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  • Minrothad Guilds

    The guild system in Minrothad is divided into two types of guilds; the [[family guilds]] and the [[political guilds]]. Examples of the former include [[Guild Corser]], [[Guild Hammer]] and [[Guild Quickhand]]. The later include the [[Merchant Sailor's …

  • family guilds

    The family guilds consist of; [[Guild Elsan]], [[Guild Verdier]], [[Guild Hammer]], [[Guild Quickhand]] and [[Guild Corser]]. Back to [[Minrothad]].

  • political guilds

    The Minrothad political guilds are the [[Merchant Sailors Guild]], the [[Mercenary Guild]] and the [[Tutorial Guild]]. there are even rumours, spoken half in jest, of a [[Thieves Guild]]. Back to [[Minrothad]].

  • Guild Corser

    Guild Corser was founded by [[Hadric Corser]] in 488A.C. following the [[Silver Purge]], when the human population of the islands were recovering from the twin scourges of lycanthropy and vampirism. By then the non-humans had taken over most of the …

  • Master Magic Dealer

    All trade in magic items within Minrothad must go through the office of the Master Magic Dealer, currently Beyland Adonamus. His office has many agents abroad seeking out such items. By law these must be offered to the [[Tutorial Guild]] before being …

  • Master Piper

    Dirk Baiss is in charge of the making and selling of smoking paraphernalia. All manner of materials are sought out, from simple clay and wooden pipes for the okeen, to elaborate pipes of precious and semi precious stones and metals for the dosan upwards. …

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