The headmaster's field trip

Ozzie is taking his top wizard apprentices to Karimekos to be introduced to Talden and to see the wizards guild.

As Ozzie steps through a non-magic

There is a bronze

The doors are of the four elements

The earth door opens into a small chamber, inside there is a dim illumination, showing that there are 2 people one is a slightly humanoid

When Ozzie entered. The golem ink the room addresses to the halls of Zuna Kah. A vague recollection there was a wizard called Zuna Kah. Who was fascinated by the elements. It is believed he left the mortal sphere.

Zuna Kah. Resides in his.

The collasas.

Water is swiftness and movement air is the speed of thinking.

Water is the first challenge. A huge dimly liit room. There is a long tunnel and at the far is a door.

Through the other door is a small well is a pool

Onto air, the apprentices breath into the air door

Inside the centre 16 squares, beyond them resting on the floor loosely are 4 tiles. Showing the elemental symbols.. the wall behind is a sheet of metal with engravings on it

When the last tile is put in place. They are in the wrong place and each person takes 8 points of lightning damage. The second time they rearrange the runes the other way around and the lightning burns away. To a door. There is another door and another door with a star symbol on it. Further investigation shows that it has an indent, too smal

Placed right in front of the table is a box… a small chest.

In the chest is a way

Finally appearing in the air is a wizened, clearly dead body…. obviously a corpse. Congratulations I am surprised you have completed the tests. I was once master of this place. His own dimension. He sought ultimate power, but in the end.

This is a completely separate.

There were rumours that another such as myself, sought ultimate power by creating a foundary of information. The lost library.

I may be able to help you, cheating a section of the floor changes to be covered in jewels. The gem will allow you to find your way. It has limited. Use the gem well and there are various items 50,000 worth of residue .

As Ozzie leaves Zuna Kah muses… I wonder what happened to my other Collasas.

Switch and The smokey pipe weed.

The party return to Specularum.

Switch is invited to meet the family at the Golden Goblet.

Switch is surprised to see his family there waiting for him.

Switch discovers that he been sold out. Linda has sold out to the Black Feather Pipeweed consortium…. and we don’t know where Lindl is.

Switch had 50% of the shares and it’s all been sold to Lindl.

Mother has found Lindl, he is at the temple of Petra. And isn’t in a good way. The halflings make their way through the streets to the temple of Petra.

Read approaches a temple guard to ask about Lindl. He is behind the shrine, and has been healed. He was badly beaten up..

There are wounds about his head and face, most likely blunt weapons.

Lindl was on his way to save Dora…. who is the subject of Switch’s affections from way back. Dora had been captured. Lindl was moving.

Dora’s letter said that he was to go to the street of lost dreams after he had voted to hand over control of the company. He was jumped by thugs as he headed down. The big folk had cowls and there were 4 or 5 or 6 or 7. The thugs weren’t comfortable with their masks.

Switch asked who he has spoken to since the vote.. he gives the letter to Switch

Switch gives Lindl a healing potion and offers to look after him.

Danya Radu, Switches business partner comes I and is threatened by Read, after Danya calms him down and Radu tells him he will help, once they find out who has been putting the pressures on Lindl and thus Dora.

Switch heads off to see the King of thieves,…. its the closest you get to a good guild of thieves, but they are not very organised. A lot of the criminality is laid at the feet of the veiled society. However it is generally believed the veiled society stand up for .Tradalirans…. nobody has ever proved a link between the veiled society and the Radu ’s and lived. Something has happened to the veiled society and taken over and stolen their uniforms.

Nobody has seen Anton Radu for a while… and he is head of the merchants Guild.

Switch discovers the Black feather consortium have muscled in on the Veiled Society.

Switch suggests going to the street of lost dreams and puts the artefact on Read and plans to wander over the streets.

Read and switch head over to the street of lost dreams….as they wander through the streets, Read attracts attention from 2 or 3 people.. Read stops by a window and lets his stealthy followers they have been spotted. They respond by offering to help him. He asks about the black featherConsortium. They both seem to have a lump under their cloaks which might be a crossbow.

Thems as asks about the black feather, they discuss things shortly, but it ends in a scrap. Switch sees that there is gong to be scrap and runs along the roof and jumps off to confront his Dad’s assailant. Read takes a blow before Switch can get between the thugs and his father. However Read takes down the 2 thugs and Switch runs through to intimidate the crossbow thug who fires the cross bow and flees. Switch chases him and catches him. Read takes off the amulet and becomes a bin and chases after this son.

Switch finds out where the safe houses are as well as Dora. However he is spotted as the murder of the thug, but both hin climb up to the roof and escape.

The halflings retire to Jamie’s Alphatian and find Danya, where they very generously buy the wizard supper and update him in where Dora is.

As they approach, switch swings up onto the roof and sees one guarding the door, he tells the heroes to be quiet as he swings down and with 2 blows offs the guard, opens it and lets in the family and Danya.

The battle ensues as the family Windchime go to war. Gabriella opens the door to find Dora. She cries I’ve found her, Switch disengages from his assailant and goes to Dora’s rescue.

Dora is rescued.

Count Radu and many of the family are tied up here and Danya’s reputation is enhanced.

Aboard the Son of Amber

We are invited aboard the Alphation flying ship.

There are 12 magic marines, along with the the ships captain and his lieutenants.

A search of the bodies to indicate that the Ebon Key humans were from Ravenscar.

The remains of the old city continue to collapse into itself, with obsidian pylons rising up.

Zorath says “my prince why is everyon so interested in you?” The rest of the party looks mystified – how could this grumpy wizard be a prince?. Ozzie tells his colleagues about his royal background through his mother’s lineage

There is a right royal buffet laid on, with lots of food and drink.

There is the impression over the meal that Zarathustra warms to everybody except Kathka and Switch, due to their lack of magical ability.

It is believed that only magic users in Alphatia can rule. The crew is mostly human, but there is an elf and halfling.

The ship appears to be a pleasure craft that has been converted to a scout ship, rather than a war ship.

The ship is heading towards Ravenscar, but the flying ship won’t go to close as it will be regarded as an act of war.

Zorath tells the heroes over dinner that things are getting worse within the world at large, particularly between Glantri and Alphatia. Since we have been away Alphatia wizards have appeared in Glantri and destroyed parts of the city.

Thyatis has accused Alphatia of an act of terror.

The Alphatioan response to Thyatis was that we had nothing to do with it. Check the news and rumours section for this.

Zorath is certainly interested in teaching at Ozwarts in the future. He is quite appreciative of what has occurred there, although also observes that it could be improved upon.

We discover that that there are Mintrad guildsmen and Thyatian ships on the way to find the heroes. The official rumours are that we are in possession of treasure to make nations rich and powerful beyond their dreams. That duke Stefan is behind it all. Which is not entirely wrong

Blood magic is how the Alphatians found Ozzie, although it is not clear whose blood was used…. It becomes clear that Koala was disinherited when she fled with Wombat. Why Zorath has come looking for Ozzie is a long story and not completely clear. It is clear that Ozzie is among a number of ’prince’s who may lay claim to the throne of Amber. It turns out that the current heir to the throne has has been away from the palace for several years. Ozzie sees this as fitting his theory that agents of the Beyond have been infiltrating every nation’s society for millenia.


Time stops as the heroes are spoken to…. heroes you have done well… and have done great deeds in the past and now. It turns out that Proteus… god of the sea and of time. Proteus tells us that the Carnifex were trying to destroy the city of 8 stars…. or rather Lomar…. the carnifex wished to break open the portals of the city to split the realm and

Lomar still exists in its own space, set up and protected by Proteus.. Mortals would see nothing but Proteus would be able to see it as a crystal dome.

Proteus would like us to find an artefact that would allows us to travel back in time to Lomar, to rescue it.

The artefact is an hour glass, which Proteus knows where it is. It is held in an enchanted ziggurat.

The thing we see in the heavens is called Gorath the destroyer and has been wreaking havoc across time and space.

Why should the 8 gates be closed asks Tol. proteus isn’t sure, but it may not be that they need closing. His wards are failing and he needs heros to help. There was some trade to other realms.

Is this a battle between the natural and the unnatural? Yes which is why Proteus.

Tol has already started on the road to immortality to becoming a god hunter

It is arranged for Proteus

Proteus is much more important than Halav, and Kronos is above Proteus.

Proteus is aware that there are immortals behind the scenes squabbling about what it means about being an immortal. Alphatia is an immortal in her own right, a very peaceful immortal.

Alphatia has a council of around 1000 30th level wizards, who can’t work out what the problem is. The queen wanted instant deaths for the killers of Toinel….wiser heads prevailed.

A benign voice echoes through the heroes

How do we go about Gettign Alphatia. Involved. Zorath will try to pull a few favours on the council.

Zorath offers to explain to the council, but they will be difficult to convince. What we need to get people to believe is that the far realm is trying to get into the realm.

Ozzie following a useful insight from Memnnon, decides to teach Zorath the ritual of the Beyond.

The Gatekeepers are a key

You meddling fools..

There is the sound of crossbow bolts cocking.

The sun hits Tol’s Elven eyes as he gazes at the brotherhood surrounding the hole. Switch swings into action and rushes up to the closest person and stabs him.


Ozzie triggers an storm pillar which pulls in one of the arcane assassins, who takes damage from the storm pillar as it shifts in to attack the wizard, misses as Ozzie teleports away. The other assassin comes in to attack Kathka, slashing wildly at the dwarf, knocking him down. The man laughs as the dwarf falters, but recovers.

A bluesy white ray of frost ejects from the a leaders hand towards Switch.

Ozzie senses that another leader opens a swirling purple dimension door and appears next to the wizard, touching him with the filth of the beyond. The enemy wizard lears at Tol shocking him into fear.

Another runs into attack Ozzie, slips and falls into the door to the beyond with a scream.

The battle rages back and forth. Switch stabs and kills the first arcane assassin, before charging over and stabbing the other, Ozzie runs away before getting into the minds of his tormentors.

Kathka strikes into one of the ebon key wizards, which gives, but the fire Kathka has imbued with his fire?

A wizard stops through a dimension door and Ozzie realises that it is essentially a sac of worms and other creatures . Another comes after the brave wizard, swiping evil necrotic energy across the wizard.

Switch and Kathka hear a strange sound of sails creaking and over through the trees sails a flying boat. Tol notices a language written across the side of the vessel, recognising it as Alphatian.

Ozzie escapes through the evil creatures dimension door and moves to stand behind Kathra, as black flames encircle the wizard who warps the weave and take no damage.

An anchor crashes out of the sky, as the vessel stops. Dropping out of the ship jump 7 red robed wizards with wands and fire bolts of magic at the bad guys.

The Wizards are all copper skinned.

An elderly wizard teleports down next to Ozzie and says I saw what you did there, bring it back and we’ll deal with it.

Ozzie dispels the spell and the hapless wizard from the beyond reappears and is blasted back to where it came from by the Alphatians.

The elderly wizard is Koala’s tutor.

Hug me, squeeze me throw me
Dwarf throwing

Memnnon tries to move forward and walks into the invisible hideousness now standing next to him.

Scintillating beams and balls of rainbow light eminate from the wizard which hurt the tentacles it nitthe monster from. Beyond.

A dwarf flies across the room at the halfling, there is a clang as Kathka hits the floor.

Divine and arcane magics continue to fly around the room, but they continue to have little effect on the creature.

Reality distorts and shimmers across the room, the creature disappears and reappears in front of the wizard and grabs him with its horrid tentacles and then gobbles him with acidl and lashes him with its monstrous tentacles.

The fabric of reality is affecting the building and small parts of the roof fall in, Switch dances out of the way of the Obsidion rubble and strikes at a tentacle.

The wizard teleports out of the way of the terrible beastie and as Memnnon wades back into the battle.

The tentacles continue to pursue the bleeding wizard, which he deduces is after his blood. The creature also moves back after the wizard, Tol dispatches one of the tentacles and appears visibly healthier.

The creature lashes out and pushes Memnnon and Switch into the purple goo… It almost as if they should have tentacles other than legs. Kathka strikes deep into the creatures side, killing it Ozzie teleports the halfling out of the zone allowing him to strike deep into the side of the tentacle before fleeing the temple, closely followed by the cleric, who has climbed out of the purple sludge.

The tentacles pursue the fleeing halfling and prevent the dwarf from making her escape., she strikes at it, killing it before smoothly landing on her feet and charging over to strike the other tentacle, as the wizard also teleports out of the room..

Obsidion masonry is falling all over the room and the corridor as the ancient building starts to crumble from the effect of the various temporal rifts in the space time.

Kathka finishes off the last tentacle as Tol rushes across shouts a heal at the halfling .

The entire team flee up the stairs as masonry falls on the heroes. Up and out of the building. Into the sunlight.

Momentarily blinded by the light, the heroes continue to flee the area. Dust is rising as the building..

A voice from the clearing calls meddling fools you’ll pay for that…all around the clearing crossbow bolts can be heard and seen cocking.

Hide and seek
Seeking the phylacterry

The slurpy bits on the floor are links to the beyond, where the tentacles were coming through. Switch tinkers with the devices and disables them, they are then usable in a future encounter Switch and Ozzie take the gems for future use.

The links to the rift are unstable and we decide that they will fade over time..

Heading down there is a chamber beyond. Which screams arcane laboratory. There are a small amount to tomes and statues. In each corner are a selection of globes and astrolabes.

Switch can’t find any traps. The globes is one of Mystara, but not how it looks like the past and resembles the map, whilst the other looks like it should now. The astrolabes are similar to the last and one to now….about 7000 yrs.

The constellations have shifted slightly but Ozzie.

In both cases there is one small grouping of stars that are the same on both. They also match the astrolabe in the list library. Ozzie gives Tol a call to examine and see what he can see.

There is a possibility that they are showing two different realms

There are various stone tablets and a lot of minors items for casting rituals. On the floor is a stone box and on the desk is a crystal globe…..it can be used as as crying focus its a crystal ball. There are powers that are strange to Ozzie…. If used as an implement it is a +5 orb.

Whilst the wizard examines the moonstone sphere, the halfling scrambles unnerved the table and finds a secret compartment. The room is cleared as the halfling carefully opens the compartment…. A strangely spicy odour wafts out, which Ozzie feels the power of magic Wafting out. In there is a bow and a hammer. Kathka Hefts the hammer and it feels right. It is a hammer of the Titans and Tol discovers he has a bow of windiness.

Memnnon and Kathka return to see what is the room. There is a tension in the air, the sense of latent energy in the room. The bonds from the beyond are weakening and something is starting to come through from the realm beyond.

In the middle there is something starting to come through from the middle of the room. The nearest tentacle grabs the cleric but Tol’s windy nature enables the Tielfing to be drawn closer to the heroes. And escapes it s grasp, before it turns its attention to Kathra.

There is a flash of purply pink light the pedestal disappears and a horrific monster from the beyond appears in the middle of the room.

It’s monstrous tentacles reach out and catch Memnnon moving him through space and time to another part of the room.

The first tentacle which is blocking the room is removed from switches attack, almost but Tols’ arrow finishes it off..

The tentacle holding Kathra throws the dwarf at the cleric, hitting her and manages to land on her feet.

Ozzie causes the creatures from the beyond to move over and try to hit each other. One of the tentacles disappears and reappears nearer to the heroes and tries to grab the cleric who calls down a beacon of hope around the party hurting his enemies and healing his allies.

The hideous creature from the beyond lashes out at all and sundry close to it..

Magic, iron and divine power flashes around the room. The creature from the beyond suddenly disappears…. Leaving a purply black zone of beyondish goo.

Shut the door

The door opens and Tol calls upon the divine power of his God to hit the Obsidion guardians, as the heroes work to draw them away from the room.

The crystal construct moves forward and launches a bombardment into the room smashing shards of crystal through the heroes.

All around the room the crystals pulse and dim and the lich moves up to the crystal and starts manipulating the central crystal before moving back into the shadows. The central gem’s light pulses and swirls around.

Ozzie’s prismatic burst blinds much of the enemy. But owned still comes through and releases a burst of light, pushing the halfling back across the room.

Back in the room the crystals pulse again, as Memnnon charges forward he smashes the Obsidion creature with his mace.

Tol loses off as couple of arrows at the Obsidion golem, killing it, while Ozzie pushes the construct back into the crystal room.

The lich disappears off into the darkness. Ozzie and Memmnnon feel the hairs on the back of their neck rise as the crystals again pulse.

A howling wind swirls around Tol and he sends it out to push the Obsidion creature into the room followed by Kathka.

Ozzie teleports all the remaining creatures and teleports them away for a limited period. Memnnon charges through the fray and attempts to push the pulsing crystal over. Memnnon feels the crystal draining some of his energy from him.

Switch ask so races into the room and smashes one of the crystals. It explodes out covering him with shards, as Tol’s arrows take out another shard., as Kathka moves in to wait for the return of the creatures.

Memnnon tries to take control of the pulsing ruby and turns it off. He mutters a quiet prayer to Halav as the crystal goes dark., switch smacks the the crystal construct, smashing it. Ozzie teleports over to the crystal and depowers it, the second crystal construct.

Across the other side of the room the red crystal shard starts to glow brighter and brighter. Memmnnon shouts to Ozzie to cover the remaining crystal as he goes after the lich. Tol sends the construct to the other end of the room and dispatches it with a single bowshot.. Ozzie turns off the last of the crystal shards.

Memnnon is confused as to where the lich has gone and calls out he can’t see the lich. Switch runs off down the stairs to see if he can find the lich. Whilst Kathka drops a sunroof down the hole and estimates that the bottom is 60 feet down.

The final golem comes back and is shot by the ranger.

The heroes convince Ozzie to create a dimension door to the bottom, except it’s 20 feet short. He bravely jumps through and hurts himself. The halfling runs all the way down the stairs to the bottom.

The heroes stand guard as the injured wizard slowly gets up. Kathka gets the feeling that she is in a very old very deep place.. Around the room are 4 more of the large rubies on pedestals that were up stairs. Standing in the middle is the lich, which the ranger let’s lose with his bow..

The lich gestures at Tol and lainches a magic missle at the ranger. Wraithes start to coalesce out of the stonework.,

Switch charges down the stairs and into the wraith whacking it very hard.

Tol fires at the lich, he misses and then runs off to push the other wraith away from Ozzie and Memnnon. Behind him, he hears a dwarven warcry as she charges the lich, striking him. Ozzie teleports into the room and uses crushing Titans fist to hit the creature. The lich gestures dismissively and writhing tentacles appear across the room and the lich tries to push the dwarf away. Ozzie swipes a backward wave at the wraith as it floats past to attack the cleric. Amazingly he connects, the crack on the head.

Memnnon strikes it pushing it back and cursing it.

Ozzie notices that the appearance of the tentacles caused the the energy I in the globes to lessen slightly.. The tentacles burst out of the stone but don’t appear to have damaged the stone other than to slime them and make them appear as they are now from another plane.

Switch charges into the fray, striking deep at one of the tentacles, Tol misfires.

Kathka strikes at the lich. Ozzie changes his orbs as the lich pushes the halfling away, but the dwarf holds his ground.

Ozzie teleports in to the room next to the orbs and is grabbed by a tentacles. The spheres plus as light floods the chamber, some of the tentacles. And the lich heal.

Kathka lights up his sword into a fiery blade, smacking the lich and cleaving through to one of the tentacles, killing it, as it dries he falls onto the floor.

Ozzie teleports to one of the orbs as the lich fires a bolt of lightning at Kathka., which arcs around the room but still singing the other heroes.

Memnnon teleports away from the wraiths gaze and into the room, before moving the tentacle more into the consecrated ground.

Radiance brilliance swirls around Kathka as Halav’s power coalesces around her. The halfling darts into to stab the lich deep into its side..

Kathka gets up and moves against the lich striking it with a reaving strike. The strike causes fire to strike Ozzie and Switch, before Ozzie then teleports the small team and the lich into the zone of consecrated ground.

The lich strides out the area taking damage from each of the heroes and then throws up a wall to prevent the heroes coming through.

Kaboom. Kathka explodes with radiant brilliance, which fizzles out, but doesn’t hit the lich as the wall of force fizzles it out

Switch takes out one of the tentacles, whilst Kathka takes out one of the crystals.

Ozzie drops his wall of fire onto the lich and then flees,as the lich lumbers after him, firing magic missiles at him. Wraithes appear out to the wood work after the fleeing wizard, who uses his arcane mastery to cause its fetid breath to pass around him, as he flees down the corridor.

Memnnon starts to heal up the halfling., who strikes out at the tentacle holding him. Finally Tol reaches the room to see what is going on.

Ozzie sustains the wall teleports away from the lich and wraiths and then staggers down the corridor., pursued by a wraith.

Tol yields ground to the wraith after him. Switch starts beating down the wall and Memnnon starts destroying the wall of force.

To Ozzie’s delight the ranger appears around the corner and sends the wraith back down the corridor before healing the bleeding wizard., who then rushes into the room calling for Memnnon’s help, who moves to the centre of the group and calls on Halav’s healing power to heal the group..

Ozzie turns off one of the orbs and Memmnon moves over to try and control one of the other ones.

Kathka’s strike destroys the wall and the halfling screams in pain as the lich enters his head.

Ozzie teleports over and starts turning off the other beams.

Chain lightning bursts out around the halfling and then bounces across the room.

Memnnon races around the wall of fire. And then unleashes radiant attack on the lich. Tol fires at the lich misses and then uses his natural powers to call down howling winds to force the lich into wall of fire.

Memnnon heals himself and charges into the fray. Getting slightly singed from the wall of fire on the way, his mighty strike pushing the lich into the flames and it dies, crumbling to dust.

Back into the fray

After making four vials of holy water, the heroes return to the fray. Heading back through the preparation room, one of the Carnifex wraiths drifts through the wall. Ozzie quickly reacts by throwing a colour orb at the creature dazing it with mystical colours. Switch closes with the creature as Tol’s arrows fly true. The creature retaliates with its foul breath, which all the heroes avoid. The creature is quickly dispatched. Heading through the rooms we reach the alcove room. A quick discussion of tactics ensues. Ozzie puts up an illusionary wall to prevent some of the mummies attacking before we are ready for them. Tol drops his arrow as Switch swings into action.

The mummy moans out its despairing wail and tries to pull Tol closer to it with its bandages, Switch takes advantage of its distraction and slides in an opportune strike. He is dismayed to see the damage he does immediately starts to heal.

The wall holds back one of the mummies but the other burst through and goes after the smallest member of the party, swiping strongly with its fists.

Memnnon steps up and attempts to turn the undead, sending one of them screeching to the other side of the room, the others start to sear from the radiant holiness of Memmnon’s deity.

Ozzie teleports out of the way from one of the mummies which chases after him and then teleports back to ensure he is doing his job to keep the mummies away from Switch who continues to take lumps out of the mummy. However it is Memnnon who steps in to finish off the first Mummy. The team then turn their attention to the next Mummy.

The mummy raises its arm to strike Switch but a timely arrow from Tol, hits the creature and kills it mid punch.

The mummies finally stop animating, after we kill a third one. We then move all the mummies into a pile and pour all our oil over them before firing a flaming arrow.

The next room is lit by 2 of the now familiar guardians (the Lightning things), scattered around the room are fragments of the exploded crystal we had in our dreams. Three obsidian guardians are waiting for the heroes and in the corridor beyond a large skeletal form can be seen.

Mummy Rot

The heroes gate back to the lost library to rest and recover . During this time Memnnon and Tol cure Switch, Ozzie and Kathka of their mummy rot.

There is some research onto the emblems and lichs. A very powerful spell aster could cheat death in this way. There are rumours that this can be done without becoming a ravening horror. They will continue to have very powerful magic and will have an aura. It would appear that liches have a phylacterry. Which could be small bits of jewellery to large ornate statues.

Tol puts the golden map back together and looks to see if he can collaborate the information that he has.
Ozzie recalls the star layout and tries to check out the age of the Obsidion cities and discovers they are over 7000 yrs old… Even older than Blackmoor

Kathka discusses tactics…. Fire being a key way of looking. We need lightning to deal with this crystals.

Switch moves all our treasure into one of the special secret areas.

Crypt of the bleeding living

The Carnifex speaks I’ll of the living and stuns most of the heroes while the guardians fire at the team.
Tol takes a blow from the zombie and falls back behind the wizard’s skirts, as Ozzie pushes many of the enemy away.

The undead army advances towards the bleeding heroes as they valiantly try to defend this land, from the alien invasion from another plane.

Memnnon shakes off his ills heals himself and introduces the Carnifex to the power of Halav and smiles the Carnifex with his mace of disruption driving the creature backwards.

Ozzie smashes the monsters with his crushing fist and then summons Evard’s tentacles to hold onto the monsters, making it easier for the ranger to hit the advancing mummified hoard.

The crystal weapon turns its ray against the wizard and he starts bleeding in sympathy with his colleagues, Memnnon’s deity continues to light up with the room with his solar wrath.

Ozzie learns that the undead are resistant to much if the necrotic damage dealt by the waving tentacles of Evard.

The Carnifex invokes the call from the beyond and the entire party screams in agony and are stunned by the sheer alienness of the cry. The Crystalline bombardier throws its ,issues and hits the cleric, he is then hit and dragged by the mummy which knocks him unconscious and drags him into the tentacles.

Tol gives a cry of exaltation to his God which revives Memnnon, he then casts a healing surge which further heals the Tiefling., before the Carnifex mutters,"your immortal seems keen to be keeping you alive, my masters will enjoy drinking your blood. The crystalline structure moves forward and bursts out with radiant energy, striking the hapless cleric and pushing him closer to the towering Carnifex. Peering up the cleric sees that the Carnifex has an ion stone or something similar circling his head,

The mummy moves to strike Memnnon, who teleports away, only to be pulled back into the zone of Evard’s tentacles. Calling down healing sun the cleric starts to radiate with the goodness of his God.

Ozzie dismisses the tentacles and Tol pushes the mummy back with his arrows.

The hairs on the back of Memnnon’s neck rise as the mummy gazes balefully before trying to clout Memnnon.

An irregular sequence of lights emit from the light blinds many in the party and drives them back away from it

Memnnon gives off an aura of increased confidence as he concerntrates on maintaining the radiant sun. Ozzie is smacked by a. I mummy and teleports away to avoid being hit again.

The battle continues to rage…. The Hiera plant disappears from the battle, the light emitting diode bombs the cleric and the wizard…. Ozzie goes down as the light burns into his soul with necrotic energy., however Memnnon’s radiant light revives him, meanwhile Kathka whacks the pulsing light, smash into the crystalline structure, causing it to shatter in all directions, knocking the halfling prone and killing the mummy..

The Heiraphant reappears and curses the Tiefling before dazing him once again, before moving forward only to be confronted by a desperate halfling who has heroically leapt up from being knocked over and charges down to stab the creature.l whilst the wizard tries to push the creature away, fails and flees his presence, the ranger moves over, shouts duck before completely misfires.

The creature speaks of his diety from the beyond, knocking the cleric and the wizard unconscious and causing the rest of the party to start bleeding from their ears, except for the ranger who continues to shoot valiantly at the abomination from the beyond, he then rushes over to the stricken wizard. Pulling out a potion of vitality ready to administer it.

Switch goes unconscious as the cleric drags himself over and in one last desperate bid calls down the divine fury of his deity and kills the creature, which explodes causing mummy rot in most of the party.

Memnnon uses his river of life gloves to resuscitate the wizard. The thief is bought round and the gold mask is worth 40,000 gp, there is a diamond which is for opening the door, there are also 3 silver masks worth 7,000gp and the ioun stone of perfect language


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