Cavern Battle

A strange disturbance forms in the air, taking a ghostly humanoid shape and drifting over to the adventurers. Memnon thinks it to be an amalgam of several spirits. Ozzy hails the apparition and as it drifts over to the Wizard and regards him, faces forming and melting into one another, giving it several aspects at a time. Memnon tries to sooth the spectre’s disquiet, but doesn’t appear to succeed.

The apparition seems to offer no threat, so attentions are once more turned to negotiating the junction whilst avoiding the icy spikes of falling stalactites. Tol somersaults across the junction, avoiding the falling ice and keeping his footing on the slick floor as he comes to a stop. As he cautiously investigates the large chamber beyond, the others cross. Switch cartwheels over, Kathra dourly stalks across, shield raised high to fend off the ice, as does Memnon. Ozzy is hit by a falling stalactite and falls to the floor, but isn’t badly hurt. The apparition follows. Regarding it again, Memnon feels that it doesn’t actually want to be soothed –instead it seems to be craving warmth and energy, but it still shows no signs of aggression.

The Tiefling warns his companions about the spectre and Switch scouts further ahead with Tol. The Ranger hears a low snorting ahead, as of some large beast trying and failing to be quiet. Before he can alert his companions to this, the cavern suddenly comes alive with activity, as several jagged icy humanoids appear, as if they’d risen from the floors or out of the walls. The Ice-Men hurl large spears of ice, which reform in their claws from the moisture in the air, ready to hurl again.

Battle is joined as Memnon, Tol and Switch return fire and Ozzy’s winged horde speeds across the cavern. Kathra advances, hammer at the ready, and a huge shaggy beast charges at her flank – a towering Yeti armed with a fearsome club, which strikes home with a terrible thud! Tol is skewered by an ice spear, but is still able to assist Switch. As the Hinn rushes in to ambush the Yeti, Tol’s arrows disrupt its attack of opportunity allowing Switch’s arrows to fire true. A Divine Glow radiates from Memnon, illuminating the chamber, searing foes and giving extra clarity to the strikes of his companions.

More Ice-Men appear and Switch too is speared, before the Yeti unleashes a tremendous roar of pain and frustration, physically pushing Tol, Kathra and Switch back across the cavern. Ozzy counters by creating a zone of illusory treasure, which draws the Yeti and some Ice-Men to it, unable to resist their avarice (for Yeti Kibbles?). Keen for revenge, Kathra advances on the Yeti, but slips and fall on the ice. Switch however, springs to his feet with ease and strikes a fearsome blow against the towering creature. The Yeti howls again, resulting in a wave of cold that affects both Dwarf and Hinn alike.

Memnon runs across the cavern, skidding to a stop by the fallen Kathra and by some minor miracle, keeping his feet. Blue light flares as the Cleric heals both Kathra and Switch and Tol utters a healing word for himself too. Focusing his will Memnon also creates a crackling zone of consecrated ground.

Torn between the pile of illusory Kibbles and the canned meat on offer, the Yeti again smashes its club into a still-prone Kathra, bloodying her once more. Ozzy detonates an incendiary blast that blows the Yeti off its feet and Kathra rises, smiling with savage glee as she lands a brutal strike on the beast. Switch strikes the beast too and Memnon’s solar wrath and consecrated ground burn it. An ice spear strikes the Cleric and his escape tattoo flashes, teleporting him away to cover. The Yeti swings its club at Kathra, who stands her ground and smashes her warhammer into the beast’s head, finally slaying it. But as Kathra pauses to heal herself, the nearby apparition, which has drifted close by throughout the combat, seems to feed on the energy, none of which benefits the fearsome female fighter.

The Ice-Men remain, hurling spear after icy spear. Switch skitters over to one that was blown to the floor by Ozzy’s blast and manages to shatter it into pieces, the flying shards cutting him and the nearby Memnon. A furious exchange of ice spears, bow fire, lances of faith, blessed blades, throwing hemmers and magic energies ensues. Ice-Men are burnt by consecrated ground, lifted into the air and dashed against the cavern floor by magics and rocked by projectile fire and icy shards explode through the air until the Heroes of Dmyrak stand bloodied but triumphant. Ozzy has targeted the spectral apparition with some of his attacks and the spectre fades to an insubstantial mist, leaving the adventurers unsure as to whether or not it may return to haunt them yet again.


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