Ebon Key

“The Ebon Key as it now stands has risen in response to the ”/wikis/the-gate-keepers" class=“wiki-page-link”> Gate Keepers so it is as old as that organisation. But there have been other, older groups, and the Key merely seeks to continue their work. It is said that they always carry the symbol of a black key, either as a tattoo, a piece of jewellery, or even just a normal iron key that fits no lock.

They rarely rise to prominence, though powerful people can be drawn to their cause, indeed more than one Gatekeeper has been drawn to them, as both groups seek the places where the veil is thin, though for widely different purposes.

" I suppose they have never gained complete success, or we would not be having this conversation. But I know that they seek weak points, ready to exploit them when the starts are right. They also look for certain artefacts dating back to when the Outer Beings were worshiped openly. Finding these items and keeping them out of their hands would seem to be a laudable goal."

Says Trinklar to Ozzie

Ebon Key

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