Hide and seek
Seeking the phylacterry

The slurpy bits on the floor are links to the beyond, where the tentacles were coming through. Switch tinkers with the devices and disables them, they are then usable in a future encounter Switch and Ozzie take the gems for future use.

The links to the rift are unstable and we decide that they will fade over time..

Heading down there is a chamber beyond. Which screams arcane laboratory. There are a small amount to tomes and statues. In each corner are a selection of globes and astrolabes.

Switch can’t find any traps. The globes is one of Mystara, but not how it looks like the past and resembles the map, whilst the other looks like it should now. The astrolabes are similar to the last and one to now….about 7000 yrs.

The constellations have shifted slightly but Ozzie.

In both cases there is one small grouping of stars that are the same on both. They also match the astrolabe in the list library. Ozzie gives Tol a call to examine and see what he can see.

There is a possibility that they are showing two different realms

There are various stone tablets and a lot of minors items for casting rituals. On the floor is a stone box and on the desk is a crystal globe…..it can be used as as crying focus its a crystal ball. There are powers that are strange to Ozzie…. If used as an implement it is a +5 orb.

Whilst the wizard examines the moonstone sphere, the halfling scrambles unnerved the table and finds a secret compartment. The room is cleared as the halfling carefully opens the compartment…. A strangely spicy odour wafts out, which Ozzie feels the power of magic Wafting out. In there is a bow and a hammer. Kathka Hefts the hammer and it feels right. It is a hammer of the Titans and Tol discovers he has a bow of windiness.

Memnnon and Kathka return to see what is the room. There is a tension in the air, the sense of latent energy in the room. The bonds from the beyond are weakening and something is starting to come through from the realm beyond.

In the middle there is something starting to come through from the middle of the room. The nearest tentacle grabs the cleric but Tol’s windy nature enables the Tielfing to be drawn closer to the heroes. And escapes it s grasp, before it turns its attention to Kathra.

There is a flash of purply pink light the pedestal disappears and a horrific monster from the beyond appears in the middle of the room.

It’s monstrous tentacles reach out and catch Memnnon moving him through space and time to another part of the room.

The first tentacle which is blocking the room is removed from switches attack, almost but Tols’ arrow finishes it off..

The tentacle holding Kathra throws the dwarf at the cleric, hitting her and manages to land on her feet.

Ozzie causes the creatures from the beyond to move over and try to hit each other. One of the tentacles disappears and reappears nearer to the heroes and tries to grab the cleric who calls down a beacon of hope around the party hurting his enemies and healing his allies.

The hideous creature from the beyond lashes out at all and sundry close to it..

Magic, iron and divine power flashes around the room. The creature from the beyond suddenly disappears…. Leaving a purply black zone of beyondish goo.

Shut the door

The door opens and Tol calls upon the divine power of his God to hit the Obsidion guardians, as the heroes work to draw them away from the room.

The crystal construct moves forward and launches a bombardment into the room smashing shards of crystal through the heroes.

All around the room the crystals pulse and dim and the lich moves up to the crystal and starts manipulating the central crystal before moving back into the shadows. The central gem’s light pulses and swirls around.

Ozzie’s prismatic burst blinds much of the enemy. But owned still comes through and releases a burst of light, pushing the halfling back across the room.

Back in the room the crystals pulse again, as Memnnon charges forward he smashes the Obsidion creature with his mace.

Tol loses off as couple of arrows at the Obsidion golem, killing it, while Ozzie pushes the construct back into the crystal room.

The lich disappears off into the darkness. Ozzie and Memmnnon feel the hairs on the back of their neck rise as the crystals again pulse.

A howling wind swirls around Tol and he sends it out to push the Obsidion creature into the room followed by Kathka.

Ozzie teleports all the remaining creatures and teleports them away for a limited period. Memnnon charges through the fray and attempts to push the pulsing crystal over. Memnnon feels the crystal draining some of his energy from him.

Switch ask so races into the room and smashes one of the crystals. It explodes out covering him with shards, as Tol’s arrows take out another shard., as Kathka moves in to wait for the return of the creatures.

Memnnon tries to take control of the pulsing ruby and turns it off. He mutters a quiet prayer to Halav as the crystal goes dark., switch smacks the the crystal construct, smashing it. Ozzie teleports over to the crystal and depowers it, the second crystal construct.

Across the other side of the room the red crystal shard starts to glow brighter and brighter. Memmnnon shouts to Ozzie to cover the remaining crystal as he goes after the lich. Tol sends the construct to the other end of the room and dispatches it with a single bowshot.. Ozzie turns off the last of the crystal shards.

Memnnon is confused as to where the lich has gone and calls out he can’t see the lich. Switch runs off down the stairs to see if he can find the lich. Whilst Kathka drops a sunroof down the hole and estimates that the bottom is 60 feet down.

The final golem comes back and is shot by the ranger.

The heroes convince Ozzie to create a dimension door to the bottom, except it’s 20 feet short. He bravely jumps through and hurts himself. The halfling runs all the way down the stairs to the bottom.

The heroes stand guard as the injured wizard slowly gets up. Kathka gets the feeling that she is in a very old very deep place.. Around the room are 4 more of the large rubies on pedestals that were up stairs. Standing in the middle is the lich, which the ranger let’s lose with his bow..

The lich gestures at Tol and lainches a magic missle at the ranger. Wraithes start to coalesce out of the stonework.,

Switch charges down the stairs and into the wraith whacking it very hard.

Tol fires at the lich, he misses and then runs off to push the other wraith away from Ozzie and Memnnon. Behind him, he hears a dwarven warcry as she charges the lich, striking him. Ozzie teleports into the room and uses crushing Titans fist to hit the creature. The lich gestures dismissively and writhing tentacles appear across the room and the lich tries to push the dwarf away. Ozzie swipes a backward wave at the wraith as it floats past to attack the cleric. Amazingly he connects, the crack on the head.

Memnnon strikes it pushing it back and cursing it.

Ozzie notices that the appearance of the tentacles caused the the energy I in the globes to lessen slightly.. The tentacles burst out of the stone but don’t appear to have damaged the stone other than to slime them and make them appear as they are now from another plane.

Switch charges into the fray, striking deep at one of the tentacles, Tol misfires.

Kathka strikes at the lich. Ozzie changes his orbs as the lich pushes the halfling away, but the dwarf holds his ground.

Ozzie teleports in to the room next to the orbs and is grabbed by a tentacles. The spheres plus as light floods the chamber, some of the tentacles. And the lich heal.

Kathka lights up his sword into a fiery blade, smacking the lich and cleaving through to one of the tentacles, killing it, as it dries he falls onto the floor.

Ozzie teleports to one of the orbs as the lich fires a bolt of lightning at Kathka., which arcs around the room but still singing the other heroes.

Memnnon teleports away from the wraiths gaze and into the room, before moving the tentacle more into the consecrated ground.

Radiance brilliance swirls around Kathka as Halav’s power coalesces around her. The halfling darts into to stab the lich deep into its side..

Kathka gets up and moves against the lich striking it with a reaving strike. The strike causes fire to strike Ozzie and Switch, before Ozzie then teleports the small team and the lich into the zone of consecrated ground.

The lich strides out the area taking damage from each of the heroes and then throws up a wall to prevent the heroes coming through.

Kaboom. Kathka explodes with radiant brilliance, which fizzles out, but doesn’t hit the lich as the wall of force fizzles it out

Switch takes out one of the tentacles, whilst Kathka takes out one of the crystals.

Ozzie drops his wall of fire onto the lich and then flees,as the lich lumbers after him, firing magic missiles at him. Wraithes appear out to the wood work after the fleeing wizard, who uses his arcane mastery to cause its fetid breath to pass around him, as he flees down the corridor.

Memnnon starts to heal up the halfling., who strikes out at the tentacle holding him. Finally Tol reaches the room to see what is going on.

Ozzie sustains the wall teleports away from the lich and wraiths and then staggers down the corridor., pursued by a wraith.

Tol yields ground to the wraith after him. Switch starts beating down the wall and Memnnon starts destroying the wall of force.

To Ozzie’s delight the ranger appears around the corner and sends the wraith back down the corridor before healing the bleeding wizard., who then rushes into the room calling for Memnnon’s help, who moves to the centre of the group and calls on Halav’s healing power to heal the group..

Ozzie turns off one of the orbs and Memmnon moves over to try and control one of the other ones.

Kathka’s strike destroys the wall and the halfling screams in pain as the lich enters his head.

Ozzie teleports over and starts turning off the other beams.

Chain lightning bursts out around the halfling and then bounces across the room.

Memnnon races around the wall of fire. And then unleashes radiant attack on the lich. Tol fires at the lich misses and then uses his natural powers to call down howling winds to force the lich into wall of fire.

Memnnon heals himself and charges into the fray. Getting slightly singed from the wall of fire on the way, his mighty strike pushing the lich into the flames and it dies, crumbling to dust.

Back into the fray

After making four vials of holy water, the heroes return to the fray. Heading back through the preparation room, one of the Carnifex wraiths drifts through the wall. Ozzie quickly reacts by throwing a colour orb at the creature dazing it with mystical colours. Switch closes with the creature as Tol’s arrows fly true. The creature retaliates with its foul breath, which all the heroes avoid. The creature is quickly dispatched. Heading through the rooms we reach the alcove room. A quick discussion of tactics ensues. Ozzie puts up an illusionary wall to prevent some of the mummies attacking before we are ready for them. Tol drops his arrow as Switch swings into action.

The mummy moans out its despairing wail and tries to pull Tol closer to it with its bandages, Switch takes advantage of its distraction and slides in an opportune strike. He is dismayed to see the damage he does immediately starts to heal.

The wall holds back one of the mummies but the other burst through and goes after the smallest member of the party, swiping strongly with its fists.

Memnnon steps up and attempts to turn the undead, sending one of them screeching to the other side of the room, the others start to sear from the radiant holiness of Memmnon’s deity.

Ozzie teleports out of the way from one of the mummies which chases after him and then teleports back to ensure he is doing his job to keep the mummies away from Switch who continues to take lumps out of the mummy. However it is Memnnon who steps in to finish off the first Mummy. The team then turn their attention to the next Mummy.

The mummy raises its arm to strike Switch but a timely arrow from Tol, hits the creature and kills it mid punch.

The mummies finally stop animating, after we kill a third one. We then move all the mummies into a pile and pour all our oil over them before firing a flaming arrow.

The next room is lit by 2 of the now familiar guardians (the Lightning things), scattered around the room are fragments of the exploded crystal we had in our dreams. Three obsidian guardians are waiting for the heroes and in the corridor beyond a large skeletal form can be seen.

Mummy Rot

The heroes gate back to the lost library to rest and recover . During this time Memnnon and Tol cure Switch, Ozzie and Kathka of their mummy rot.

There is some research onto the emblems and lichs. A very powerful spell aster could cheat death in this way. There are rumours that this can be done without becoming a ravening horror. They will continue to have very powerful magic and will have an aura. It would appear that liches have a phylacterry. Which could be small bits of jewellery to large ornate statues.

Tol puts the golden map back together and looks to see if he can collaborate the information that he has.
Ozzie recalls the star layout and tries to check out the age of the Obsidion cities and discovers they are over 7000 yrs old… Even older than Blackmoor

Kathka discusses tactics…. Fire being a key way of looking. We need lightning to deal with this crystals.

Switch moves all our treasure into one of the special secret areas.

Crypt of the bleeding living

The Carnifex speaks I’ll of the living and stuns most of the heroes while the guardians fire at the team.
Tol takes a blow from the zombie and falls back behind the wizard’s skirts, as Ozzie pushes many of the enemy away.

The undead army advances towards the bleeding heroes as they valiantly try to defend this land, from the alien invasion from another plane.

Memnnon shakes off his ills heals himself and introduces the Carnifex to the power of Halav and smiles the Carnifex with his mace of disruption driving the creature backwards.

Ozzie smashes the monsters with his crushing fist and then summons Evard’s tentacles to hold onto the monsters, making it easier for the ranger to hit the advancing mummified hoard.

The crystal weapon turns its ray against the wizard and he starts bleeding in sympathy with his colleagues, Memnnon’s deity continues to light up with the room with his solar wrath.

Ozzie learns that the undead are resistant to much if the necrotic damage dealt by the waving tentacles of Evard.

The Carnifex invokes the call from the beyond and the entire party screams in agony and are stunned by the sheer alienness of the cry. The Crystalline bombardier throws its ,issues and hits the cleric, he is then hit and dragged by the mummy which knocks him unconscious and drags him into the tentacles.

Tol gives a cry of exaltation to his God which revives Memnnon, he then casts a healing surge which further heals the Tiefling., before the Carnifex mutters,"your immortal seems keen to be keeping you alive, my masters will enjoy drinking your blood. The crystalline structure moves forward and bursts out with radiant energy, striking the hapless cleric and pushing him closer to the towering Carnifex. Peering up the cleric sees that the Carnifex has an ion stone or something similar circling his head,

The mummy moves to strike Memnnon, who teleports away, only to be pulled back into the zone of Evard’s tentacles. Calling down healing sun the cleric starts to radiate with the goodness of his God.

Ozzie dismisses the tentacles and Tol pushes the mummy back with his arrows.

The hairs on the back of Memnnon’s neck rise as the mummy gazes balefully before trying to clout Memnnon.

An irregular sequence of lights emit from the light blinds many in the party and drives them back away from it

Memnnon gives off an aura of increased confidence as he concerntrates on maintaining the radiant sun. Ozzie is smacked by a. I mummy and teleports away to avoid being hit again.

The battle continues to rage…. The Hiera plant disappears from the battle, the light emitting diode bombs the cleric and the wizard…. Ozzie goes down as the light burns into his soul with necrotic energy., however Memnnon’s radiant light revives him, meanwhile Kathka whacks the pulsing light, smash into the crystalline structure, causing it to shatter in all directions, knocking the halfling prone and killing the mummy..

The Heiraphant reappears and curses the Tiefling before dazing him once again, before moving forward only to be confronted by a desperate halfling who has heroically leapt up from being knocked over and charges down to stab the creature.l whilst the wizard tries to push the creature away, fails and flees his presence, the ranger moves over, shouts duck before completely misfires.

The creature speaks of his diety from the beyond, knocking the cleric and the wizard unconscious and causing the rest of the party to start bleeding from their ears, except for the ranger who continues to shoot valiantly at the abomination from the beyond, he then rushes over to the stricken wizard. Pulling out a potion of vitality ready to administer it.

Switch goes unconscious as the cleric drags himself over and in one last desperate bid calls down the divine fury of his deity and kills the creature, which explodes causing mummy rot in most of the party.

Memnnon uses his river of life gloves to resuscitate the wizard. The thief is bought round and the gold mask is worth 40,000 gp, there is a diamond which is for opening the door, there are also 3 silver masks worth 7,000gp and the ioun stone of perfect language

Crypt of the Living Dead

Switch kicks down another door and the party find themselves in a room with empty smashed stone containers. Memnon thinks it a funerary chapel of some kind. There are three doorways out.

The door on the right leads to a tomb with a large sarcophagus. Two troglodytic statues appear to be a guard, but a twin strike from Tol provokes no response from them. Switch detects no pressure plates in the floor as Ozzy teleports over to look at the sarcophagus. On its lid is a carving of a Carnifex wearing a mask just like the recently encountered mummy.

There are carvings over two archways, the same words repeated over and over. Ozzy Comprehends Languages and reads “Disturb not the dead for they continue to serve”.

Finding nothing else of note, the adventurers take a left, switch turning the door to dust, revealing a large crypt, containing floating masses of crystal s and corpses lining alcoves –all of which turn to face them interlopers. Shuffling sounds can be heard in the darkened edges of the room.


As the Mummies and Crystals begin to attack (and Kathra wedges the other door shut with pitons) the heroes are reminded that radiant effects seem to embolden the crystalline constructs. Memnon consecrates the ground, hampering the Undead’s advance, but the door Kathra has jammed explodes inwards as more Crystals and mummies enter the fray. The howl of one mummy weakens Ozzy and he is ensnared by its bandages and immobilised.

A Priest of some kind is amongst the undead ranks and is shouts a word from beyond that harms all of the party bar Ozzy, giving -2 to defences. The Heroes of Dymrak are soon battered, with some members bloodied. Memnon conducts a Mass Cure Light Wounds, his action point causing ongoing radiant damage to the Priest.

Ozzy fills one corridor with a wall of Fire, searing several Undead to ashes and causing the Priest to move to the adjacent corridor, cursing the Wizard. With Tol bludgeoned down to 9hit points and Ozzy‘s Hammerfall step misfiring (Natural 1!) the battle rages on…

Phasing in the tombs of the Carnifex

Another Carnifex phases in through the wall and through Memnnon before biting the cleric. It takes some fire damage but it’s gaze is so mesmerising that Memnnon is moving very slowly.

Kathka rushes forward cleaving through the creature and smashing one of the pots, creating a cloud of spices.

The Carnifex breathes an odour ours ancient breath over the heroes, Ozzie changes the warp and the weave so that the foul breath goes around him.

Another comes through the door and takes a blow from Switch and Tol, it breathes across and another passes through, biting the ranger as it passes through the room and out down the stairs.

Switch pushes open the door and sees that the corridor goes on and turns away to the right..

Ozzie moves the Carnifex and the thief into another area, keeping the unearthly creatures Away from him. Tol finishes off the immobilised Carnifex.

Another comes around and breathes its foul breath sucking some of Ozzie’s soul from him and tries to bite the ranger as he moves back and let’s lose a volley of arrows.

Kathka smashes open the chest and finds a range of pottery vials. It’s very dusty..

The battle continues, as the cleric calls down the powers of Halav to heal the hapless wizard, whilst the thief stabs and kills the Conifex, before heading off down the corridor, tripping on a paving stone and falling flat on his face.

Kathka suggests that Ozzie check out the chest, as he head off after the retreating wraiths.. The herbs and spices are hard to tell what they are but one glass vial is a potion of vitality, which he puts into his pouch. Looking up he sees a Carnifex wraith flit past. The ranger charges around the corner firing wildly at the retreating monster. The Tielfing charges past the wizard and notices a human figure wrapped in bandages and clutching a large sword. It receives a blast of the clerics diety’s powers.

Kathka’s dancing sword is released to foxtrot off and rhumba with the Carnifex..

The mummies in the alooves are animated but obviously waiting for something to happen. Another Carnifex comes up and out of the well, whilst the other disappears down the well.

Memnnon goes diabolic, heals himself and whacks the mummy, destroying it but as it explodes into a cloud of necrotic dust.

The Carnifex keep on coming, breathing over the party, Ozzie suffers immensely as he inadvertently inhales the ancient breath of the Carnifex. Blood seeps out of his eyes and ears as he suffers.

Memmnnon lays down a beacon of hope and Ozzie sends one of them to another place., whilst the other disappears down the well. The heroes take advantage of the absence of the wraiths to quickly heal Switch and Ozzie.

Kathka lights a light rod and throws it down the well. It falls 50 feet before the walls come alive with screaming faces which reach out, grab the light and snuffs it out.

Memnnon wades in and starts swiping at the zombies and wiping them out, as does Tol.

The wraith that had gone down the well reappears out of another and breathes foul fetid breath at the cleric..

The other wraith reappears from its horrible journey and Switch stabs it, Tol unleashes a flurry of arrows, whilst the demonic shaped Memnnon releases a radiance of brilliance as Kathka’s dancing sword tangoed across the hall, killing the first wraith with dipping swipe before doing a polka dance back to hit the other wraith, which chases after the wizard, as the cleric explodes in an burst of radiant light. Tol calls down an anointed army which destroys zombies and bolsters the good guys

However the entire zombie army now animates and comes after the heroes. Switch stabs the wraith before retreating around the corner, whilst the dwarf strikes it with an exorcism of steel, exorcist get it out of existence. The horde of zombies shamble towards Kathka and Memnnon who stand fast against the advancing horde of undead.

Ozzie pushes the zombies away from Kathka, so she has more room to swing her sword.

The remaining zombies are dispatched and the looting of the gold amulets around their necks begins. The halfling collects 19 gold medallions worth 1000 gps each, they have runes recognisable as being from the Carnifex.

The remaining blocks are broken open to find 4 more potions of vitality.

The alcove is examined which Memnnon identifies that the place where the well of souls could be sealed in. It appears there has been something there until fairly recently. It is an oval shaped base of something. It might possibly be have tomb plunderers or maybe.

The Spite of the Undead

The adventurers continue to battle the Mummies, Kathra slaying another, but wit wracking coughs, Switch and Memnon realise they are developing a nasty case of Mummy Rot.

After the last of the unholy—blasphemous-abomination-insults-to-the-glorious-vision-of-our-Lord-Halav-undead fall, Tol and Ozzie are able to cure their companions’ ailments.

The gemstone indeed opens the door with the single gem-shaped indentation and beyond is a familiar looking corridor; with several grilles no doubt ready to unleash ethereal tentacles. Disarming the now-familiar mechanism, the Heroes of Dymrak advance towards double doors, which switch bashes to matchsticks.

Beyond is a large, chilly chamber with stone tables and jars. The adventurer’s vision become obscured as if a shadow has descended. Ozzie’s eyes glaze over and he strolls to one of the five tables (not at all worrying that there are the same number of tables as members of he party) an lies down on it, jabbering in a foreign language that sounds both angry, pleading and questioning.

Memnon (NATURAL 20!) realises that there are thousands of of souls here, in torment. (Switch senses a particular hostility towards him…) This room is where beings were mummified, often alive!

Kathra, Tol and Switch seem to anger the spirits (low rolls in a skill challenge) and are soon also laying on the tables, feeling as if blades were cutting into them and their brains were being scrambled by sticks inserted into their nasal cavities.

Memnon invites the spirits to posses him, so that they might communicate more clearly and to avoid any further misunderstanding. With this and good rolls from Ozzie and Kathra and a powerful suggestion from Memnon; an accord is reached. The spirits will not only allow the heroes to pass, but will accompany them to vicariously avenge their treatment at the claws of the Carnifex (title for the movie adaptation of this scenario right there, chaps!).

NB The Heroes of Dymrak now have the following abilities:

*Aura of Bloodshed – the Heroes will score a critical on any roll of 19 or 20 on any attack made within a 3 square radius of us.

Spite of the Cloud of Souls – Close burst 5. Each enemy grants combat advantage when in this aura.

Both last until we reach a milestone.
Moving on a junction room is encountered. The party takes the right hand turn and promptly encounter two ghostly Carnifex in a chamber with two exit passages, more canoptic jars and tentacle grilles.

Battle is swiftly joined, Ozzie bearing the brunt of the Undead’s wrath and suffering a critical hit (38 damage) – in retaliation, his prismatic Burst blinds both of them, bloodying one. Memnon’s Solar Wrath forces one Carnifex to retreat, and the first dissipates under the power of his Inspiring strike but another emerges through the door ahead.

The battle rages on..!

Return of the Hin

As the hereoes complete their search, they also find a ring of regeneration.

It is agreed that we hide the Returnee beacon behind the throne and then Ozzie sets up Tenser’s floating disc. And take the mummy back and burn it in the desert.

The heroes rest first. Then Memnnon raises Switch from the dead.

Tol seeks out and learns the ritual cure disease.

Ozzie finds. I reference of Obsidion cities…. Very ancient ruins there is a mention of a very old empire called Blackmoor… A human empire. Is this a reference to Lomar?

Tol cures disease on Memnnon and Switch to remove the Mummy rot.

Kathka checks at the library is secure.

The heroes gate back into the catacombs to find nothing has changed. A detailed search doesn’t find anything.

Ozzie goes back to the mural and looks for the phylatary, which shows up as a jewellery. At this stage the heroes realise that they haven’t got the lich… Uh oh.

We head through the catacombs, with a surprising memory of our dreams, managing to avoid the traps.

Heading into another room, Switch and Tol notice 4 more mummies in the alcoves defending the route to the throne room. Tol unleashes a flurry of arrows as the halfling rushes up to smack the mummy. It responds by trying to take his head off, but he ducks and it misses. The nimble hin also senses another of the rotting corposes seeking to attack him and dodges its flailing arms

The battlefield shimmers and changes as arcane and holy magic fills the air against the mummified sentinels, pushing and teleporting them across the room. The halfling continues to pummel and beat the mummy, to his horror he notices that the mummy is regenerating.

Another Mummy throws its bandages at Memnnon and pulls him to its self and whacks him with its club.

Kathka releases the dancing sword to whack the mummy, but the odour and dust of the mummy is preventing the heroes from doing what they do best..

The forth mummy comes down to the corridor and wails at the group, however it is such a feeble moan that the group laugh heartedly in the face of terror.

Ozzie moves the hurt mummy and the halfling over to the cleric so they can start taking lumps out of it, which the cleric duly does, setting fire to it with his mace.

The Mummy
AKA Oh crap, a Carnifex Liche

The heroes find themselves in a circular chamber that they recall from their time slip. In the past there were two additional doors (making four – one at each compass point) but ‘east’ and ‘west’ are now blocked off. In the past, one of these passages led to a room containing the deadly hovering crystal constructs. It appears that they need small finely faceted gems to open the hidden doors.

Moving on they encounter the corridor with six grates. As Switch runs through (NATURAL ONE!) he triggers a trap and doors at either end of the corridor slam down. Ghostly purple tentacles (again) emerge from the grates and attack.

Ozzy uses Hammerfall step to get the hapless Hinn back with his companions. Tol spies a panel by the door which resets the trap and covers the metal grates. With the tentacles out of actions the party passes on through another columned hall. Scuff marks on the floor by the exit door suggst somebody else has passed through recently.

Switch batters down the door and they enter a curving corridor with vile carvings on the walls, depicting the Carnifex’s sacrifices to … something.

(Memnon also notices what look like proto-Tieflings being created by the Carnifex…)

Continuing, the carvings show a Carnifex apparently killing itself and being carried with great ceremony to a burial site. Bracing themselves for the possibility they may soon be facing a Liche, the adventurers are unsurprised when the next room is a large columned chamber with a raised dais at the far end containing a mummified Carnifex on a throne. Crystalline constructs hover by its side and large stone blocks line the way to the throne, some broken open and spilling out piles of bladed weaponry.

Wasting no time, the Heroes of Dymrak begin their assault. Ozzy creates a storm pillar in front of the Liche as Tol advances, shooting at its bandaged form. The piles of blades coalesce into humanoid shapes and begin the counterattack in vicious fashion.

The Liche rises, emanating a terrible aura of despair and the crystalline constructs also attack. Even with the shield of Memnon’s faith protecting them, several of the party are soon bloodied. The Liche belittles Ozzy but Tol lands a fantastic disruptive strike (NATURAL TWENTY!) and bloodies (dusts?) the evil creature.

Tol goes one further and his anointed army washes over the party, (+4 to all Defence, +2 to damage and attack rolls until end of encounter)!

The blades become incorporeal and do hideous damage as they phase through some of the party. The battle rages on as the heroes try and focus on bringing the Liche down.

Ozzie is so awed by the lich that his push spell backfires sliding him across the room and
knocking him over. Kathka lands a mighty blow on the undead Carnifex, which howls in pain.

The ranger summons howling winds from the depths of the forest of Dymrak, pushing the lich back across the room. He then fires upon the creature, missing with both shots. The lich rushes back into the battle and attacks diabolic Memnnon, catches a wild swing from the dwarf and speaks a word which knocks over the cleric, his blood flows into one of the surging blades, which heals one of the blades. The dwarf shudders from the power of the lich, going pale, before grimacing and holding her ground.

The sword wraiths swoop across the battlefield sything their way through party. Half the party is blinded by the construct. Ozzie teleports blindly to the fallen figure of Memnnon and pours a vitality potion down the clerics throat, before sending scintillating beams into the sword wraiths. Switch takes advantage of the beams effect and takes out one of the sword wraith.

Memnnon is knocked unconscious by another shield wraith, Ozzie flails through Memnnon’s belongings to find the potion of vitality, pours it down his throat bringing Halav’s cleric back to the land of the living.

Switch goes to the rescue of the fallen ranger, and resuscitates him. Tol jumps up and shoots the lich with his bow.

The lich hisses at the ranger and then tries to smite the fallen cleric with his mace.. Memnnon rises from his death bed and calls upon the mighty healing power of his God, healing the her colleagues. Kathka swipes from her prone position with a mighty strike, felling the lich. It screams a final cry as it falls to the ground.

The battle finally moves in the heroes favour, despite the construct’s attack scattering the heroes. Memnnon turns the sword wraiths, dispelling one to its final resting place.

Switch is attacked and killed outright by the sword wraiths, Memnnon calls down a solar wrath upon the remaining creatures and heals Kathka, but she is slow to heal due to the negative energies remaining form the lich. Ozzie teleports the sword wraiths and inadvertently himself across the battlefield. Kathka sends her dancing sword flying past the Mage to attack the construct.

The construct shifts, spinning and scintillating of radiant and necrotic energy, exploding mainly towards the tiefling..

The mask of the lich is worth 15,000 GPS and bound in amongst the bandages is a copper box, with a diamond worth 50000 GPS and also opens the circular chamber.


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