Callo Marshfield

This short hin offers many good deals from his shop ship and seems to sell anything.


“Time is money, if you’ve done shopping then quit wasting both”
Short even for a hin, with curly brown hair and innocent blue eyes. He dresses in expensive colourful clothes, with several gold rings on his fingers and in his ears.


Callo Marshfield started life rough. He was responsible for caring for his brothers and sisters after his parents were both killed adventuring. Henceforth he vowed he would stick to safer ways of making a living. Over the years he has built up a buisness selling to adventurers from his [[:shop ship]]. Although he would never cheat customers, he drives a hard bargain, and finds living and working in a boat useful for quick getaways.
He has gained a reputation for being able to source rare and unusual goods, and has recently opened several land based shops run by his brothers (Mallo and Fallo) and sisters (Mora and Bora).

Callo Marshfield

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