Peering back over the brow of the hill, we can see that these are the troops of the Black Eagle Barony. There are just under 100 troops. There are sentries patrolling. They are controlling the exit to where we want to go. We have a quick discussion as to what to do and decide to brazen it out and ride straight past the camp. As we ride past, a group of men challenge us, one of them appears to be a tiefling.

Uncle morgashThe tiefling acknowledges Memnnon’s parents and as we turn them down he calls back that we’ll miss out on finding out about Grishenka. We ride on over the hill and have a discussion as to whether we ride on or go for a drink with them.
Memnnon relates his background of encountering a bunch of bandits… See the portal for details.

After much discussion in the cold and faffing around we ride onto Eltan’s Spring.

During the journey Tol notices that we are being followed by a flying creature about the size of a hawk. I remember that Bargle tends to favour black creatures, which may be the creature above us.

We arrive into Eltan’s Spring, which is still in one piece. Eltan springs in winter2The Crock and Goblet is the only pub. There is only one way in and one way out of Eltan’s Spring. The more martial among us are concerned about defending the village should the Baron’s men attack us. I’m just cold.

We all pile over to Memnnon’s parents and tell them all about it. There are sideways looks between the parents. His dad says that the Black Eagle Barony’s tielfing is in fact his Brother, the warlock Morgash the Dark. In their youth they did some adventuring, but Memnnon’s dad prefers to make boots these days. (Hmmm know where to come when I need an excellent pair of boots in future.)

There are further family things to catch up, so we leave Memnnon to catch up with his family and retire to the pub.

The pub which is a very homely place and welcoming place, with a hoppy odour from the brewing out the back.

We swap news of the outside world and discover that it may be the coldest winter for 10 years. This co-incidentally is when the eldest daughter of the lord of Highdell went missing. Her name was… She would be about 16 now. That is something to think about for the future….

Memnnon joins us a little later and over a couple of beers We decide to go back and see uncle Morgash and find out some more about what Bargle is up to. It is agreed that whoever goes in to see them shouldn’t have the Eyes of Traldar with them, as this is what Bargle is after. Kathra and Switch are given the Eyes to look after. I am very reluctant to let the Eyes out of my sight and it takes a lot of convincing by Memnnon before I hand them over to Kathra.

We ride out the next morning through the fresh snow and eventually pick up our flying colleague, at about the same time that Kathra and Switch drop out of sight and hide. Once the party has moved on and the flying spy is no longer visible they then change position, to avoid being ambushed.

We arrive back at the encampment. There are still guards but they are now more ready for a battle then they would like to be known.

We are again met by the tiefling and the men at arms, When Memnnon mentions that he bought beer there is significant interest from the men at arms. We are told that Uncle Morgash the Dark’s master would be interested in talking to us.

Memnnon today is very obviously walking in as a priest of Halav, in fact we all walk tall into the camp – even though I have concerns about what we are doing, the opportunity to find out more is too tempting. I also note that here is a certain amount of trepidation and some measuring up being done by the soldiers of the Baron.

Uncle Morgash says we shall be introduced to Bargle. We head over to what is a fairly normal sized tent on the outside, but on the inside it is much larger. This is very cool! Inside we find a range of cushions and a carpet leading up to a throne like chair, in which Bargle is reclining! Worth noting that this doesn’t look like the tent of someone who is number two to Baron Ludwig von Hendriks, Duke Stefan’s cousin, but rather someone who is actually in control of the whole shooting match.

BargleBargle it appears is playing with a white stone or gem…. which I last saw in the hands of Grushenka! Bargle has the Eye of Frost.

Bargle proceeds to treat us with contempt and quiz us as to whether we know what is going on around here or not. Which is not really the way of a gracious host who has invited us in for a drink. He is also very disappointed that we do not appear to have any of the Eyes. He says he was hoping to stage a demonstration with them for us. But overall he is full of bluster and not much information. However he does take us to the other tent where we see a very much weakened Grushenka, pitifully curled up in a cage. The cage is radiating some form of powerful magic that makes even me feel uneasy, it must be desperately painful for the hag. However it is preventing her from changing to gaseous form and disappearing.

Bargle picks up a sharp stick and pokes Grushenka, A captured elf she barely moves away from the attack, which indicates just how sick she is, as she is normally easily able to avoid such a stab.

Hmmm last we heard of Grushenka she was disappearing into the Shadowfell with the Beastman fiend leader. I wonder what has happened here.

So what further questions do we want to get from Bargle?

1. We can leave since he is being so rude to us
2. Tell us what the Hag has been doing to the weather with the Eye of Frost and how has she done this…. ?
3. How and where did they capture Grushenka? We last heard her leaving through a portal to the Shadowfell with a fiendish colleague?
4. What are the exact charges Grushenka will stand trial for? We may be able to add others?
5. How long has the Black Eagle Barony been up here with an army? surely its a bit cold up here and they are a long way from home?


While I am away, Ozzie would like to do the following:

- be a bit more robust in his conversation with Bargle, as he was a bit limp last time. So Ozzie will, tell Bargle that he is disappointed that Bargle has just invited us in to be rude to us and show off his capture, rather than being a bit more hospitable, and that if he is going to continue to be rude then we’ll just leave.
- ozzie is also happy to trade information about grushenka and previous encoutners with her, but only in the caves of the Galeb dhur, he doesn’t think it wise to let Bargle know we have been to the Blight swamp, after the eyes. So will congratulate Bargle on capturing the hag and try to flatter him with his community spirit in bringing the creature to trial. As part of this Ozzie wants to find out what Bargle is trying the hag for, are there any other charges, as Bargle was very bulshy about abusing us for our lack of knowledge of the hag’s activities. In particular the effect on the weather. Does Bargle know about this and what are his thoughts?

in terms of the eyes Ozzie is fascintated to know what else the eyes can do, especially as he has been trained by the seer to use the eyes, but Bargle has insinutated that together the eyes can do more, Ozzie would like to engage in an arcane conversation about this, without revealing that we have any eyes. for example. "Bargle i’m fascinated about your knowledge of the power of this rock and how its power is synergsied with other rocks (note no mention is made of the word eye), this is not something I’ve come across, can you explain what can they do when they are together?

Ozzie would also like to know how and where they captured Grushenka – as per the questions in the blog post.

Given that we are doing a job for the coutness who is married to the king bloke, whose cousin is Bargle’s boss i don’t think we should be getting into a fight with Bargle just yet. Why?

- politically it wil be bad for us, unless we can utterly prove why we have killed a major duke’s right hand man
- we don’t know how powerful Bargle or Morgash are. are they 12th level or 20th level? in addition there are a 99 men at arms, a portion are minions (ones that quail at taking us on) and others who aren’t (the ones that eye us up with a quiet confidence), even at a 10 minions to 1 proper fighter, that’s quite overwhelming odds.

Why shouldn’t we just wipe this lot out?

- they’ve been using Switch’s crowd for target practice
- they are actually an army
- they’ve got the eye of frost.

What next?
- is there a paid job we can do for Bargle which will get us knowledge or the eye of frost
- can Switch senak in under cover of night and steal the eye of frost – that would be worth doing hehehehehe
- can Memnnon sway Morgash away from the dark side? if he does is Morgash still a warlock?

At the end of this we need a job to do or a location for the next eye, or the eye of frost in our possesion.

Please can someone write up all the answers so i can read on my return!!!

Bargle Spices it up
misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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