Guardians at the Gate

opps I fell off.... again

Scythe bladesStanding at the entrance to the large room as the scythe blades go back and forwards. I drop a storm pillar in to cause the blades damage. Tol’s twin strike bounces off the closest set of mixer blades which immediately change direction and cut through the storm pillar to a massive explosion of sparks as it the lightning flashes collide with the spinning blades.

Kathra fronts up and takes the first hit from the blades. We can hear the other one moving towards us. Kathra’s first blow glances off the blades, before she shifts aside for Switch to strike a mighty blow with his sword which causes it to start clinking and clunking.
Memnnon asks for Halav to shine a divine glow on the battle. The searing light causes more clunking from the blades. My Ray of Frost connects and slows the creature as it moves into the space available. The now frosty blades then take a direct hit from Kathra causing bits to fly in all directions as it flies apart, with a large burst, most of the party are hit by a piece of the spinning shrapnel.

Switch engages the other scythe blade with his bow and sinks an arrow into the heart of the contraption. Memnnon’s daunting light also strikes again. I drop a second storm pillar at the same time the blades stop whirling.

After a short rest we all try to climb up the ledge where the guardians are located. Our ace climber, Switch, falls off the first, which doesn’t do my confidence any good and I fall off near the top and land on the floor in a heap at the bottom.

When the guys get to the top, there is a general movement by the guardians toe to secure the door. This sudden movement causes Switch to fall off the wall again. Despite my best intentions Switch refuses my offers of assistance before executing a dazzling leap and swing to the top of the ledge. I take a more mundane route up the rope Kathra has let down for me.

As i climb the rope I instruct the others, who are keen to try their keys out, to pay close attention to the mechanisms when they stick the keys in and see how they work, for it will be important if we are to disarm the last one. Tol moves, presents the key and puts it into the guardian, which has moved its arm aside to display a keyhole. Warforged construct Tol, for once listens to my advice and notes very closely how the key works. Memnnon moves up to his guardian and unlocks his, which when unlocked it moves to the side, opening the way to the door behind it.

Switch unlocks his, noting that we can take the keys out of the guardians with no adverse affect as to whether they are on or off. We agree that we should take the keys as it would be horrendous to return and find that the guardians have been re activiated!

This leaves one guardian to disarm. We agree that switch will sneak to open the door, Ozzie will then twist of space the creature, if it tries to attack him. However it all goes wrong as switch moves past the creature, it smites him with a large hammer Tol fires a disruptive strike which hits the creature, but my twist of space fails. Switch continues past and opens the door to see a short corridor opening into a large room. The guardian doesn’t try to continue the attack so I opt for plan B.

Plan B: I drop a winged horde onto the creature which prevents it from attacking us to get past as it flails against the imaginary foe I have created for it. We all charge past the guardian and into the room.


Nice one John. The map works well, and might even help you all with plans and tactics.

Guardians at the Gate
misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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