Who Goes There

I'mmmmm back!

The battle continues, Kathra in her grabbed state smites the grasping construct but is unable to connect with any force.
The Beamos continue to track around the room. Memnnon takes his chances and charges through the room past the Beamos and the grasping construct which drops Kathra to bite Memnnon. This is a lucky break, allowing Kathra to force her way out, breaking the hinge of the construct and rendering it useless. Memnnon continues through to Tol’s rescue.

Switch is glancing around him in fear, shouting that he is surrounded by fire, we can see nothing…. The wraith must have cast a spell on him. He shifts out of his space and screams in agony and slaps himself saying put me out, put me out as he heads out and stabs the wraith before moving away and continues to put out his imaginary fire.

I move away from the wraith threatening me from the wall and drop in a storm pillar, summon my Mage hand and get out the book of fire. The ghostly wraith moves away towards Switch.Storm pillar

The main wraith turns to face Memnnon, brings it hands together and smashes Memnnon with a burst of fire, which knocks him over, where he is attacked by the biting construct. Kathra charges to Memnnon’s rescue, moving so fast that the fire that is burning around her goes out.

Memnnon gets up and heals himself, moves past the construct to Tol’s side. Once there he quickly pours a healing potion down Tol’s throat which brings the feisty ranger around round. Tol lifts up the key triumphantly as Memnnon twirls his mace and returns nonchalantly to the battle, calling out that the wraith will be drawing strength from the characters on fire. At the same moment Switch finally stops patting himself, draws a deep breath and charges the wraith again.

I am now in a position to let loose the orb masters detonation, which takes out the small wraith and knocks over the big wraith, although it promptly gets up – but it’s not looking very happy. It demonstrates this by screaming out its rage and pain, causing both Kathra and Switch shake their heads in pain. At the end of its howl the wraith suddenly disappears and reappears a short distance away. It’s teleported! Hmmm didn’t know that. I wonder how often they can do that?

The remaining construct moves over and bites Switch, grabbing him. Switch screams and loses consciousness. Kathra moves over to the wraith and smites it with a reckless strike, which really hurts the wraith. I launch winged horde which misses the construct, but hits the wraith, causing it to explode in a final painful burst of fire which covers Kathra.

Construct  jawsAs Switch has gone all limp and dead-like, the construct drops switch and moves towards Memnnon, grabbing him in its metal jaws. Kathra is paralysed with a similar look of fear to Switch, most likely from the psychic burn of the wraith’s departure.

Tol gets up and shouts “I’m back,” before releasing a wildly ineffective twin strike on the construct and shouting a healing word for Switch. Switch comes around from Tol’s gleeful healing call, as Memnnon wriggles free of the jaws of the construct, scrambling away from it, before hitting it with a lance of faith.
Memnnon releases righteous anger3This remaining Scythe Jaw, is still able to do a lot of damage and can move quite swiftly. I can see that all my friends are bleeding profusely and are almost done from this battle. I need to slow the construct down and allow us to finish it off without taking any more damage. So I move up and fire a chilling ray of frost at the construct, which becomes covered in an icy white sheen, which also slows it down. It still moves up and tries to bite switch but misses. I yell at everyone to keep at least 20 feet away from the Scythe Jaws and they will be safe. Tol fires a two fanged strike at it before moving out of range of the construct. Memnnon, who is still on the floor crawls out of range of the creature, shouting I’m alright, I ’m alright!
I concentrate on sustaining the frosty slowing effect on the construct, as it moves toward Memnnon, who gets up and calls down daunting light on the creature. Arrows fly around and off the creature. I fire another ray of frost at it again which continues to slow it but not enough to prevent it getting to Memnnon, and again grabbing him. Kathra retaliates by throwing two hammers in rapid succession at it hitting in the joints and finally dismembering it.

The entire party sink to the floor in exhaustion.

It is agreed that we will rest here, as we are in no state to move on and take on another battle of any description. We search the room. I hand the eye of illumination back to Memnnon. Memnnon notes that the wraith had undergone massive trauma, burning, and had been horrendously tortured and so died insane.

Ozzie takes first watch. Nothing happens until Switch’s watch, when he hears a sound, of the opening of the door where we came in. Switch cries everyone to arms, Kathra wakes with a start and shouts friend or foe, and I illuminate the eye of storms. Who goes there?

It turns out that Gor liggs has sent down someone to see how we are getting on. The young Gareb dhur is shocked to hear about our battle, and understands out predicament, but reminds us that Gor liggs is less patient, but he does have something to help us get across the gap.

We tell the young Gareb Dhur we’ll rendezvous with Gor Liggs in the Crushing room in two hours. Which we duly do and are able to pick up a third key.

It is good to note that there is now about 12 Gareb Dhur.. Following Gor Liggs instruction they place a large piece of Galcite under some of the sleds. This he says will enable the sleds to be moved at great pace pushed by his Gareb Dhur. He also loans us two pairs of iron boots and tells us that in most places there are Galcite veins which being magnetic will hold our weight and enable us to walk along walls and the roof in these metal boots. We then take a swift passage to the chasm, pushed by the Gareb dhur.


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