out and then a quarter turn back takes the feywild temple from the real to the feywild. Essentially a return trip for it
- Memnnon and Kathra are most likely either in the real, where they go off when we (Ozzie, Fydor etc) arrived into the Feywild, or they are back in the feywild still sitting in the temple
- the entire temple travelss between the planes – this has been confirmed by Switch as he doesn’t recognises the temple we are now on as the one he first lefte the real on)
- there are two trips possible (Or maybe only one between each plane with each temple type and angels (ie one trip with the smiley angel and one with the sad angel)with each angel type.

What we don’t know.
- how to power the temple
- exactly how to get out of the shadowfell

Ozzie also notices that the creatures are carrying lanterns inside which shine the sould of the lost. this must be where the souls of the seer and the hag must be being held. However now is not the time to be looking for them without the party’s two, star defense team.

Ozzie believes that the way back to the real from the shadowfell may well lie with the smiley angels. He needs to see if they are still powered down or if they have recovered their power in the shift and can be activiated to take us back to the real.

Meanwhile the bad guys are again closing in……

What the robes saw

The battle continues, with Tol loosing arrows left right and centre, I reposition one of the redcaps closer to the frosty hand With a teleport spell, allowing the creature to be grabbed in the hand’s icy grasp. This enables kathra to land a mighty swing on the creatures head killing it, but not before it’s partner had knocked kathra to the ground, requiring Memnnon to rush to the rescue with his beacon of hope. He too has to do some nimble swaying to dodge the huge one- two punches the redcaps throw.
Over on the other side of the temple, switch is starting to take a pounding from the redcaps, as is fydor.

Bigby’s icy grasp has now grabbed the remaining redcap for kathra and Memnnon to finish off which they duly do. Memnnon then rushes round the side of the temple  to assist Switch and Fydor. However the remaining redcap on that side seeing the odds now stacked against him turns and flees into the undergrowth – appearing to disappear through some from of green tinged portal.

The party recovers and studies it’s surroundings and the two people remaining.

The crone is wearing a range of accumulated clothes, from great finery to very old rags, if all of these had been collected by one person they will be over a hundred years old. She has a collection of acorns and feathers, which tol recognises as being for a person of great import and power, the  totems appear to have come from areas of the wytchwood.
Kathra and tol go to guard the area where the redcap disappeared to.
 Switch discovers 3,000 gps off reddish gold which he later discovers to be worthless.
Ozzie walks around the temple and studies the statues. He discovers that the broken statue has been broken very recently, some of the damage was by an arcane cause, but mostly it’s been kicked by iron shod boots.

Tol looks around for other tracks but thinks there were a lot of redcaps here previously and some human sized prints, not recognisable and a lot of goblinoid footprints, not of the red caps, as well as sandalled footprints of the crone and the seer. The crones and the goblins footprints have come from the direction of the big tree, it indicates that they came willingly with the crone, but appear to have wandered off.
Ozzie wanders inside to ascertain more. There is some vegetation on the inside, but has been cleared regularly, there are holes in the domes. It looks looked after, but not  well. The style is centuries old. There is an inscription on the inner ring of the dome, which goes all the way round. It is in a very old script of traldarian. Memnnon  is able to read it and it is as follows:
to pass with joy turn my weeping face from this place, for a more somber path look away with mirth.

Hearing this Switch goes to the statues and identifies that each of the statues is on a pedestal which can be rotated, although it does require some strength to do so.

We still want to know more so I do an object reading on the seer’s robes. I am able to see five images as seen by the robes

The first image, a person enters the clearing to see a wide view of the temple, the statue isn’t smashed and is facing inwards.The robe ascends the stairs and into the temple.

The second image , a second door opens  in the temple and the robes move towards the doors where the woman is seen, surrounded by a throng of goblins, who are respectful of the woman, she turns and dismiss them. Ozzie has a strong feeling that this person may be a hag.

The third image is of the seer and the hag in a casting pose in the temple. Outside there can be seen a humanoid shape which is negating the effects of their spells, there is some form of arcane magic which engulfs the entire temple including the seer and the crone.

The fourth image is of The seer arriving on a coracle to the island which is shifting regularly between the real, the fey wild and the shadowfell.

The fifth image is of the seer visiting  the tree in the centre of the island.

Iron shod redcaps
Getting a good kicking

Hi guys computer has blown up. So I have loaded this unedited onto the portal, with my iPad apologies fir poor editing. I’ll try and look at it a bit more shortly

Coming through the bushes is either one large thing or several small things on the other side of the building.Tol moves around the side crouched into the bushes and notices something else moving in the undergrowth. Switch moves swiftly around the side of the building. There are creatures coming from all around us. Ozzie moves back and notices that someone is pushing the door closed of the temple.

Dashing out of the undergrowth comes some goblin like creatures with green skin and wearing iron boots, aiming to hamstring Theodore. She leaps in and cuts Theodore down, he falls to the ground with a cry and lays writhing in agony as the creature tires to kick Theodore off to one  side.

Kathra moves in and pushes open the door, to find the crone in front of her.
Another goblin like creature appears from out of the undergrowth and gestures towards Kathra, firing a beam of corrupted sunlight at her.
The old crone falls towards kathra, there is no intelligence in her face and she doesn’t appear threatening .

Tol rattles off a twin strike at the two goblins he can see, both striking his enemies. It seems like the whole wooded area has gone slightly quiet when the goblins arrived.
Switch draws his sword and tumbles off the side smoothly moving behind the creature and backstabs the creature with a severe cut.

Ozzie identifies these creatures as redcaps. Their caps being dyed is red from blood of slain enemies, vicious sadistic and powerful, piously enslaved by fey giants thormorians. They are creatures of e fey wild.
I summon my bigby’s hand and miss the wizardy type.
The redcap swipes closely at switch but his dexterity  is such that he avoids the blow. The miss causes the redcap to stumble and the allies all manage to strike at it, before it runs out of range.
Fyodor moves to engage the redcaps which have been coming up the north stairs aNd bursts into a stirring fiery ballad,
Kathra uses his hammer to hook the seer out of the room and grapples him out of the room. The seer stumbles along after kathra, but shows no distress at being pulled out of the room. 
The redcap rushes up the stairs and gestures to cause a whirlwind which knocks me and kathra over two squares away from where we started. I realise that this is fey Druid redcap.
Memnnon pushes open the door and runs through the temple and can see the Druidic redcap through the door he calls down a lance of faith n the redcap.
Fodor is surprised to receive a punch in the face from the redcap which is more than its arms length from him, Fodor dodges the blow and another which is trying to double team him with a wicked cackle.
Another comes around the side and gives the seer a hefty kick.
The crone turns slowly and stares at Memnnon, in a not undead, but not an alive way. Memnnon senses there are no souls in the bodies.
Tol looses off another two fanged strike. Switch swaps to his bow and shoots the fleeing redcap.
Ozzie is hamstrung from behind by the redcap and then kicked across the ground to the edge of the forest. It giggles manically and dips its cap into my blood, which seems to provide it with succour .
Fodor’s shot is disrupted by the stretchy redcap which hts him hard and knocks him over prone, he still manages to fire his crossbow and hit the enemy.
 Kathra stands up and throws her hammer at one of them, which hits it in the head. The Druid stands up and looks annoyed, it reaches into the ground causing it to tremble as it moves upwards, kathra feels her blood being drawn down into the ground and up into the injured redcaps around her.O
Memnnon moves back out of the temple and into the fray next to the seer and the Druidic redcap.
The elongated arm redcap stands up and swings at kathra, which she deflects easily with her shield. Another one moves over and also tries to punch kathra, which this time connects, knocking kathra prone.
Fodor is ducking and weaving behind the statue against the two giantsol redcaps.
A pair of arrows fly past and thud into the redcap which is still celebrating by drinking my blood. Tol then turns and splits the tree – firing two arrows at the Druid and the solarm, killing the Druid. Switch moves swiftly to fydor’s assistance, his swing is interrupted but switch still manages to complete his swing and lands a significant blow against his opponent.
Ozzie stand up, glowers at t he redcap and launches a ring of thorns around the redcap and then tells the redcap to f off and don’t come back. My fierce and bloody demeanour so terrifies the fey creature it flees the battlefield.
Fydor starts to recite some heroic ditty as he lashes left and right with his blade, striking light cuts to the enemy several times.
 Kathra takes a deep breath, heals herself and gets up. Memnnon moves it to attack the redcaps, his prayer is interrupted and he takes a heavy punch to the head, but still manages to connect strongly.
 The solarms strike at Memnnon on the ground, but he manages. To roll clear as it shifts back out of the way. The second also misses before it shifts back a square.
Switch also dodges his foe.
The crone wanders out the door.

Out of the mist...and into the temple

The seer’s coracle is only present on the real world.
Ozzie recalls from the book of the planes that there should be some pattern to the changing of the planes. In this case there isn’t – there is something wrong.
We spend some time testing the change in phases. Tol fires several arrows onto land to see if they remain during the changes and if the rope we fire also stays. It doesn’t – it is lost as soon as the plane change. There ought to be a pattern here, but it has been disturbed, which is causing the randomness.
With the coracles all tied together we paddle in as carefully and swiftly as we can to try and arrive in the “normal” We arrive and step onto land at the very moment it changes from normal to the Shadowfell and the boats disappear.
The party starts to swim back for the coracles. Ozzie can’t swim and returns to shore. Memnnon also returns to the shore and the rest of the party eventually does as well, as it is too uncertain how we would be reunited.
We discuss what to do and hear moans coming from the tree line and can see shapes coming through the trees. It is agreed that Ozzie will cast his water walking ritual, as he doesn’t fancy swimming again and is not strong enough for a sustained swim. Just as he starts the ritual 3 pale ghostly shapes come out of the treeline. They are some form of souls or spirits. Memnnon speaks to the spirits and suggests Ozzie concentrate on completing the ritual.
Memnnon begins his own ritual of putting the spirits to rest and then suddenly one is right in front of him. He holds his ground and continues to go through the burial ritual. The spirit asks what Memnnon seeks and he tells him that Memnnon soothes him before drifting off. The other two drift for a while before turning and looking worried before disappearing in a hurry. Something has spooked them.?
Ozzie completes the ritual and the party turns to the water, Tol assists Kathra back out to the lake. The party swims strongly and after about 20 minutes we realise we have passed through a ghostly white wall, with lights playing through it. However we’re not back in the real world, so we turn around and swim back to the island. To the south where is normally woodland, there is some sort of settlement. As we get back to the shore we can see the phasing is changing. With a heave of effort we manage to land on the beach, with our coracles and the coracle of the seer – in the “normal”.
Tol searches for watcher marks and finds some pointing vaguely towards the west of the tall tree. We head off, the vegetation is lush and there are signs of growth which indicates there is bleed through from the fey wild.
We come across a path heading across our path, there are boot prints in the mud, smaller than human, at least three or four, they are armoured boots.
We continue onto a white marble building, we approach from the southeast corner. There are steps. On each side and a temple of some type in the middle. There are also statues on each corner , one of the ones near us is smashed. The building is several hundred yrs old of traldarian links.The planar temple

The statues are all of an attractive robed woman, with a some resemblance to Petra. In two of them she is covering her face, weeping and in one of them is laughing, the smashed one is one of laughing and has been recently smashed. There are four bronze doors.
I sense a a strong planar aura surrounding the area. The building shows some sign of overgrowth, but it suggests that it is tended in some form or other.
Switch and Ozzie carefully go up onto the plinth and look at the statue.
Game layoutSwitch pushes the door slightly and peers in to see two people inside. There is something dreadfully wrong – as shambling around inside is a man who appears to be the seer, and an old crone. They don’t yet appear to have noticed that The door is open and switch quietly closes the door, the door is then quietly pushed further closed from the inside.
From the north there is the sound of vegetation crashing in, something comes…. Something large.

Into the Mist

10th Eirmont
Overnight, Lady Halloran teaches Memnon the raise dead ritual. Ozzy also learns from Fyodor how to create a Linked Portal to the Lake of Lost Dreams.

In the morning, the party equips itself with various sundry provisions and equipment, electing to leave behind the bulky cold weather bedding and are gifted with fresh clothing subtly bearing the mark of Baron Halloran and new linen and bedding. Memnon and Ozzy acquire residuum for their new rituals (NB look at cost to party treasure for this!), Switch bemoans not being able to collect his plethora of magical items and not long after breaking fast, having said farewell to the Baron, the Heroes stand ready to depart, watched by the Armoured Flower.

With a slight sensation of motion, the castle of Baron Halloran is replaced by the open air and rural setting of the Western shore of the Lake of Lost Dreams. Fyodor explains that this place is home to him now and Tol Flemin spies plenty of animal tracks, suggesting that the Seer’s presence hasn’t affected the natural balance in any noticeable manner. Being a Callarii Half Elf, Tol is also conscious that the Southern shores of the lake are Vyalia Elf territory.

The lake itself is vast, perhaps 10 miles across (East to West) by 12 miles in length (North to South). Fyodor talks about his experiences as we travel to the Seer’s abode. He explains how time can move strangely here – the Seer once instructed him to focus on an object for an hour and he did so only to find that in fact, a full day had passed. He isn’t sure if this is an effect the Seer has, or one that is a result of the location itself. The Seer would often imply that Fyodor has a destiny and when the Bard spoke of his desire to return to his comrades and make sure they were well, the Seer would reassure him that their paths would cross again. Despite the strange flow of time here, Fyodor is certain that the Seer is long overdue. He departed for the Island of Lost Dreams stating he’d return by New Moon, which was now two weeks ago.

Ozzy hypothesizes that there is a planar effect at work here, quite possibly that of the Feywild. Tol Flemin spies more tracks – those of barefoot adult (the Seer?) and softly booted feet in groups of two or three individuals (Elves, Watchers?). There is also some evidence of less careful travel. Fyodor explains that he has noticed that the vegetation around the lake seems to regenerate or repair itself. A reed broken one day may be found whole again another. He has seen noticeable disruption in the rushes at the lake’s edge, on the day before, or of, the Seer’s departure (he finds it hard to remember).

Memnon expresses his discomfort at the possibility of not grasping the flow of time or being able to recollect events clearly (and does the Tiefling Cleric look somewhat… diminished slightly, or is just the fit of his new clothing…?) whilst Tol seems to welcome the possibility. As the discussion continues, the group realise that none of them can actually recollect what the Seer looks like (!) although they feel certain they’d recognise him when they see him again.

The party arrives at the Seer’s home – a natural cave with a wooden extension to the fore offering additional shelter. Inside, nothing appears to have been disturbed whilst the cave has been unoccupied. The heroes note moss stuffed into cracks in the rock walls, offering insulation, and wooden pegs driven home to support shelves, many of which support clay jars containing various magical components and ingredients. Skins and furs carpet the floor and there is an abundance of lengths of knotted string. According to Tol Flemin this is a means of recording messages, but he cannot read these particular ones. None of the Eye Bearers sense the presence of the Eye of Death in the cave. In the comfort of the cave, a plan is hatched. Three coracles will be built to carry the party, two at a time, over the lake of Lost dream and to the island at its centre. The coracles are built during the day, with Tol taking a scouting swim using his new ability to spend prolonged amounts of time underwater. The Ranger has nothing to report however, as visibility is poor due to sediments and silt disturbed by the two rivers that feed into the lake. The evening and night is spent resting (albeit with a watch being set) before setting off in our vessels in the morning.

The night is mercifully uneventful, other than the Eye Bearers having odd dreams; a mish mash, with a sense of somebody handling an Eye with glee, passing it from hand to hand (whether this involves one person or more is unclear). There is a sense of isolation, of being trapped and/or lonely (the feelings of a person or an Eye, again is unclear) in a place of great antiquity and regality.

11th Eirmont
Shaking off the dreams, as the group prepares to leave, Fyodor retrieves his compass from Switch before we lash the coracles together with lengths of rope and board them. Tol pairs with Kathra, Memnon with Switch and Ozzy with Fyodor. There is a thick layer of mist on the lake. After an hour’s progress, the party seems to have drifted South a little and sees that they are heading for a fog bank in the middle of the lake. Observing the fog, Tol senses it is not a natural occurrence and Ozzy that magic is involved. The bank is several hundred yards across and 40 yards high. Tol takes a quick look underwater (Halav, tell us that the Elf doesn’t wear Speedos..!) but can’t see anything blocking lines of sight other than the usual sediment. Cautiously, the coracles enter the fog…

…passing through mere inches of it and into bright sunlight! Oddly, there is no fog visible in the wake of the three vessels. What is ahead is even more interesting – a low, wooded island with a sloping, pebbled beach, vibrant vegetation and exotic bird calls. No wait; it’s a grim looking, overcast place with blackened tree stumps and no… it’s shrouded in mist and fog and…

Clearly, there’s something magical afoot. The group counts three different aspect of the island and that they can each see the same of the three different aspects at the same time. The ‘real world’, a ‘shadow realm’ and ‘Feywild’..? Squinting at the island, Memnon’s Tiefling eyes spy certain berries in a bush that he distinctly recall from the group’s brief sojourn into the Feywild. Curious, the party circumnavigates the island, sighting a coracle on the beach as they go, no doubt that of the Seer? There are low cliffs on the North side and at its highest point the island appears about 15 foot above the water level of the lake. One common feature in all three phases of the island is a lone, tall tree. The group considers which phase to try and make land in and the heroes prepare themselves to time their approach just right…


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