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  • Great Waste

    The Great Waste is the name given generally to the area between the [[Black Mountains]] and the [[Gulf of Hule]] to the north and west, the [[Sea of Dread]] to the south and [[Sind]] the [[Atruagin Plateau]], [[Darokin]] and [[Glantri]] to the east. …

  • Slagovich

    Slagovich is one of the [[City States]] on the [[Gulf of Hule]]. It is principally a human state. The city was founded about 500 years ago; a large section of the populace claim descent from wandering Traldar from the lands now known as [[Karameikos]]. …

  • Sind Desert

    The Sind Desert is bounded by the nation of [[Sind]] to the east, the [[Burning Waste]] and the [[Barren Plain]] to the south, and the [[Plain of Fire]] to the north. It is a barren, stony desert. Tall craggy bluffs and mesas rise from a levelish plain, …

  • Plain of Fire

    This vast inhospitable land is bounded to the north by the [[Black Mountains]] and [[Lake Halli]], and to the south by the [[Sind Desert]]. The terrain is broken and chaotic, with sinkholes, arroyos and jagged rocks. A thin soil in places is infertile, …

  • Lake Halli

    This shallow lake lies in the southern slopes of the [[Black Mountains]] to the north west of the [[Plain of Fire]]. The lake is fed by the runoff from the Black Mountains during the annual spring melt. The lake level rises and the waters flood the plain …

  • Silt River

    The Silt River drains the central plains of the [[Great Waste]] and cuts through the [[Burning Plain]]. The valley is shallow and muddy, with the river silting up in the dry season. Back to the [[Great Waste]].

  • Graakhalia

    Graakhalia is an underground realm inhabited by nomadic tribes of gnolls and elves. The two races cooperate and live together as one people. Graakhalia itself consists of several regions including

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