The old Thyatian trading post

The party agrees to go and explore the old Thyatian trading post and see why it was abandoned.

The next morning we visit She who speaks with the Ancestors. Memnnon and Ozzie go with the chieftain.

As they we are introduced both natives make a sign of the evil eye against mentioning this area. We are taken into the long room which is very dark, no light is allowed other than the a very low light. As we enter we hear very shuffling and can see withered bodies. Memmnnon believes them to zombies.

We get three questions…. Ozzie and Memmnnon confer

What did they last contact the village about?

They last contacted us for more food

Why did you refuse to help?

They and those that visited them behaved very badly when they visited the villages.

How many lived there when you last knew.

There were about a100 remaining at the trading post.

The trading post is located in a sheltered cove, complete surrounded by cliffs.
We sail on and we come to the entrance to the cove rocks can be seen rising out of the water. On the rocks we discover the remains of a vessel. Which isn’t’ very old. For there to be that much left of it, it can’t be more than a year old.

Tol doesn’t notice anything in the cove, but does notice something moving at the top of the cliffs. The vessel looks like it has run aground on the rocks.

Tol swims over to the wreck of the vessel. When he is half way over there a harpy appears and singing at Tol who is swayed by her siren song and starts swimming more strongly towards the wreck.

Switch sees the danger and let’s lose with his bow, hitting the creature on the cliff.

Kathka stuffs cloth and pieces into her ears to prevent her being dominated by the sirens. A beautiful seagreen skinned woman surfaces nearby Tol.

Switch is beguiled by the singing and drops his arrow, whilst Tol escapes the domination of the Harpy’s singing and is attacked by said harpy, who screeches as she attacks.

The second harpy flys out towards the canoes of the party.

The beautiful seagreen woman disappears from sight under the waves, possibly heading towards the canoes.

Harpy’s are thought to enslave men and are not adverse to eating men, if we ar deafened we are immune to a lot of their attacks.. Ozzie teleports the closest harpy to within range of Switches weapons., which proves beneficial as he stabs and damages it greviously.

Tol is rocked by the ugly shriek and then dives under the waves after the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. He sees movement over by the wreck, but isn’t sure of what it is but swims after the shape, who when he gets closer is still incredibly beautiful. He just wants to get .closer, he sees she is being inviting but isn’t convinced of its best interest.

The bloodied harpy shrieks with rage at Switch, Ozzie and Pallock, missing the heroes but Pallock grabs hold of his ears as blood pours out of them from the crushing of his ear drum. This sound is now continuous and very painful.

Kathka drops her hammer on her foot, as Tol’s new watery friend swims up and snogs Tol, which is very pleasant, except Tol feels his soul is departing his body.

Memnnon heals Pallock and then stabs the harpy with his lance of faith, as Switch stabs the harpy again.

Under the water Tol grapples with the woman and she continues to suck his face, but ties to swim away..

Switch slices a wing off the harpy as the other flies in and shouts at Ozzie., nearly knocking him over the side. He covers and teleports her to within range of Switch’s deadly attacks, which don’t fail as he sinks his sword into the creature’s side.

Tol pops up out of the water onto one of the rocks, escaping the kiss of the sea creature, but not her positions spittle when the vengeful creature pops up after him.

The harpy screams at the party, Ozzie teleports away to escape the scream. Memnnon screams back…. Right into Kathka’s ear as the harpy flies up and away from the swirling blades of the Halfling..

Ozzie crushes the fleeing harpy with his titan’s fist.

The party’s attention turns to Tol’s slippery girlfriend, who he tries to shoot whilst blinded, whilst the Dryad again spits at Tol before vanishing.

Ozzie believes the creature to be a Neiryad, and keeps an eye out for it, as the boats come up to. Tol calls out that he believes he has frightened off.

The harpy takes another hit from the party and tries to flee, however Ozzie has other ideas. A huge titanic fist materialises around the harpy and crushes it, dropping a lifeless body into the ocean.

Tol swims around the wreck looking for clues. Most of it looks like it has been deliberately removed, however Tol’s eagle vision notices a silver box caught under a rock, he diverts Switch and pulls the box out.of the water. There are faint tracery decoration on the side of the box, of decorative arts in Thyatis about 100 years ago.

Switch opens the box, which is in remarkably good condition, inside are 4 slightly turquoise pearls worth 1500 GPS each (6000gps) and two little crystal vials. The box is enchanted to protect from impact and ageing. The box on its own is worth about 2000gps. The potions are both vitality. Switch and Ozzie get one each.

The party sails into the bay, which is surrounded by cliffs soaring into the sky, there is a stiff current. It is warm and humid. There is the sound of water rushing around the corner.

On one side is a structure which looks like a guard tower and another wooden building and on the other another wooden building. There appear to be asset of carved steps and a path going around the corner of the bay.

Arne the corner the cliff has been carved out and has an impressive set of doors inset in there. There is ritualistic feel to the doors. There is a small river coming over into the bay.

Tol’s gets a bit hot and goes for another swim, on the premise to check that it’s safe for the boats.

There are bits of wrecked vessels in the harbour. Ozzie notices that on the path up there are holes and doorways set into the cliff. But Ozzie notices nobody watching back.

The party sail into the abondoned wooden jetty. It all appears to have been abondoned. Tol slips over the side and swims under the jetty….. Where he is surprised by an undead aquatic creature which tears into him and is grabbed, and then ties to bite out of the hapless half elf.

Ozzie teleports to the wharf and is beset upon by undead rats, he tries to teleport them into the sea, but the smell overcomes him and he is bitten by two of the rats, his repelling shield pushes one away.

The boats reach the jetty and the rest of the heroes swarm onto the jetty, switch and Kathka lay into the rats, left and right, killing one and bloodying another.

Tol wriggles free from the amphibious ghoul and tries to escape, but as he swims away it takes his legs and rakes them, leaving a pool of blood in the water. He climbs up onto the jetty and tells his colleagues that everything is dead and under the jetty.

Another Laceadon (aquatic ghoul) comes through a trap door next to Switch who stabs it as it comes through.

Ozzie shouts urrgh ‘rats!’ And his wizardly push kills two of the rats and sends another along way down the jetty.

More ghouls come out of the boatshed and Memnnon’s solar wrath stuns three of the bad guys and kills another rat.

Tol fires wildly into the melee before leaping onto the stairs.

Switch lets the Laceadon past him, much to Ozzie’s chargrin, and it lunges at Ozzie, who dodges out of the way. Switch realising his mistake turns and backstabs the monster.

Ozizie, in his usual arrogant manner, sets about casting an enormous and powerful spell using al his years of research and training to smash the undead horde into pieces. The colours swirl and light starts to eminate from his old wizened fingers. He screams his incantation and … Phhhhhhttttt

Nothing happens. Nothing at all.

Stunned he stands in ridged disbelief as the zombies start to rend chunks from his body. “Why ….. Why …” He thinks.

Then the party swing into action, all working their asses off, to save the clothie as normal. Healing spells fly in and everyone concentrates on defeating the creature Ozzie is clearly incapable of beating himself. He should be more humble….

Switch sinks another backstabs in the ghoul trying to dine on Ozzie. Ozzie pushes one of the rats away and then teleports away from the other one.

Memnnon swats the ghouls on either side of him and casts a radiant burn against the more powerful ghoul.

2 Undead gerbils swarm up the walls to Tol, he fires repeatedly at them egging them on to go after him as he draws them away from the beleaguered halfling.

Switch dispatches one of the ghouls, which writhes and swells before exploding covering the halfling and the dwarf with necrotic zombie guts.

More undead ghouls shamble out of the crab shed. Memnnon steps and misses the large ghoul, which in turn takes a couple of chunks out of the cleric, tossing a piece to one of his undead colleagues who swallows it in one go and grins at his ghoulish master.

Tol now has mastered you of the stairs and lays down covering fire around Kathka and Switch. This frees Switch to land a flurry of blows against the Laceadon.

Ozzie teleports away from the undead and pushes the three ones nearest him along the jetty, pushing the largest one into the water before firing out bolts of radiant light killing two of the undead and hurting the other.

The Laceadon is prevented from hitting Memnnon by Kathka who blocks the monster’s strike and in the back swing takes it under the chin, killing it. Switch tries to shoot the rat chasing Tol, however he slips on Kathka’s blood and falls over, pulled through the open trapdoor by the rather heavy bag of holding, which he holds onto grimly.

It’s like shooting rats on a cliff!

There comes the sound of splashing and shouting as the other ghoul, has swum under the jetty and found Switch, who it proceeds to try and eat.him. They trade blows, whilst Ozzie peers down the trapdoor to try and see the creature. Which he does and rescues the hapless halfling by teleporting the creature back to the jetty and puts it between Memnon and Kathka

Switches bounces back up the ladder with the sword between his teeth, aims for the ghoul, but again slips on the dwarf’s blood and falls back through the still open trapdoor, dragged down by the now sodden bag of holding.

Memnnon drops his guard and his head, calling upon his deity manifesting his wrath and exuding radiant energy which finishes off the ghoul.

Tol examines the various doors in the cliffs and on the stairs, finding nothing of interest. Kathka investigates the crabbing shed. It is in pretty bad shape, smells awful. But there is evidence that it has been used to hack up meat in the last few months. Tol identifies that some of the bones are human. Speculation is that this was probably the remainder of the shipwrecked crew.

The party heads up the stairs to the first door which is locked. Switch picks the lock and a hefty push opens the door, assisted by Kathka.

Inside are lots of boxes and crates covered in taupalin. The is a slight acrid smell, which Tol identified as vinegar. The room has been carved out and is obviously a door.

Mage hand removes the taupalin and it appears that all the barrels have been breached and the crates emptied. This appears to be the pantry. The crates come from various trading nations. Kathka ascertains that the pantry was dug out by the original.

The heroes instruct the villagers to use the pantry as a defensive position if they are attacked again.

Heading onwards and upwards. The party explores the hovels at the top of the stairs the party goes door to door looking for information as to what happened. The rooms are accommodation for 30-40 people. Looking across the bay is similar on the other side.

Nothing is found except for 200gps of minor coins.

The party jumps back in the boats and heads over to the other docks with the security tower.

As they get closer, the party can see that there are shapes shuffling around inside. They decide to dock on the far side. Ozzie heroically volunteers not to be first onto the jetty this time.

Tactile maps

The party takes a drawing and rubbing of the map. During the rubbing of the map, Kathka accidentally brushes one of the gemstones and is momentarily bemused to hear it asking a question of her. She is being asked to identify something. Suddenly Kathka takes a psychic shock for not replying. And then in her mind she makes out the name Azaht’h Which Ozzie identifies as a proper name, logically a place.

Ozzie doesn’t get any feeling that this is a portal tool, but a teaching tool for the cities.

Switch suddenly wonders aloud as to whether the lands have suffered some sort of movement and don’t resemble the world as we know it but before continental drift.

Memnnon impulsively touches the big red ruby and get a feeling that he is being questioned, he says Yehog, and the maps eminates feeling of pleasure and Memnnon gains a healing surge. This appears to be the capital of the empire.

Tol touches the green Jewel on the southern continent. He also gets the querying thought and takes 9 points of damage and learns that the area is called Ishtur’koth.
Tol then runs his finger along the red border and receives a slight feeling of satisfaction. Outside of the border there is a feeling of its not quite so nice.

Switch puts the map into the bag of holding and Memnnon and Ozzie create Tenser’s floating disc to carry the treasure through to the lost library portal.

We head back to go through the locked door and get rid of the tentacular monstrosity.

Ozzie prepares his beguiling strands to push the tentacles back down the grid. Switch picks the lock and discovers that the door is also magically locked. After his initial success he fumbles and snaps his thrives tools and resets the door and it triggers. Ozzie casts knock on the door and then cracks the lock. It opens into a circular room, with chubby holes and covered in scrolls.

The arcane power in the room allows easier casting of arcane and religious rituals. This is too much for Ozzie and he wanders in, pulls out a scroll, nearly cutting his hands on it, it is metallic, but thin and flexible. And the writing is in outer realm in a bright blue pigment, appearing to be chant or invocation. The writing appears to be something that might happen in a religious ceremony. Memnnon’s feeling is that it would appear to be a devotion to Arkha’l.

Kathka can’t identify the metal, but Memnnon gets a tingle for two of the scrolls and carefully pulls them out. Ozzie reads them, these contain a ritual to banish a servant of great power. It permanently banishes the being but needs a “being such as thine own self to guard the way.” This means a being of the same race, and a resurrect will remove the guard.

There are around 500 scrolls in the room, which it is agreed should be transferred through to the library.

The Mage hand removes the gold trinkets from the mummified bodies around the tentacular monstrosity’s 6 sets of pectoral, armbands and coronets and armbands… Each set is worth 5000 gp each. They are ancient and oddly proportioned..

The party agrees to collapse the entrance, as Ozzie collects up the treasure and pushes it through to the portal in the library.

We collapse the entrance to the Obsidion city.

We take the bodies back out to the young man outside who is pathetically grateful to see that we have survived. We carry the bodies back to the village.

On return we are instructed to leave the bodies in the house of the dead. Where the old hag deals with them.

Next morning. We present the map to the village chief and say we’re not entirely sure as to whether the monster is guarding the maps and so may come after this.

The golden map

The Obsidion statues animate as Switch runs past .
Ozzie rearranges the battlefield to make sur none of the statues are anywhere near him as the battle breaks out.

Kathka takes a hit from the statues, knocking her prone and it then it stamps on her head…hard, stunning the dwarven hero.

The two remaining statues move out of the alcoves towards, the thieving hin, encircling him and proceed to beat and stamp on him mercilessly, Kathka is also being flung around on the floor, smearing dwarven blood everywhere.

Ozzie pushes some of the Obsidion golems away from his bleeding allies. He and Tol also notice that the movement of the golems has revealed the grating through which the smoky tendrils may appear at any time.

These creatures have no emotion and it is unnerving the party, as they aren’t used to fighting an enemy with such a lack of emotion. Memnnon also take a pasting and is knocked over and stamped on and stunned.

Ozzie pushes the golems into the map room and Tol runs down and shuts the door, before quickly healing Switch.

There comes the sounds of crashing and smashing on the other side of the door. Ozzie teleports down and helps Kathka to stand up, Tol moves down to assist the stunned Cleric down and out of the way, as he comes around.

The bashing gets louder as the heros prepare for the next onslaught. Kathka holds the vanguard, as the remaining heroes stay out of the way.

The door smashes in multiple pieces, Ozzie teleports 2 of the golems back into the room, as the other heroes shoot at the enemy. The third golem steps up to Kathka and knocks her over again.

Tol’s shot glances off the golem in front of Kathka, it explodes in a million shards of razor sharp Obsidion. The others move out of the room.

The other golem goes down to Memnnon’s mace. The remaining one moves past Kathka and Memnnon, who each take lumps out it, preventing it from reaching Switch. Who backs down the corridor firing his bow at it. Kathka takes a last swipe at it and smashes it to

The party eagerly puts the golden jigsaw together to reveal

The glorious empire of Y’hog.


There are also more stone boxes on the walls. The pieces of the jigsaw are estimated to total up 40,000gps. The rest of the 9 boxes are examined. 5 of them rattle. All of them have been wrapped magically in stone. Tol goes down to keep a look out. Kathka smashes open the first rock to find three platinum circlets. Each is worth 3,000 gap.

Chest number 2 has a pectoral worth 10,000 go and the is something vaguely repellent about it.

The third one has 2 Obsidion daggers, each handle is carved from a single ruby and worth 5,000gp each.

The forth box is heavy and spills out hundreds of silver rings. None of them are quite right for human fingers. Each ring is worth about 30 GPS and switch counts out 400 rings.

The last chest is the heaviest of the lot and is stacked full of silver bars. 500 bars and each is worth 20 gps.

Laying the dead to rest

Tol and Kathka return from their search with a burial place for the wood, as well as some suitable trees to fell and some fresh food.

The heroes and Ekatarine head off to have dinner with The natives,

Feasting with the natives

Walking along the beach the heros approach the village where big fires have been lit and there are great fire pits opened up pulling up huge hunks of food.

The chief welcomes us. And we also see there are other honoured guests there. 2 rakasta are also there as honoured guests.

Ozzie talks to the Rakasta and discovers they come regularly to trade with the people in these islands. Mainly bringing meat and hides to trade for fish and pearls. Tol asks about the hunting and discovers that they generally hunt in the plains area. The island has three volcanoes called the mother (Makayhini) elder son ( Kakahan a a )and younger son.(Kai Kai na).

Further discussions are around, we discover that a port has been abondoned on the southern tip. For the villagers the plateau is taboo. The chief gestures to ’She who speaks with the ancestors"

She tells the heroes of their once mighty civilisation, struck down by the immortals for their arrogance. All ancestors were wiped out except for the clever ones who sealed up the evil and moved to the beach.

The people who set up the port were originally from Thyatis and ended up eating each other.

Ozzie and Tol imbibe a little too much of the local liquor. Tol finds it quite disagreeable.

Eventually the chief beckons the party over and asks why we are really here. Memnnon is explains why they are here and offers to assist, he does request a favour in return.

He summons a youth, Palloc. Palloc has tale to tell of the plateau. As part of his transition into manhood, they go up to the plateau.

They went down some steps and through a couple of chambers and into a square room with chests all around the walls. They brought bought back a plaque inset with chunks of Obsidion. After they found this, something came up out of the floor and snatched his friends away. He fled. Pure darkness and terror. This occurred three days ago.

The lump of gold and Obsidion is worth 100s if not 1000s of gps Switch reckons.

Palloc offers to take us up to the plateau.

Ozzie and Tol feel quite rough from the effects of last night. The chief brings down a working party to help with the ship. Palloc takes us up a watercourse which makes it easier to get up to the top. He also has a spear and a sling.

Ozzie picks out that the writing on the medallion, which is a name Y’hog. This is usually used in reference to a place or a group of people.

Palloc tells us of huge flightless birds with large beaks which can tear a man’s head off . And giant cats with teeth the length of their heads. He goes onto say he will consider himself a man if he can bring back my friends, or parts cof them or a treasure for each of them.

Ozzie casts endure elements on the party which Palloc regards as a sign of weakness.

Several hours later the party reaches the plateau and can several other villages along the shore . The party continues past several areas where earth tremors have disturbed the ground and changed the topography. The undergrowth gives way to a clearing where a cliff has risen up and a clear chiselled tunnel opening.

Palloc climbs the tree and the party heads into the tunnel.

The tunnel is made of large amounts of Obsidion and basalt, which is shot through with veins to create an artistic effect. The steps are not comfortable for human steps. They are slightly too long and shallow. Nothing grows in here.

After a while the tunnel opens out into a chamber and Switch hears a vague shuffling sound. The light illuminates the undead shambling bodies of 2 of the village people and a rakasta. Switch sneaks forward and hits one of them. Ozzie teleports them away, killing one from the fall, and slowing the others.

Memnnon heads into the next chamber to discover more zombies wandering around, Kathka heads around to dispatch more of the poor beings from their undead status.

Rising up out of the grid in the floor streams a putrid smell of stream of darkness, which solidifies and manifests itself in front of Ozzie, he shields himself from the attack and teleports away from the threat before trying and failing to push it back down the hole.

Memnnon swings with his mace if disruption and proceeds to take out zombies left and right.

The doors are made of Obsidion with a gold alloy for the hinges and handles. The door handle is slightly higher up and larger than normal for human use.

Switch moves across the battlefield to engage the smoky tendrils and is grabbed as he comes within range, he slips aside and tries to hit it, but it’s not a solid creature.

The creature is probably connected to the beyond and the outer beings and is of a mutable form, whether it is one beast or. Ozzie teleports part of them out of their holes and down the corridor. As he does so they rip apart and distintergrate. Ozzie feels that he has pulled the creatures apart from the beyond rather than destroying them. Behind him more zombies stumble into the room and are turned by Memnnon.

As the party moves away from the holes, another tentacle rises up out of the drain and grabs Kathka, squeezing her and sucking her life energy from the writhing dwarf. Jets of purple. Ozzie teleports away from another which tried to grab him and pushes the one that is holding Kathka back down its hole and it disappears.

Memnnon says I’ll hold them you move on as he disrupts and destroys another zombie.

Ozzie ventures into a barrel shaped domed archway which has 6 humanoid bodies inside them. They all look very dead, all are robed and Switch notices they are ornately decorated. He ventures over for a closer look, they appear to be very dead lizard folk, more powerful legs, bigger teeth. Down the hole there is a roiling, black writhing blackness.

Tol calls to Switch, who is peering into the depths. As Ozzie teleports over to push a zombie down the stairs. Another he hadn’t noticed comes stumbling up to him.

There is a swirling in the darkness and rising up out of the well comes a huge set of tentacles from the beyond. Switch gets out of the way very quicklyimage.jpeg
Tol is slightly braver and stands his ground long enough to fire one of his black arrows wildly into the writhing darkness..

Ozzie lays down a burst of radiant energy at the writhing creature, wryly commenting that the creature isn’t from around here.

Little points of black spring into being, hovering above the ground and then the writhing tentacles rises up out of the well and moves towards the heroes. Switch strikes a deep blow from his hiding place as the creature moves past. This gets its attention and it flails wildly at the dodging halfling, grabbing him.

The little motes of darkness rise up and try to attach themselves to the faces of their opponents.. Switch wriggles free and stabs the creature again, sinking his sword deep into its side. Tol fires at the zombie hits it but it stands back up. Switch is incensed and shouts at the ranger who turns and shoots wildly at the tentacled monstrosity

Ozzie fires prismatic with beams which cause damage to the two shadowy face huggers, but misses the tentacles. He attempts to push them away but his fear causes the spell to fail as he teleports out of the way.

Down the corridor Ozzie sees Obsidion statues in the alcoves.

Meanwhile Memnnon goes diabolic and misses the creature, however it start spontaneously combusting from Memnnon’s radiant flaming aura and a zone of consecrated ground appears around the diabolic cleric .

The creature again grabs Switch and moves forward, two of the shadowy face huggers wink out from the damage, whilst the 3rd attaches itself to Memmnnon blinding him.

Kathka disengages from the zombie and moves to attack the creature and supporting the flying halfling, who lithely slips from the creature’s grasp, flanking it and backstabs the creature.

Memnnon mentally moves his consecrated ground forward to surround the creature, as it shifts out of the consecrated ground and is punished by Kathka who prevents it from moving forward any further. It still lashes out, but fails to connect. New shadowy face huggers appear around the wizard and affix themselves to his face blinding him.

Ozzie teleports away from the zombie, but it follows him down and bites him. Memnnon calls down a beacon of hope healing nearby heroes .

The creature grabs Memnnon and then causes the shadowy motes to reappear, which attack and again blind the wizard.

A victorious war cry emits from Kathka as she strikes hard into the side of the creature. Ozzie pushes away his opposition, which kills it. Tol dodges tentacles and again shoots at the monster. Memnnon falls victim to another face hugger, whilst another fizzles up in Memmnon’s cons created ground.

Kathka lands another telling blow on the creature and shouts at Memmnnon “right turn Clyde!” Switch Hokey Cokey’s in and stabs the creature again before retreating.

Ozzie recovers his sight to see Memnnon strike out wildly in a blind flail and connect with the creature.

The creature flails out at the party and then explodes out into the darkness, covering the party in a shockwave dazing many of the party. Ozzie notes that fragment of the darkness fly down and reanimate the zombies, who start to get up and shuffle after the heroes.

Ozzie rearranges the battlefield dropping many of the zombies onto Memnnon’s consecrated ground. Unfortunately Memnnon loses concentration and the holy ground is dispelled.

Switch flits smoothly across the room to Tol’s aid and cleanly beheads the first zombie, as Tol draws Akeris and turns himself into a sweeping whirlwind of not much.

Memnnon wields his mace and dispatches two of the zombies. The battle is basically done as the heroes dispatch the last of the zombies. Tol takes the last one’s head off but steps too close to one of the smoky waving tentacles, Ozzie pushes the smoky tentacle down the grill, which does leave Tol with the impression of a grill on the side of his face.

6 of the bodies around the pit are mummified and are definitely not human. The size of the bodies is that they are larger than that of lizardmen. They are all wearing gold pectorals, armbands and Coranets, Switch estimates that they are worth a few thousand each.

Ozzie also detects that there is powerful magical forces down in the hole. Switch manages to resist reaching out to grab the treasure when he recognises that they are covered in dangerous spores.

Across the other side, the stairs down come to a sheer wall where the fault line has moved.

Down the side are Obsidion statues of altered troglodytes. The edges are very sharp, they have some arcane aura about them, which may be the way they were created.

At the end of the corridor is a single room with a grid. On the floor are gold plaques and stone chests. The plaques are worth 2000 GPS each. Switch is so excited he runs into the room picks one up and runs out. As he runs past one of the Obsidion statues it reaches out and swipes at him.

On over the waves

What repairs can be made to the Pride are made, new sails are raised.

Tol feels that the the curse is Druidic and thus may be some form of fey magic. As Ozzie thinks about this it occurs that the effeit is primal and is affecting the keel of the boat.the structure of the wood. Tol and Ozzie head below decks to commune with nature. The ritual pulls forth a green Elven/human/fey undead type creature, Ozzie recognises the creature as an undead dryad.

Tol tells the creature as to why he has summoned the creature out of the wood. " it hurts to burns, the Watchers of Dymrak knew my tree was sacred. Tol asks who it was, the reply comes it was a human, the Dryad was out of her tree at the time. Tol asks how we can release you from your pain . Take the wood that was my home and bury it in good honest soil, otherwise I will be held in eternal limbo." As she speaks, her torment manifests itself and causes the surrounding wood to warp and twist the timbers.

Tol asks again, who caused her tree to be felled, did the person have a high pitched voice and stutter. While she is not entirely sure, it is enough for the heroes to identify her killer as Parvel.

Kathka asks the dwarf how much of the wood was used to reinforce the vessel. The carpenter sucks his teeth. He is not happy about ripping out the wood without replacing it. Tol looks much more carefully at the wood and identifies which wood needs to be removed. There is a considerable amount.

Whilst we are sailing, the team gets a good normal wind, we hit timbal speed.

Two days pass uneventfully. On the third day a plume of huge smoke is spotted The captain says we’ll need to steer clear as there is a giant whirlpool east of the Burning Mountain.

The Archipelago is known to have natives on the island. Edric reckons we can rip out the wood in 2-3 days. A day to get the ship ship shape again and get it seaworthy again. Tol stresses that the key.

Land Ahoy!
The boat is launched to plumb the depths as the ship comes in closer to some nice sandy beaches, protected by reefs. It is agreed that we anchor in the lagoon, but off the beach over night.

On either side of the beach there are sheer cliffs going straight up. canyons and ravines can be seen. 1/2 a mile in from the beach it goes up in sheer cliff. It is a clear night, we have no lights. Out to the west many miles away flickering lights can be seen. The fauna is quite noisy overnight.

The ship is not beached, but can have the wood removed. Tol and Kathka go ashore to set up a defensive permiter. The jungle gets dense very quickly in from the shore.

A 1/4 of a mile in the beach becomes soil. It’s not particularly rich due to the high levels of rainfall. KathKa and Tol also restock with meat and fresh water in the barrels. Tol notices no humanoid influence in this area and that the soil is good enough to bury the wood.

The entire job takes a couple of days, it turns out we only need to take out over half the wood. Half way through the first day Switch sees several small craft rowing around the coast. He warns the crew. Each vessel has and 12 individuals each, they a clearly armed and have red head dresses.

Memnnon gives the approaching vessels a cheery wave. A good half of the crew jump off the boats and run through the surf. Ozzie listens to the oncoming vessel and prepares comprehend languages. The natives are particularly interested in Memnnon and Switch. Memnnon climbs down from the vessel and some of the natives start towards him.

Ozzie eventually casts comprehend Languages and starts communicating with the natives who have obviously met northern traders before.

That sinking feeling
Days of conjecture

The warping of the Pride of Dymrak continues. Edric the ship’s carpenter reckons he can keep it going until we make landfall.

Jovah continues to be the butt of any resentment as to what’s is going wrong.

The ships boat also appears to be suffering from the same warping as the rest of the vessel, following Kathka’s observations.

Edric is hopeful that we can stop in the Thanegioth archipelago to cut down trees and re build the boat.

Tol wakes up early and complains of bad dreams. He had a very restless sleep, but can’t recall anything in detail, just vague feelings of menace and impending doom.

Day 12; 22nd Fyrmont
Alya spots a sail on dawn watch….. Sail ahoy behind and to port. Over time we identify that there are not one but two ships and they are gaining on us.pirates2-resize.jpg

The captain suspects that they are pirates of the Crimson Fleet and would normally try and outrun them. The Crimson pirates normal tactics are such to not sink the ship. The ships will have ballista on the vessel.

Ozzie finds that the ship has 3 gallons of oil which we can use to drop onto the ship. During the day it turns into a bit of. Drag race. In the early afternoon they start to overhaul us. Action stations.

In the last 30 minutes Ozzie casts walking on water on Switch and summons 8 eagles to carry them across to the enemy.

Switch drops off the edge of the water and the Eagles are launched, one of the Pirate ships with iron cladding moves out to one side.

Tol, Memnnon and Ozzie are on the eagles and fly towards the right hand vessel, without the iron cladding.

Memnnon swoops in with the barrel of oil splashing oil all over the deck as he flies past. Ozzie flies and launches a wall of flame down the middle of the fire. This ignites the oil, which seems more effective than the magic at damaging the timbers.

A large iron bolt is fired from the iron clad vessel, hitting the sail and bursting into flames.

The pirate captain of the burning ship points a wand at the wall of fire and Ozzie is unable to maintain it, causing it to go out, but not be for the fire causes more damage to the vessel.

Tol does a fly past with his eagle striking at the sails severing one of the ties and slowing the boat. Switch swings up on the anchor chain in one smooth movement and stabs one of the sailors. The wizard on board the ship shouts to the crew to target the birds and fires a magic missile at Ozzie, which is deflected by his ongoing shield, the wizard then casts a sea spray type spell putting out most of the flames.

Memnnon lands on the poop deck and lays waste to the captain and the wizard, calling down all the wrath of his God on him. A mighty sword fight breaks out with Switch and Memnnon, Tol’s eagle is shot out from under him and he swings down onto the sails and onto the deck.

A ballista bolt lands on the deck of the PoD. The sails continue to burn, but Kathka and the fire team are starting to bring it under control, but the speed of the Pride of the Dymrak is dropping.

Ozzie flys back to the Pride of Dymrak to help defend it from the other attacking vessel, which continues to close.

An arcane gate opens on the ship and the Pirates swarm through. Ozzie tries to teleport the bad guys off but stutters in the spell failing to tip them over the side. One of the Pirates leaps up onto the forecastle and smacks Captain Ekatraina. Kathka punishes the pirate that hits Nicky the Cabin boy and marks him.

The captain of the first ship asks Memnnon to yield and his words inspire the crew who attack the heroes with renewed fury, arrows fly around Tol, who climbs further up the yard arm to continue cutting the sail off the mast.

In front of the Pride of Dymrak there is a rolling,of the waters and a large wall of ice appears, there is very little chance of avoiding this.

Meanwhile Memnnon deftly avoids a slash from a pirate by teleporting down the ship, as he transforms into diabolical form and goes after the fleeing wizard, invoking his black wrath of hell and severs the Wizards head, searing the wound closed with the fiery mace. Memnnon is taking a beating, as is Switch, who continues to hack and slay his way down the ship

The burnt ship pirate captain is seen talking into a wooden thing. Ozzie turns and dispels the wall of ice which threatened the PoD, before whispering in the direction of the ironclad pirate ship. at the wheel of the ship, the captain and the wizard start to look dazed and drowsy.

The Ironclad starts to turn parallel, it appears that the pirates are calling off the attack. Nicky punches one of the Pirates exacting revenge, as it dies.. The pirate wizard falls asleep from Ozzie’s power.

The pirate captain of the burnt ship puts his cutlass to Memnnon and says yield or die. However Tol heals him and then exalts Memnnon, who glows with supernatural power as his wounds knit together and disappear.

Memnnon parleys with the captain to get Switch to stop killing the crew, who agree. They fly back to the ship

Leaving Minthroyd

Day 4 14th Fyrmont
2 hours before dawn the ship is getting ready for departure.

Ozzie goes round with the captain with his blue flame to make sure there are no shape changers.

It appears that Alex and Mishka of the ships crew are missing. Memnnon and Switch takes 2 of the crew back to the Slippery Eel to see what has gone on.

On arrival at the Slippery Eel, it is discovered that there has been quite a fight and the two crew members have been arrested. Switch runs back to tell Ekatarina and Memnnon heads off to the Stronghold.

On arrival at the Stronghold the Tiefling is challenged and asks about the crime. It would appear that there is going to be no leaving on this morning tide.

Ekatarina says that normally she would leave them, but this isn’t a normal occasion.

Alex it turns out got into a fight over gambling, the tavern was roughed up, the owner’s daughter has a broken leg, some other sailors are injured and a serving girl has a punctured lung. Tol discovers that Mishka can be bailed and her fine paid for 500gp. Alex is up for attempted murder and won’t be tried for several days.

Memnnon offers to heal the injured parties. He is allowed to heal the young girl, the other one won’t accept his ministrations.

We get Mishaka out but not Alex, Ekatrina get a new crewman called Jovah, he is from Minrothad.

Day 5 15th Fyrmont
We set sail the next dawn. The pilot is again Mothravin, who is displeased about something, muttering about the fogs being unusually thick. Ozzie detects nothing unusual in an arcane sort of way. The fogs are a result of vapours from the dormant volcanoes, as well as sea frets, but Ozzie suspects the Merchant Princes have enhanced them in some way to make approaching the island tricky.

Negotiating the fog takes longer than expected, but Mothravin steers a true course.

Day 6 16th Fyrmont
The Pride of Dymrak bears south between Traders Island and Blackrock Isle. All can see the sparks of fire crowning the bleak island.
And we we then head south.

The trip south is difficult as we face a head wind. It is odd to have winds from this direction. Ozzie is suspicious that someone or something. It appears that there might be a merchant prince slowing us down.

Day 9 19th Fyrmont
After 3 days Ekatrina has moved closer to the normal trade routes in an attempt to avoid the curious contra winds. However the ship’s rations are going off faster than would be expected and one of the fresh water barrels has sprung a leak.

What looks to have happened is that the barrel staves have been warped. An object reading shows that the warping of the barrel happened around Traders Isle.

Tol summons up the Horn of Plenty to work every day, so that there are enough rations, and our rations are shared with the crew. Our rations are slightly better so this will put the crew in better spirits.

Day 10, 11; 20th, 21st Fyrmont
Over the next few days more problems are noted. Ekatarina and Anya notice that some of the ship’s timbers are also starting to warp. This is checked with Edric, the ship’s carpenter, who confirms that this is happening.

The party hold a council of war. Tol goes over the side to see if there is anything attached to the bottom…. Nothing.

Switch deals in Darkweed

Guild Corser would be interested in dealing in a minimum of 20 cartloads to Minrothad.

The Guild would want exclusive access to Switch’s supply chain.

Switch would need to sub contact to other members of the 5 shires.

100 gps for 1000 gold in weight.

Dark weed….. They would need samples. Gregus is happy to accept a pouch.

Gregus is keen for Switch to sign receipt of the sample and guaranteeing that if Guild Corser like Darkweed then Switch will be the sole supplier. It also says that Switch can’t offer this to any other guild for 2 (minrothad) months, 60 days, and they won’t deal with anyone else other than Switch for the same time period..

Switch signs and is invited back to Gregus’ place for dinner that evening as is the tradition following making a deal.

The Journey to Traders Isle

‘We are to avoid imperial entanglements’

We have barley and grain to sell to Guild Corser agents for brewing, and also to stock up on luxury items to sell in Raven Scarp. At Harbourtown rather than Minrothad.

Life onboard ship is fairly straight forward. The heroes gets involved with The sailing of the ship"

The weapon’s locker has crossbows and bolts and cutlasses Tol goes fishing, Kathka looks at the defence if the boat, Edric the ship’s carpenter and weapons master proudly shows you around and emphasises the additional reinforcing (especially the keel) to make it more resilient.

Kathka tests the crew on how well they might do in a fight. It turns out they aren’t too bad.

Memnnon talks to Ivan, who is the healer, follows Proteas, he isn’t a cleric. Memnnon investigates the bottom of the ship and finds water and stores…. No coffins here!

Day 1 11th Fyrmont
Farewell to Karameikos

Tol discovers that there is something about the voyage that the officers aren’t happy with. Tol investigates and finds out that Ekatarina is unhappy about the contrary winds slowing progress, and that they might arrive in Harbourtown a day later.

There is also a certain amount of muttering among the crew, as the heroes have displaced the captain, who in turn has displaced Sacha, so things are a little cramped below decks. However, the heroes attempts to fit in (and Switches amusing antics in the rigging) go a long way towards smoothing things over.

Edric is keen to spend a lot of time with Kathka and keen to show off the ship. The weakest parts of a ship is the sails and the mast. The Ierendi have a fiendish weapon which will take down a ship’s mast.

Tol and Memnnon suffer from sea sickness on the first day. Memnnon continues to demonstrate he is no good sailor.

Day 2 12th Fyrmont
Deeper Waters

The Pride of Dymrak is now away from shore and the ships we start seeing are fewer and designed for deep water vessels.

The weather is a bit grayer and Traders Isle is recognisable by the mist.

Ozzie mobile stones to Douganstahl to ask him to warn Teldon about Parvel’s treachery.

That evening the vessel heaves to outside of the fog bank, there is some muttering amongst the crew which is soon quelled by serving steak from the horn of plenty (though the portions are small when shared among so many).

During the night it is noted that some Merrow pop up to see who is there. Looking over the side lights can be seen below, perhaps a settlement? We are warned to be very careful and polite and to watch out for devilish, although we shouldn’t see any around here.

Day 3 13th Fyrmont

Boat ahoy!

Surprisingly the pilot turns out to be Mothradin, the same one that escorted us from Thyatis to Ierendi on the Davanian Queen.
The accompanying customs officer brings on the values for the grain and we discuss pleasantries. There is a deliberate attempt to sail slowly into Harbourtown. This is due to the customs officers ensuring everything is in order before letting us enter the harbour.

Everything is in order and the heroes sail into Harbourtown.

Outside the harbour walls are all the Guilds for taking as well as a number of shops and inns for sailors. The town is clearly a prosperous one.

Switch head off with Ekatarina to see Guild Corser. Tol’s plan to gamble his winnings away are frowned upon, but he discovers that this is the best place to buy the latest fashions… Which turn out to be dickhead hats. He buys several.
Kathka and Ozzie go off to pick up their walking permission slip to use magic. One soon turns up called Elister. He has a large electrum earring and a set of scales, indicating his guild. He is probably 2nd or 3rd caste.


During our stay in Harbourtown Switch and Tol feel that they are being watched, but it is not clear whether they are watching us.

Switch puts on the amulet which changes his appearance. He notices that an ordinary dock work and a guild member are passing hand signals between them.

Ozzie identifies that he is also being followed and mentions this to Kathka, who drops back nfollows the follower, there is a change of follower to a hin.

Ozzi chats with his state sponsored spy and discovered that it was the water elves who taught the islanders their spells. In particular the merchant princes are powerful sailors with strong sea faring magic. His guide suggests that a vessel with a merchant prince captioning it is nigh on invincible.

Memnnon heads to the Slippery Eel tavern with some of the crew. The first round is on Memnnon. Sasha the first mate remains on board to supervise the offloading of the grain to the local Brewers. Memnnon buys a few drinks, but gets quite a few bought for him.

Tol went shopping and drinking. He does notice during the process seeing small bits and pieces going backwards and forwards onboard.

That evening Tol chats up EKatarina, asking her about the route and the high quality items she is expecting to trade.

Planning to go to the Jungle Coast

The heroes do some research and also improve their armour.

Douganstahl’s spies discover that the captured Glantrian wizards accused of General Torion’s murder have escaped from the prisons in Alphatia. Which is unusual in that there are over 1,000 epic level wizards in Alphatia.

Tol spends his week frittering his time away carousing and drinking. He does discover there is an increasing integration between the Thyatians and the Tradalarians, recognising they are all Karameikan.

Parvel (Teldon’s stuttering assistant) tells us we are expected at the palace that evening.

It becomes obvious that we are being smuggled out in the dead of night….

Where the is a small but sumptuous banquet. The duke and duchess are present as is Master Teldon, Oliver Jowett, the head of the church of Karameikos and Father Nickelnevitch who is the head of the church of the Traldar.

Ozzie casts the light of Reality and sees that Kathka and Switch have a faint aura. Not quite what he would expect from a Creature from Beyond, but does this indicate that they have some form of the Beyond in them?

Teldon suggests that Alphatia is the natural place to hide as an arcane creature. Jowett suggest that the Immortals may be encouraging the belligerence rather than the creatures from the Beyond. This is supported by Memnnon for Halav and also for Tol with Zirchev.

Memnnon suggests that this reason is that the immortals sense this incursion from the beyond and seek to strengthen their followers.

Stefan suggests that we find out what is behind these ruins. He is keen that we should go out with as little fuss as possible. He is keen that none of the Glantrians, Alphatians or Thyatians know about our activity.

Telwin provides Ozzie with Pavl’s portal address. And Duke Stefan tells us that there are others also investigating this, and it is likely that other nations are also doing the same

It turns out that Tol had a dream about having the wind in his hair and the ground beneath him going up and down. There is a cryptic reference to seek the Pride of Dymrak, (a local curry house?) Memnon recalls that King Halav and Queen Petra gathered armies to fight the beastmen, and that King Milen and his people fled across the seas rather than fight the beastmen.

The party is presented with enamel badges of a white ship on a blue sea, which indicate that we are on official business from the duke.

Early the next morning, the party heads down to the harbour. There we see a thin mist, which helps hides our departure.

A young boy is waiting for us, who takes us out. His name is Nikki and takes us out in a jolly boat. It is a tight fit for the party

The Jolly boat is called the Pride of Dymrak after the ship. As we row out we see little skiffs setting out behind us with black robed individuals armed with Crossbows. Switch fires a warning shot, but they keep coming and rain crossbow bolts at the party. They would struggle to hit the brave adventurers, but their tactic becomes clear; they are shooting at the boat and their bolts explode with a blue alchemical fire. Soon the jolly boat is looking badly charred, all available heroes desperately try to extinguish the flames. Ozzie hits them with a crushing Titans fist and Tol continues to shoot them with his longbow killing two more. The last cultist shoots another alchemical arrow. We see three more coming out of the harbour and that there is a kerfuffle on the sea gate. Ozzie’s spell backfires, before Kathka and Dimitri dig in and power ahead, while Nikki (aided by Memnon) steps the mast and hoists the sail. Dead Specularum guards fall from the battlements as the boat sails underneath. From above the stuttery voice of Pavel can be heard. He says ‘I will get you’ then fires a magic missile directly at Ozzie, who quickly casts Shield to defend himself. the boat leaves the harbour and approaches the The Pride of Dymrak.

The heroes board the vessel and are introduced to Captain Ekatarina, who then gives a scroll to Switch who reads this to the companions. Duke Stefan has given the heroes a boat to save the world from this peril, however the heroes cannot be affiliated with the Duke. We are to masquerade as traders under the captain-ship of Katrina. The captain then explains the route which will be about a 4 week journey starting with Harbourtown on Trader’s Isle. Then south passed Blackrock Isle into the Sea of Dread and onto our destination. The route avoided involvements with the guilds and also navigates around the undersea kingdoms but does utilise the currents. At Trader’s Isle a pilot will be taken on board to help navigate through the tricky Minrothad waters.

The crew are mostly Traldarian/Karamiekan. The ship has no weapons as part of its structure but weapons are available for the crew to use if necessary, such as crossbows and cutlasses.

Ozzie will use his time to upgrade items. Switch wants to learn to sail as he is concerned the crew may not make it and he is concerned that we don’t have enough experience to secure this valuable ship in the event of a crisis…and when we come to sell it!


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