The Overseer's Room

Radiant Eye Damage

Switch stabs the Gouger and causes it to start bleeding profusely. Tol gets up sheaths his bow, gets his axe and sword out and sinks both weapons deep into the side of the monster. The other Far Fang shoots at Kathra before fleeing down the corridor.

Beyond the noise of the battle I can hear a rumbling coming down the corridor and warn the others that there is something rumbling down the corridor. The Gouger turns and swipes at Tol taking another chunk out of him.

Switch strikes another telling blow of the Gauger, killing it before peering down the corridor to see two Gareb dhur rolling rapidly down the corridor. Gor Liggs and some other Gareb dhur roll in and finish off a beastman in the hammers. I head over to the corner to see if any survive where they had been held prisoner – none do

Lava river Gor liggs says the levels of lava are rising alarmingly and the gate needs to closed off to save the caverns. It is likely that the lava will overflow in the next day and a half. He says we should look for Gord Oro and Gord Runia who are the other two supervisors who hold the remaining keys. He goes onto remind us that each key will individually disarm one of the guardians.

We decide to carry on to the gate chamber via the overseers rooms and send Go Liggs to the Control Room to disarm the other traps ahead of us.

Before departing we search the bodies of the beastmen and find on one of the leaders 6 carved/ moulded platinum discs of portraits of great value, which we give back to Gor liggs.

Kathra also gives Gor liggs the rust potion to throw at the slicer that is patrolling the corridor outside the Control room. We then head off to the overseers room.

As we head off Tol offers to teach Switch some new tactics, primarily focused around staying away from the centre of the battle
As we head down the corridor Switch notices patches of fresh blood which very quickly heads off west at the first opportunity.

5 minutes later we arrive at a door to the Overseers room. Tol listens at the door and Switch checks for a trap; he doesn’t think there is one.
Opening the door we see that the room is dimly lit and quite large in front of us are two contraptions with red glowing eyes. Laser eye defence Strewn around the floor in front of the edifices are several bodies, which look like beastmen. In the walls are abstracts and paintings of various Galeb dhur.
We spend some time studying the defences…In 30 seconds the defences do a full turn, Ozzie studies the defence and works out it s guardian trap which may have a control panel which could slow down the defence. There is at least one dead Galeb dhur lying on the ground. We decide to test the traps by moving Mage Hand through the room on its own, then with a beastman head, nothing happens with the Mage Hand, but with the head the eye tracks the head and then fires a beam of radiant light.
Kathra volunteers to take a hit from the eyes as Tol runs through. Switch reckons they will target anything in a blast area. I will also use the Hag head as a distraction for the other eye.
I put the hags head into the beam which starts lasering the hags head, as Kathra moves through with the key and is not attacked by the defences. Tol runs through the defences and into the sleeping area to find several bodies of badly burned Galeb dhur, he looks for the keys and other stuff, but doesn’t find anything else.

Suddenly the eye swings around and strikes Kathra with a nasty blast.

Tol finally identifies one of the bodies as an overseer, but rising out of it is a ghostly spirit, it opens it mouth, screams mournfully and punches Tol with its ghostly fist, knocking Tol backwards and onto the floor.Gareb dhur wraith There is another noise as some metal doors slide open and out of the curtains come a set of construct teeth, one of which tries to bite Tol but he manages to hit it first putting it off its chomp. The other construct heads out towards us.

Kathra swipes at the machine before fleeing back to the door. Tol looks more closely at the ghost of the overseer which has the key, He also sees a broken knotted cord near the overseers body and shouts that he may have found a key, before getting up and hitting the construct attacking him with his sword.

Memnnon hands the Eye of Illumination to me as I ready my orb masters detonation.

The wraith moves up and pummels Tol again and pushes him away again, Tol yields ground as the Construct moves after him, causing its jaws clang shut on empty space as Tol moves away. The other set of jaws get damaged by a lance of faith, move in to bite me and hold me in a grab. Construct  jawsThis forces me to change my plan from using orb masters detonation to remove the large number of wraiths that are rising out of various bodies and moving towards us. I struggle to escape both with physical means and by an arcane teleport, but I fail and the Jaws close tighter. At least I can activate the aura of the eye of illumination, which the wraiths don’t like. Kathra then cleaves the construct, hitting it hard, marking it as her hammer goes through it, her back swing dispatching a wraith with a single blow – it disappears in a cloud of necrotic fire.

Tol meanwhile is gamely getting back up to hit the chompy construct with ackeris and then runs over to where he thinks the key is. Switch leaps through the defences to assist Tol as I am squeezed tighter by the construct, which tries to drag me into the range of the eye defences. As Switch dashes to Tol’s aid the other construct finally catches Tol. Switch shouts at the wraith to distract it – which succeeds as it gestures at Switch causing him to burst into a necrotic fire and slide back towards the range of the eye defences.

Memnnon takes a hit from one of the wraiths and snarls his infernal wrath at which causes it to explode and disappear.
Kathra notes that the eyes haven’t tracked onto her, implying that that the first 5 feet inside the door is safe from the eye beams. As she shouts this information she smacks the construct causing a spurt of oil to spray me. This is enough to enable me to wriggle out of the jaws as Kathra again lands a blow from her hammer on the jaws. These now turn their full attention to her and slipping through her defences grab her in their metal grasp.

We hear a strangled scream from Tol before he passes out from the pain of the jaws chewing on him. AS his body goes limp the Jaws release him to the floor with a thud before turning and going after Switch who has slid around the side of the Wraith and landed a mighty backstab. Switch however suddenly feels like he is in the middle of a furnace and it isn’t safe to go outside of the area he is in…as the Jaws go after him.
Memnnon leans over and touches my arm saying a quiet calming prayer to Halav and heals most of my wounds from the Construct’s nasty teeth, he then smites another Wraith, sending it back to where it belongs.

Gosh. Tol is down, Kathra is in the grip of the Construct, Switch is stuck in the furnace and Memnnon and I are pinned down by the radiant eye defences. Must remember that when we are in rooms with bodies, they will generally get up as either zombies, wraiths or some other form of undead! Always count the number of adversaries we are going to have before entering and area of bodies!!!!


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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