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  • The Duke and Duchess of Verge

    After returning from a pleasant evening at the pub we had a quick conflab as to what we were going to say and also not say to the Duke and Duchess at breakfast the next morning. Which went along the lines of we wouldn't mention the eyes and that we were …

  • Inn in Northolt

    Little more than a large, smoky turf-built hall. The inn has no name, its the only one in [[Northolt]]. The food is basic, but filling, mostly stews of whatever is to hand, and the drink consists of whatever ales were available (there is no brewing …

  • Aurelian

    Aurelian is on an extended trading mision to Karameikos, looking to find fresh markets for fine Alfheim arts. He is dismayed by the apparent lack of culture just about everywhere he goes.

  • Holaf

    A fighter with a very old warhorse. Famous in the village of [[Northolt | NorthHolt]] for rescuing a group of young goat herders from a Troll. He didn't kill the troll but managed to hold it off whilst the goatherds and their goats escaped.

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