The headmaster's field trip

Ozzie is taking his top wizard apprentices to Karimekos to be introduced to Talden and to see the wizards guild.

As Ozzie steps through a non-magic

There is a bronze

The doors are of the four elements

The earth door opens into a small chamber, inside there is a dim illumination, showing that there are 2 people one is a slightly humanoid

When Ozzie entered. The golem ink the room addresses to the halls of Zuna Kah. A vague recollection there was a wizard called Zuna Kah. Who was fascinated by the elements. It is believed he left the mortal sphere.

Zuna Kah. Resides in his.

The collasas.

Water is swiftness and movement air is the speed of thinking.

Water is the first challenge. A huge dimly liit room. There is a long tunnel and at the far is a door.

Through the other door is a small well is a pool

Onto air, the apprentices breath into the air door

Inside the centre 16 squares, beyond them resting on the floor loosely are 4 tiles. Showing the elemental symbols.. the wall behind is a sheet of metal with engravings on it

When the last tile is put in place. They are in the wrong place and each person takes 8 points of lightning damage. The second time they rearrange the runes the other way around and the lightning burns away. To a door. There is another door and another door with a star symbol on it. Further investigation shows that it has an indent, too smal

Placed right in front of the table is a box… a small chest.

In the chest is a way

Finally appearing in the air is a wizened, clearly dead body…. obviously a corpse. Congratulations I am surprised you have completed the tests. I was once master of this place. His own dimension. He sought ultimate power, but in the end.

This is a completely separate.

There were rumours that another such as myself, sought ultimate power by creating a foundary of information. The lost library.

I may be able to help you, cheating a section of the floor changes to be covered in jewels. The gem will allow you to find your way. It has limited. Use the gem well and there are various items 50,000 worth of residue .

As Ozzie leaves Zuna Kah muses… I wonder what happened to my other Collasas.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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