Enter the Dragon

"I'm not finished with you...' WHUMP!

The ceiling arches 60-70 feet above, it is very hot. There are little flames dancing around in the air. In the centre are fountains of lava swirling up. We are on a ledge about 10 feet above the rest of. The fountains are vortexes to the elemental plane of fire. The spheres are each in shiny metal stand and must be the key to the gates\ vortexes. Switch notices that one side is more likely to be affected by the rising lava.

The cavern

Kathra and Tol put ropes in case we need to make a quick escape. We all move along, except before Kathra moves all of the will of the wisps start moving toward the party, and they just flit around Kathra, who follows on. I do a quick revision of portals and opening rituals from the book of the gate as Switch and Tol jump off the side off the side of the cliff. The wispy things keep coming out of the vortex. Switch realises that these creatures a lighting them up for a ranged enemy. Kathra goes down the rope. Suddenly the dragon Volvagia erupts out of the lava next to Switch and breathes fire at me, Tol and Switch. As this occurs I shield the blast and note details about how the monster looks. The creature appears to be of rock and lava and is surrounded by an aura of poisonous gas. Eeeeek!

Memnnon casually saunters into the fray and casts a gleaming shield of divine faith against it. Switch shifts out and fires a back stab sight down the throat of the dragon, as he does this I also I shift away from the dragon, and join Tol running away.
I’m heading off to the orb calling to Memnnon to come along with the key. When I get to the orb I can sees that the orb has a key hole. Meanwhile Kathra moves past Switch and heads off to the island with the orb matching her key. She does a mighty run to jump across onto the island, where she deftly inserts the key unlocks it, concentrates very hard on what little magic training she has picked up from me and her own innate natural ability and to her own surprise closes this part of the gate. Unfortunately her joy at doing this means she misses her footing and falls into the lava.

Memnnon locks eyes with the dragon, which enrages it enough for it to move out of the lava and swipe at Memnnon with a claw. This mighty swipe misses – mainly due to a timely shot from Tol. Memnnon then issues a divine challenge against Volvagia, smiting the dragon with his mace and calling down the daunting light of his god.
Switch sprints past Memnnon collecting the key on the way past and heads off towards me. As I wait for the key I study the orb and see that I can’t do a tying until it has been unlocked, without a key it I suspect that Switch could probably unlock it, but to secure the gate needs my powers of arcane – or Kathra’s (perhaps I should take her under my wing and teach her some cantrips – she might find Mage Hand useful?).

I look up to see where Switch is and all I can see is Volvagia taking to the skies after Switch. I am so shocked that all my giant frosty hand can do is wave the dragon through as it dives to bite Switch, who squeals in terror as he bravely dodges the beast’s claws. Behind him I can hear Memnnon shouting “I’m not finished with you yet” as he charges after it and striking at its tail.


Map… great idea! I’m already estimating potential success or failure of charging across the bridge, me.

Enter the Dragon

Tol, Go for it, just make sure you’ve got a key to unlock the portal with. Have a look at Volvagia’s description Content Not Found: volvagia to keep in mind what sort of dragon he/she is.

Enter the Dragon
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