The Island in the middle of the sea

There is something happening in the world…. what was once unknown is now becoming known.

When the heroes are finally ready Proteus reappears before the party, transferring them to his watery world.

I hope you are ready, your boat is ready, I propose you travel to the location of Lomar and then use the hourglass to go back to the right time.

Tol asks if we have a choice as to what time we as to the time. Proteus tells him, that he has set the hourglass to a time he has chosen…. about 3 days. He suggests we do not delay longer than a day.

Ozzie asks about what they are trying to do. Memnnon reminds the party that the aim is to overload the portals. Our job is to stop the portals being destroyed.

Ozzie recalls that the Gatekeepers are about limiting the use of the portals and that they are the key to the problem.

Ozzie realises that the bit between portals is the beyond. Can we move Lomar in space or time?

We find ourselves on the Pride of Dymrak, already to sail. It has been upgraded to travel on its own.

The ritual has create portal chart and there are charts in the cabin for Specularium, Threshold, Thyatis City, Ravenscarp, and a small island in the ocean somewhere…. Lomar.

Each chart costs 100gp worth of Residium to create.

We set sail…. a big storm rises up and encircles the Pride of Dymrak, which remains rock steady, a very short time later, the storm abates and we are in an open ocean, in the distance there is a smalll island. Proteus suddenly comes back into our mind…. I would suggest you park the boat a good distance away from the Island… so if the island reappear the Pride won’t be in the sea any more.

The island is scrubby, but there are some bits of rubble which appear to be old buildings.

The heroes steer their vessel away to clear the of the island when it rises out of the sea. A luminous dolphin appears swimming in front of the vessel, until we are in an appropriate place.

Lightning strikes from a clear sky encircling the party in a greyish silver sphere. We appear in a muddy plane, with a loud noise. Ozzie is overwhelmed by the raw feeling of arcane power. He feels that he may be able to take advantage of this in some way.

Looking around the colours are brighter and more vibrant. Underneath all of this Tol and Memnnon feel a dull throbbing of psychic pressure, they feel that taking long rests may be difficult. This feels like and outside influence is affecting it.

There are huge divots out of the mud and rocks… to the right is a city wall and to the left there is an army of beings heading towards the city. The sound of battle assails our senses. There is a large gate and a tall tower.

Over towards the city there is a horn blast and from the army there is a roaring snarling bark, which Memnnon recognises them as instructions…. in Y’hog. “Spies, get them.

The heroes flee towards the wall, two bright lights shine behind us…. the Crystalline last hits Althea and misses Ozzie, bouts of mud fly up.

A body of humanoids are advancing in an ordered manner are coming out of the gate.

The Crystalline guardians and a mass of troglodytes are charging towards the heroes and a Carnifex with a bony shield and horns on its head controlling the army.

Tol fires his bow over his shoulder at one of the Crystalline structures to cause it to miss.

Now close enough to the infantry, Memnnon calls out to them to say we are on your side. The infantry stop and form a phalanx, to the side are archers. The heroes stop turn and fire at the oncoming army, before heading into the city.

The soldiers have a Mediterranean hue to them, they wear bronze helmets, white tunics, a bronze armour crickets.

We are ushered into the walls of the city. The city looks like it has already taken a battering. The gates are held open by large clay golems, shutting the gates after the infantry come in.

Memnnon greets the soldiers challenge and then He turns and gasps as he sees Ozzie. Prince Polthea I’m so sorry I didn’t recognise you. Ozzie isn’t understood, but fakes his voice being lost and Memnnon steps in. The soldier says I shall take you to your father immediately. The heroes go a,long with this.

Travelling through the city, the buildings are old fashioned and have taken a beating. There are a lot of people running back and forwards. Golems are moving materials around. There is a lot of magical activity occurring in some ways.

At the centre of the plaza of immortals is a tower with a gemstone on the top. At the plaza of the immortals there are people who are looking haggard tired and hungry and yet the appearance of Ozzie has brought some hope to them. There are people caring for sick and injured people.

During a short rest Ozzie can absorb some of the arcane energy and in the first round has a +2 to hit and damage.

Entering the palace there are guards and also military golems around the place. Again there is a buzz as they realise that Prince of Pol is back. Ozzie goes to a gardrobe and casts comprehend languages on himself to understand. Entering the palace room there are several people in the room looking around.

There is the emperor, a Yong woman, a young man as a splitting image of the emperor. There are 6 people in wizardly ceremonial robes and three priests and some artisan types and some scholarly types and a lizardman.

When the emperor sees Ozzie he stands taller and the year. Ozzie greets his father and is also embraced by the younger.

Emperor Eric Salt h the third
pols wife Princess Omalith
The emperor youngest son Prince Sidon
General Moliff the military
Ziti the lizard kin
All the stars can’t be here at the moment.

Ozzie has a wierd feeling looking at the Stars, as hung at her waist is a dagger that appears exactly like the dagger that Ozzie has lost….

The three high priest

There is an elderly man who looks hale and hearty, he has a patch over one eye…. he is probably a priest of Odin. Another has a sunburst symbol with of Ixionand a the heart with a rose… Valerius… the girder of protection.

There are also representatives from the merchants and the scholars guild.

The siege continues… over 30 days. The city is overwhelmed by refugees. Moliff the general says they are playing with us, they aren’t even trying to come in.

They have tried to get in through the portals, which we have now locked down. We believe to have caught all the infiltrators. The infiltrators have come from…

There are increasing moments of discontent in certain quarters, that we should make peace with the Carnifex.

When the infiltrators came through the portals and then

There is a huge obelisk on the on the far side of the army is probably affecting us.

All forms of traditional govt suspended.

Izondian lizards… they helped us.

Planning the next stage

Proteus will instruct the group

Proteus transfers us to the lost library and still find all our treasure there, although it has been moved about a bit.

Proteus tells us the hourglass wasn’t present in Lomar. He suggests we speak to and befriend the emperor and councillors there. His name is Colstarian.

All you have to do is touch your tattoos and I will transfer you to Lomar. I have heard your thoughts and while.

Looking at the piles of treasure, there appear a number of new bits, 250000gps worth.

Blackmoor was at it height 3000 yrs ago, highly civilised. A great rain of fire which destroyed black or and changed the world. There are occasional rumours of ancient Blackmoor devices turning up.

Lomar is a land of plenty piece and glory which sank beneath the world. This is odd, as Ozzie found no information of Lomar before

Ozzie’s research turns up research……

The following information is discovered looking through various tomes in the library;

“Cannibalism is a feeding habit common to the Pits of Banishment, practiced by some of its victims, such as the Carnifex.”
(Exotic Inter-planar Foods, Tome XX)

“The Carnifex were notorious for experimenting new magic effects on their prisoners, and even sometimes on themselves”
(Positive Thinking in Spell Research; scroll fragment 3456-XZ written in Alphatian)

“Insanity remains when the level of magic encompasses all that was ever learnt before.
I, myself, and others such as the Carnifex have been afflicted with this utter folly. "

(Life of Prince Moriem of Glantri)

“I once contacted some creature of the outer planes and it told me the biggest magical item treasure was in Castle Carnifex, but I was never able to find where this is.
All my research suggested that it both had, and hadn’t once existed, and that it both was and wasn’t now banished somewhere safe. By Rad, truly a conundrum worthy of the greatest minds.”

(A Treasure Hunter’s Guide, by Prince Jaygar of Glantri)

“The best disguises are often inhuman. A legend says that Carnifex creatures could imitate nearly anything without much chance of being discovered.
When this is the case, who can you trust?”

(Thieves’ Manual, unsigned, written in Thyatian)

Ozzie realises that the significance of these quotes is not their content, rather the fact that they exist at all. He is sure that they weren’t there last time he looked, so is knowledge of the Carnifex becoming more widespread? Is it just the amount of knowledge that is changing, or is it history itself that is changing?

Gorath the Destroyer was last seen in the world 7,500 years ago.

Tol in contact with the watchers
- they are more concerned with the shadow realm, but there is a growing unease in the natural world, which they have put down to the battle
- when Tol talks to the fey and the seer… they are more aware of the beyond, the rainbow path travels through the beyond
-elves realised Blackmoor was going bad and fled.
The elves have a way of travelling through the beyond on the rainbow path
The gate keepers
-low level members of the gatekeepers are aware of the tensions, they try to remain neutral. Most of the upper echelons are struggling to remain neutral. The very highest meme,bears notice there is some pressure from the outside and that the ebon key pose. A threa, several important members of the gatekeepers have been exposed as members of the ebon key.

The gate keepers don’t fully understand the danger and won’t unless you tell them. Interestingly Riadorn isn’t at Specularium.

Memnnon, Elton Springs is doing well. The leader at Eagles Gate is very pro building links with Elton Springs. Fortifications have been built

Ozwarts has closed down, as there are two magical nations ab9ut to go to war. Pupils were withdrawn and there are several demands for prepaid fees. It’s currently shut.

Switch discovers he has made a huge profit.

Doughansthal tells that hella is knights had invaded the Ehtangar steppes… grasslands north of Glantri. Very recently someone has been burning down Temples to the god of trade and thievery in Alphatia, it is generally assumed to be Glantrian trick. A nasty conjuration had been let loose in Thyatis city, Arcane College wizards had to bring it under control.

Thyatis appears to be leaning towards Glantri.

Around Specularium there are more guards on the street and everything is a bit more fractious. Wizards Guild has been stoned.

This could all be a symptom of Gorath being in the sky.

Ozzie speaks to the Glantrian amabassador…. she denies it initially and then recalls the Carnifex. They are thought to be very powerful. Ozzie realises that this increasing knowledge about the Carnifex and Lomar… is following us around… we are the dissemination of this knowledge

Chats with Duke Stefan and the like, who say they are very busy, it provide 20,000 residium to the party activity.

Memnnon has a strange encounter with a red headed man and gives him a battered bronze shield. When he turns around to thank the man he has gone

Questions for Proteus

Has time been stopped in Lomar or carried on?
- yes as close as possible, it crucially Proteus can’t completely stop it.

There are groups of heroes already doing this… o other heroes have proceeded us.

The Lomarians are humans, who are the gate keepers.

The ruling family has had troubles, it will seem remarkably familiar to Ozzie when he gets there.

None of the gates had been compromised when Proteus froze the city in time.

The Carnifex were laying Seige to the city with arcane engines and other creatures.

The gate keepers can direct to where you want to go.

History suggests that Lomar had fallen and been destroyed and so doesn’t appear in history. If we go back in time we could change all our histories….. and we may not even exist.

The hourglass talks to Ozzie and wants to travel, the hourglass will gain temporal sand every time the party defeats and epic level monster. The more satisfied it gets the better it becomes as an item.

I will return you to where you came you came. The hourglass will transport you….. if you need to travel through time, the hourglass may help you… depending on how happy it is.

There are some rules
1 don’t go back on your path, it never ends well.

The lower control room

The blind ranger exalts his god and heals the hapless halfling, it fails to remove his blindness.

Ozzie pushes the Crystalline structure out of the chamber to help Memnnon assist Althea. The Tiefling dishes out some healing and takes out one of the troglodytes.

The wormy creature gestures at Memnnon, immobilising him and then unleashes a deathly cold ray at the hot blooded tiefling.

Althea recovers from her stunned effect, dives underground and reappears in the corridor, the enemies cry out in surprise and charge towards the door to stop them closing it.

Ozzie throws out a note of blackness in front of the door, dazing the bad guys and obscuringthe door from all. Lashing out from the darkness Memnnon is a lance of faith at the Carnifex, hitting it squarely.

Switch shuts the door, with an athletic leap off the tiefling. Althea concentrates on the force shield around the column of power, this completely clears the room of enemies, the lock can’t be re set up. It turns out that all the controls of the powers have also been reset.

After a short rest the team head down the corridor for 5 minutes and then find a door, which says “hourglass chamber beware temporal spatial distortion.

Memnnon says Proteus demands the return of the hourglass and we wave the. Ozzie asks do you have problem with the Carnifex. No they are in stasis.

What can we do to help you….” for c out less time we have been watching everywhere… we have watched the flow of history to see the what, the when and the why….. we have never interfer. Tol and Althea get the feeling that the temporal masters are not fully bought into the just observing.

Memnnon suggests that by doing they can learn.

A discussion ensues, there is a change in time.

Switch checks for traps, it he doesn’t think there are any on there at the moment, he opens the door. The walls seem to be enclosed in a bluish mist. A large device spins lazy in the middle. There are 3 blue skinned creatures with 4 arms, the temporal masters, with Carnifex and the Crystalline structures circling. There are also several very bizarre and strange devices.

The heroes discuss and tell the temporal masters why they need the hourglass to travel to Lomar to prevent the city trapped in time from falling to the

Ozzie hasn’t picked up his dagger, but as he collects the hourglass the heroes are transported back to a pleasant warm watery sea, which we are floating in safely. The dagger is left behind in the ziggurat.

He says you now have another mission. To rescue the city of Lomar.

Previously the heroes had prevented the total destruction of Lomar, allowing Proteus to lock down the city so the destruction has been held

The city of Lomar

The Control Room

A quick discussion between the characters means they’ll blow the door open and charge in.
They charge Into a huge lit room, which has a strong purple glow. There are steps down to a lower level.

2 of the control blocks are occupied by Carnifex, a wizards type copying runes and several of the troglodytes and Obsidion golems guarding the stairs and some of the scintillating guardians.

Tol calls upon his howling winds to push the Obsidion guardian away from the stairs and charges down to the lower level, past the defenders and gets to the door, Ozzie follows and pushes the two creatures in the way out of the way and then teleports closer to the ranger. Memnnon follows on.

The worm creature from the beyond heads back to confront the cleric of Halav, who is not fazed. The other creature from the beyond moves over to the edge and casts a beam of cold and necrotic energy at Memnnon and gives the yielding a Paddington Hard stare, whilst the halfling goes rogue and charges over to stab some of the guardians and the golem

Now the guardians start to scintillate and move, pulsing a burst of energy towards Tol and Ozzie, which the two heroes dodge. Meanwhile the golem goes after the halfling knocking him over, he continues to dodge and roll. Ozzie takes a slam and is knocked over. He manages to avoid the stamp, but is badly hurt.

Althea runs into the room and jumps into the battle, landing gently on the floor next to the prone wizard. She then marks the enemy, before changing into a Magma brute.

On the upper level another Carnifex appears and comes over to attack the hapless halfling.

Memnnon moves over and creat s a healing circle which heals the ranger and the wizard.

The power flux in the centre has started to turn purple. Across the room the wormy wizard from the beyond douses Tol in its wordiness, with worms, but he relapses it is an illusion and is stunned, Althea retaliates and pushes the monster back around the corner.

Switch stands up and shifts off the ledge, and with his sword lands next to the prone troglodyte.

The Carnifex jumps down and Switch tries to hit the dinosaur, but hits himself, quite hard and then the Carnifex stabs him again. Switch passes out. Ozzie teleports him out of danger and then drags him through the door which Althea has just opened. Memnnon casts a healing spell on the blood soaked wizard and the halfling… Bringing the small person round. Memnnon then turns and casts daunting light. Althea is stunned by the gaze of the wormy creature, Tol is too horrified to move. Switch stands up and pulls the ranger through.

The guardian comes into the corridor and fires its scintillating burst, many of the characters are hurled down the corridor…. Althea unfortunately is pushed back into the room and is blinded

The Deathroom and the Draco lich

Tol pushes the hatch.ing swarm away and heads over to disarm the crystal. He is almost immediately successful.

The hatchling swarm gets up and attacks Althea, restraining her. She tries to get out of the attack, but fails this time around.

Ozzie teleports one of the swarms out of the door and Memnnon closes the door on them. ..
And the Draco lich turns back from being the Draco squirrel, Switch strikes it and it strikes back stunning the thief.

Tol pushes the swarm away and races to support Memnnon shutting down the portal, closely pursued by the undead swarm.

The Draco lich speaks to the party. “What is happening in the outside world tell me…. oh what was I supposed to be doing? Yes… stopping you.” The creature breaths on Tol and Memnnon, stunning them.

Althea burrows under the earth bursting up amongst the swarm with a thunderous crash. Ozzie sends one of the swarms elsewhere and then runs across the ziggurat to support the warden, dazing one of the swarms and setting it on fire, before teleporting down to turn the crystal off.

“I shouldn’t tell you this, but this is the most fun I have had in millennia. I long to die and escape this prison, if you kill me I will tell you where to find my phylactery

The swarm tries to attack Ozzie, But Althea interrupts their attack and pushes them away from the embattled wizard.

The dracolich flies over and breaths on the warden and the wizard with its awful breath

Althea discusses the Carnifex influence and discovers that once we disable the room he will not attack. Althea shakes the earth and strikes all the undead and the dracolich and heals the wizard as she leaps to cover him whilst he attempts to disable the gemstone. Ozzie starts to turn off the fourth gemstone.

Across the room Memnnon turns off the other gemstone and rushes across the room, healing himself and the wizard.

The Dracolich gazes balefully at the Warden, attempting to stun her, but she is holding one of the anti stun cubes and resists. The dracolich cries with glee “well done, I was amused at the funny little halfling tying to each it before I stunned him.

Tol sprints across the room again and using his howling winds to push the swarm away from the creatures, their attack staggers the Warden and she is bleeding profusely.

The dracolich flies down and breathes over the warden and the wizard, knocking the warden unconscious. Ozzie turns the last of the crystals off and tells the dracolich to back off. The dracolich is bitterly disappointed, Tol exalts warden and brings him back to life, Switch opens the door to get out and finds the other swarm still trying to get in. The heroes flee the room with Memnnon laying down healing as fast as he can

Before you leave a word of advice and a request. I can’t sense everything, it time is running out. Speak to the temporal masters and ask them to release me.

I have battle the beyond to prevent control of this node. You will find the hour glass beneath the master control room. It is also felt that the beyond

“The control room as I know it is a two level room. The top level has six control blocks, the central area are the doors leading to a room where thee is a portal to the room where the hourglass. There is a central power core which.

The Death room control allows Memnnon to possibly use the necrotic power as a weapon. It is possible to use the control locks in the control room.

After a discussion, it is decided to go and get the hourglass.

Into the Darkness aka Den of the Dracolich

As the Dracolich mocks them in a voice from beyond the grave, the Heroes of Dymrak surge forwards into the chamber, swiftly encountering two large (nine square area) hordes of chittering bone swarms.

In mere seconds, several members of the party have been stunned by the Dracolich. Memon has gone Diabolic and Tol blesses his comrades with the Annointed Army. As Switch scales the ziggurat upon which the Dracolich resides, Memnon turns the undead swarms and burns the Dracolich with radiant energy from an action point.

Switch then backstabs the Dracolich (NATURAL 20!) causing 83 hp of damage, but the swarms overcome Memnon’s turning and surge back, attacking the Cleric, Tol, Ozzie and Althea. Two small red cubes are visible on the floor…

Ozzie heaves his bulk onto the ziggurat with a teleportation spell and psychic locks the Dracolich. Memnon follows up with a Gaze of the Sun, and the burnt Dracolich soars down to the lowest level of the ziggurat to escape the radiant flames, belching black fire over most of the party.

As Memnon laughs at the flames, Switch darts over to the Dracolich and backstabs it again (NATURAL 20!) causing another 82 hp of damage. With a groan, Tol keels over, as the flames and a swarm threaten his life. Althea leaps into action, burrowing under the earth to reach the fallen ranger’s side, beginning to drag him away from the Dracolich’s aura of doom (which prohibits any healing when within 3 squares of it).

Althea picks up one of the curious red cubes as she passes it and realises that they will absorb and negate the Dracolich’s stunning effect, but that a cube needs to be held to do this and will vanish in a few seconds (three rounds). Memnon heals both himself and Tol before heading towards one of the four large crystals in the chamber (there is one in each corner).

With a gesture and few hissed syllables, Ozzie transforms the fearsome Dracolich into a fluffy squirrel! As Tol, who is still aflame, climbs up onto the ziggurat away from the swarms, Memnon begins to take control of the crystal and the swarms make a beeline straight for him.

With the Dracolich now powerless unless attacked (which will make it revert back to its normal form) the heroes pile their attacks into the swarms, to keep them away from the cleric. Althea’s Thunderhead Strike lands with a NATURAL 20, followed by Ozzie’s Hammerfall Step NATURAL 20!

With a burst of insight NATURAL 20! Mem understands that the crystals absorb the necromantic energy in the room. Turning off all four of them will reset the room but will also lead to a deadly build up of necromantic energy. Also radiant attacks suffer a penalty within two squares of each crystal.

The race is on! Can the heroes keep the swarms at bay long enough to deactivate the crystals and then get out of he chamber before the necromantic energy slays them all? Tune in next week to find out. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!

Feeling the Force

Tol shoots the last construct.

Ozzie gains control of the Force field. And a shield shuts down between him

A bell rings somewhere, Ozzie picks up his dagger and teleports back towards his colleagues.

The heroes empty the room as the wizard teleports back through the room..

Ozzie teleports out of the room and Switch takes the keys out of the room. The heroes head back up to the Force room and Switch finds the room exactly as he left it. He stealthily edges around the room

Astral stalkers, lodge a part of themselves into their victim, only one at a time, so they can keep tracking their victims. Tol notes that it spent more time stalking Ozzie than any of the others.

Ozzie teleports to the control step of the Force room. Ozzie gets the familiar focus and fuzzy feeling, but also feels that the system is offline, which is as he expected. He also feels that there is a residual amount of power across the system. The force system is quite important.

The heroes position themselves defensively in case the Carnifex come back to retake the Force room.

The power returns and Ozzie starts to exert his influence and surprises himself as to how easily he takes control of the Force node.

Ozzie now has control of the Force systems, including the force shields. Ozzie ditches control of the cold room.

After a discussion it is agree that Ozzie should pass control of the Force node to Althea, who easily retakes control.. the bell goes off when Althea takes control. Althea knows that there is a way of shifting the rooms around.

The party heads to the Death room and consider the room where they released the spirits, it appears that this was a tomb and a prison. Other tombs were not prisons.

Arriving at the door to the Death room, there is heavy Carnifex tracks and traffic.

As Switch approaches the door there is a strong feeling of unease and disquiet, he manages to push through, Memnnon feels the room of dread. Tol reads the heading which says black energy node control room. Opening the door, there is a pitch black chamber beyond. Switch’s magical light.

Drifting around in the darkness are the Crystalline defence mechanisms and they have gained control of the Death room. It is agreed that Memnnon will still try and take control of the room

The Crystalline structure teleports to the top where it then launches a burst of radiant energy. Memnnon charges up to the top and Ozzie darkens the Crystalline structures temporarily, as Althea Shakes the earth around one of the structure..

The blinded halfling moves back to the corner and in total defence until he recovers his sight.

The Crystalline structures are dazed and heavily obscured, the burst out with their powers but miss, Memnnon’ powers push them away from him as he goes into the control dom.

The battle continues, Tol finishes one of the structures off with a counter strike and the other follows soon after but not before.

Memnnon starts to take control of the node, but quickly realises he can’t control the node whilst it’s controlled by the Carnifex. Shouting ,’to the control room’ and heads off. Ozzie pushes the Crystalline structure through the door, but it comes back and bursts out is bright light blinding the heroes and pushing them away. Memnnon turns and calls down his god’s Daunting light.

Althea bursts out of the ground next to the creature and wallops it. It explodes.

After a short rest, Switch opens the secret door and, there are steps going down. To the doors to the control room. Althea turns off the force controls and the heroes gain access to the control room

The room is very large and very dark. The ziggurat/pyramid almost glows with black necrotic power.

Atop the ziggurat is a large creature curling and uncurling and the floor seems to be moving. Throwing a torch into the room illuminates briefly to see the floor is covered with reptilian skeletons, which scuttle away from the light. From atop the ziggurat a sound like bones clicking and snapping together a voice breathes “Welcome…. I am afraid I’m gong to have to destroy you but it’s nothing personal.”

May the force be with you.

Awaking rested, Switch soon finds the entrance to the Force Control room. Switch suspects it’s been opened in the recent past.

Memnnon and Althea discover they now understand the languages and the writing.

Opening the door there are stairs going down to a golden door. With the words Force Generator Romm take precautions before entering

Opening the door is a largely empty chamber with an alcove fading into darkness, the room is empty except for two crystalline figures and 2 golems.

The heroes head into battle, the guardians light up…. Memnnon strides in and hits a wall that Ozzie teleported through…. Ozzie is completely distracted by the wall.

Althea takes on the constructs.

Ozzie identifies that there is a wall of force in effect and that he is on the safe side. He also notices that the blue light has gone out.

Althea is taking a kicking and a beating and is stunned by the onslaught..

Ozzie teleports down and is struck by a wave of force and quickly teleports to the next zone.. arriving safely. Peering ahead he can see a portal…. that opens out into the night sky.

Ozzie lives up to the control panel and understands that this is the emergency shutdown. It takes him a while to shut it down.
Meanwhile Memnnon heals a number of the party, getting the back into the fight, just in time to be hit by a wave of force and the pinball force thingies start whirring furiously flinging heroes and villains indiscriminately.

Memnnon’s radiant anger finishes off one of the crystalline structures, which explodes and knocks Switch over…. again.

The wave of force pressure moves through the heroes square and then starts to flow through where Ozzie is pushing him back against the wall. He gets up and goes back to work. The pale blue light has also reappeared in the gate. Ozzie’s dagger remains on the floor.

Taking control

Leaving the control room we head down a corridor and see an offset door which above it says Cold control.

Memnnon casts endure elements on the group before we enter the Cold control room.

Entering the room is a rectangular crystal in the centre and 4 constructs bustle around the room. Looking in there is a blast of frigid cold air.

One face of the crystal lights with an unearthly light. Tol and Ozzie decide that getting in front of the beam from the crystal is not a good idea.

Ozzie teleports to the first place. And almost falls off the pedestal. Tol also climbs up and as does Althea.

One of the constructs moves over to Memnnon and Switch and says. The portal must be shut.

The light shines and another construct comes up and says stand back. Unusually Switch complies as does Memnnon, the construct relaxes and the door closes.

Althea is bombarded with strange sensory information and can’t cope with the sensory overload and is stunned. However he recovers and starts to understand what is gong on.

Switch and Memnnon reopen the door in time to see Ozzie take control and the construct charges the out to confront them. Switch stabs it and the battle commences with Memnnon stepping in to support his colleague.

Meanwhile Tol gets a feeling of everything sliding into place and the Ozzie and Althea does as well. We now have control of one of the energy types of the ziggurat. We also suspect that the Carnifex have arcane, force and elemental. This is unusual and the heroes struggle to get their head around air energy or earth energy.

We become aware that there is a door in the far corner that leads to the power source. This suggests that all the control rooms have a door to their power source. The cold is good for the ziggurat moving, so not so much when it’s not moving. There is so much more that the heroes don’t understand. There are also more power sources, at least one we are yet to be aware of. We understand that all constructs are now allies, we can now give constructs actions. There is also a sense of where other control rooms are.

The heroes return to the force control room. We take an extended rest in the force control room. While Switch is on guard he notices nothing.


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