Knosht - Ozzie's home village

The village of Knosht (the Thyatians call it Armstead) is Ozzie’s first home, where he was happily raised by his parents Koala and Wombat until that fateful night in his seventh year, when they were brutally slain by a being from another plane.

The village on first glance is generally unremarkable. There is a small inn, a temple to Asterius, the immortal of travel, thieves and trade, and a couple of small shops dedicated to providing goods and services to the local farming and forestry community. A more recent addition has been the building of Ozzie’s The Arcane Academy @Knosht and accommodation for 10 students. Although not as grand as the original wizardry school of Knosht,its owner Ozzie, Lord of the Gate has grand plans for it.

On second look there are subtle differences frommany other mountainous villages. The most obvious being that whilst the a majority of inhabitants there are of human descent they are remarkably tolerant of “off worlders” those who come from the Feywild or even the Shadowfell. When questioned about this they would look at the questioner strangely as to why shouldn’t they be friendly to strangers, it always interesting to meet new people. The actual fact that there is a magical gate to the Feywild and the Shadowfell here is not widely known.

There are very few who would recognise Ozzie now, as it has been over 14 years since he left. The main people would be Kindred Maple the blacksmith’s son – now the blacksmith and Jorge Shepherdson, a local shepherd, whose knowledge of the trails and tracks around here is second to none due to his keeping charge of his flock. The innkeepers daughter Indrid Alespear is unlikely to recognise him as she was 4 when he left, but they used to play together regularly as Koala used to drop the young Ozzieoff at the inn when she was busy.

Knosht - Ozzie's home village

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