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  • A visit to Thyatis city

    Ozzie and Memnon speak to Adronicia, a scribe at the library, and discuss Sind and the lost library. Ozzie suspects that she has had this query recently. He goes on to ask about anything on Sind. We discover that 50% of the population was wiped out …

  • Emperor's Hill

    The heart of Imperial Thyatis. Emperor's hill is probably the location of the oldest settlement. [[File:355740 | class=media-item-align-none | Emperors_hill.jpg]] The Hill is sub divided into four areas, the [[Emperor's Palace]], [[Hightop]], the [[ …

  • Vanya's Girdle

    This narrow reach of water divides mainland [[Thyatis]] from the Thyatian island of [[Hattias]]. It is a busy trade route linking the [[Sea of Dread]] and the western [[Sea of Dawn]].

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