Chim chimera chim chim cheree

The aerial battle rages as the chimera pursue what looklike a tasty snacks, however Tol’s accuracy with the bow deals substantial damage to the already hurt chimera. Memnnon follows up with a mighty smash with his mace and the power of Halav. The hapless creature crashes out of the sky and into the jungle below.

The chimera bites Kathka and then turns and flees into the undergrowth. The party regroups and flies higher above the jungle tops.

30-40 minutes later a clearing appears in the jungle, the jungle has a very uniform step down in cover. The party flies closer and notices that there is less wild life. Into the clearing it is not like other clearings. The vegetation is very slack and is greyish brownish. Memnnon detects an ancient intervention by the immortals around here.

In the centre of the clearing there is Obsidion basalt. It also looks that this has been dug out and there are campfires been… In the last year.

The clearing has a diameter of around a mile wide.

The party goes back and finds a clearing, where there is a great plough rending the ground. Which the heroes..

During Ozzie’s watch a ferret appears beside him with a pouch tied around its neck. Ozzie takes it out and reads it during his watch, which fortunately passes uneventfully. During Switches watch he can hear something coming…. But not through the undergrowth, he quietly wakes the heroes who spread out.

Tol suspects that it will be local wildlife, but a large amount of creatures. Out of the clearing comes a procession of ants. It isn’t clear as to whether this is them moving or being driven. Ozzie casts a storm pillar to try and cause them to change direction.

Memmnnon stands in the fire and starts to pour oil over the fire to increase the amount of fire. The start crawling up and into the clerics armour. Another swarm appears out for the undergrowth and goes after Switch yet another swarm appears out of the undergrowth. Tol sees the oncoming danger and also climbs a tree. He then swings through the tree on a vine to escape the ants.

Switch flails at the ants with his sword in a vicious circle. Kathka moves through them and positions himself in the storm pillar. Memnnon lays down his consecrated ground to deter the creatures

Ozzie increases his concentration of the orb maintain its power and teleports the ants away from him…. And to the other side of the storm pillar.

The ants come back, avoiding the pillar’s reach and spit at Switch and Kathka, who are standing safely in the caressing blasts of electricity.

Kathka has. A great idea and runs towards Tol shouting at him to get out the horn of plenty and start throwing them at the nets in an effort to get them to eat them rather than the heroes. The ants close in on the group around the campfire spitting formic acid at them, which poisons and weakens them.

Tol starts throwing jam sandwiches out for the horn of plenty which distracts the ants and they go after them.


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