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  • Sir Sergei Reynald

    Sir Reynald is currently a very worried man. Not only is his wife overdue to give birth to their fourth child, but his village is suffering from the combined effects of the last few severe winters and the [[Galeb-Duhr]]'s recent withdrawal back to [[ …

  • Barovich

    Barovich has kicked around Karameikos for most of his adult life. He has been apprenticed to an alchemist in Specularum, but his unorthodox 'additions' to items soon saw him expelled from the Alchemist's Guild.

  • Mogar

    Mogar settled in Highdell from Three Axe Ford when he realised that the small group of dwarf miners needed spiritual guidance.

  • Mallo Marshfield

    Mallo is still part of Callo's trading concerns, and can source unusual items (common magic items at standard cost) within a few weeks, he has even been known to find more sought after goods (some uncommon items), but this can cost extra or take longer.

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